How to Setup TunnelBear on Roku in UK in 2023

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TunnelBear is an awesome free VPN service that you can use with Roku. However, since it only offers 1GB of free data every month, you will have to purchase its paid subscription if you plan on watching back-to-back movies or TV shows.

Just like any other VPN service, TunnelBear can’t be directly installed on a Roku device. So, in order to use Roku with TunnelBear, you’ll need a computer that can run as a virtual router. Then only you can provide a connection to your Roku device.

The reason why this process is a bit cumbersome is that Roku doesn’t currently have native support for VPNs. Because of that, you’re not going to be able to access popular channels on Roku if you’re not in the US or in any of the few supported countries.

Keeping this in mind and to make your life easier, in today’s guide, I will show you how to set up TunnelBear on Roku in UK in the easiest ways possible via a virtual router. Please note that Tunnelbear is also a great free VPN for laptops in UK.

Does TunnelBear on Roku in UK work?

Yes, TunnelBear on Roku in UK works. But just like any VPN app, TunnelBear can’t be installed on Roku devices. In order to use TunnelBear with Roku, you’ll have to have to install TunnlBear on a computer and then provide a virtual VPN connection to your Roku.

But as I said before, you can’t rely on the free version of TunnelBear on Roku in UK to be able to stream back-to-back content because of bandwidth limitations. While you might be able to download torrents with TunnelBear in UK, streaming too much content could prove a challenge. You’ll have to get a paid subscription if you know that you’ll quickly run out of the 1GB free data.

Check out our TunnelBear review in UK to get an idea of all the pros and cons of this VPN service. Therefore, we highly recommend reading our blog to learn more best VPN services.

How to Setup TunnelBear on Roku in UK (Via a Virtual Router)

Since TunnelBear doesn’t offer a router configuration file, we can’t install it on a physical router. Instead, we’ll have to install it on our computer (PC/Mac) and then create a virtual VPN connection. After that, we can connect our Roku device to the new connection. To get started, just follow the easy steps covered below.

Virtual Router on Windows

In order to create a virtual wifi connection running TunnelBear on Roku in UK from your Windows computer, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Subscribe to TunnelBear or get the TunnelBear free trial in UK

Step 2: Download and install the TunnelBear app on your Windows PC

Step 3: Next, on your PC, click on the taskbar located at the bottom right then the Internet connection icon > Network & Internet Settings

Step 4: Locate mobile hotspot on the left-hand menu and turn on the Share my Internet connection with other devices option

Step 5: Now click on the Status located on the left-hand menu and then click on Change adapter options

Step 6: Now, Right-click on the TunnelBear Tap Adapter and then click on Properties

Step 7: Next, click on the Sharing tab and checkmark the box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”

Step 8: From the drop-down menu, select the hotspot for TunnelBear that you just created and click on OK

Step 9: Now, your PC can run as a virtual wifi router with TunnelBear running in the background

Step 10: Now, launch the TunnelBear app onto your computer and connect to any US server

Step 11: Next, on your Roku’s main menu, select Settings > Network

Step 12: Then select Set up Connection Wireless

Step 13: Now, you should see a list of all Wi-Fi networks. Just select the virtual Wifi connection you created earlier for TunnelBear

Step 14: Now, enter your Wi-Fi password when asked and connect your Roku device to TunnelBear

Note: In order to be able to access U.S specific content on Roku, make sure that your Roku device is set up properly with a US region. If not, just follow the steps mentioned below:

How do I change my Roku region to the U.S?

In order to be able to watch U.S. content on your Roku device, you’ll have to first set up your Roku device with U.S region settings. Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1: Launch the TunnelBear app on your computer and connect to any U.S. server

Step 2: Now, create a Roku account with your first name, last name, email, and password

Step 3: After that, when asked to choose a payment method, just skip the step since you don’t have a U.S. credit card

That’s it, your new Roku account is ready to roll. But in case you were already signed in to your Roku device with a non-U.S. account, you’ll need to factory reset your Roku to sign out. You can easily do this by going into Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset.


Virtual Router on macOS

To create a virtual hotspot for TunnelBear on Roku in UK from a macOS computer, you’ll need to first hook up an Ethernet cable to your macOS computer. After that, just follow the steps below:

  1. First, click the Apple logo located in the top left corner
  2. Next, click on “System preferences
  3. Now, select “Network
  4. Click on the “+” icon at the bottom left corner
  5. Now where it says “Interface”, choose “VPN
  6. As for “VPN type” choose “IKEv2
  7. For the “Service name” type in any network name
  8. Next, copy and paste in the US server address Remote ID (you can find it on the internet)
  9. Next, click on “Authentication settings
  10. Click on “Username and Password of your VPN account.”
  11. Now, click on “Ok”, then click “Advanced
  12. Next, click on “Send all traffic over VPN connection” and then click “Ok
  13. Click on “Apply” and then “Connect
  14. Now, again click on the Apple logo and go to “System preferences
  15. Next, select “Sharing
  16. Tick mark the box that says “Internet sharing
  17. Now, choose “Wi-Fi” > “Network name” and type in the network name as “Channel: [default]”, “Security” as WPA2 Personal, and for “Password”, type in your chosen password. Now where it says “Verify type in the password again
  18. Finally, click on “Ok” to finish the process

That is it. You can now connect your Roku device to the newly created connection for restriction-free streaming. But in case TunnelBear ends up not working properly on your connection, then you can always check out our TunnelBear not working guide in UK for quick troubleshooting tips.

How TunnelBear Unblocks Channels on Roku in UK

Since Roku can only be truly enjoyed in just a few countries, you’ll need a VPN to be able to access all that it has to offer from anywhere in the world.

With TunnelBear, you’ll be able to access most channels on Roku, however, not all. For instance, you’re not going to be able to watch Netflix with TunnelBear in UK.

But for other channels and content, you’ll be able to mask your IP with TunnelBear to virtually appear in the US and access plenty of blocked content on Roku. Here’s how easy it is to access most channels on Roku with TunnelBear:

  • Power on your Roku device
  • Install Amazon Prime or any streaming app on your Roku
  • Log in to the streaming app of your choice using your Username and Password
  • Search for any content you’d like to watch and enjoy

That’s how easy it is to access geo-restrictions content with TunnelBear on Roku in UK. But as I said earlier, you’re not going to be able to unblock everything with TunnelBear. If you find this to be annoying, then you can always cancel TunnelBear subscription in UK and get a full refund.

FAQs – How to Setup TunnelBear on Roku in UK

Now that we know how to set up TunnelBear on our computer and provide a virtual VPN connection to our Roku, we can now take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about setting up a VPN on Roku.

Yes, TunnelBear is actually a good VPN in UK. The fact that it offers a free version, fast speeds in UK, and powerful encryption means that it is perfect for most people. However, its paid version can be a bit expensive and doesn’t really offer value for money. If you want to try TunnelBear, then definitely go for the free version.

Yes, you should use TunnelBear with Roku in UK, however, if you want to access every blocked content you can think of, then you might be better off with some other VPN service. Maybe try PureVPN, Surfshark, or NordVPN.

No, TunnelBear is not good for watching Netflix in UK. I tried searching for “The Long Dumb Road“, but the search results came empty despite the fact that I was connected to TunnelBear’s US server.

Final Thoughts!

Even though TunnelBear works with Roku, you can only set it up using the virtual router method. Since TunnelBear doesn’t offer a router configuration file, there’s no way to install it on a physical router. But regardless of that, you can still use TunnelBear with Roku.

I hope you found today’s guide useful. Hopefully, you now know how to set up TunnelBear on Roku in UK. But just in case you don’t wish to use TunnelBear, then you can alternatively check out our list of some best VPNs for Roku in UK.

If you found this guide useful, you might also find our setup guide for TunnelBear Kodi in UK useful too.

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