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Free VPNs have always been in great demand despite the numerous nuisances attached to them. One such service, called Yoga VPN, has gained immense popularity for its absolutely free services. Are you planning to download it? Give this Yoga VPN review Italy a shot to decide whether it’s worth the risk!

Bluntly speaking, we came across many absurd things while reviewing Yoga VPN in Italy. For starters, this VPN doesn’t specify which encryption it uses to protect users’ data nor does it have good server speed. It advertises itself as an absolutely free VPN but is only available for Android and iOS users. It doesn’t have a website and can only be found in Play Store and iTunes Store.

Despite this fact, it has a good customer base with over 10+ Million downloads in Play Store alone – strange, right? So, we decided to finally dissect this VPN feature by feature to assess whether it’s up to the snuff. And if anything goes haywire, you’ll always have our best VPNs to rely on.

If you wish to check out other VPNs with reliable features, we’d recommend ExpressVPN or Surfshark for the job.

Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
3.1 / 10

Ranked #51 out of 56 VPNs

Yoga VPN may start on a good note as a free VPN but it has a lot of limitations. It's only a mobile VPN, so you can only download it on Android and iOS devices. Its speeds aren't reliable nor it allows torrenting. You can contact its customer support through email only. As a result, Yoga VPN didn't rank well in our list.
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Key Findings – Yoga VPN Review Italy

Below is the list of key findings we found after conducting our Yoga VPN review Italy:

  1. Pricing – How much does Yoga VPN cost in Italy
  2. Servers – Available in a few countries
  3. Security – Logs some data, but passed IP and DNS leak tests
  4. Speeds – Speeds are not good
  5. Streaming – Does it work with streaming platforms in Italy
  6. Torrenting – Doesn’t allow torrenting
  7. Compatibility – Compatible with iOS and Android only
  8. Bypass Censorship – Doesn’t work in China
  9. Customer Support – Live chat isn’t available. Email-only


  • Easy-to-use apps


  • Website lacks basic information
  • Server count is not specified
  • Doesn’t support torrenting
  • Apps for iOS and Android only
  • Speeds are not good
  • Unable to bypass censorship

Pricing – How much does Yoga VPN cost in Italy?

Yoga VPN is a free VPN service and they have divided their service into three main types:

  • Basic: 500 points/day
  • More stable: 900 points/day
  • Worldwide and stablest: 4100 points/day



In reality, you have to earn points in order to continue using the service in Italy. You can get them by watching specific videos, inviting friends, and so on.



However, being a free VPN makes it prone to certain limitations and you may need the best free VPN to do the job. However, free VPNs always come with limitations, to avoid them, check out our list of VPN deals in Italy and get a premium VPN at affordable rates!


We were impressed to know that Yoga VPN does offer 1000+ proxy servers in 30+ regions globally. The service has categorized its servers into three main levels.

These are level 1, level 2, and level 3 too. You can find different servers in these levels such as basic, stable, and fastest servers.


We found servers of the following countries on our Yoga VPN app:

United States
United Kingdom

During this Yoga VPN review Italy, the process of server connection was simple and extremely fast. We did not encounter any hassle while connecting to our preferred server.



Yoga VPN needs work in terms of the locations they cover. Since Yoga VPN is free of cost, so covering a huge number of regions will be difficult for the VPN. For huge server networks, you can rely on ExpressVPN or even NordVPN.

Security – Encryption & Features

Wondering ‘is Yoga VPN safe in Italy?’ It is not actually. According to this Yoga VPN review Italy 2023, the service does not provide any information regarding tunneling protocols and encryption which is disappointing.

If a VPN does not have such information to share with its users, it creates a highly negative impression of its reputation. We expect that Yoga VPN will not spoil its credibility over non-disclosure of tunneling protocols and other privacy features.

Despite all that Yoga VPN’s one-page website mentions the following:

“We do not collect Personal Information, and we employ administrative, physical, and electronic measures designed to protect your Non-Personal Information from unauthorized access and use.”


On the other hand, Yoga VPN also clearly outlines the logs they keep on users:

yoga-vpn-user-logs-in-ItalyAlthough they do not store personal information, they know what you are searching for on the web browser. That’s why even though Yoga VPN is free of cost, we’re a bit uncomfortable with using it in Italy. Although the VPN states it doesn’t share the collected information, we still find it hard to trust Yoga VPN.

If you want to know about the logging policies of other VPNs in Italy, read this informative resource.

Leaks – Does it leak IP & DNS?

No, it doesn’t leak IP & DNS as proven by our tests in Italy.

IP Test

Yoga VPN easily passed our IP leak test in Italy. We connected to its US – California server and did not find any leaks as it showed that we possessed a US IP address instead of our actual one. Our IP leak test generated the following result:



DNS Test

Similarly, our DNS leak test generated positive results. Our IP address belonged to California instead of our actual city. You can observe the results in the screenshot below:



Note: We conducted both tests after connecting to the US server.

So at least in terms of IP and DNS leaks, Yoga VPN is safe in Italy. In order to know about different kinds of leakages, read our exclusive VPN leak test guide.

Speeds – How fast is Yoga VPN in Italy?

Answering the point, Yoga VPN isn’t fast in Italy. Its speeds are hardly any good. Before connecting, our internet speed was 33 Mbps.



We connected to their German server to test its speed. After connecting, we received a download speed of 6.3 Mbps and an upload speed of 14 Mbps. We faced a speed drop of 80.91% which is quite disappointing. Here is the test result:


After connecting to the Yoga VPN German server, we received these speeds.

With such speeds, we could hardly stream or browse even on mobile and no other servers provided a speed higher than this. Hence, this is listed as a con of Yoga VPN.

Streaming – Does it work with Netflix in Italy?

No, unfortunately, it does not work with Netflix in Italy. Even though it has 1,000 servers, a free VPN rarely unblocks US Netflix because millions of users have access to its shared IP address.

If anyone’s IP address is blacklisted, you won’t be able to access Netflix with that IP. So, the chances become very slim. Instead, you may browse other best free VPNs for Netflix in Italy.

Torrenting in Italy

Yoga VPN does not offer any insight into torrenting support whatsoever, so it doesn’t support torrenting in Italy. The service is a freemium one. Hence, you cannot ask for different features. In Yoga VPN FAQs, it clearly states not to use the VPN for torrenting and your account will be blocked.


You can refer to our guide that explains some of the best VPNs for torrenting in Italy.

Compatibility – Apps and supported devices in Italy

This Yoga VPN review Italy reveals that the service is compatible with only mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS. It means you cannot consider using the brand for other operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux since it is a mobile VPN service.



On the other hand, Yoga VPN works well with Android in Italy. After our thorough Yoga VPN review Italy, we found out the VPN cannot be utilized for PCs either, making its services quite one-dimensional. We found the VPN incompatible with routers since it fails to bypass geo-restrictions and you cannot use it on FireStick and other TV devices.


You can download Yoga VPN on iOS devices easily.

Installation and Ease of use

In terms of downloading and installing the Yoga VPN app on phones, it is fairly easy and hardly took us 2 minutes on an Android phone in Italy. The app didn’t require any logins and we were presented with a screen and a big “Connect” button. Once we tapped it, we were connected to a server that provided the fastest speeds.

All in all, the app UI seemed cheery due to its bright yellow and white colors. We were also able to easily locate the servers available on the app. We could also resolve our queries thanks to the FAQ section, although it was limited and not an extensive one.

You may also see features like Smart Connect, Video & Music, and Game to let the VPN pick the best and most suitable server based on your location. All in all, the UI was sort of a saving grace for Yoga VPN.

Bypass Censorship

In terms of bypassing censorship, Yoga VPN isn’t that efficient based on our experience. It lacks the basic features which are required to keep your identity anonymous and overcome the restrictions placed on certain websites. For instance countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, and others where restrictive laws are practiced.

One of the most notable tools is obfuscation which helps in getting past internet censorship in such countries. Yoga VPN lacks this tool and of which we suspect it is incapable of bypassing censorship. Giving this VPN the benefit of the doubt, we tested Yoga VPN. However, since these countries have strict anti-VPN systems, Yoga VPN didn’t work.

Customer Support in Italy

When it comes to using its support section, you will not find numerous options sadly. As we stated previously, Yoga VPN has a website that only states its Privacy Policy on a single and not much information is available apart from that.

Yoga VPN has a Facebook, however, it hasn’t been active in the last few years which is also a letdown since there aren’t many chances of the support team being responsive. You may contact the support team through its email address: That said Yoga VPN still has a long way to cover, as they are unable to grab the attention of potential users due to its unresponsive customer support in Italy.

Alternatives to Yoga VPN in Italy

You can read reviews about other VPNs if you did not like Yoga VPN in Italy:

FAQs – Yoga VPN Review Italy

No, Yoga VPN is not good For Italy Users in China AT ALL. Since Yoga VPN is based in Hong Kong, you cannot be assured that your data will be kept safe. Especially considering if the government requests to hand over your user data, Yoga VPN will hand it over without any regard for your privacy.
That’s also why using Yoga VPN to bypass the Great Firewall of China with a VPN registered in Chinese territory is not recommended because you may very likely get caught.

No, Yoga VPN isn’t that good in Italy. Considering it is a mobile-only VPN, you are bounded. You’ll also have to put up with ads which can be really annoying. Based on our Yoga VPN review, we found this VPN a bit too inconvenient because of the lack of speeds and features.

Yoga VPN can safeguard your internet traffic by utilizing anonymous WiFi and that too without tracking in Italy. It is also able to protect your IP and DNS leaks as per our tests. Although there are much better VPNs out there, you can change your mind about using this free VPN.

Do we Recommend Yoga VPN in Italy?

No, we do not recommend using Yoga VPN in Italy based on this Yoga VPN review Italy.

This VPN has so many limitations in Italy. It is available for only Android and iOS devices. More importantly, it keeps your logs which is something users do not admire.

It doesn’t have a website so you cannot confirm if it has decent encryption that would keep your data private. The speed is average and doesn’t unblock US Netflix, so overall this VPN isn’t recommended. If you want to read comprehensive reviews about other best VPNs, read our dedicated VPN reviews in Italy page.

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