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unblock-Youtube-music-app-in-New Zealand

YouTube has been used primarily as a video streaming service but many users have also used it to listen to their favorite music. With the YouTube Music app, you can watch and listen to all the favorite music contained in YouTube’s library in New Zealand.

This is a free app to download on Android and iOS devices but it is only available in a few countries.

If you try to access the music streaming service  then you’ll be blocked off due to geo-restriction in New Zealand. When we tried to access the service from in New Zealand, we saw the following message:

“Music streaming isn’t available yet in this country, but you can play songs that are saved on your device.”

YouTube-music-app-error-in-New Zealand

You can only access the YouTube Music app in New Zealand with the help of a reliable VPN (such as ExpressVPN in New Zealand) and in this guide, I will be discussing how to unblock it.

How to Unblock YouTube Music App in New Zealand (2023)

One of the ways to get around this problem is through a VPN. It will allow you to change your virtual location, mask your original IP address, and unblock YouTube Music App in New Zealand.

Step 1: Subscribe to the ExpressVPN app in New Zealand(Our #1 recommended VPN service)

Step 2: Download and Install ExpressVPN app for your device

Step 3: Open the ExpressVPN app

ExpressVPN-log-in-in-New Zealand

Step 4: Connect to the US server

ExpressVPN-Windows-App-in-New Zealand

Step 5: Now open the YouTube Music app when you install it for Play Store in New Zealand or iTunes Store in New Zealand

Install-YouTube-Music-app-in-New Zealand

Step 6: Click on Start Free Trial

Youtube-start-free-trial-in-New Zealand

Step 7: Add a payment method and start streaming!

Youtube-music-streaming-in-New Zealand

How to Unblock YouTube Music on iOS in New Zealand (2023)

If you are iPhone or iPad user, you will have to change your iTunes Store’s region and then use the YouTube Music app in New Zealand.

However, changing the iTunes location may require credit card details of that particular region, but there is a way to perform this task without providing such details.

So here’s how to unblock YouTube Music on iOS devices in New Zealand:

Step 1: Sign Up with ExpressVPN (Our No. 1 Recommended VPN Service)

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app

Step 3: Open the ExpressVPN app

Step 4: Now open iTunes on your iOS device, tap on ‘Apple ID’ and then sign-out

Step 5: Now go to ‘Settings’ then open ‘General’ & ‘Language & Region’

Step 6: Select any one of the regions from Australia, New Zealand, or the USA

Step 7: Once you have selected the region, go to iTunes and install the YouTube Music app

Step 8: A small pop-up will appear asking you to sign-in, instead tab on ‘Create New’

Step 9: Provide the required information to create a new account

Step 10: Select ‘None’ for billing information

Step 11: Once your new account is created, download and install YouTube Music app

Step 12: Now open YouTube Music app

Step 13: Click Start Free Trial and then start using it

Final Words

YouTube Music is one of a kind app that competes with the very best music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora . It allows you to enjoy unlimited music on your mobile device while you are on the move, working out, traveling, or wherever you are.

The YouTube Music app is only available in a few countries. You will need a VPN to use it in your country if it’s not officially available in New Zealand. In this guide, I have provided detailed steps on how to unblock the YouTube Music app in New Zealand.