ProtonVPN Review in Spain 2024: A Safe Free VPN

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ProtonVPN is known for its transparency, offering open-source apps and a user-friendly privacy policy. It caters to advanced users with features like Tor over VPN and a Linux GUI app while providing excellent streaming performance for casual users. My VPN reviews show Proton’s free VPN tier is the best available, with no ads, throttling, or data selling. An extensive server network and a generous simultaneous device policy justify its paid plans.

In my thorough ProtonVPN review in Spain, I’ve analyzed its capabilities to ensure you get the best value for your privacy needs. It’s 2024, and ProtonVPN stands out not just for its feature-rich offerings but also for its commitment to user privacy, backed by a strong no-logs policy that’s been put to the test. Let’s dive deeper into this VPN!

Quick Summary: ProtonVPN Review in Spain – Is it Worth it?

In my extensive ProtonVPN Review in Spain, ProtonVPN stands out not just for its feature-rich offerings but also for its commitment to user privacy, backed by a strong no-logs policy that’s been put to the test. With advanced encryption standards like AES-256 and ChaCha20 and the inclusion of modern tunneling protocols such as WireGuard and OpenVPN, you’re assured a secure browsing experience.

My experience with ProtonVPN’s streaming performance was noteworthy; it easily unblocked Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other popular services. It is fast, excellent for streaming, and prioritizes privacy. Additionally, I evaluated the VPN’s speed across its 4000+ servers, and it consistently delivered impressive results.

As for pricing, ProtonVPN offers a range of plans, including an outstanding free option that sets it apart from many competitors. I encourage you to explore ProtonVPN’s plans to find the right balance of price and features for your online needs.


  • It offers a great free version
  • Multiple cutting-edge privacy protocols
  • Strong support for customer privacy
  • Keeps no logs
  • Fast and reliable speeds result
  • Compatible with mostly used devices
  • Unblocks streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more
  • P2P servers for easy torrenting
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • High-priced premium plans
  • Slow response time from its customer service
  • Complex pricing structure

ProtonVPN Review in Spain: Key Findings

Here is a list of 10 factors that I have used to carry out the testing for this ProtonVPN review in Spain:

  1. Pricing: ProtonVPN starts at €4.99/mo (US$5.27/mo). All ProtonVPN plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Servers and Locations: ProtonVPN has 4000+ servers in 90+ countries and free servers in 5 locations.
  3. Security and Features: ProtonVPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption and a 4096-bit RSA key exchange, ProtonVPN is safe.
  4. Leak test: ProtonVPN does not leak your IP/DNS or weRTC addresses.
  5. Speed and Performance: ProtonVPN is relatively fast. They have differentiated server speeds with green, yellow, and red colors.
  6. Streaming: Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, and other streaming services.
  7. Torrenting: It offers special P2P servers on its Plus Plan that are optimized for BitTorrent network traffic.
  8. Compatibility: You can download ProtonVPN on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux.
  9. Easy to Use: ProtonVPN offers simple apps for all platforms.
  10. Avoiding Censorship: Effectiveness can vary due to the country’s sophisticated internet censorship system.
  11. Customer Support: You can contact ProtonVPN customer support via live chat and email 24/7.
  12. Trustworthiness: ProtonVPN is a secure and reliable VPN service.

Pricing – Is ProtonVPN Free?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers a free option available to the general public. Although accessing ProtonVPN’s free tier requires registration, doing so also grants you access to the rest of the Proton product line (Proton Mail, Calendar, and Drive).

ProtonVPN is an affordable VPN option that balances accessibility and premium features, placing it in the middle tier of the VPN market. Monthly subscriptions start at $10, with savings available for annual and biennial plans.

The first two years are priced at $108, with renewals at US$80 per year thereafter. ProtonVPN also offers a Plus plan and the all-inclusive Proton Unlimited bundle, which includes additional services like email and cloud storage. The Plus plan’s annual cost is exceptionally reasonable considering the benefits, such as ten simultaneous connections and a vast server network.

Versions Features Price
ProtonVPN trial Free Version 1 device connection, servers in 5 locations (US, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, and Japan), Unlimited Bandwidth, decent speed, unblock Netflix, and follows a strict no-logs policy Free
ProtonVPN Paid Version (PLUS) 10 simultaneous connections, servers in 66 countries, audited no logs policy, fast speed, P2P support, NetShield Malware and Adblocker, Secure Core servers, and Tor Over VPN. €4.99/mo ($5.27/mo)
Proton Unlimited Includes ProtonVPN, Drive, Calendar, and Mail with a 30- day money back guarantee €7.99/mo ($8.62/mo)

While shorter subscription strategies offer flexibility, the long-term plans present a good value for those willing to commit. I appreciate ProtonVPN’s approach, which allows users to adapt to changes in the VPN industry without being tied to long-term commitments.

All the plans they mentioned come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can easily get a ProtonVPN refund by cancel ProtonVPN in Spain account within 30 days of purchasing it.

In my ProtonVPN review in Spain, I discovered that as far as payment methods, ProtonVPN only accepts either PayPal or Credit Card/Debit Cards. This can be a bit disappointing for folks looking to purchase through Bitcoins.

Please know that you can choose between the premium VPN Plus and the free VPN option or the Mail Plus subscription to enjoy premium Proton Mail features. Proton Drive Plus subscriptions do not grant access to premium Mail or VPN functions, and there is no separate Proton Calendar purchase option.

Get ProtonVPN in Spain 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Server Network — How many servers does ProtonVPN have?

ProtonVPN offers 4000+ servers in 90+ countries and free servers in 5 locations. Europe, Asia, and the Americas have the best server coverage.

Regions No. of Countries No. of Servers
Asia 14 countries 250+ servers
America 10 countries 700+ servers
Europe 31 countries 400+ servers
Others 4 countries 100+ servers

If you want greater privacy and security, ProtonVPN has Secure Core servers that direct network traffic through servers in privacy-friendly nations like Switzerland or Iceland. Also, users of the Plus package have access to 95 Secure Core servers run by ProtonVPN across 67 nations.

Suppose I talk about the servers included in the ProtonVPN free version. In that case, It only offers 5 server locations in the US, Japan, Romania, Poland, and the Netherlands, which is disappointing. But the good thing is that you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth on these servers.

I have played games using ProtonVPN’s accessible Japanese server, which offers us low pings and reduced lags, which leads to a seamless, bufferless, and fast gaming experience. This is the only free VPN for gaming in Spain, too, that doesn’t artificially restrict your bandwidth, track you, display adverts that invade your privacy or sell your data.

ProtonVPN also offers specialized P2P servers that are good for securely downloading torrents. You can select any of ProtonVPN’s Basic Plus plans to avail of the P2P functionality.

City Selections:

The ProtonVPN apps let users select cities within various nations, but the location list makes this process more challenging than I’d like.

Instead of merely listing the cities (Miami, Denver, New York, etc.) alphabetically, it lists every server in that nation, ordered by area or server number. You might have to wade through hundreds of US servers because the list isn’t organized alphabetically to find your desired city.

The Search box immediately reveals any results when a city name is typed in (typing “Dal” will find all of the Dallas servers, for example). However, it is difficult to identify the fastest choice because they are organized by server number rather than load.

Security – Is ProtonVPN Safe in Spain?

Yes, ProtonVPN is safe to use. It has a rigorous no-data-logging policy, so even if someone requests your data, ProtonVPN has nothing to provide. It also integrates with Tor and has SecureCore servers if further protection is required.

Moreover, considering that ProtonVPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption along with a 4096-bit RSA key exchange, ProtonVPN is actually safe.

When I explored ProtonVPN’s security features, the Secure Core servers stood out for their additional security layer, routing traffic through multiple servers (Sweden, Iceland, and Switzerland) before reaching the internet. Some of these servers are located in fortified structures, like decommissioned military bases, offering physical and digital security.


Choose your location from the secure core servers for an extra layer of security.

The Secure Core servers are strategically located in countries with strong privacy laws and are owned directly by ProtonVPN. This multi-hop process ensures that my data is well-protected, and the physical security measures of these servers add a high level of protection.

ProtonVPN Encryption

ProtonVPN connects to the server fleet using AES-256-CBC encryption like other VPNs. Therefore, it uses a 256-bit key that is impossible to crack by brute force, even with today’s most advanced cracking software. This means no one can hack your online location and information when connected with a VPN.

The VPN service offers several other protocol choices, including;


The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an encryption method that encrypts data with key lengths of 128 bits, 192 bits, or 256 bits.

AES-256 is a symmetric encryption algorithm used to secure data transmission and storage. It is a widely used encryption standard that provides a high level of security and is considered one of the most secure encryption algorithms available. Some promote AES-256 as “military-grade encryption” since the United States uses it to encrypt top-secret data.

4096-bit RSA

Another encryption algorithm that sends data safely is RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman). Since this technique is slower than AES, VPNs typically employ it to send keys just rather than entire packets of data. VPNs use AES to encrypt traffic first, then RSA to transfer keys to their servers that decrypt the traffic.

ProtonVPN is going above and above 4096-bit RSA keys because security experts believe 2048-bit RSA keys to be secure.

HMAC with SHA384

HMAC, or Hash-based Message Authentication Code, verifies the integrity and validity of messages. ProtonVPN uses the SHA384 (384-bit Secure Hash Algorithm) cryptographic hash algorithms to generate shared secret keys.

ProtonVPN Protocol

When assessing the technical capabilities of ProtonVPN, it’s crucial to understand its VPN protocols. ProtonVPN supports IKEv2/IPSec protocols, OpenVPN, and the state-of-the-art WireGuard protocol across all its applications, available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.


WireGuard is a modern, open-source, and high-performance Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocol that uses state-of-the-art cryptography to secure data transmission. It was designed to focus on simplicity, performance, and low attack surface, making it faster and easier to set up than traditional VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and IPsec.


OpenVPN is widely regarded for its high level of security and open-source transparency, allowing for regular audits by the security community.

OpenVPN uses OpenSSL encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security) to secure data transmission. It supports many authentication methods, including pre-shared keys, digital certificates, and username/password authentication. OpenVPN can run over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol), giving users flexibility in choosing the best transport protocol for their particular application.


Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) is a VPN technology that automatically reconnects you to your VPN once you disconnect from the internet. IKEv2 is known for its stability and speed, making it a suitable choice for mobile users who need a reliable connection as they switch between Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Tor over VPN

ProtonVPN has a specific server type if you want a VPN and the Tor network combination. Your connection routes through the Tor network before reaching their VPN server. It helps access restricted and Dark Web without using the Tor browser.

In my ProtonVPN review in Spain, I tested this feature to access various restricted sites and encountered no issues. However, I wasn’t too impressed by the overall speed.


ProtonMail is a secure emailing app bundled with their premium VPN packages. ProtonMail allows users to send and receive emails via encryption. The servers of ProtonMail are hosted in Switzerland, a country known for its privacy-friendly laws. It is a widely used email service and has gained rapid popularity after the recent email leak scandals.

Does ProtonVPN have a Kill Switch?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers a Kill Switch feature. This feature is available on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux VPN apps. You also get a built-in kill switch feature on the latest Android versions. However, the native kill switch cannot secure you if you intentionally disconnect from a VPN server.

A kill switch is a safety measure to protect your online identity in case of an abrupt disconnection. Essentially, it prevents your Private IP address from being exposed to your local ISP.

This feature is necessary when using the internet over public Wi-Fi. Once, I was streaming while using the public internet, and the kill switch helped me keep my real IP and location from getting exposed.

Logging Policy – Does ProtonVPN Keep Logs?

No, ProtonVPN follows a strict no-logs policy. So, you can ensure your browsing history is secure and confidential when using ProtonVPN. The VPN is a Switzerland-based VPN service that keeps no internet activity logs. On its official website, ProtonVPN mentions that:


Screenshot of ProtonVPN’s privacy statements.

However, if you dig deeper into the privacy policy, you’ll see that it stores some connection logs. For instance, ProtonVPN mentions that it monitors timestamps.

In addition to timestamps, ProtonVPN also logs the following information:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Billing information
  • Cookies

Luckily, ProtonVPN deletes all your data despite collecting connection logs once you unsubscribe or delete your account. It also overwrites all connection timestamps every time users log in.

Get ProtonVPN for Your Security in Spain 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Leaks – Does ProtonVPN Leak IP, DNS &WebRTC in Spain?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers excellent IP/DNS and WebRTC leak protection. According to them, they don’t record users’ IP addresses. Their apps use firewall rules and other platform-specific procedures to prevent DNS leaks. They ensure that no user’s internet traffic, including DNS queries, can enter or leave outside the VPN connection from their device.

I’ve performed multiple tests and found it does not leak any of it in my ProtonVPN review in Spain. For all of my testing, I connected to their Japan server. Here are the test results:

IP Leak Test

As you can see from the screenshot below, my original IP address is not visible anywhere. This is a clear sign that the IP is not leaking. Try it yourself from


ProtonVPN didn’t leak my IP addresses.

DNS Leak Test

For the DNS leak test, I tried connecting to its US server. As you can see, all of my requests are handled by a US DNS server. Test it yourself from


No DNS leaks were found using ProtonVPN servers

WebRTC Leak Test

Aside from not leaking my IP or DNS information, ProtonVPN passed my WebRTC leak with zero issues. You can also test it from


I found no WebRTC leaks even when testing with ProtonVPN free servers.

Virus Test

Last, I checked for viruses in the ProtonVPN app file from Luckily, I did not find any hidden viruses or trojans. Here is the screenshot of the scan result:


There were no viruses or malware detected on my ProtonVPNs app file.

Speed – Is ProtonVPN Fast in Spain?

Yes, ProtonVPN is relatively fast. They have differentiated server speeds with green, yellow, and red colors. This makes it easy to identify which servers will provide a fast connection. Let us define them concisely:

  • Green means – the servers are not crowded, and you will get the fastest connections
  • Yellow means – there is a medium server load on these servers. The servers in yellow should offer a respectable connection speed since ProtonVPN servers are somewhat fast.
  • Red means that these servers are overloaded. So, you should avoid these servers if your ISP connection is high-speed because they cannot deliver the fastest connection speeds.

For detailed testing, I conducted a ProtonVPN speed test in Spain and recorded some impressive results. For your ease, here’s a brief table with all the speed test results I have compiled recently:

Server location Download speed Upload speed Pings
Australia- Perth (AU#34) 80.42 Mbps 92.34 Mbps 180 ms
Canada- Toronto (CA#49) 79.5 Mbps 92.75 Mbps 261 ms
Netherlands Amsterdam (NL#41) 71.17 Mbps 28.25 Mbps 366 ms
USA – New York (US-NY#18) 82.59 Mbps 47 Mbps 219 ms
Japan- Tokyo (JP#70) 73.42 Mbps 84.92 Mbps 169 ms
UK – London (UK#48) 81.34 Mbps 30.75 Mbps 180 ms
South Africa – Johannesburg (ZA#13) 77.84 Mbps 96.42 Mbps 293 ms
Spain – Madrid (ES#19) 75.09 Mbps 94.09 Mbps 250 ms
UAE – Dubai (AE#9) 73.59 Mbps 89.59 Mbps 233 ms

I have also compared the speed results on its local and long-distance servers. Here are the results:

Speeds on Local Servers

I connected to its US – New York and Atlanta servers to compare the two-speed tests. Here you can see the difference between ProtonVPN download and upload speed on 100 Mbps connections on its local servers:


ProtonVPN speeds on local servers were fine for streaming without buffering.

Speeds on Long Distance Servers:

I connected to its Japan and Netherlands servers to check speeds on its free servers. You can see the ProtonVPN speed results below:


You might gonna experience a little buffering when using ProtonVPN’s long-distance servers.

However, far-away servers were not as speedy as local servers, possibly due to the distance. While many best and fastest VPN services are available, ProtonVPN falls short in speed.

Streaming – Does ProtonVPN Work with Netflix in Spain?

Yes. ProtonVPN works with Netflix. You can access the local Netflix libraries via all of its Plus servers in Australia, the US, the UK, France, Canada, Japan, India, Italy, and Germany. Contact their live chat support if you experience any issues.

In my tests, I could unblock Netflix with ProtonVPN in Spain but didn’t have the same luck when trying to unblock other Netflix regional libraries during the ProtonVPN trial period. It unblocked almost everything I tried, its powerful apps are open-source.

Check out the list below to see which platforms are working fine with ProtonVPN Plus :

Streaming Platforms Unblocking
US Netflix
Amazon Prime Video
BBC iPlayer

In my ProtonVPN review in Spain, I found that this VPN is an excellent option if you want a VPN for streaming. Connecting to a standard server is quite simple since it has custom DNS and DNS leak protection.

However, the free version of ProtonVPN doesn’t support Netflix because only the paid (Plus) servers of ProtonVPN unblock Netflix: Simply click to connect to a Plus server in any supported nation and start watching Netflix.


ProtonVPN unblocks US Netflix without any hassle.

Other Streaming Services

After trying ProtonVPN Netflix, I also managed to unblock both the BBC iPlayer and Hulu without any issues with its UK server over its free trial period, as ProtonVPN doesn’t have a UK server on its free version. However, during my free trial period, I achieved amazing results while streaming BBC iPlayer; therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ProtonVPN can be used as the best free VPN for BBC iPlayer in Spain.


ProtonVPN also unblocks BBC and Hulu on its US and UK servers.

Note: If ProtonVPN is not connecting with Netflix, try again after clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

Get ProtonVPN for Streaming in Spain 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Does ProtonVPN Allow Torrenting in Spain?

Yes, ProtonVPN allows torrenting while connected to any of its Plus servers. However, I advise using its unique P2P servers because they are designed to handle high volumes of BitTorrent network traffic.

Now that you know which servers support torrenting, you must be wondering: is ProtonVPN good for torrenting in Spain? I tested ProtonVPN torrenting using its P2P servers. Although ProtonVPN’s speed fluctuated, the overall ProtonVPN torrenting experience was good. However, this privilege is only available to premium users.

Pro Tip: If your ProtonVPN not working in Spain, it might be because of an unstable internet connection. Try switching from WiFi to your cable net.

Compatibility – Which Devices Can I Use with ProtonVPN?

Here is the list of devices that you can download and install ProtonVPN:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad)
  • Chromebook
  • Linux
  • Firestick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Flashrouters

You can find out how to set up ProtonVPN on Kodi in Spain. Furthermore, you can also see my ProtonVPN Roku in Spain setup instructions.

As for simultaneous connections, ProtonVPN allows you to connect only one device per account while using the free plan. However, if you’ve subscribed to ProtonVPN Plus, you’re eligible to connect 10 devices simultaneously.

Interface and Ease of Use

ProtonVPN provides a variety of desktop and mobile apps. It doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android; you can download an app for each. Yet, they differ significantly in terms of features and User Interface.

Devices User Experience
Windows Best ProtonVPN app experience
macOS Offer advanced features
Android & iOS Excellent apps interface
Linux Easy-to-use app

ProtonVPN’s interface is comprehensive and user-friendly, with options to connect via an interactive map or a server list. The service offers Secure Core servers and NetShield to block ads and malicious sites. The profiles feature allows for easy customization of the VPN experience for specific activities like streaming or downloading.

ProtonVPN Windows

I had the opportunity to test the VPN on a Windows device during my ProtonVPN review in Spain and was impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the experience. The installation process was straightforward, and the app’s sleek purple and black theme made it visually appealing. The layout is intuitive, with features like a large map for server selection and a real-time status graph representing the network connection.

The user interface of ProtonVPN’s Windows app is quite clean. Everything can be conveniently found where it’s supposed to be. I like that its app displays session stats with Up and Down speeds at the bottom of the app.


That’s what the ProtonVPN Windows app looks like.

The Quick Connect button allows instant connection to a VPN server, and the server list is easy to navigate, enabling me to choose servers by location.

During my time with ProtonVPN, the service reliably changed my IP address and successfully concealed my ISP information, as confirmed by DNS leak tests. Overall, my experience with ProtonVPN on Windows was positive and hassle-free.

ProtonVPN macOS

Experiencing ProtonVPN on a MacBook Pro, I found that while the installation required a few additional steps to enable custom VPN protocols, the Mac app was aesthetically pleasing with its modern purple design. The app opted for a straightforward approach to navigation, allowing me to quickly switch servers and adjust settings without a traditional dashboard or Home screen.


ProtonVPN Mac app interface is super easy to use.

The Mac app includes essential features such as a Kill Switch and the ability to connect to Secure Core servers, designed for enhanced security. In my testing, the VPN effectively masked my DNS requests and IP address, ensuring my online activities were kept private.

ProtonVPN iOS

Using ProtonVPN on my iPhone was a straightforward and seamless experience. The iOS app features a prominent Connect button at the bottom of the screen, which facilitates quick and secure browsing. The navigation bar at the bottom provides easy access to the servers, settings, and other app features.


ProtonVPN iPhone app is easy and simple for newbies

ProtonVPN reliably protected my DNS requests and IP address from exposure during my tests. When I enabled NetShield, it effectively blocked ads on different websites, enhancing my browsing experience. The app maintained a stable connection while streaming, confirming its reliability for secure internet usage on an iPhone.

ProtonVPN Android

I found the ProtonVPN app for Android to be a sleek interface that is visually appealing and user-friendly, making it accessible even for those who may not be tech-savvy. Features like Split Tunneling stand out, allowing me to decide which apps should use the VPN connection and which shouldn’t.


ProtonVPN Android users will surely find no difficulties using its app.

My experience with ProtonVPN on my Android device was reassuring, as the DNS leak test I performed showed no exposure to my IP address. This cannot be overstated, as it confirms the VPN’s effectiveness in protecting my online privacy.

Additionally, the NetShield feature, designed to block ads and trackers, initially required a toggle off and on to function correctly. Once operational, however, it did an excellent job of enhancing my browsing experience by eliminating unwanted ads and potential privacy threats.

ProtonVPN on ChromeOS

Using ProtonVPN on a Dell Chromebook proved to be a mixed experience. Initially, the Google Play Store installation presented some challenges, but once the app was installed, the interface was engaging and in line with the sleek design language of ProtonVPN’s other platform apps.

However, connecting to a server was not as seamless as I had hoped, requiring some tweaking of the VPN protocol settings to get things up and running. Despite these initial setup issues, the depth of features offered by ProtonVPN on ChromeOS was impressive.

Avoiding Censorship

ProtonVPN is not the greatest option for avoiding internet censorship in countries with restricted internet access. Despite having obfuscation, it still isn’t consistently effective in repressive nations; according to several ProtonVPN support agents, the VPN effectiveness may vary in China and other countries like Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

Does ProtonVPN Work in China?

ProtonVPN can work in China, but its effectiveness can vary due to the country’s sophisticated internet censorship system, the Great Firewall. This system actively blocks many VPN services, making it challenging for users to maintain a stable connection.

However, ProtonVPN offers features like Secure Core and obfuscated servers designed to bypass such restrictions. These features and careful server selection, especially those close to China, like Hong Kong or Japan, can improve the chances of connecting successfully.

ProtonVPN Customer Support

ProtonVPN offers customer support in the forms of:

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Email
  • Phone support
  • Guides or articles
  • FAQs

You can go to the ProtonVPN knowledge center if you face any issues. You can choose from several categories, such as Download and Setup or Speed and Bandwidth. Each topic will address a specific problem you could be having.

You can also contact their support team via the Ticketing System or Contact Form if you still can’t locate the solution. You will receive a response in your email inbox because it will be sent via email. However, paid users can anticipate a reaction in a few hours, whereas ProtonVPN free trial users will likely have to wait a little longer.

Overall, I find their customer support team very knowledgeable and professional in my ProtonVPN free review survey.

If your ProtonVPN is not working, email them at or to solve any issue you might have with the service. In addition to contacting their support team, you can get quick help through ProtonVPN’s Support Center or FAQs section.

Reminder: Issues like ProtonVPN not connecting can be solved if you try to connect it via your ethernet cable.

Trustworthiness – Is Proton VPN Trustworthy?

ProtonVPN Reddit mostly has positive reviews, especially since it announced that it’s now open-source and audited.

One Reddit thread, in particular, discussed various users’ experiences with ProtonVPN, highlighting both positive and negative aspects. Some users praise its robust security features, no-logs policy, and the effectiveness of the Secure Core feature. However, others mention issues like inconsistent speeds, connectivity problems, and limited server options in certain regions.

The consensus seems mixed, with some users satisfied with the service and others pointing out areas needing improvement.

ProtonVPN Alternatives in Spain

Here are a few alternatives for ProtonVPN in case you want to try out something different:

FAQs: ProtonVPN Review in Spain

ProtonVPN’s free version is considered one of the best free VPN options. It offers robust security features, including AES-256 encryption and a strict no-logs policy, ensuring user privacy. Unlike many other free VPNs, ProtonVPN does not impose data caps or bandwidth limits, making it suitable for everyday use without the interruptions common with other free services.

ProtonVPN is worth paying for, especially for users prioritizing security, privacy, and streaming capabilities. The paid plans offer access to advanced features such as Secure Core, which routes traffic through multiple servers for added security, and NetShield, which blocks ads and malware.

Yes, ProtonVPN is the only completely free VPN that offers a free plan that does not impose bandwidth restrictions, track users’ data, display intrusive adverts, or sell their users’ data. Thus making it one of the best free options from any provider.

ProtonVPN can unblock Netflix and streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. It has been tested and proven effective at bypassing geo-restrictions for various content libraries.

Yes, the Police can track your IP address generated by ProtonVPN. However, ProtonVPN is a no-log VPN service, so they cannot provide the police with your browsing history until they are legally asked.

ProtonVPN includes advanced features like NetShield ad-blocker, Secure Core servers, a kill switch, split tunneling, and Tor over VPN. Users also benefit from ProtonVPN’s VPN Accelerator technology that enhances connection speeds.

While ProtonVPN offers many robust features, there are some downsides to consider. One of the primary drawbacks is its inconsistent speed performance. Although ProtonVPN generally provides good speeds, especially with its VPN Accelerator feature, it can struggle with long-distance connections and is slower compared to top competitors like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

NordVPN is better than ProtonVPN. NordVPN offers 6000+ servers in 61 countries, robust security features, and fast speed. Whereas the ProtonVPN paid plan only offers 4000+ servers in 91 countries. However, ProtonVPN provides a great free version with unlimited bandwidth and 5 free servers, including the USA location.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend ProtonVPN?

Based on my ProtonVPN review in Spain, yes, I will recommend ProtonVPN. It is one of the best VPN services for privacy-conscious users seeking unlimited bandwidth. The fact that even the ProtonVPN free version can unblock Netflix makes it a fantastic option for streaming. Its premium plans also unblocked HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and other well-known streaming services.

ProtonVPN’s commitment to privacy is evident through its strong encryption, no-logs policy, and additional security features like Secure Core and DNS leak prevention. Users can enjoy a seamless streaming experience with access to a wide range of servers and fast speeds, especially with the Plus and Visionary plans. Overall, ProtonVPN is a reliable choice for those prioritizing security and entertainment.

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