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Best VPN for iPhone in Canada

It is difficult to find a reliable VPN for iPhone in Canada, as most apps on the App Store are fraudulent. To stay protected online and get past geo-blocks, we have tested 95+ iPhone VPN apps over the course of 3 months and have shortlisted the 7 best iPhone VPNs, with ExpressVPN as our top choice in Canada.

Apple is known for putting a lot of effort into protecting its user’s privacy and security in Canada. However, most of the time, the built-in protection falls short, as seen in the case of the NSO spyware attacks on iPhones in late 2021 – that’s where an iPhone VPN comes inin Canada.

The best VPN for iPhone encrypts your data, offering privacy and anonymity while browsing online in Canada. In addition to encrypting your internet traffic, VPNs can also help you spoof your location and give access to exclusive content overseas. Therefore, it is worth considering using a VPN with iPhone in Canada, whether you are up-to-date with iPhone 13 or using an older model in Canada.

Before you rush off to your App Store in search of an iPhone VPN app, we have done the work for you, so you don’t have to put your data at risk with a substandard VPN service.

After testing 95+ iPhone VPN apps on different iPhone models, from iPhone 8 to iPhone 13 Pro Max, we will explain the top seven iPhone VPN apps in our in-depth analysis.

The Best VPN for iPhone in Canada – Quick Overview

Short on time? Take a look at the seven best VPNs for iPhone in Canada 2022.

  1. ExpressVPNBest VPN app for iPhone in Canada – Compatible with iOS 12 and later. Lightweight apps with robust security and very fast speed in Canada, available for CA$ 8.53/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan).
  2. SurfsharkBudget-friendly VPN app for iPhone in Canada – Compatible with iOS 10.3.3 and later. Affordable subscription plansin Canada with the best savings for CA$ 2.94/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Save 81% on 2 Years + 2 Months Free Plan with Surfshark Antivirus).
  3. NordVPNLargest server network VPN app for iPhone – Compatible with iOS 11 and later. Excellent for unblocking geo-restricted sites with thousands of servers in Canada, available for CA$ 5.1/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Save 70% on 2 Years Plan + Extra Subscription).
  4. CyberGhostBeginner-friendly VPN app for iPhone in Canada – Compatible with iOS 13 or later with an easy-to-use iOS app and streaming optimized serversin Canada, costing only CA$ 2.85/mo (US$ 2.23/mo) .
  5. PIA Customizable VPN app for iPhone with best value in Canada – Compatible with iOS 12.1 or later. Offers customizable security features and encryption in Canada, available for CA$ 2.8/mo (US$ 2.19/mo) .
  6. IPVanishSecure VPN app for iPhone with great speed in Canada. Compatible with iOS 13 or later. Offers a lag-free streaming experience and top security on iPhone in Canada for just CA$ 5.1/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) .
  7. PrivateVPNGreat VPN app for iPhone for unblocking Netflix in Canada. Compatible with iOS 9.0 or later. Great unblocking ability for Netflix with fast speed in Canada for just $2.00/month.

Check the in-depth analysis of the 7 best VPNs for iPhones and iOS in Canada 

Why Do You Need a VPN for iPhone in Canada?

Whether you are using an iPhone or any other iOS device, there are several reasons why you should use a VPN. Some of the important reasons why using a VPN on iPhone is recommended are:

  • Increased security and privacy in Canada: iPhone relies on an internet connection from your ISP for connectivity, and as soon as your data leaves the smartphone, it is subject to surveillance or snooping. A VPN makes your data untraceable by rerouting your traffic in Canada.
  • Location spoofing in Canada: A VPN helps you spoof your geo-location by assigning you international IPs. This way, you don’t have to miss your favorite shows in Canada.
  • Bypass geo-blocking in Canada: Your ISP assigns you an IP address that includes your location, which can hold you back from accessing your favorite content online. Therefore, a VPN allows you to connect to a global server network and bypass online restrictions in Canada.
  • Safe internet browsing in Canada: If you constantly find yourself using public Wi-Fi, then your internet activity is at the risk of getting targeted by hackers. A VPN shields your online traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, offering privacy.
  • Mobile data saving in Canada: If you find yourself exceeding your monthly data cap, then the chances are that malicious websites are running in the background and sending data to web trackers. Most VPNs use web filters to prevent trackers and malware from operating on your device in Canada.

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Best VPN for iPhone in Canada 2022

iOS CompatibilityiOS 12 or lateriOS 10.3.3 or lateriOS 11 or lateriOS 13 or lateriOS 12.1 or neweriOS 9.0 or above iOS 13 or above
SecurityAES 256 BitAES 256 BitAES 256 BitAES 256-bitAES 256-bitAES 256 BitAES 256 Bit
Servers3,000+ in 94 Countries3,200+ in 65+ Countries5,200+ in 60 Countries7,000+ in 90 Countries35500+ servers in 78 Countries100+ servers in 63 Countries1,900+ servers in 75 locations
Kill Switch
StreamingNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and MoreNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and MoreNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and MoreNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and MoreNetflix, BBC iPlayer,  and MoreNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and MoreNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and More
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routersWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers
App Store Rating4.6/5.04.6/5.04.6/5.0 4.1/5.0 4.7/5.04.6/5.0 4.5/5.0
Torrenting SupportAll ServersSome ServersSome serversAll ServersAll ServersAll ServersSome servers
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What are the Best VPNs for iPhone in Canada 2022 – (In-Depth Analysis)

Here’s a rundown of the 7 best VPNs for iPhone in Canada 2022 – the features they offer, along with pricing plans and other information that you need to pick your favorite service in Canada.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN App for iPhone in Canada


🌍 Recommended serversNew York, Toronto, London, Tokyo
🖥️ Speed Test87.18 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionBritish Virgin Island (safe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more
🔥 Best DealCA$ 8.53/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan)

ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for iPhone in Canada with its sleek, dedicated iPhone app for iOS 12 and above. With high speed, strong encryption, and streaming performance, ExpressVPN is the strongest contender for iPhone VPNs, as it provides everything an iPhone VPN user might need in Canada.

What are the best servers of ExpressVPN for iPhone users in Canada?

ExpressVPN offers a server network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries. It only took us around 50 seconds to establish a connection to ExpressVPN’s Singapore server, and there was no lag.

With an extensive server network of ExpressVPN, you can get a quality connection from wherever you are. Some of its best servers for iPhone users that we tested ourselves are the New York server, Toronto, London, and Tokyo in Canada.

Apart from technologies, we were very impressed with ExpressVPN’s iOS app interface. It was not only sleek and simple but also offered access to in-depth features like Threat Manager and VPN protocols – perfect for both experts and novices alike.


ExpressVPN allows you to choose between various protocols offered on its iOS app.

How fast is ExpressVPN on iPhone in Canada?

Across different ExpressVPN locations, ExpressVPN offered an average download speed of 87.18 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection. With ExpressVPN, you will not notice much of a slowdown because of its lightning-fast protocols in Canada.

Thanks to its extensive network of servers, ExpressVPN offers lighting fast speed for streaming, torrenting, or general browsing. To further prove our claim, we ran ExpressVPN speed tests by connecting to various servers, and the results were impressive in Canada

There was less than a 20% speed drop, and we got a fast download speed of 87.18 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection in Canada.


ExpressVPN speed results on a 100 Mbps connection.

Check out the average speed of ExpressVPN’s servers located in the US, Italy,  Australia, and the UK below:

Country ServersDownload Speed
US- New Jersey – 387.3 Mbps
Italy – Milan90.17 Mbps
Canada – Toronto86.17 Mbps
Australia – Melbourne86.84‬ Mbps
UK – Docklands87.17‬ Mbps

Is it safe to use ExpressVPN on iPhone in Canada?

ExpressVPN iPhone VPN app makes sure that you are secure in Canada 2022. You can choose from various VPN server locations around the world to hide your IP address on iPhone, unblock websites, and protect your data on unsecured Wi-Fi networks to make sure your iPhone is safe in Canada.

ExpressVPN for iPhone offers plenty of security options as well as speed for users. Its security and privacy tools are neatly tucked away under the three-bar icon on the top left corner of its iOS app in Canada.

All your data is protected by AES 256-bit encryption, with a selection of protocols and an automatic kill switch as well. We tried both IKEv2 and Lightway protocol on our iPhone and got great results, with no IP leaks in Canada.

During testing, we experienced no IP/ DNS leaks, making ExpressVPN a great choice for security-conscious Apple users in Canada.


ExpressVPN protects your online traffic against IP and DNS leaks.

Another security feature that we love about ExpressVPN is that it uses TrustedServer technology in Canada. It ensures complete data wipe every time the server reboot. Along with that, ExpressVPN has a rotating IP address feature that ensures no one can track your down.

Additionally, there is a split tunneling feature that enables us to easily toggle back and forth between public and private Wi-Fi on our iPhone.

The privacy of iPhone users is further enhanced by the fact that ExpressVPN is based in a secure jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands and is not subject to no mandatory data-logging laws in Canada.

Is ExpressVPN good for streaming on iPhone in Canada?

If you are looking for a VPN on iPhone for streaming, then there is no better choice than ExpressVPN. We used it to watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max on our iPhone while testing, and it worked seamlessly.

Apart from its excellent unblocking ability, ExpressVPN’s obfuscated servers in Canada will make sure you have unrestricted access to sites in censorship-heavy countries like China and the Middle East.


ExpressVPN works with 20+ regional Netflix libraries.

If you are facing setbacks while using ExpressVPN with iPhone, don’t worry, as there is stellar customer support, thanks to its 24/7 live chat. We wanted some help regarding our refund and got a response from the support team via live chat within seconds. ExpressVPN customer support team is also very helpful and friendly.

Overall, ExpressVPN is the most feature-packed iPhone VPN that you can get today, and it is our daily driver for its simple iOS app. Apart from iPhone, it is our #1 recommendation for Android, iPad, and Apple TV.

If you want to review the provider in detail, don’t hesitate to read our ExpressVPN review.

How to set up ExpressVPN on iPhone in Canada (Video Tutorial)

For those who are new to VPNs, here’s a simple video tutorial on how to set up the ExpressVPN app on iPhone and protect your data:

What We Like
  • Unblocks Netflix and other streaming services
  • TrustedServer Technology
  • Spotless reputation
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Feature-rich iOS app
What We Don't Like
  • No dedicated IPs
  • No SOCKS5 proxy
  • Slightly expensive
Best Deal Available
49% OFF
12 Months + 3 Months Free
Get ExpressVPN for iPhone in Canada30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN App for iPhone


🌍 Recommended serversSeattle, London, Sydney in Canada
🖥️ Speed Test81.32 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionBritish Virgin Island (safe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more
🔥 Best DealCA$ 2.94/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Save 81% on 2 Years + 2 Months Free Plan with Surfshark Antivirus)

If you are looking for an affordable VPN for your iPhone that offers all features as its competitors, look no further as Surfshark is a great option for iPhone users on a tight budget. At a price of just CA$2.94/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Save 81% on 2 Years + 2 Months Free Plan with Surfshark Antivirus), Surfshark offers a smooth iOS app with interesting extra features as well.

What are the best Surfshark servers for iPhone users?

Don’t let Surfshark’s price fool you, as the VPN gives tough competition to its rivals. With over 3200+ VPN servers in 95 countries 3 server locations in Canada you will face no trouble bypassing geo-restrictions you may encounter on your iPhones.

We found its Seattle, London, Sydney, and Toronto servers to be the best while testing on iPhone for a smooth connection and speed in Canada.

While reviewing its app, we found Surfshark to be plug-and-play with a quick connect that is pretty handy. Surfshark has recently added plenty of widgets to its iOS app to streamline things. You can even report bugs from within the app.


Surfshark iPhone app is great for beginners with plenty of security features.

Is Surfshark VPN good for streaming on iPhone?

A secure VPN connection by Surfshark will keep your streaming data safe from ISP. So, hide your IP address and beat online trackers with Surfshark and stream all you want on your iPhone. All things considered, Surfshark is an excellent VPN for streaming. 

If you are constantly commuting, and want to keep yourself entertained by streaming on your iPhone, then Surfshark is a great companion. It works with all popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.

While connected to public Wi-Fi at a cafe, we could easily unblock US Netflix using Surfshark and watch episodes of our favorite TV show without any issues in Canada.


We could watch the US Netflix library using Surfshark on our iPhones.

In fact, Surfshark and Netflix were a great combo despite the pesky VPN detection technology the VoD service uses. Overall, we would say, Surfshark is great for streaming.

How fast is Surfshark on iPhone in Canada?

Surfshark offered great results in our latest speed tests. We tested multiple Surfshark servers, and the average speed across all tests was around 81 Mbps, falling slightly short of ExpressVPN in Canada.

Downloading the Surfshark app on our iPhone took less than 3 minutes, and connecting to its server took even less. With a single click, we were able to connect to our desired location, and Surfshark offered great speed.

We also ran Surfshark speed tests after connecting to different servers and got great results on most servers. However, its long-distance servers were a little slow, as we recorded around a 35% drop in speed in Canada.

On average, we got a download speed of 81.32 Mbps on 100 Mbps which was great for streaming and browsing lag-free.


Surfshark speed test result on a 100 Mbps connection.

You can see the average speeds Surfshark delivered on its US, UK, and Australian servers in the table below in Canada:

Country ServersDownload Speeds
Kansas City – US81.3 Mbps
Charlotte – the US84.7 Mbps
The United Kingdom – London82.5 Mbps
Canada – Montreal83.17 Mbps
Australia – Perth80 Mbps

How many users can use Surfshark VPN in Canada?

While other VPNs are limited to 5-10 devices per account, Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections per account. This is one of the biggest selling points of Surfshark as it allows you to connect as many devices as you like with one account in Canada.

We decided to put it to the test and installed Surfshark on every device we had in the office using a single account. Even when multiple users are using the app at once, Surfshark does not compromise on performance as you get the best speed and results in Canada.

Is Surfshark safe for iPhone?

Yes, Surfshark is an ideal VPN to protect your iPhone. It supports all iPhone devices with version 10.3.3 (with 64-bit architecture) and up.

Surfshark offers a deceptively simple iPhone VPN app, but underneath its design, you can find a host of privacy and security tools.

Equipped with the usual AES 256-bit encryption, Surfshark also offers a Multi-hop, one of its most promising features that hide your trail by securing your connection over multiple servers in Canada.

Along with that, Surfshark also offers two special modes for iPhone users who want maximum online anonymity – Camouflage Mode, which masks your traffic, and NoBorders which allows you to bypass online restrictions in Canada.

Read our full review of Surfshark for more information.

How to set up Surfshark on iPhone in Canada (Video Tutorial)

You can take a look at our video tutorial on how to set up Surfshark on iPhone and get started today.

What We Like
  • Internet kill switch
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer
  • Free trial for iOS and Android users
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day refund guarantee
What We Don't Like
  • No free version
  • Logging policy is not audited
Best Deal Available
Get 82% OFF
on 2 Year Plan + Free Surfshark Antivirus
Get Surfshark For iPhone in Canada30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN App for iPhone


🌍 Recommended serversLos Angeles, London, Paris
🖥️ Speed Test83.82 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption (Double VPN)
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionPanama (safe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, Disney+, and more
🔥 Best DealCA$ 5.1/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Save 70% on 2 Years Plan + Extra Subscription)

NordVPN is one of the most recognized VPN brands based on its large server network and intuitive design in Canada. The security giant is a popular VPN among iPhone users, with an impressive app that is as easy to interact with as its desktop client with its futuristic blue landing screen map.

How many servers does NordVPN have for iPhone users in Canada?

NordVPN lets you choose from more than 5500+ servers in 59 countries and 480+ servers in 3 locations. A vast server network and the latest VPN protocols guarantee the better speed and a stable VPN connection. Trust us when we say that there isn’t any geo-restricted site that you can’t unblock with NordVPN in Canada.

With so many servers available in different countries, you can get a new IP address of any region you want with NordVPN. While testing on iPhone, we found its US – Los Angeles, London, and Paris server to be the fastest.

We found the NordVPN iOS app to be quite feature-rich with advanced options. It also offers its latest Threat Protection feature for iPhones, with Siri Shortcuts available as well. Plus, if you are a fan of the Apple ecosystem, NordVPN is a great Mac VPN, too, with a somewhat similar app in Canada.


You can find all the latest security features like Threat Protection and Dark Web Monitor in the NordVPN iOS app.

Does NordVPN work with streaming services on iPhones in Canada?

We have tested 95+ popular VPNs to see how they perform with Netflix and other platforms. NordVPN is able to access over a dozen Netflix regional libraries including Netflix Japan, UK, US, and Australia in Canada.

Overall, NordVPN is a great choice for streaming, owing to its excellent unblocking ability. If you are on a trip and don’t fancy using your laptop with NordVPN, you will be able to unblock and stream pretty much anything you want straight from your iPhone.

We could watch US Netflix with NordVPN on iPhone without any issues, and it also works with other streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Peacock TV, and Hulu in Canada.


You will have no trouble watching Netflix with NordVPN on your iPhone.

NordVPN unblocks every possible streaming service that you can think of without any issues or errors. Great unblocking ability with fast speed is a perfect combo for streaming in Canada.

Is NordVPN fast enough for iPhones in Canada?

NordVPN offers great speeds across the majority of its servers, ensuring you have a good connection. It offers above-average performance, especially now that its speeds are cracked up thanks to its WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol. 

We also tested the speed on its new protocol, NordLynx, and got great results. NordVPN offered an average download speed of 83.82 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection which is great for enjoying a buffer-free experience in Canada.


NordVPN offers super-fast speed on its servers for Ultra-HD streaming.

In the table below, you can see how much speed US, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany servers in Canada delivered while testing NordVPN on iPhone:

Country ServersDownload Speeds
US-New York83.5 Mbps
Australia81 Mbps
Japan82.25 Mbps
United Kingdom82.84 Mbps
Germany81.59 Mbps

Is NordVPN safe for iPhone in Canada?

NordVPN is designed to run perfectly on iOS, thus protecting your iPhone with robust encryption, minimizing threats from hackers, and keeping you safe and secure on public Wi-Fi. 

NordVPN iOS app offers all the in-depth features that you would expect from its desktop client with fully-featured protocols, specialty servers, and the list goes on in Canada.

It supports 256-bit encryption, which is the industry standard, with an automatic kill switch, double encryption option, and an ad-blocke in Canadar.

Other features include DNS leak detection, Onion Over VPN, and an audited no logs policy. NordVPN is headquartered in the safe jurisdiction of Panama, and it is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers – which ensures no logging and security. So, NordVPN’s privacy policy is trustworthy in Canada.

How to set up NordVPN on iPhone in Canada (Video Tutorial)

Here is a video tutorial highlighting steps to download NordVPN app on your iPhone in Canada.

What We Like
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu
  • Great speed
  • Specialty servers
  • Built-in adblocker
  • Independently audited logging policy
  • 24/7 live chat support
What We Don't Like
  • No split tunneling on iOS
  • Map interface in the app takes a lot of screen space
Best Deal Available
Get 70% OFF
on 2 Year Plan + Extra Subscription
Get NordVPN For iPhone in Canada30 Days Money Back Guarantee

4. CyberGhost – Beginner-Friendly VPN App for iPhone in Canada


🌍 Recommended serversNew York, Australia, Italy, Germany in Canada
🖥️ Speed Test75.47 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionRomania (safe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more
🔥 Best DealCA$ 2.85/mo (US$ 2.23/mo)

Number 4 on this list of the best VPNs for iPhones is CyberGhost. The VPN is ranked #7 on iTunes Productivity Chart and is a great cost-effective option for iPhone users with a powerful iOS app that offers most of the functionality of the desktop apps and a simple user interface in Canada.

How many servers does CyberGhost have for iPhone users in Canada?

CyberGhost has 7700+ servers in 90 countries and 486 servers in Canada with several dedicated servers for streaming, gaming, and torrenting in Canada.

A cool iOS feature of CyberGhost is that its servers are categorized into streaming, torrenting, gaming, and dedicated IP. If you want to unblock any streaming service, all you need to do is visit its streaming mode and select an optimized server.

Furthermore, if you have speed issues or are using mobile data, you can turn on the ‘Small pocket size’ option. We love CyberGhost’s iOS app with a dark mode interface and a modern design with a black and yellow theme.

What’s more interesting is that there is a dedicated CyberGhost app for Apple Watch as well, which we found quite unique in Canada.


You can find streaming-optimized servers in CyberGhost iOS app for various platforms like Netflix and more.

Is CyberGhost safe for iPhone in Canada?

CyberGhost iPhone app sends your traffic through a private and secure tunnel. It hides your IP address to give complete anonymity online and encrypts your data with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. It means cybercriminals cannot get access to your sensitive data while using this encrypted VPN.

It covers all the bases with a kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, and IP/ DNS leak protection. Another feature that stood out on iPhone is CyebrGhost’s Wi-Fi Auto-Protect which automatically detects when your iPhone is connected to a public Wi-Fi and connects you to a VPN server for protection in Canada.

You also get to choose from multiple VPN protocols. While testing CyberGhost on iPhone, we could choose from IKEv2 and WireGuard. We recommend choosing WireGuard as it is more secure and fast as compared to other protocols in Canada.

Is CyberGhost good for streaming on iPhone in Canada?

We found CyberGhost totally worth it for streaming on iPhone because of its dedicated streaming servers. If you are commuting and don’t have time to find the server you want, you can simply search for streaming platforms in the app, and it will show you dedicated servers in Canada.

We are huge anime fans, so we decided to watch Japanese Netflix with CyberGhost while commuting to the office, and it was the best ride. After connecting to the Netflix Japan server, CyberGhost gave us instant access to the Japanese library without any issues in Canada.


CyberGhost is a haven for streamers, as you will find servers optimized for BBC iPlayer, France TV, Hulu, HBO, and other restricted streaming services in Canada.

How fast is CyberGhost VPN on iPhone in Canada?

We were impressed with CyberGhost’s speed as it offered an average download speed of 75.47 Mbps on most of its servers. We tested around 10 of its servers on our iPhone 13 and recorded a speed drop of around 30-35%, which was not bad at all.


CyberGhost servers offer fast speed for streaming and browsing without any lag.

Although CyberGhost is not as fast as ExpressVPN, we assure you that you can enjoy streaming or browsing on your iPhone without noticing the speed drop in Canada.

CyberGhost offered substantial connection speeds on the US, Australia, Italy, UK, and Germany servers in Canada during testing, as shown below:

Country ServersDownload Speeds
US-New York79.41 Mbps
Australia74.31 Mbps
Italy75.67 Mbps
United Kingdom73.51 Mbps
Germany74.67 Mbps

A sad news for Chinese iPhone users, CyberGhost does not work in China. However, you can still use it in other highly censored countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

You can read our full review of CyberGhost for more information in Canada.

How to set up CyberGhost on iPhone in Canada (Video Tutorial)

Here is a brief video tutorial on how you can set up CyberGhost on your iPhone in Canada.

What We Like
  • Beginner-friendly apps
  • Streaming-optimized servers
  • Works with Netflix
  • Dedicated IPs
  • 24/7 live chat support
What We Don't Like
  • Some servers offer slow speeds
  • No split tunneling on iOS
Best Deal Available
Save 83% on
3 Year Plan + 4 Extra Months Subscription
Get CyberGhost For iPhone in Canada45 Days Money Back Guarantee

5. Private Internet Access – Customizable VPN App for iPhone with the Best Value in Canada


🌍 Recommended serversUS, Australia, Germany in Canada
🖥️ Speed Test65.78 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit/ 128 bit encryption
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionUSA (unsafe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube TV, and more
🔥 Best DealCA$ 2.8/mo (US$ 2.19/mo)

Ever improving, Private Internet Access is a new name in the VPN market, with a powerful iPhone app offering customizable features. The PIA VPN iOS app maintains the functionality of the desktop app, which is great for Apple users requiring more privacy in Canada.

What are the best PIA servers for iPhone users in Canada?

PIA offers a vast variety of servers with a network of 35000+ servers in 80 countries and  4 Server location in Canada. Seems a lot, doesn’t it? With these servers, you can access any restricted website you want without any issues. There are thousands of IP addresses at your disposal, offering great connectivity in Canada.

To our surprise, all PIA VPN servers are P2P friendly; this means that you can connect to a server nearby and enjoy fast speeds as your data doesn’t have to travel far. While testing, we found its Germany, Australia, and US servers to be the fastest in Canada.

If you enjoy digging around in Settings, you will be pleased with PIA VPN, as its iOS app is highly customizable in Canada. Under the settings tab, you will find the choice of protocol, socket, port, encryption, and even handshake.


PIA allows you to choose between various encryption protocols offered.

The PIA VPN iOS app mirrors the theme of the phone, alternating between light and dark mode, which we found interesting. There is even a widget for iOS versions 14 and 15, allowing users to connect directly from the home screen in Canada

Is Private Internet Access VPN good for streaming on iPhone in Canada?

PIA is a sturdy option for streaming geo-restricted content, but not the fastest out there. If you love streaming on the go and watching TV on your iPhone, PIA is second only to ExpressVPN when it comes to unblocking sites like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and live TV services in Canada.

With PIA, we could even unblock Indian Hotstar and watch live IPL matches on our iPhone. Unblocking Netflix with PIA was a piece of cake, as we could easily watch US Netflix by connecting to its New York server.


We could easily watch US Netflix with PIA, and it experienced no buffering at all.

Is Private Internet Access VPN secure for iPhone in Canada?

Private Internet Access offers robust security for its iPhone users, along with the power to choose from various options available. For starters, you can choose between 4 encryption protocols, including 256-bit encryption in Canada.

There is a kill switch with a dedicated ad-blocker called “Content Blocker” for Safari that blocks ads, trackers, and malware. Similarly, you can also alternate between several security protocols, including WireGuard.

It also comes with fool-proof protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. We rolled up our sleeves and tested it fully, and PIA did not leak any information regarding our location while connected to its servers v.

A minor con with PIA is that it is headquartered in the US, which is not a great location for privacy. However, after really really digging into its privacy policy and logging history, we found that PIA does not log any data, and its claims have been proven in court 2 times in the past. The VPN was asked to share the data on its users but had none to share – making it a true no-log VPN.

How fast is Private Internet Access VPN on iPhone in Canada?

In our extensive testing, PIA VPN gave an average connection time of 2 seconds when we were using WireGuard, and 3 seconds when using OpenVPN, regardless of the fact that we connected to distant locations, which is very good.

Private Internet Access is not as fast as ExpressVPN, but it does offer good speed on its servers. When we tested its US and Australia servers on iPhone, our average download speed was 65.78 Mbps.

Considering our base connection of 100 Mbps, we got a speed drop of around 40%, which was a lot. However, we observed that PIA offered us fast speed on short-distance servers in Canada.


PIA VPN offers fast speed on short-distance servers.

Despite its decent speed, we did not experience any drastic slowdowns while torrenting, browsing, and streaming. PIA allows us to download a 500 MB file within 9 minutes, which was impressive.

Take a look at PIA VPN’s speed test results in the table below in Canada:

Country ServersDownload Speeds
United States65.09 Mbps
Australia68.5 Mbps
Canada68.17 Mbps
United Kingdom67.09 Mbps
Germany65.59 Mbps

Read our full review of Private Internet Access for more information in Canada.

How to set up PIA on iPhone in Canada (Video Tutorial)

If you are new to VPNs, here’s a brief guide on how you can set up PIA on your iPhone in Canada.

What We Like
  • SOCKS5 proxy and port forwarding
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Choice of encryption protocol
  • A wide server network
  • 10 simultaneous connections
What We Don't Like
  • No split tunneling on iOS
  • The best offer is available on its long-term plan (3 Years)
  • Based in the US
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3 Year Plan + 3 Extra Months Subscription
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6. IPVanish – Secure VPN App for iPhone with Great Speed in Canada


🌍 Recommended serversChicago, London, Sydney in Canada
🖥️ Speed Test86.75 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionUSA (unsafe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, Hulu, Peacock TV, and more
🔥 Best DealCA$ 5.1/mo (US$ 3.99/mo)

IPVanish is a secure iPhone VPN offering strong encryption in Canada. It is our top choice for iPhone users because of its super intuitive app, which is great for users who are constantly on the move. With over 45,000 ratings, IPVanish boasts a 4.5-star rating on App Store.

How many servers does IPVanish have for iPhone users in Canada?

IPVanish has a small fleet of 2000+ servers in 75 locations 55 server in Canada. These servers are located in all major countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, and all over the world.

We found its Chicago, London, and Sydney servers to be the fastest while testing on our iPhone.

IPVanish iOS app is very sleek, and it changes mode according to the theme of your iPhone. Our personal favorite is the dark mode in Canada.

As we have used both the desktop and mobile app, we discovered that all the advanced features from the desktop version are also available on the IPVanish iOS app, including security protocol settings, load balancing, and usage statistics in Canada.


IPVanish iOS app also supports WireGuard protocol, along with other security features.

Is IPVanish good for streaming on iPhone in Canada?

IPVanish scores highly for speed, so if you are interested in a VPN for streaming or a VPN that works well with Kodi, it is a good choicein Canada.

With IPVanish, you will have no trouble watching geo-restricted streaming services on your iPhone. We tried streaming a bunch of services like Netflix, Peacock TV, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer to see if IPVanish is up for the task.

IPVanish gave us access to all services we tested on iPhone without any issues. Even though PeacockTV comes with a strong VPN detection technology, IPVanish’s ability to bypass it smoothly was fantastic in Canada.


With IPVanish, we could easily watch Peacock TV outside the US on our iPhone.

How fast is IPVanish on iPhone in Canada?

IPVanish delivers great performance consistently and works exceptionally well with streaming services. On average, we got a download speed of 86.75 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. It was great for streaming in Ultra HD without buffering.


IPVanish servers offer maximum speed with limited throttling for a buffer-free experience.

However, we did notice that the speed on long-distance servers was not as fast as on nearby servers. So, if you are doing a data-intensive task, connect to a server near your physical location.

You can check out IPVanish’s US, UK, Italy, India, and Germany server average speeds in the table below in Canada.

Country ServersDownload Speed
US86.98 Mbps
UK85.76 Mbps
Italy84.84 Mbps
India87.15 Mbps
Germany80.34 Mbps

How private is IPVanish on iPhone in Canada?

With IPVanish, your iOS device connection is encrypted. This means that when you use the IPVanish iOS VPN app, nobody will be able to snoop on your online activities in Canada.

IPVanish iOS app is packed with all the latest security features, making it a great option for iPhone users who wish to have maximum online security. It offers military-grade AES-256-bit encryption, kill switch, SOCKS5 web proxy, zero-logs policy, Wi-Fi protection, and much more.

You can also choose between various protocols offered. While testing, we used its WireGuard protocol as it is faster and safer than IKEv2. Furthermore, IPVanish also provides IP/ DNS leak protection.

Another great feature that we loved in the IPVanish iPhone app is the Wi-Fi Protection. Every time you connect to an unsecured public Wi-Fi in Canada, the VPN automatically turns on, offering extra protection in case you’re in a rush and forget to manually connect to a VPN.

The only thing that concerned us about IPVanish is its US jurisdiction – a country that’s a member of the 5 Eyes. However, it promises to keep no logs as strictly written in its privacy policy.

Read our full review of IPVanish for more information in Canada.

How to set up IPVanish on iPhone in Canada (Video Tutorial)

You can also watch our video tutorial on how to set up and use IPVanish on iPhone in Canada.

What We Like
  • Fast speed servers
  • Unlimited device connections
  • DNS leak protection
  • Works with Netflix
  • Supports P2P
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t work in China
  • It takes long to establish a connection on some servers
  • US-based
Best Deal Available
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Yearly Plan + Ransomware & Malware Protection
Get IPVanish For iPhone in Canada30 Days Money Back Guarantee

7. PrivateVPN – Great VPN App for iPhone for Unblocking Netflix in Canada


🌍 Recommended serversMadrid, London, Chicago in Canada
🖥️ Speed Test54.26 Mbps
🔐 Security and Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption
🗺️ Country/ JurisdictionSweden (safe)
🍿 Unblocking CapabilitiesNetflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more
🔥 Best Deal$2.00/month

Perhaps a bit of an outlier, PrivateVPN is a smaller VPN provider as compared to its competitors, but it features a powerful iOS app that goes beyond the functionality demanded by an Apple user from mainstream VPNs and is a great unblocking VPN for streaming fans in Canada.

What are the best PrivateVPN servers for iPhone users in Canada?

PrivateVPN offers a small network of 200+ servers in 63 countries and 3 server Location in Canada, so you can enjoy privacy whether at home or traveling abroad. It covers all the major regions like the US, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa, and plenty of Asian countries.

For users in China, there is L2TP supported on various servers, so you can use PrivateVPN from Mainland China without any issues in Canada.

During testing on iPhone, we found its Toronto, Madrid, London, and Chicago servers to be the fastest for browsing and streaming.

PrivateVPN’s iOS app is perfect for beginners featuring a one-connect button for instant connection. Plus, we also liked that you could create your own “favorite” server list as well in Canada.

Is PrivateVPN secure for iPhones in Canada?

PrivateVPN iOS app offers military-grade 256-bit encryption, along with other security protocols to protect your iPhone traffic.

You can choose between various protocols and encryption. It also offers IP/ DNS leak protection and perfect forward secrecy. One big negative point is that there is no kill switch feature available in the PrivateVPN iOS app in Canada.

During testing, we were really impressed with its Stealth VPN feature as it disguises your VPN traffic, making it look like regular traffic. Owing to this feature, PrivateVPN claims to work inside China, and we decided to test it for ourselves.

Our team in China could successfully install the PrivateVPN app on their iPhone and were successful at unblocking Instagram – which is blocked in the country in Canada.


With the PrivateVPN stealth VPN protocol, you can easily bypass VPN blocks in countries like China.

PrivateVPN’s OpenVPN protocol is recommended for iPhone users in Canada, as it does not offer WireGuard yet. However, we did notice that it drained our battery faster than IKEv2.

Is PrivateVPN good for streaming on iPhone in Canada?

PrivateVPN iOS app is easy to use, has fast speed, and is great for streaming. Alongside industry-standard security and privacy features, PrivateVPN also includes strong IP leak protection and allows 10 connections so you can easily stream anything you want on the device of your choice.

During our testing, we could access Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime US, Fox Sports, HBO Now, and more on our iPhone easily. We connected to its US server in Canada, and were able to watch American Netflix using PrivateVPN without any issues.

PrivateVPN offers Decent Geo-Unblocking Capabilities

It took us less than 2 minutes to unblock US Netflix on iPhone using PrivateVPN.

Is PrivateVPN fast enough for iPhone in Canada?

One con of PrivateVPN is that due to its small server network, most of its servers are overcrowded, resulting in inconsistent speed. During testing, we experienced around a 50% speed drop after connecting to PrivateVPN.

On a base connection of 100 Mbps, PrivateVPN offered a download speed of 54.26 Mbps. However, it is more than enough for streaming movies and shows in 4K without buffering in Canada.


PrivateVPN offers inconsistent speed on its servers.

PrivteVPN’s US, UK, France, Spain, and Germany servers seemed to be the fastest in Canada, and you can see their speed results in the below table.

Country ServersDownload Speed
US54.18 Mbps
UK54.25 Mbps
France55.79 Mbps
Spain50.35 Mbps
Germany49.97 Mbps

PrivateVPN comes with 24/7 customer support for its users in Canada. While their team may be unavailable from time to time, they’d still get back to you as soon as they can and solve your issue.

To learn more about this provider, check out our PrivateVPN review.

What We Like
  • Simple iOS app
  • Stealth VPN protocol
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • 7-day free trial
  • Dedicates IPs
What We Don't Like
  • Some servers are overcrowded with slow speed
  • Small server network
Best Deal Available
Save 85% on
3 Year Plan
Get PrivateVPN For iPhone in Canada30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Methodology: How We Tested the Best VPN App for iPhone in Canada

We shortlisted these 7 best VPNs after rigorous testing based on wide criteria. We’ll tell you about our testing methods so you know exactly how confidently we are ranking them as the best VPN for iPhones.

In addition to Apple-dedicated features, here is a list of important criteria on which each VPN was tested while choosing the seven best providers in Canada:

1. Security

One of the major motivators to use a VPN is to protect your online traffic in Canada. Therefore, the VPNs you choose for your iPhone shouldn’t offer anything less than industry-level encryption.

Each VPN provider on this list offers AES-256-bit military-grade encryption to protect your data, and they also follow a strict no-logs policy, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy in Canada.

Most of these VPNs also offer automatic internet kill switches and DNS leak protection on your iPhone in Canada.

We also take a close look at VPN companies’ jurisdiction and VPN data logging policies. We take note of where a VPN company is headquartered and whether it’s in a privacy-friendly location or is part of the 5, 9, 14 eyes alliance.

Moreover, it is ideal if the VPN keeps minimal logs and no additional data like websites you visit, IP addresses, and other information is logged in Canada.

2. Geo-blocks Circumvention

We made sure to include the top VPN services for iPhone that can unblock most major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and more in Canada.

Our team consistently keeps track of which VPN works with Netflix because the streaming service keeps updating its VPN blocking technology.

All the VPN services mentioned above work with multiple popular streaming sites and can also unblock social media applications on iPhone in Canada like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

3. Speed

Speed is one of the most important factors in choosing a quality VPN for iPhone in Canada. We tested most of our VPNs from our New York office, while our team also ran tests from Spain, as well. During testing, we kept our base internet connection speed constant at 100 Mbps and ran tests on iPhone along with other devices like Windows (ThinkPad) and Macbook Air.

Generally, VPNs slow down your speeds as data has to travel a longer distance. Therefore, we have included the VPN services that offer fast download speeds, so the change in speed is nearly noticeable.

It is ideal that the fast VPN you choose results in no more than a 30% drop in speed after connecting to a serverin Canada.

4. Customer Support

We want to make sure that once our readers choose a VPN, they have the best support from the company in Canada. This way, they can get instant help and assistance in case of any trouble.

It’s common for VPNs to offer customer support to their users, either through live chat support, emails, or help centers in Canada. They do this to satisfy all user queries in case of any technical errors.

All the VPNs we listed above offer efficient customer support to their users, with most services offering 24/7 live chat support.

5. Pricing Plans

Pricing is a major factor when looking for a VPN. Therefore, we made sure to mention the best plans offered by the VPN services with maximum discounts and savings so our readers can compare the numbers.

We made sure that there’s a healthy combination between a VPN’s features and its price in Canada. Some VPNs may be quite cheap, but would definitely be a hit and miss when it comes to their service.

All the VPNs we mentioned above are worth their prices. What’s more, every provider offers at least three pricing plans that users can choose from in Canada.

Note: As of 2022, the VPN industry has undergone a lot of changes in Canada, as the three major VPN providers announced mergers. Recently, ExpressVPN officially joined Kape Technologies, a company that owns several other VPNs like CyberGhost. Furthermore, NordVPN and Surfshark announced a merger in February, as they still continue to operate autonomously. We have evaluated our top picks for iPhone and have updated our review taking into account the new competitive landscape.

How to Use VPN on iPhone in Canada 2022

There are two methods to use a VPN on iPhone; directly installing the app on your device or opting for manual configuration in Canada. In case you choose the latter, you’d require connecting to a remote VPN server. Therefore we recommend using a VPN app rather than the manual configuration.

However, we have provided you with instructions for both options in Canada.

How Do I Set Up a VPN on iPhone in Canada? – Manual Guide

Follow these steps to configure the VPN on your iPhone manually in Canada:

  1. Visit Settings from your home screen.
  2. Click on General > VPN.
  3. Tap on Add VPN configuration from the new screen.
  4. Choose the appropriate tool after clicking Type.
  5. Insert the details required for VPN settings.
  6. Insert the login information.
  7. Press Done and turn the toggle on in Canada.

Get ExpressVPN For iPhone in CanadaTry Risk-Free for 30-Days

How Do I Add a VPN on App on iPhone in Canada?

Follow these steps to directly install a VPN app on your iPhone in Canada:

  1. Visit the Apple App Store in Canada.
  2. Look for the VPN you want to install. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN for its lightweight and feature-rich iOS app.
  3. Choose the VPN and press Get.
  4. Sign in after launching the application.
  5. Allow the VPN application to add configurations.
  6. Connect to any server you like in Canada.

Get ExpressVPN For iPhone in CanadaTry Risk-Free for 30-Days

FAQs – Best VPN for iPhone

There are plenty of free VPNs for iPhones available in the market, but don’t get fooled by the “free” tag, as there is a huge hidden cost that you have to bear in terms of your data security and privacy. Free VPNs are famous for selling user data. This allows advertisers to plague your iPhone with targeted ads in Canada.

If you do plan on trying out a free VPN, you will face limited bandwidth and extremely slow speeds, accompanied by constant disconnections. 

Yes, using a VPN on iPhones is completely safe as it encrypts your data, giving you complete online privacy and anonymity in Canada. It is very difficult to find a reliable VPN for iPhone, and you have to be very careful when choosing one, as most VPN apps on the App Store are fraudulent, and they don’t even work.

The VPN automatically turns off while iPhone is locked, because your mobile goes into sleep mode in Canada, they automatically disconnect from the VPN, even if it is for two or three minutes. It will connect again when you awaken it, as it is a battery-saving feature in iPhone.

ExpressVPN is our top pick for the best VPN for iPhone in Canada, which is also liked and recommended by Apple users. This leading provider has a large server network (3000+ servers in 90+ countries) and manages to deliver extremely fast speeds during streaming, gaming, torrenting, and browsing in Canada.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, iPhones are literally the best when it comes to smartphone technology in Canada. Apple’s ecosystem is not only seamless but also super robust. But just like any other device that can connect to the internet, there are always privacy concerns and censorship issues.

So instead of mucking around with your privacy thinking nothing can go wrong with your iOS device, go for one of the best VPN for iPhone in Canada mentioned in this blog to make your iPhone invincible truly. No longer would you have to worry about geo-blocks or privacy issues in Canada.

So which VPN should you get? Well, if we had to choose just one best VPN for iPhone in Canada, we would recommend ExpressVPN. It is the#1 trusted VPN with an App Store rating of 4.6/5.0 and compatibility with iOS 15, 14, 13, and 12.