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VeePN is a relatively unknown VPN brand striving hard to become one of the leading players in the future privacy industry in UK.

The service is committed to securing its users’ online freedom in the right way. It is based in Panama, a country with no data retention laws, and is super affordable.

It has a good number of servers, i.e., 2,500 servers in 50 locations, and 42 countries including 1 server location in UK. However, the speed is slow, and it doesn’t unblock Netflix in UK.

Read more about this VPN in our VeePN review in UK. If you want to know about other VPN services, refer to our VPN reviews guide.

VeePN Review in UK – Rating Criteria

Here you will find a list of 8 factors that I will be using to perform the VeePN review in UK:

  1. Pricing – How much does VeePN cost in UK?
  2. Security – Encryption & features
  3. Jurisdiction – Is it located in a 5-eyes country?
  4. Speed – How fast is VeePN?
  5. Streaming – Does it work with Netflix in UK?
  6. Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC
  7. Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support
  8. Compatibility  – Apps and supported devices

Pricing – How much does VeePN cost in UK?

VeePN is a super affordable VPN service. It has three types of pricing plans that I have listed below:


As you can see, the 5-year plan is the extraordinarily cheap one. It is even cheaper than ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

VeePN provides a sufficient 30 days money-back guarantee in UK.

Payment Methods

As per VeePN review in UK 2023, the brand delivers several payment options. These are:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Payment Wall


Security – Encryption & features

VeePN offers the strongest 256-bit military-grade encryption by default in UK. From a security point of view, VeePN delivers an impressive kill switch advantage.

You can use tunneling protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 to secure your online privacy to a new plane in UK.

Interestingly, the OpenVPN protocol applies 256-bit encryption and safeguards your crucial data from the eyes of online snoopers.

Jurisdiction –Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

VeePN is based in Panama, which is a safe country when it comes to data retention. Meaning it has no data retention laws.

It means the service does not have to follow data retention rules of any 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes countries.

To know about VPN services that belong to 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes countries, read our exclusive guide.



At present, the brand is catering online privacy needs of its users through 2500+ servers worldwide. You can select your preferred server from 42 countries across 50 locations including 1 server location in UK.

However, it is still unknown how many servers of VeePN are physical and how many servers are virtual.

In this scenario, you had better consult our guide that distinguishes between VPN physical and virtual server locations.

Speed – How fast is VeePN?

VeePN speed is slow. I got to know its speed when I connected to its Singapore server.

My internet speed without connecting to a VPN was 32 Mbps at the time, but once I connected to VeePN, it went down to 9.43 Mbps.

Here is the screenshot:


Streaming –Does it work with Netflix in UK?

YES! VeePN easily unblocks the US Netflix media library in UK. I faced issues on the first attempt, but it did work perfectly on the second.

Therefore, you will have to rely quite heavily on the best VPN Kodi service if you want to watch your favorite geo-restricted media content through Kodi.

Fortunately, you can use VeePN to download torrents safely in UK. It has P2P-optimized servers that will help you achieve your streaming goals.

Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

VeePN was easily able to pass the leak test in UK. I connected to its Singapore server, so I hadn’t had the problem of leaking my IP or DNS.

Here is the test result:

IP Test


DNS Test


WebRTC Test


Virus Test

I scanned the Windows client to see if it was clean from any Viruses or Trojans. Luckily, I did NOT find any viruses or malware.

Here is the screenshot of the scan:


Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support

This VeePN review in UK reveals that the provider does not keep usage logs, but it keeps connection logs.

They only collect the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Billing Information
  • The total amount of web traffic
  • Session Date

The information listed above does not really threaten your online privacy because it does not store your web browsing history.

According to their privacy policy, they state:

“We do not collect logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries.”

Furthermore, you can differentiate the logging policies of numerous VPNs by exploring our exclusive guide.

Customer Support

VeePN offers good customer support in UK. It has a Live Chat and an ‘Email’ where you can contact their customer support.


You may also look for frequently asked questions and their answers in the FAQs section.

Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

VeePN supports all the major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Likewise, it is also compatible with routers, Apple TV, and browser extensions like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


VPN Comparison between VeePN and ExpressVPN in UK

Here is a quick comparison between the two service providers based on features and pricing. Let’s see which one is best in UK:

Features ExpressVPN VeePN
Price GB£5.23/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free $1.67/mo
Servers 3000+ in 94 Countries 2,500 Servers in 42 Countries
Compatibility All Devices Windows, MacOS, Linux,
iOS, Android, & Routers
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands Panama
Logging Policy Zero Log No Logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support Live Chat & Email
Trust Pilot Score 4.6 4.4
Website ExpressVPN VeePN

Alternatives to VeePN in UK

To use more VPNs other than VeePN, explore our list that consists of:

Final Verdict

No, I do not recommend VeePN in UK.

I know the price is super affordable and it consists of over 2,500 servers including 1 server location in UK, but the speed is too slow. Also in our VeePN review in UK, it doesn’t unblock Netflix or other streaming services in UK. Not only that, its 1-day free trial doesn’t get to work.

It isn’t a bad VPN, but it isn’t the best either. Overall, I would not recommend my users to avail of its service in UK.

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