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If you plan on torrenting in Canada without securing your device, then know that all your data will be up for grabs by your ISP and snoopers. That’s because without using a VPN for Canada, anyone on the P2P network can view your IP address and track your activity. This can leave you vulnerable to legal and financial penalties if you accidentally download copyrighted content.

But, even though every VPN claims to offer torrenting support, only a few are worth your time and money. For example, ExpressVPN torrent in Canada is a great combination for downloading torrents without being susceptible to cyberattacks.

ExpressVPN offers P2P traffic on all servers that enable safe and secure P2P filesharing sessions for Canadian users, making torrenting a secure experience. Moreover, it provides blazing-fast speeds, robust security, and compatibility with all popular devices.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use ExpressVPN for torrenting in Canada and explain how ExpressVPN, as a whole package, is suitable for Canadian users with torrenting needs.

ExpressVPN Torrent in Canada Overview – How to Torrent with ExpressVPN

Using the ExpressVPN torrent in Canada combo is pretty easy. Here is a quick guide to downloading torrents with ExpressVPN in Canada:

  1. Choose a torrent client. Select any torrent you prefer, be it uTorrent, BitTorrent, or qBittorrent.
  2. Download and install ExpressVPN in Canada. Register for ExpressVPN at a price of only CA$ 9.07/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)
  3. Activate Network Lock & Leak Protection. After enabling them, change your VPN protocol to OpenVPN.
  4. Connect to a VPN server. Select a server you want or click on Smart Location to get the most suitable server according to your location.
  5. Verify the VPN is working. Use an IP checker tool to confirm your IP address has been altered.

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How to Torrent with ExpressVPN in Canada – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step on torrenting with ExpressVPN – from downloading a torrent client to connecting for the first time:

1. Choose a torrent client:

To start downloading torrents, you require a torrent client. That’s because your PC cannot torrent files without one. So, you need the best torrent client to enjoy the ExpressVPN torrenting in Canada combo.


Here we have qBittorrent – one of the most popular torrent clients in Canada.

While there are dozens of clients to choose from, we consider qBittorrent to be the safest. You can also use other popular clients like Vuze, uTorrent, and BitTorrent. However, make sure that you download the VPN client from their official website or be ready to get your device infested with viruses/malware.

2. Download and install ExpressVPN in Canada:

After the torrent client, it’s time to get ExpressVPN in Canada on your device. Click on this link and tap “Get ExpressVPN” present on the screen. Then, choose a subscription plan and your payment method.


After selecting a plan, you’ll be directed to payment methods.

We recommend getting its annual plan for only CA$ 9.07/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) and enjoy 3 months of service FREE.

You can also use ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee and use ExpressVPN torrent in Canada works together for an entire month before committing to the service for a year. Once you have subscribed to an account, download its app on your preferred device and log in with your activation code.

3. Activate Network Lock & Leak Protection:

After you install the ExpressVPN app in Canada, you need to enable a few features before downloading torrents from any site. After launching ExpressVPN, click on the hamburger menu at the top left and navigate: Options > Protocol. From there, change your protocol from Automatic to either OpenVPN UDP or TCP.

Then, click on the General tab and navigate to the Network Lock section. You’ll find two checkboxes under that. Tick both boxes. Even though it’s known as Network Lock, it’s actually ExpressVPN’s kill switch that pauses all internet traffic if the VPN connection is unstable. This way, your activities are not exposed to anyone.


This will ensure that your torrent activities are all safe and sound.

Finally, visit the Advanced tab and checkmark boxes under ‘IPv6 leak protection’ and ‘DNS’. Even though they’d be enabled by default, you can always double-check.

4. Connect to a VPN server:

ExpressVPN in Canada offers torrenting on its entire server network. Therefore, you need to connect to one to enjoy unrestricted torrenting in Canada while being safe. The Smart Location‘ feature is the most efficient way to connect to a P2P server as it chooses the most optimized server near your location with fast speeds.


You will find the tab of Smart Location on your main screen.

5. Verify the VPN is working:

Finally, before you start torrenting in Canada, confirm that the VPN service is hiding your actual IP address. You can do that by visiting the VPNRanks IP checker tool.

You can also visit to confirm that there are no DNS leaks. With ExpressVPN in Canada, we did not face any DNS/IP leaks while testing. In fact, we connected to its UK server, and here are the results:


ExpressVPN does not leak actual IP addresses or DNS at all.

Now that everything’s done, you can start torrenting with ExpressVPN in Canada protecting you at the back. In case, there is any issue with the connection, ExpressVPN will report it to you immediately.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Torrenting in Canada?

ExpressVPN stands out as an exceptional choice for torrenting in Canada, providing unrestricted P2P traffic, formidable encryption capabilities, and lightning-fast download speeds. This makes it an ideal option for seamlessly downloading torrents with ExpressVPN in Canada. Notably, it stands as the best VPN for torrenting in Canada, distinguished by its support for port forwarding, which enhances the seeding process.

Moreover, ExpressVPN in Canada also has a suite of powerful security features, including TrustedServer technology, AES 256-bit encryption, DNS/IP leak protection, and the OpenVPN protocol.

Not only us but also Redditors recommend using ExpressVPN for torrenting in Canada. Following are a few pros and cons of ExpressVPN to determine how good expressvpn torrents are together in Canada:

  • Supports P2P traffic on all servers
  • Its no-logging policy is verified
  • Great connection speeds
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Headquarters is in a privacy-friendly location
  • Easy-to-use apps for popular devices

  • Limited port forwarding support


We could torrent with ExpressVPN in Canada without facing any hindrances

Does ExpressVPN allow torrenting in Canada?

ExpressVPN allows P2P file-sharing and unrestricted torrenting across all servers. You can connect to any server and download torrents in Canada without any restrictions.

This VPN doesn’t offer specialized P2P-optimized servers as various VPNs do. Instead, the VPN boasts that its entire server network across 94 countries (including 4 server locations in Canada) is optimized for torrenting activities. Please note that there is no such thing as server overload in this VPN.

Strong encryption for safer torrenting in Canada

ExpressVPN in Canada uses the most secure AES 256-bit encryption and the popular OpenVPN protocol to keep your data secure. The 256-bit cipher is also used by the Defense department of the United States, which confirms that it’s one of the safest encryption protocols. Decrypting this level of security is impossible.

Various torrent clients, such as BitTorrent and uTorrent, protect their users’ privacy and prevent ISP blocking and throttling using their own encryption. But, they do not encrypt the actual files you’re downloading, letting third parties see what you’re torrenting.

That’s exactly why you need the ExpressVPN torrent in Canada combination. This VPN’s super-secure encryption is a great choice for torrenting in Canada. ExpressVPN allows you to torrent without being identified by cloaking your torrent activities.

Is there any bandwidth or data cap limits?

ExpressVPN in Canada doesn’t restrict your bandwidth or impose any data caps. In our ExpressVPN torrenting in Canada test, we enjoyed downloading torrents in Canada without any speed limits.

Multiple VPNs, especially the free torrenting VPNs in Canada, restrict users by limiting the amount of data they can use every month. This is why they are known to be unsuitable for downloading torrents in Canada, as P2P activity consumes a lot of data.

Other virtual private networks throttle the speeds of their users, mostly if they’re performing bandwidth-heavy activities such as P2P file-sharing. To get the best torrent downloading experience, you need the ExpressVPN torrent in Canada combo for yourself.

However, please remember that your Internet Service Provider may question you if you start utilizing hundreds of GBs every month.

Multiple P2P-supported servers

Although any ExpressVPN server can be used for torrenting in Canada, the VPN provider will internally route your traffic to servers in certain regions lenient, such as Switzerland and Netherlands.

Therefore, you should connect directly to these VPN servers if you’re experiencing speed issues on other servers. You can also try different locations for torrenting in Canada or the “Smart Location” feature, which can automatically find the best server for your needs.

Extra security features offered by ExpressVPN in Canada

ExpressVPN offers a variety of security and privacy features that can securely hide your IP address and protect all your data. Following are the most effective ExpressVPN features that are useful for torrenting in Canada:

  1. Split tunneling: This feature of ExpressVPN allows you to control which traffic you want to route through the VPN server and which you don’t. It lets you securely download torrents in Canada with a VPN while accessing your local network.
  2. Kill switch (Network Lock): ExpressVPN kill switch is also named as Network lock feature in its application, whose function is to stop all traffic if you lose the VPN connection. This tool is quite significant for torrenting as it secures your IP address from leaks in case your VPN connection becomes unstable.
  3. DNS/IP leak protection: If you’re using a VPN that leaks your DNS/IP information, then it’s a waste of money. ExpressVPN tends to keep your DNS queries protected even in cases where there is a risk of leaking. This prevents snoopers from viewing the websites that you’re visiting.
  4. No-logs policy: ExpressVPN does not store logs of any personally identifiable information as it follows a zero-logs policy. This allows the provider to refrain from storing any information about their users, which is perfect for torrent users. With no connection logs related to your traffic, IP addresses, DNS requests, browsing history, or internet activity, no agency can tie your masked IP address with any torrenting activity you perform while connected to ExpressVPN in Canada. Here is a screenshot of ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy:

This confirms that all your data is secure while using the ExpressVPN torrent combo.

Is ExpressVPN Fast Enough for Torrenting in Canada?

ExpressVPN is actually quite fast for torrenting in Canada. In fact, it’s one of the fastest VPN services for torrenting in Canada, as per our tests.

Even VPN reduces speeds to some degree as it encrypts your data, and torrenting requires high connection speeds, otherwise, the whole experience can become a nuisance.

But, the speed loss is not noticeable if you use ExpressVPN. When we connected to The Hague, Netherlands server and conducted an ExpressVPN speed test, we got a download speed of 87.78 Mbps on our 100 Mbps connection.

expressvpn speed

Now, this speed drop of around 13% was not bad at all.

If we talk about torrenting speeds, when using uTorrent, we managed to get an average download speed of 6.8 MB/s and an upload speed of 7.1 MB/s.


We conducted a speed test after configuring uTorrent settings for ExpressVPN in Canada.

This proves that ExpressVPN is actually pretty fast. In fact, it’s one of the top-performing VPNs when connected to local servers for torrenting in Canada. ExpressVPN is even better than PIA, which is known to be the best torrenting VPN in the Canadian industry.

However, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a SOCKS5 proxy, but you do get port forwarding and split tunneling feature for torrent performance and speeds.

Best ExpressVPN Servers for Torrenting in Canada

ExpressVPN supports torrenting on all its servers. It also automatically suggests the best-recommended servers for torrenting in Canada. Just open up its app, and under the Recommended tab, you’ll be able to see a list of optimized servers. In our case, the app recommended the following servers:

Recommended Servers For Torrenting
United Kingdom Germany – Frankfurt – 1 Netherlands United States
France Paris – 1 Ireland Switzerland – 2 Italy – Cosenza
Denmark Sweden – 2 Spain – Barcelona Belgium
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FAQs – ExpressVPN Torrent in Canada

ExpressVPN offers P2P file-sharing and unrestricted torrenting across its entire server network. You can connect to any ExpressVPN server and torrent in Canada without any limitations.

ExpressVPN is definitely a safe choice for downloading torrents in Canada because it keeps no connection logs. The provider offers strong VPN protocols such as OpenVPN for tunneling and AES 256 for encrypting internet traffic, offering a safe torrenting experience in Canada.

Yes, ExpressVPN in Canada offers P2P support on its servers. You can connect to any VPN server location to start downloading torrents in Canada under the protection of ExpressVPN. It masks your real IP address, offering online anonymity for torrenting.

The reason why you might be experiencing slow speeds when using ExpressVPN in Canada with uTorrent or BitTorrent could be because of a number of factors. You might be downloading from a poor quality seed or you might not be using the right server. There can be other factors as well that can lead to slow speeds.

Yes, getting caught is possible even while torrenting with a VPN in Canada. However, it’s highly unlikely since a VPN conceals web traffic and IP address. A way to get caught using a VPN in Canada is if the VPN you’re connected to doesn’t offer a kill switch. Which ExpressVPN does. So, if you’re using the ExpressVPN torrent in Canada combo, then you will not get caught.

Final Verdict – ExpressVPN Torrent in Canada

Relying on VPN services for online privacy can be tricky, but using a VPN is a must, as torrenting without a VPN in Canada is risky. Fortunately, ExpressVPN is among the best options for torrenting, with fast speeds and top-notch security features but if you are looking for less expensive option than Surfshark is good for torrenting as well in Canada. With jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands and an excellent privacy policy, you can access torrents through ExpressVPN in complete secrecy.

All that’s needed is to install ExpressVPN on your system, sign-up for it with an email address, connect to its server, and commence downloading large files through any torrent client.A reliable VPN will not only bypass geo-restrictions but also protect your online privacy and security while torrenting. For a comprehensive understanding of top VPN services, consider checking out the “Syncthing Review in Canada” to make an informed decision about your VPN provider.

What has your experience been like using the ExpressVPN torrent in Canada combination? Let us know in the comments below!