How to Get an Austrian IP Address in Italy in 2024 [Fastest Method]

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The easiest and fastest way to acquire an Austrian IP address in Italy is through a reliable VPN service with servers in the country. VPNs route your traffic through a secure tunnel to a server in Austria, changing your IP address and allowing you to access local services and online sites from wherever you are.

Due to certain geo-restrictions and licensing problems, some local content is inaccessible outside Austria. For instance, you can not stream local channels like ATV or ORF from other countries. Searching for local news can also be challenging, as Google mostly depends on your location. In this case, you will need an Austrian IP address, which is where the best VPN for Italy requires the most.

We tested dozens of VPNs for this purpose and found no service as close as ExpressVPN in terms of quality and performance. It is the best choice for obtaining an Austrian IP address with super-fast servers and highly-advanced security features.

Let’s discuss them in detail and see how to get an Austrian IP address with a top and some best free VPN with Austria servers in Italy on free trial

3 Easy Steps: How to get an Austrian IP address in Italy

Follow these three simple steps to get an Austrian IP address in Italy using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe and download a reliable VPN. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN, as it has super fast servers to let you stream Austrian content without latency or interruption.
  2. Connect your device to a server in Austria. By doing this, you will get an Austrian IP address.
  3. Begin browsing. Now you can access local services and websites with an Austrian IP address.

Wondering why you should need an Austrian IP address?
Jump straight to see all the reasons!

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Quick Overview: The Best VPN in Italy to Get an IP Address in Austria

Here are the 5 best VPNs that can efficiently get you an Austria IP address in Italy:

Learn the methodology I used to select these services!

Best VPNs to Get an Austrian IP Address in Italy (2024 In-Depth Analysis)

After testing multiple VPN services, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 5 VPNs optimal for changing your IP address to Austria in Italy. These services performed exceptionally well in our test for speed, compatibility, security, privacy, and value for money parameters.

Let’s discuss them in detail so you can choose the best VPN to get an Austrian IP address:

How to Choose the Best VPN for Getting an Austrian IP Address in Italy

Below are some important points that you must consider before purchasing a VPN service for obtaining an Austrian IP in Italy:

  • Servers in Austria – The VPNs we recommend to our users have an extensive server network worldwide and have servers in Austria as well.
  • Strong security – We only recommend VPN services packed with top-notch security features such as a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and a strict no-data logs policy.
  • Stable speeds – Because of heavy encryption algorithms, all VPNs reduce internet speeds. However, the providers we recommend have stable speeds for torrenting and streaming.
  • Torrenting and streaming support – If you are on vacation or a business trip, it is possible that you won’t be able to access your favorite streaming services due to licensing or geo-restrictions. But a trusted VPN will allow you to access all major streaming platforms quite easily.
  • User-friendly apps – Although VPNs are pretty complicated. For the sake of our reader’s ease, we have recommended only the best VPNs with easy-to-use apps.

If you want us to name one service that packs not only these features but delivers a lot more, then ExpressVPN would be the one! The service provider has exceptional IP-changing capabilities, along with plenty of servers in Austria to get you an Austrian IP address.

Why You Should Get an Austrian IP Address with a VPN in Italy?

You should get an Austrian IP address in Italy with a VPN because it takes your online security seriously! It safeguards your data and traffic using 256-bit encryption and ensures utmost protection against DNS and IP leaks.

Not just that, a VPN-provided Austrian IP can also help you access various local streaming and financial sites while you travel abroad. Here are all the reasons why obtaining an Austrian IP address with a VPN is necessary:

1. To watch Austrian exclusive videos

Different copyrights and content distribution policies have inhibited Austrian travelers from accessing their local content. This is where VPN comes in to help! By changing your IP to Austria, you can access Austrian content from other regions too.

2. Unblock Austrian services/websites

Nowadays, mainly all services and websites check IP addresses to determine what content should be displayed to the users. For instance, the website will show you Canadian content if you live in Canada.

However, if you want to watch Austrian content, then you are going to need a VPN service that has the capability to bypass geo-restrictions and make Austrian-bounded content available in your region.

3. To stay secure

The main advantage of having a VPN is security. Most reliable VPNs provide data encryption for all your transmitted details. This hides your identity and protects you from all sorts of online threats. Without this measure, you are putting your secure data at a huge risk.

4. Bypassing censorship

Some governments impose geo-restrictions laws on certain services, making them inaccessible outside the country. But with a good VPN service, you can switch to an Austrian IP address and access websites and services you wish to unblock.

5. Access Austrian Bank accounts

If you are from Austria, the chances are that you must have bank accounts there. Unfortunately, you cannot access your bank accounts from a different country due to the bank’s proxy blocking. This is a smart security measure, but it gets frustrating at times when you do not know how to overcome it.

This is why a VPN can fix this problem in just a matter of seconds. Just connect to an Austrian server and try reaccessing your banking services.

Will a VPN let me watch Austrian TV live online in Italy?

Yes, a VPN will let you watch Austrian TV live online in Italy. Many streaming platforms use regional blocking to restrict content in countries due to copyright licensing and distribution rights. When users access a geo-restricted platform, they check their IP address to see if it originates from a supported region.
This means that by initially connecting to an Austrian VPN server, you may get around their geographic restrictions and freely access your favorite local platform.
Below you can see the list of live Austrian TV services you can watch with a VPN:

  • Puls 4
  • ORF1
  • ATV
  • Go TV
  • P3tv
  • BKF
  • TV Web
  • ProSieben


ExpressVPN offers reliable servers in Austria, in Italy and all over the world. It provides you with a lightning-fast connection and thousands of IPs to choose from, allowing you to access restricted Austrian content securely and anonymously.

Yes, NordVPN offers 60 servers in the Austria location. You can directly connect to the Australian server by tapping on the VPN server map on its app.

Yes, you need a reliable Netflix VPN in Italy with Austrian servers to access your Netflix account from abroad. Netflix has an excellent VPN detection system that most providers cannot bypass.

So, if you are traveling abroad and don’t want to miss watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix Austria, then get ExpressVPN.  ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for Netflix because of its blazing-fast speed.

Yes, but make sure you’ll use a high-quality VPN with Austrian servers in Italy that allow P2P traffic. If you want the best torrenting VPN with an Austrian IP address, we recommend you ExpressVPN. It has an incredibly fast downloading speed, works with all of the popular torrent clients, and has user-friendly apps for every device.

Yes, but free VPN Austria might not have servers in Austria. Although the word free sounds really tempting in reality, there is no such as free of cost. These VPNs sell your data to third parties for targeted advertisement.

Moreover, VPN blocks of various sites can easily detect free services due to their weak encryption standards. This inhibits users from accessing local streaming platforms like ATV abroad and Netflix Austria. This is why we only recommend ExpressVPN to our readers for its robust and top-notch security.

Yes, using a trusted VPN to get an Austrian IP address is absolutely legal in Italy. Just download the relevant app for your device and connector the Austrian server. This will allow you to watch Austrian content from any place in the world.

A Tor Browser or a Proxy Server may help you to get an Austrian IP address, but they are not recommended for day-to-day tasks. A much better and more reliable option is a VPN with servers in Austria.

You can verify your Austrian IP address by typing in the google search bar “What’s my IP address” or using our IP checker tool, which will give you specific details about your IP address, and whether it has changed to Austria.

The use of VPNs in Austria is legal, and its constitution ensures that the free speech and press of citizens is protected.


By now, we are sure you have some idea about getting an Austrian IP address in Italy. With the help of the right VPN, you can easily change your location and modify your IP address. You will be able to discover a new world of content, so get yourself a reliable VPN and start exploring.

For obtaining an Austrian IP address in Italy, we highly recommend our readers opt for a reliable service like ExpressVPN, as it has robust security and amazing unblocking capabilities.

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