How To Fix VPN Error 429 in New Zealand – [Updated 2022]

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What is VPN Error 429 in New Zealand?

Encountering VPN Error 429 in New Zealand is one of the most common problems. VPN Error 429 in New Zealand happens when your VPN software (client) fails to connect with the VPN server. This is when the following message pops up on the screen: “Unable to establish the VPN connection. The server may be unreachable”.

In some cases, the software might prompt that it was “unable to resolve host or server address”, or that the “Secure VPN Connection was terminated locally by the Client”. All of these messages mean the same thing: that communication could not be established between your device and the VPN server.

How to resolve VPN Error 429 in New Zealand

VPN Error 429 faced by New Zealanders is not limited to router-based users and can be experienced by desktop and mobile device users in New Zealand as well. Fortunately, it is very easy to remove the error without wasting any time.

Removing VPN Error 429 in New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to fix VPN Error 429 in New Zealand within a minute:

1. Click Start and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Right click on ‘Network Connections’ to access Properties.
3. In the ‘Properties’ tab, look for Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
4. Check the boxes for “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.
5. Hit ‘Connect’ to activate your VPN tunnel.

In most cases, doing so resolves VPN Error 429 in New Zealand. However, if push comes to shove and following the above steps does not solve your problem, you can solve your problem with a few simple fail-safe steps:

6. Click ‘Start’ and go to Run. Type “CMD” to open up the DOS command prompt.
7. On the DOS prompt, type “ipconfig /release” and press ‘Enter’.
8. Next, type “ipconfig /renew” and press ‘Enter’.
9. Type “exit” and press ‘Enter’ to close the DOS command prompt window.
10. Hit ‘Connect’ to activate your VPN tunnel.

Your VPN client will now connect to the VPN server without any problems. If you experience any further problems or issues while in New Zealand, contact your VPN service provider and ask for assistance. VPN Error 429 is the only client software error in New Zealand that can cause a failure to connect, and all other errors are usually associated with problems at the VPN service provider’s end.

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User-Friendly Solutions to Common VPN Errors for New Zealand Users

In most cases, VPN Errors are caused by minor problems that are easy to resolve. If you are a first-time VPN user or if you are using a particular VPN service in New Zealand for the first time, you can deal with most VPN Errors by using the following methods.

  • Deactivate any other VPN software that may be running in the background
  • Try switching between encryption protocols
  • Close the VPN client and restart the program in Administrator mode.
  • Try connecting to an alternative VPN server in the region of your choice
  • Ask VPN customer support to provide you with a different server address
  • Uninstall and reinstall your VPN software

It usually helps if you choose a premium VPN service. Best VPN services tend to be error-free; providing smooth tunneling and encryption in New Zealand. Tried and tested VPN services like those hand-picked below are industry-leading VPN providers that have spent years winning the confidence of internet users in New Zealand. The best part is that most of them come with a free trial so you can check them out before you sign up for good.


Good luck!

Hopefully, these steps will prove to be helpful while facing Error 429 in New Zealand.
However, you can always contact the customer support team if the disconnections occur persistently. Best of luck and enjoy your VPN.

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