How to Set up Surfshark on Mac in UK – Easy Guide

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The alarming increase in privacy breaches and cyberattacks is a major concern for digital freaks. In this age of digitalization, you are unsafe on almost every other platform in UK.

The practical and reliable solution is to use a Virtual Private Network for all online activities that hide your IP so you can browse anonymously. We highly recommend using Surfshark on Mac in UK, which is one of the best VPNs for macOS. However, if budget constraints are a concern, you can explore our recommended free Mac VPN in UK as an alternative.

For UK users seeking top-notch online protection, Surfshark stands out among premium VPNs. It boasts robust security features, including an encrypted tunnel resistant to IP address alterations and server introductions. With fast speeds and reliable unblocking capabilities, Surfshark ensures a secure online experience for Mac users in the UK. Recognized as the best VPN for UK, Surfshark safeguards your online presence, considering the significance of your IP address in signifying your location and network information.

While you can learn more about the VPN in our Surfshark review, let’s go through the process of installing and setting up Surfshark on mac in UK. So, without any further delays, let’s get started.

How to Set Up Surfshark on Mac in UK – 6 Easy Steps

Surfshark protects your data and traffic on your Mac and lets you bypass censorship to stream your favorite content smoothly in UK. However, please note that you will need an active Surfshark subscription and macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or above to get Surfshark on Mac in UK (Click here to get Surfshark).

Follow the 6 simple steps given ahead to set up Surfshark on Mac in UK:


Here’s what your Surfshark app on macOS would look like.

1. Install the Surfshark app on macOS

1. Search for Surfshark VPN app on App Store. You can use the search bar on App Store to find the application or use this link.

2. Press the “Get” button.


3. The Surfshark app will get installed automatically. After the installation completes, click “Open.

Open the surfshark-app-on-mac

2. Sign into the Surfshark app

1. Once you open the app, you’ll require logging in. If you’re already subscribed to the VPN, click ‘Log in.’ If not, then click here to create an account first.

2. Enter the email ID and password you used while subscribing to the VPN. Once you’re done, click Log In.


3. Connect to the Surfshark app

After you launch the app, you get the Surfshark app homepage. You have an option to instantly connect to the VPN along with the list of available locations and their connectivity status.

1. Click “Connect”, and you will be connected to the fastest available server.


2. To connect the first time, Surfshark will require adding VPN configurations on your device to establish and maintain a VPN connection. For this, a pop-up image will appear. You will have to add your Mac user password (the one you use for unlocking your Mac) and select “Always Allow”.


3. After a successful connection, you will notice the “Connected” status. You can disconnect the connection by clicking the “Disconnect” button.


4. Press the arrow on the connectivity status bar to open a hidden menu with VPN connection details. Your new IP address and the kill switch option will be visible there.


5. Change the default quick connect server from the “Fastest” to the “Nearest” one by pressing the button shown in the image below.

Click this button to determine the default location

6. You can select either the fastest server or the nearest country.

4. Choose a server location from your Mac app

You can connect to almost any server location of your choice with over 3200 servers of Surfshark in 100 countries.

1. The Surfshark locations can be found on the left panel of the app. To find the desired location, use the search bar or scroll down the list of options. The app will connect to the selected location if you press the flag icon.


2. You can press the star button on the right to let Surfshark save your favorite regions. This server will display in your Favorite servers list.


3. The bubble icon with the star displays how occupied servers are at a particular location, displaying how many individuals use servers in a specific location. In the picture below, the half-filled bubble next to the Azerbaijan server indicates it to be under heavy load. Surfshark is the best VPN to get an Azerbaijan IP address in UK due to its affordable pricing, fast speed, and top-notch features. Whereas the unfilled bubble next to the Bahamas shows light consumption.


4. You also get Static IP and MultiHop options in your Surfshark app. The functionalities of the two options are explained:

  • Static IP: Surfshark assigns you the same IP address on each connection
  • MultiHop: With this option, you can connect to two different servers in different countries


5. Manage Surfshark features and settings

The Surfshark app is completely customizable, and you can set it according to your choice. You can find the required settings on the “Settings” of the Surfshark app.

1. Here, you get the following options:

  • Open at Login: With this option, you can set the Surfshark app to start immediately after you log into your Mac.
  • Show Dock Icon: Choose this option if you want the show dock icon to appear after launching the app.
  • Auto Connect: Decide the location to which the app must connect automatically.
  • On-quit: Select the whether your app must keep the VPN connection or disconnect on quitting.


2. Surfshark app has the following three features:

  • Alert: Users receive real-time alerts when their passwords or emails are at risk of being hacked.
  • Search: Web browser that lets users search privately without any ads, trackers, or logs.
  • CleanWeb: Search tool that blocks ads and trackers to show organic results.


3. From the Account tab in Settings, you can change your password, subscribe to the newsletter, or extend the subscription plan.


4. If you tap Settings again, you can find the Protocol tab to choose your desired protocol.


6. Check if your connection was successful

After you are done with the configurations and set up your VPN, we recommend you verify if your connection is successful. You can easily check the connection by performing a DNS leak test or IP leak test. Moreover, the connection status also shows the VPN connectivity.

Why Should you Use Surfshark on mac in UK?

Surfshark is one of the best premium VPNs that is compatible with macOS and iOS (i.e., compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone X & others). It enables a secure and reliable flow of data and traffic with its advanced security features and privacy standards. Surfshark is also the best VPN for Safari Extension.

You should use Surfshark on mac in UK for the following reasons:

  • Bypass geo-restrictions: Surfshark has a special Bypasser that unblocks location-based restrictions in UK, and lets users enjoy streaming, downloading, and browsing easily from censored sites and platforms. Thanks to its excellent unblocking capabilities, it’s one of the best streaming VPNs.
  • Save Money: Surfshark is the cheapest VPN that allows you to change your location by assigning an IP from a different country. In this way, you can shop for items and make bookings with lesser-price deals as Surfshark subscription price are comparatively low.
  • Data Privacy: Your data and online activities can be collected and sold by hackers and third parties. Surfshark’s powerful privacy protection features, like MultiHop, Kill switch, and RAM-only servers, make it the most secure VPN in the industry.
  • Malware Protection: Surfshark blocks malware-infected files, trackers, and ads for secure browsing and streaming experience.
  • Not only on MacOS, Surfshark protects other devices and Operating form Malware as well like Surfshark on Android, Kodi, iPhone and Nvidia Shield

FAQs – Surfshark on Mac in UK

Enabling Surfshark on your mac in UK is easy. All you need to do is subscribe to Surfshark, install its app on macOS, connect to your preferred server, and enjoy a secure connection on your Mac.

Yes, Surfshark works on all Mac devices running macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or above in UK. You only need an active Surfshark subscription and the Surfshark app on your Mac. This application will keep your data secure, let you circumvent censorship, and enjoy streaming all content.

Surfshark may not work on Mac in UK due to network issues on some applications that interfere with Surfshark connection. The same issues occur for antivirus, firewalls, and file-sharing apps.

However, if you’re facing the Surfshark not working issue due to slow speeds, then here’s how you fix it: Visit the Settings page of your Surfshark application and navigate to the Protocol setting. The protocol must be Automatic by default. Alter it from Automatic to OpenVPN (UDP), then connect to a Surfshark server to test its speeds again. You can also try Wireguard if OpenVPN (UDP) doesn’t work well.


Intruders and snoopers constantly try to spy on your activities and capture your data. However, VPNs hide users’ location, so they can stay away from prying and browse anonymously.

Surfshark is great for securing your data online in UK with AES-256 encryption and protecting your privacy with features like Surfsahrk Camouflage Mode, MultiHop, and kill switch. It further comes with advanced options like NoBorders, CleanWeb, and internal security auditing.

You can also setup Surfshark on routers and different devices like Surfshark on Apple TV, Surfshark on Roku etc. Surfshark is also very popular among its users for being one of the best VPN for streaming in UK, this VPN doesn’t disappoint either it is Surfshark for Netflix UK, HBO max, Hulu or Disney plus or any other platform. Surfshark has maintained its reputation of providing top-notch services to its users all over the world.

But if you are still not satisfied with its services in UK, Surfshark resolves this problem by letting you to cancel Surfshark subscription in UK. Follow some easy steps and you are done, the user can also claim for the refund after cancelling the subscription. Surfshark also offers its users a free trial in UK for 7 days on mobile devices. Isn’t it sound super user friendly?! 

We recommend you at least Try Surfshark on Mac in UK with a 30-day money-back guarantee to secure your traffic and enjoy unrestricted access to any content around the globe.

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