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Browsec is a lightweight VPN that works through an extension on your desktop’s browser. Around 8 million people use this free VPN worldwide, and it has had over 4 million downloads and 25,000 ratings on Chrome. It features mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that are accessible on the Google Play Store or App Store, and you can also add it to Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

The VPN is based in Russia, a country that has strict data retention laws. It has a network of 600+ virtual servers with its premium version in 42 locations and only 4 servers with its free version covering the USUKNetherlands, and Singapore.

Our Verdict

We tested the provider in 10 categories, including pricing, servers, security, leak test, speed, streaming, torrenting, installation, compatibility, and trustworthiness to help you make a considerate decision on whether you should use this VPN or not. In this Browsec VPN review in Italy, after testing the provider in 10 categories, we would give this VPN an overall rating of 2.5/5.

The VPN offers reasonable subscription plans and decent speed on the Premium servers with the power to unblock US/UK Netflix and BBC iPlayer. However, it struggles to unblock other popular streaming sites like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. It is also not compatible with Windows or Mac as it only offers apps for browsers and smartphones. The privacy policy clearly states that it collects information about its users and stores a cookie in your browser. Additionally, it is also not a good VPN for torrenting.

Overall, Browsec VPN is not what you’re looking for if you use a VPN for streaming support, and torrenting activities while keeping your online identity secure. Instead, sign up for one of the top-tier free VPNs in Italy tested by us. To read Unbiased VPN Reviews in Italy, discover our dedicated page that provides all the required information about various VPNs in one place.

Browsec VPN Review in Italy: Key findings

Below you will find a list of 10 factors that we have used to perform this Browsec VPN review in Italy:

  1. Pricing: How Much Does Browsec VPN Cost?
  2. Servers and Locations: How Many Servers Does Browsec VPN Have?
  3. Security: What Encryption Method Does Browsec VPN Offer?
  4. Leak Test: Does Browsec VPN Leak IP, DNS, & WebRTC?
  5. Speed and Performance: How Fast is Browsec VPN?
  6. Streaming: Does Browsec VPN Work with Netflix?
  7. Torrenting: Is Browsec VPN Good for Torrenting?
  8. Installation Apps and Easy to Use: Is Browsec VPN Easy to Use?
  9. Compatibility: What Devices are Compatible with Browsec VPN?
  10. Trustworthiness: Does Browsec VPN Collect Logs?

Browsec VPN Review in Italy: Pros & Cons

  1. Excellent speed on the Premium servers
  2. Unblocks US/UK Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  3. Affordable subscription plans
  4. 600+ virtual servers in 42 locations

  1. Doesn’t offer desktop clients
  2. Not suitable for torrenting
  3. Cannot unblock Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus

Pricing – How Much Does Browsec VPN Cost? [Rating: 8/10]

Browsec is a free VPN service, but it also offers a premium version with better speed and a greater number of servers.

Here is a list of premium options:


If you aren’t satisfied with the free version, you can always count on their annual plan. It gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, you can also opt for Best Cheap VPN in Italy that offer money-back guarantees of up to 30 and 45 days.

Payment Methods

The Browsec VPN review discloses that the service accepts more than 80 types of online payment methods.

On the contrary, the service has not added an anonymous payment option like Bitcoin in its armory.


However, if you want to save money on VPNs, check out our handpicked list of Best VPN deals in Italy right now!

Servers and Locations [Rating: 6/10]

Browsec VPN has a decent network of 600+ servers in 42 countries with the Premium version. However, you can only use 4 locations with the free version including the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


The premium version offers servers in major countries like Australia, France, Ireland, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, and more.

But even with a paid membership, some areas are completely excluded, such as South America, and just a portion of Asia is covered. Also, you might encounter slower speeds because the majority of these servers are virtual.

Security – Encryption & Features [Rating: 6.5/10]

Is Browsec VPN safe? Yes, Browsec VPN provides solid security and offers the AES 256-bit encryption method. The mobile versions of Browsec VPN use the IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN protocol and the browser extensions use the HTTP Proxy over TLS.

However, the VPN doesn’t provide any propriety protocol like ExpressVPN’s Lightway. To make sure you have access to the high-end protocols, sign up for one of the best secure VPN Services in Italy.

Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

We connected to the Netherlands server and Browsec VPN managed to clearly pass all the leak tests.

Here are the test results:

IP Test:


DNS Test:


WebRTC Test:


Speed and Performance [Rating: 7.5/10]

Browsec VPN claims to deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps using the Premium servers and upon testing the VPN, the results were satisfactory. However, the same cannot be said for free servers as they were immensely slow.

We conducted the speed test without connecting to the VPN first and achieved a download speed of 74.94 Mbps, an upload speed of 71.17 Mbps, and a ping of 6 ms, which we considered as our base connection.


We connected to 2 servers (UK & US) and observed that there is a major difference between free and premium servers. The free servers faced massive number of drops. Upon conducting the speed test on the free servers, we got the following results:


We could only achieve a download speed of 24.09 Mbps and an upload speed of 19.58 Mbps on the free US server, which is a massive decrease of 67.85% in downloads and 72.49% in uploads.

Coming on to the free UK server, Browsec VPN could only secure a download speed of 20.24 Mbps and an upload speed of 15.05 Mbps, which is a decrease of 72.22% in downloads and 78.85% in uploads.

Additionally, we conducted the speed test on the same servers, only this time on the premium ones and we witnessed a positive change in the results:


The VPN achieved an impressive download speed of 68.45 Mbps and an upload speed of 65.92 Mbps on the Premium US server, which is a minor decrease of 8.66% in downloads and 7.38% in uploads.

On the Premium UK server, we achieved a download speed of 66.36 Mbps and an upload speed of 64.97 Mbps, which is a decrease of 11.45% in downloads and 8.71% in uploads.

Overall, the speed on the Premium servers is impressive and you can carry out your daily browsing activities with ease with no connection issues. However, we don’t recommend using Browsec VPN’s free servers because of the major speed loss percentage, as evident in the above-conducted speed test.

Instead, we recommend you sign up for one of the Best Fast VPN 2023 in Italy.

Streaming – Does It Work with Netflix? [Rating: 6.5/10]

Yes! To our surprise, Browsec VPN easily managed to unblock UK and US Netflix libraries.


The VPN has not mentioned anything related to video streaming on the official website. However, upon conducting the streaming test, Browsec VPN was successful in unblocking Netflix US/UK and BBC iPlayer, even with the free servers!

This earns Browsec extra points in our books because it’s one of the factors VPN customers look for in a service. Also, if you want to unblock more than 15+ Netflix libraries, we recommend you sign up for one of the Best VPN for Netflix in Italy.

Other Streaming Services

We used the free UK server to unblock BBC iPlayer and watch “His Dark Materials” with Browsec VPN using the Google Chrome extension. However, it took 5 – 6 minutes to achieve a stable connection. Once the connection was stable, we didn’t face any buffering issues.


Unfortunately, Browsec VPN couldn’t unblock other popular streaming sites such as Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. We couldn’t get pass the geo-restriction error on these platforms using both, the free and premium servers in the US.

So if you’re looking for a VPN that can unblock these platforms along with amazing performance on Netflix and BBC iPlayer, sign up for one of the best VPN For Streaming in Italy.

Torrenting [Rating: 0/10]

Browsec doesn’t allow torrenting as it has no dedicated apps for desktops. The VPN is limited to a browser extension only which is why it’s not a great fit for your torrenting activities.

However, if P2P file sharing and torrenting are essential to you, suggest you sign up for one of the best VPN torrenting in Italy.

Installation Apps and Easy to Use [Rating: 5.5/10]

Browsec VPN extensions are easy to install. You can easily get the extension on all widely-used browsers from their respective stores including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, and Microsoft Edge.

As soon as you install the VPN extension, click on the toggle button to turn on the VPN and the same can be used for turning it off.


The browser UI for the VPN extension is old-fashioned but the iOS and Android apps have a better-looking interface with smooth performance. You can get the Browsec VPN download files from the official website or you can directly get the app from the respective app stores.


The hamburger option on the top left corner gives you access to more options like signing in with your account, signing up for the premium version, Apps protection, Always-on VPN, and more.

Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices [Rating: 6.5/10]

Browsec VPN only offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


The Browsec VPN extension is not available on Safari, which eliminates a huge number of users. Also, since this VPN is only available on browsers and smartphones, you cannot use it on streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, or Firestick.

Additionally, Browser VPN offers decent apps for Android and iOS. You can get the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

However, the VPN is not compatible with desktops. While the provider has a tab for Windows and Mac on its official website, the tagline says “Browsec VPN is coming soon!“.

Trustworthiness – Logs and Customer Support

Unfortunately, you cannot place Browsec VPN in the list of VPNs that do not keep logs of their users’ information because they do collect information. Browsec VPN logs data like cookies of your browser and they will hand over your information to legal authorities if they demand it sometime in the future. According to their privacy policy, they state:

“Browsec does not disclose your Personal Information unless it is required by the legal law enforcement requests.”

This personal data includes any information that recognizes you while using Browsec VPN. If you want to know which VPNs don’t keep logs, you may read the logging policies of numerous VPNs in Italy.

Customer Support

Browsec VPN’s customer support is admirable. You can contact them through Live Chat, Ticketing, or through email at

There is no other way to contact except the ones we mentioned above. However, you can use its FAQs section to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Alternatives to Browsec VPN in Italy

You have abundant options when it comes to using VPNs to your liking. Here is the list of other VPNs you can use in place of Browsec VPN:

FAQs: Browsec VPN Review in Italy

Yes, Browsec VPN is free in Italy. It provides unlimited and protected surfing for you to get any content you want. It allows you to switch between multiple virtual locations on your internet browser or smartphone without any hassles.

Yes, Browsec VPN offers good speed on its premium servers in Italy. The free servers of Browsec, however, were super slow. Upon conducting the speed test on one of the Premium US servers, we only experienced a decrease of 8.66% in downloads and 7.38% in uploads.  Upon testing the free US server, we experienced a major speed decrease of 67.85% in downloads and 72.49% in uploads.

You can cancel your Browsec subscription by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Browsec VPN website.
  • Log in with your account.
  • Go to “My Account”.
  • Under “Subscriptions”, click on “Manage” next to your subscription plan.
  • Click on “Cancel next payments”
  • Click on “Complete Cancellation” when the canceling subscription message pops up.

Additionally, to request a refund, send an email to with the email that is registered to your Browsec Premium account.

Do We Recommend Browsec VPN in Italy?

No, we do not recommend Browsec VPN.

The service may qualify as the cheapest option among many but Browsec is not a VPN that’s worth using.

For starters, the VPN does not offer apps for desktops (Windows/Mac) or routers. You can only get the app on your browser or smartphone. Secondly, the privacy policy clearly states that it collects your personal information, which is a major red flag.

It’s a decent VPN for Netflix US/UK and BBC iPlayer but you will not be able to unblock other popular streaming sites like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

The VPN provides good speeds on the Premium servers but the free servers transform your internet connection into a snail that is handicapped.

Overall, after weighing all the pros and cons of this Browsec VPN review in Italy, we wouldn’t recommend it to our readers. Instead, sign up for one of the best VPN services in Italy tested by us.