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Blue Bloods is a must-watch police procedural drama. It revolves around an Irish Catholic family, The Reagans, where each and every member works for law enforcement. The drama was resealed in 2010, and you will find more details about its main characters and storyline in the blog.

How to Watch Blue Bloods Complete Series in South Korea on Paramount Plus [Quick Guide]

You can watch Blue Bloods Complete Series in South Korea on Paramount Plus with the help of a VPN. Wondering how to access it? Check out the guide below.

  1. Get the premium VPN subscription (ExpressVPN is a popular choice)
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device
  3. Launch the app and connect to a US server (NewYork recommended)
  4. Visit the Paramount Plus website or the app & sign in with your credentials.
  5. Watch Blue Bloods Complete Series in South Korea on Paramount Plus

Note: To watch Blue Bloods on Paramount, you will need a subscription. Check out how much is paramount plus and pick the one that suits your pocket. Here is a gift for you – Paramount Plus free trial is available with no fees initially.

Where to watch Blue Bloods online?

You can stream Blue Bloods online on Paramount Plus. Enjoy episodes of Blue Bloods on Paramount Plus are based on corps Reagan family in New York.

If you are worried about the cost and subscription plans of Paramount Plus, take a sigh of relief. Paramount Plus offers a free trial for new viewers and helps them decide whether it is worth subscribing.

Once you have completed the free trial, you can look for the best Paramount Plus subscription plans starting from $5.99/month. Pay it and watch Blue Bloods series on Paramount Plus.

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What is the Release Date of Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods is a very popular drama, and its 13 seasons have been released so far. Get the release dates below in the chart.

Season Release Date
1 September 24, 2010
2 September 23, 2011
3 September 28, 2012
4 September 27, 2013
5 September 26, 2014
6 September 25, 2015
7 September 23, 2016
8 September 29, 2017
9 September 28, 2018
10 September 27, 2019
11 December 4, 2020
12 October 1, 2021
13 October 7, 2022

Who are the main characters in the Blue Bloods series?

Blue Bloods is all about the deep connections of the Reagan family to law enforcement. The drama covers the personal and professional lives of this family, which the following actors have brilliantly performed:

Character Name Actor/Actress
Frank Reagan Tom Selleck
Danny Reagan Donnie Wahlberg
Erin Reagan Boyle Bridget Moynahan
Jamie Reagan Will Estes
Henry Reagan Len Cariou
Nicole Reagan Boyle Sami Gayle
Maria Baez Marisa Ramirez
Eddie Janko Vanessa Ray

What is the Storyline of Blue Bloods?

Watch Blue Bloods TV Show, and you will find that the plot of Blue Bloods revolves around The Reagans. It is a family with a long history of service in law enforcement.

Frank Reagan serves as the commissioner of the New York Police Department. Frank’s children all have law enforcement careers; Danny, the eldest, is a detective for the NYPD; Jamie, the youngest, is a sergeant; and Erin, the only daughter, is an assistant district attorney.

How Many Seasons of Blue Bloods TV Series are there?

There are a total of 13 seasons of Blue Bloods TV Series. The show has been gracing our screens since 2010. There is a possibility that more seasons will come as fans love the series, as it has an IMDb rating of 7.7/10.

What is the Genre of the Blue Bloods TV Series?

A police procedural and a crime thriller is the genre of Blue Bloods. The Reagan family has deep roots in New York City’s police department, and this show gives viewers a fascinating glimpse into their lives.

Audiences will find the story intriguing as it blends the difficulties of a police job and the specifics of family life.

How many Episodes of Blue Bloods are there in each Season?

There are a total of 13 seasons of Blue Bloods, and each of them has a different number of episodes. Before you catch the exact numbers in the chart, know that every next episode of this drama brought a fresh set of challenges and cases for the family and captivated the audience.

Season Number of Episodes
Blue Bloods Season 1 22
Blue Bloods Season 2 22
Blue Bloods Season 3 23
Blue Bloods Season 4 22
Blue Bloods Season 5 22
Blue Bloods Season 6 22
Blue Bloods Season 7 22
Blue Bloods Season 8 22
Blue Bloods Season 9 22
Blue Bloods Season 10 19
Blue Bloods Season 11 16
Blue Bloods Season 12 20
Blue Bloods Season 13 21

Will there be a season 14 of Blue Bloods?

There will be a season 14 of Blue Bloods; it’s a YES! But when? The secret is yet to unfold. There is no specific date for the release yet, and it is predicted to arrive in 2024.

You wonder why? As of August 2023, the start of writing and filming for the forthcoming season had been delayed due to ongoing strikes.

Is there any Trailer for the Blue Bloods Series?

Yes! For every season, there is a trailer followed by the series. Check out the first season’s trailer below.

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Blue Bloods Complete Series


Blue Bloods is a long-running crime drama focusing on the Reagan family and their involvement in the criminal justice system. The Reagans have a long history in law enforcement, with Henry and Frank serving as New York City Police Commissioners.

Blue Bloods is widely regarded as one of television’s best and longest-running police dramas. The show has been renewed for a 14th season, making it the second longest-running show on CBS after NCIS. The show doesn’t focus on one police division like most other popular police dramas.

Right now, CBS hasn’t announced the specific release date for the 14th season of Blue Bloods. Nonetheless, it’s been verified that the upcoming season won’t debut until 2024.

Wrap Up

Everyone is waiting for the new season of Blue Bloods on Paramount. But we must keep calm as season 14 is expected to release next year (2024).

Blue Bloods is international and has fans all over the world, and the ones in South Korea can watch Blue Bloods Complete Series in South Korea on Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN.

By using ExpressVPN, you can easily unblock all the restrictions and Watch Blue Bloods Complete Series in South Korea on Paramount Plus. Read the step-by-step guide [jumplink] and access ExpressVPN today. Happy Streaming!