ProtonVPN Review in Spain: Cost and Pricing Plans in 2023

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ProtonVPN, founded by Proton Technologies, is one of the trustworthy and fast-speed VPN in Spain. The best thing about ProtonVPN Cost in Spain is that the VPN service is available with a free version besides its subscription-based option starting at $3.29.

Proton Technologies has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, which is why it is not under the authority of any international espionage alliances. The best thing is that ProtonVPN has a strict no-log policy with annual transparency reports, which ensure untraceable and secure customer data.

ProtonVPN’s ProtonMail, which was started in 2014, provides users with email services with encryption. The company’s data security and privacy policies are, without a doubt, the best. You can also check the ProtonVPN review Spain to learn more about the company, its services, and ProtonVPN’s Costs.

ProtonVPN Cost in Spain: Pricing Plans

ProtonVPN Cost in Spain includes three subscription plans, i.e., Basic, Plus, and Visionary. All these three plans have something unique. Let’s get a sneak peek into these plans and their costs. Go through the table below to find out how much ProtonVPN costs.

ProtonVPN Plans Basic Plus Visionary
Monthly plan cost $5 $10 $30
Annual plan cost $48 $96 $288
Annual plan cost (per month) $4 $8 $24
Two-year plan cost $79 $159 $479
Two-year plan cost (per month) $3.29 $6.63 $19.96
The number of VPN connections included 2 5 10
Number of servers 400 1,418 1,418
Server locations 61 61 61

Keep in mind these prices remain constant all year round; however, you may be able to take advantage of incredible price drops during Black Friday sales in Spain of ProtonVPN.

We will go through all three subscription plan tiers in detail here so you can have an idea of what’s best suitable for you.

ProtonVPN Basic Plan – Is ProtonVPN Basic Good?

No, There is a Free Version of Proton VPN available, and the Basic plan of Proton VPN has almost the same functions as the free version, so we will say Proton VPN basic is not really good.

We subscribed to the basic version for $5 monthly and connected two devices, i.e., PC and smartphone. It was a good experience for personal use, but unfortunately, there was nothing more than that. Although we got P2P file-sharing support along with BitTorrent, we were unable to access international streaming services through Proton VPN basic, which is quite disappointing.

ProtonVPN Plus Plan in Spain: Is Proton VPN Plus worth it?

Yes, the Plus plan is our best pick from ProtonVPN Cost in Spain. ProtonVPN Plus Plan starts from $6.63 to $10 and has all the features you expect from a VPN with a subscription-based tier. With this plan, you get 10 VPN connections, enough to cater to the household’s needs. Also, you can experience a speed of up to 10 Gbps, which is best for downloading larger files or UHD streaming.

With P2P file sharing and BitTorrent support in Spain, you can access international streaming services as well using the fantastic Plus plan features. We tested the Plus version to explore Netflix’s Library from other countries and other streaming services and had no trouble doing so.

The ProtonVPN’s Plus plan offers some additional security protocols like Secure Core VPN. It used secure servers and routed our internet connection traffic to countries like Switzerland and Iceland, privacy-friendly nations. We were also able to route our internet traffic through The Plus plan’s Tor network, which is an essential feature with extra protective web browsing for those working on some sensitive research or activism.

Although the Plus plan has a slightly higher price, its features are worth it.

ProtonVPN Visionary Plan in Spain

With an expensive price tag of $30, the Visionary plan offers a VPN connection for 10 devices with the same features as the ProtonVPN’s Plus plan. But it also comes with a ProtonMail Visionary account, its distinguishing feature that enables you to send and receive encrypted messages through email.

Given its price point, the Visionary option is not practical for personal use. However, it can be beneficial for activist teams, a small newsroom, or media agencies, or for people working from home looking for a good safety measure.

Does ProtonVPN offer a free trial in Spain?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers a free trial with a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee. The only free VPN available in the market doesn’t spy on you, limit your bandwidth, display privacy-invading ads, or leak or sell your data.

You can always upgrade to paid plans of Proton VPN to get faster browsing speeds, access international streaming services, and more advanced security features.

Also, if you are unsatisfied with their service, you can tell them within 30 days, and they’ll return your money. We also took the ProtonVPN free trial in Spain to test the service and found that the upload and download speed connection differed from the paid ProtonVPN Cost in Spain. We are still waiting to get the same bonus features we were expecting. However, it’s absolutely free for an unlimited time.

Features Free plan Paid plans
Server locations 3 61
Number of ProtonVPN servers 26 400-1,418
Number of devices 1 2-10
Access to Secure Core servers No Yes
Speed Lower speed priority Up to 10 Gbps
P2P/BitTorrent servers No Yes
Netflix and other streaming services No Yes

ProtonVPN’s Free version in Spain can give you enough time to test its services before subscribing to its Basic, Plus, or Visionary plan. However, ProtonVPN’s free version did not impress us as a perfect VPN solution because we only got 1 VPN connection, limited server count, and poor speed connections. you can check the best VPN deal if you want more options.

However, the free version is best suitable for single personal use as a basic VPN.

Payment Methods – How do I pay for ProtonVPN in Spain?

ProtonVPN Cost in Spain comes with various payment options you can select according to your ease by providing your personal information. You will be surprised to know the range of payment options that come with ProtonVPN Cost in Spain.

Once done selecting the price plan, you reach the checkout and will be asked to choose from a payment method to pay for ProtonVPN from the following:

  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer

Yes, you can even pay them by sending cash to their company’s address. Unbelievable, right? Moreover, The unique option is to pay through Bitcoin as it is getting more popular these days, and people find it convenient as well.

Prominent Features of ProtonVPN in Spain

ProtonVPN is fully packed with a plethora of unique and fantastic features to make it stand out from the other VPN service providers. Here is a brief overview of the features you must know about:

Safe and secure data governance: 

ProtonVPN does not log your internet usage, which is quite helpful in keeping your data safe. Also, because it is a Swiss-based company, governments can not compel the Proton VPN to surrender your data. Isn’t it quite satisfying and reassuring?

High-speed servers:

ProtonVPN has high-speed servers that provide up to 10 Gbps upload and download speeds, which is more than enough. It is the best bandwidth when it comes to streaming and other activities with heavy-data processing.

Options for VPN protocol: 

There are three different VPN protocols you will experience with ProtonVPN. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can choose between IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard protocols.

ProtonVPN Free version: 

Although The free version of ProtonVPN is more pared-down, it is still a great way to test the service with a risk-free approach. You can even upgrade to a paid version with minimal ProtonVPN cost in Spain and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The free version can help you make a decision if going for an upgrade is worth it or not.

Data security and split tunneling: 

ProtonVPN’s security is foolproof, especially the Plus plan version. It has Secure Core architecture to shield your online activities efficiently. It can also split tunnel the internet traffic, allowing you to use ISP and VPN tunnel to route your internet traffic.

Streaming and torrenting: 

ProtonVPN does work with Netflix in Spain and other streaming services efficiently, allowing you to access a range of international content available on OTT platforms. It also has the ability to file torrenting with ProtonVPN in Spain without upsetting your ISP or internet service provider.

How do I Cancel ProtonVPN in Spain?

ProtonVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on your subscription, and you can cancel your ProtonVPN membership in Spain anytime you want. There is a free version available, too, to test the service. You can cancel your ProtonVPN subscription through the following steps:

  1. Visit ProtonVPN’s website.
  2. Go to the Support section.
  3. Please scroll down to find out the Contact Our Support Team button and click.
  4. Now fill out the support form and request to cancel your subscription.
  5. If you’re on a 30-day money-back guarantee period, mention it for a prorated refund.
  6. ProtonVPN will process your refund within 14 days or less.

FAQs ProtonVPN Cost in Spain

Yes, ProtonVPN is worth it with all the great security features, easy-to-use UI, good upload and download speeds, and unblocking capabilities for streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, with up to 10 connections.

The ProtonVPN free version is good enough for single-person use. It’s safe; apps are open-source and come without data limits. However, it only has 3 server locations and can’t unblock Netflix, and you can’t enjoy torrenting with it. You can upgrade for better features if you want, but keep in mind to check ProtonVPN Cost in Spain first. 

Yes, you can buy a new ProtonVPN plan any time you like. You can check ProtonVPN Cost in Spain in this article above as well. Whether you want to change your plan duration from a year to 1-month or wish to upgrade to a different plan, like from Plus to Visionary, you can easily apply prorated credit toward your plan. 

Yes, ProtonVPN also provides a free version to the public, and there are no catches, unlike other free VPNs in Spain. You will not get to see the ads, and they don’t leak your browsing data. However, you will get limited features in its free version like:

  • 3 server locations
  • 26 servers
  • 1 device
  • Medium speeds
  • No Netflix, torrent, or P2P access


So, here is the end to our guide about ProtonVPN Cost in Spain and pricing plans in 2023. We hope you got to know everything you were looking for. So if you are looking for a VPN with exceptional security features and top-grade speed, ProtonVPN is a viable option with a better pricing plan.

ProtonVPN’s Plus price plan is the most viable one, starting from $6.63 to $10, and has all the features you expect from a VPN with premium services. If you’re looking for affordable services, you can go through our list of cheap VPN services in Spain and choose the one that goes best with your budget. If you’re looking for more choices, it’s worth checking out the top VPN deals in Spain available. These deals may offer you a range of features, such as a wider selection of servers, pricing, faster speeds, or additional security features, depending on your needs.

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