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Are you looking for how to watch Kick-Ass on BBC iPlayer free in South Korea? If so, you can watch Kick-Ass in South Korea on BBC iPlayer with the help of a quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is only accessible within the United Kingdom due to rights issues. Therefore, to watch BBC iPlayer in South Korea, you must bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by the platform using a VPN.

If you are wondering what the Kick-Ass movie is all about, prepare to be stunned by a cinematic adrenaline rush that breaks all the rules. “Kick-Ass” is now streaming on BBC iPlayer and knocks you out with its fearless and electrifying punch.

Fasten your seatbelts for an at-home thrill ride that combines nonstop action, humor, and a lot of superhero mayhem. in South Korea? Don’t worry! Below, we’ll guide you on how to watch Kick-Ass on BBC iPlayer in South Korea. So, let’s jump in!

How to Watch Kick-Ass in South Korea on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Way]

Below are the quick steps guiding you on how to watch Kick-Ass in South Korea on BBC iPlayer for free using VPN.

  • Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Login to the VPN using your credentials.
  • Connect to a UK-based server, preferably Docklands.
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer website and sign in.
  • You can watch Kick-Ass on BBC iPlayer for free in South Korea.

What Is the Release Date of Kick-Ass?

Kick-Ass release date was on March 26, 2010, on BBC One. You can watch the film on-demand on BBC iPlayer.

Where Can I Stream Kick-Ass online?

You can stream the 2010 Kick-Ass superhero comedy film online on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer is an online streaming platform in the UK that The BBC runs. It broadcasts a wide variety of content, including live broadcasts like the World Athletics Championships and The Real Peaky Blinders. In addition, it also consists of an extensive library filled with on-demand content.

BBC iPlayer cost is covered by your annual UK TV license, which makes it a free streaming platform in the UK. Therefore, there is no BBC iPlayer free trial.

Whether you are looking for news, documentaries, dramas, comedies, or live events like sports championships, BBC iPlayer has you covered. BBC iPlayer is a unique streaming platform that has something for everyone. Sign up today and access a world of entertainment.

You can watch Kick-Ass on BBC iPlayer for free with the help of ExpressVPN.

What Is the Kick-Ass Movie All About?

The superhero action-comedy movie “Kick-Ass” came out in 2010. It was directed by Matthew Vaughn and was based on the same-named comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

The superhero action-comedy movie “Kick-Ass” came out in 2010. It was directed by Matthew Vaughn and was based on the same-named comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The film blends elements of both the superhero and coming-of-age genres.

The protagonist of “Kick-Ass” is high school student Dave Lizewski, who, despite lacking any superhuman abilities or formal training, decides to become a real-life superhero.

He makes up a superhero named “Kick-Ass” and fights crime around his city. Despite his best efforts, he consistently suffers injuries from his first attempts.

What Is Kick-Ass Movie Cast?

Kick-Ass boasts a talented group of cast that brings the story’s characters to life. Here is the Kick-Ass movie cast.

Actors/Actress Character Name
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass
Johnny Hopkins 1st Gang Kid
Garrett M. Brown Mr. Lizewski
Stu ‘Large’ Riley Huge Goon
Evan Peters Todd
Christopher Mintz-Plasse Chris D’Amico / Red Mist
Deborah Twiss Mrs. Zane
Elizabeth McGovern Mrs. Lizewski
Lyndsy Fonseca Katie Deauxma
Sophie Wu Erika Cho
Ohene Cornelius 2nd Gang Kid
Clark Duke Marty
Mark Strong Frank D’Amico
Dexter Fletcher Cody
Michael Rispoli Big Joe
Randall Batinkoff Tre Fernandez
Corey Johnson Sporty Goon
Carlos Peres Buttons
Kenneth Simmons Scary Goon
Anthony Desio Baby Goon
Nicolas Cage Damon Macready / Big Daddy
Hubert Boorder Oscar Juarez
Russell Bentley Medic
Joe Bacino Posh Goon
Jason Flemyng Lobby Goon
Tim Plester Danil
Tamer Hassan Matthew
Adrian Martinez Ginger Goon
Yancy Butler Angie D’Amico
Katrena Rochell Female Junkie
Omari Hardwick Sergeant Marcus Williams

How Many Kick-Ass Movies Are There?

There are two movies in the “Kick-Ass” franchise. Kick-Ass (2010), the first in the series, introduced Dave Lizewski, a teenager who decides to become a real-life superhero to fight crime in the real world.

In 2013, a sequel titled “Kick-Ass 2” was released, continuing the story of the same characters facing fresh obstacles.

Is There a Trailer for the Kick-Ass?

Yes, the Kick-Ass trailer is available, and you can watch it on the link below.

ExpressVPN: High-Speed VPN to Watch Kick-Ass on BBC iPlayer in South Korea

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express-vpn-unblock-Kick-ass-in-South Korea-on-bbc-iplayer

ExpressVPN Lets You Watch Kick-Ass in South Korea on BBC iPlayer

To access BBC iPlayer in South Korea, you must connect to one of ExpressVPN’s UK-based servers, with Docklands being the recommended server.

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You can take advantage of the 30-day trial period and use ExpressVPN as the best free VPN for BBC iPlayer.


What Programs are Available on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer has a wide selection of shows from different genres, making it suitable for a wide range of audiences. You can find a variety of programming, including children’s programming, lifestyle content, comedies, dramas, reality shows, and news programs.

Here are some of the programs available on BBC iPlayer.

England v New Zealand T20 International Expert Witness
The Power of The Dog Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed The World
Lucy Letby: The Nurse Who Killed Sportscene


Yes, both Kick-Ass movies belong to the same film series. The series includes the original “Kick-Ass” movie released in 2010, followed by the sequel, “Kick-Ass 2,” in 2013.

There are two directors behind the Kick-Ass films. Matthew Vaughn directed Kick-Ass 2010, and Jeff Wadlow directed Kick-Ass 2.

The “Kick-Ass” film falls under the action, comedy, and crime genres. These genres blend to create something unique and entertaining.

Kick-Ass has an IMDb rating of 7.6/10. The film’s wide appeal and favorable reception from its audience are reflected in the rating.

Wrap Up

Kick-Ass brings a fresh perspective on the superhero genre. With its unique mix of action, comedy, and crime, the movie shows how ordinary people can become real-life heroes in a way that is not often seen. You can watch Kick-Ass in South Korea on BBC iPlayer while using ExpressVPN.

The reason you must use a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer in South Korea because it is geo-blocked and inaccessible in South Korea.

The only way to bypass BBC iPlayer’s geo-restrictions and watch The Following Events Are Based on A Pack of Lies in South Korea is with the help of a VPN. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and access BBC iPlayer from anywhere.