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Searching to watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand on HBO Max?

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The b-Loved movie plot centers on Bea, a young ghost, and Cole the new owner of the house she lived in. The two develop a friendly relationship using a magical ring that helps Cole see Bea.

One way or another, they find one other and eventually fall in love along the way, and that’s a connection and love for keeps.

Easy Steps – Watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand

You can just follow the steps below to watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand:

  • Purchase a membership to a reputable VPN service (we recommend ExpressVPN).
  • Connecting the device to a server in the US is mandatory. (New York)
  • In order to access HBO Max, you must either register for an account or sign in.
  • You may now watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand.

Where to watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand?

You can watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 on HBO Max. The Hallmark Channel’s website and mobile App include access to B-Loved.

The program is also available for purchase on many digital distribution services, including iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

What is the release date for B-Loved TV Special 2023?

On February 14th, 2023, HBO Max will air a B-Loved TV special.

You can now also get HBO Max on Xbox, to watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand, or to stream any other favorite show on HBO Max on Windows.

What is B-Loved TV Special Plot?

The protagonist of the romantic comedy B-Loved is a young ghost Bea navigating life in a large metropolis. She goes on an adventure with a handsome young man Cole in whose house she is an inhabitant for centuries.

They end up developing an unbreakable relationship and a lifelong love while on their journey together. The two get to know the spirit of life and conclude that the power of love is the greatest present of all.

What is B-Loved TV Special cast?

Real name Character name Real name Character name
Peyton List Bae Raina Pellinger Witch
Micheal Cimino Cole Michael Castillejos Coles Dad
Andrea Navedo Catrina Justin Jasiewicz Boy with Glasses
Phoeba Holden Lydia Shivani Mendez Amy
Brandon Micheal Hall Mr. Porter Elaine Apruzzese Pedestrian
Ethan Herschenfeld Julian Bob Leszczak Museum Patron
Christian M. Campbell Mrs. Elliot

How many episodes will B-Loved TV Special have?

This season of B-Loved will consist of two episodes. Each installment of the B-Loved TV Special will run for about 45 minutes. The premiere will air on February 14, 2023.

Is there a trailer of B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for the B-Loved TV Special on HBO Max. But we will update you as soon as there is a trailer available for the show.

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Binge-Worthy Shows on HBO Max

Wondering what to watch on HBO Max? There are so many amazing movies and shows available to watch, like

B-Loved TV Special


Daphne Zuniga directs episodes of the B-Loved Series. American actress and director Zuniga is most known for her appearances in the films The Sure Thing, Vision Quest, and The Fly II, as well as her guest appearance on the hit television series Melrose Place. She has also directed the B-Loved Series and other short films and episodes on television.

No, you cannot watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand for free, as it requires a VPN and HBO Max subscription in order to be accessed.

The city of Los Angeles serves as the set for B-Loved Series. Filming took place all throughout Los Angeles, from the historical core to Hollywood and beyond, and even at Universal Studios. Location shooting in Los Angeles provides the B-Loved Series with a genuine vibe and gives viewers a new perspective on the city.

Wrap Up

We hope now you know how to watch B-Loved TV Special 2023 in New Zealand. All you need is a VPN, like ExpressVPN, and an HBO Max subscription.

Be ready to watch Bea who is a ghostly adolescent who develops a close friendship with a social misfit named Cole. They finally find the strength of genuine love by confronting their flaws and learning to embrace one another.