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Is Khan No.1 on Discovery Plus? Yes, the show is available on Discovery Plus. However,  In order to watch Khan No. 1 Season 1 on Discovery Plus in Australia, you need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Khan No. 1 is a show that investigates a scam by students who charge huge amounts of money to take exams for their classmates. The show was released in the Indian library of Discovery Plus on 2nd March 2023.

However, in order to stream Discovery Plus in Australia or Indian Discovery+ to access the show from the Indian library, a VPN is mandatory. A VPN works by masking your IP address so you can watch Khan no.1 without interruptions.

Continue reading to find out more about how to watch Khan. No.1 Season 1 on Discovery+ in Australia.

How Do I Watch Khan. No.1 Season 1 on Discovery Plus in Australia- [5 Quick Steps]

Below are the steps to watch Khan. No.1 Season 1 on Discovery Plus in Australia:

  1. Get a subscription to a premium VPN, preferably ExpressVPN.
  2. Open the VPN and sign in.
  3. Connect to the Indian server (Suggestion: India via UK server).
  4. Browse the official website of Discovery Plus and log in.
  5. Watch Khan. No.1 Season 1 on Discovery Plus in Australia!
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Where Can We Watch Khan No.1 Season 1(2023)?

You can watch Khan. No.1 Season 1 Solo new season exclusively on India’s library of Discovery Plus. However, you can watch Khan No.1 Season 1 on Discovery Plus in Australia with the help of an authentic and fast VPN like ExpressVPN.

After getting a VPN, you need to pay the Discovery Plus price in order to watch the show.

Note: You can avail of Discovery Plus free trial if you are new. In this way, you can watch the best shows on Discovery+ for free for 7 days!

When is Khan No.1 Coming on Discovery Plus in Australia?

Khan No.1 Season 1 release date was 2nd March 2023. Visit the website right away to unleash yourself with Discover Plus’ top detective program.

Don’t forget to get the best VPN for Discovery Plus, like ExpressVPN, to access Khan. No.1 Season 1 on Discovery Plus from anywhere.

What is the Storyline of Khan No.1 Season 1  on Discovery Plus?

The plot of Khan. No.1 Season 1 is based on a detective Police inspector.

Actor Rajesh Sharma of Lucknow Central movie, acting as Mr. Khan, an Inspector, in this season. He chases down the people who decided to pursue their life as criminals to counter their problems.

In each episode of season 1, Khan faces a mysterious and vicious scam that he solves with intelligence and expertise.

What is the Cast of Khan No.1 Season 1 in 2023?

The Khan No.1 Season 1 cast consists of some talented actors that mesmerize you with their skills of acting.

Season 1 cast includes; Rajesh Sharma, Pitobash, Sonam Arora, and Shivendra Patel. You’ll see these lead characters work with various cast members to solve the case!

How Many Episodes of Khan No.1 Season 1 are there?

There are 5 episodes of Khan. No.1 Season 1. Each episode’s background is available below.

Episode 1

Khan solves the issue of politicians. In Ep1 A religious head threatens the Politician with his wicked approach. Khan smartly handles the case and uncovers the spiritual guru.

Episode 2

Khan resolves a gamble of a fired person from the e-commerce company. Unemployed scams his ex-company through its weak points.

Episode 3

Inspector finds a clever widow, who wants to take revenge for her husband dead. She chooses a unique way to take her revenge.

Episode 4

Khan receives a girl’s suicidal case. In the beginning, it looks like she committed suicide because her appropriate picture leaked on the internet. Soon He finds totally other evidence on her internet history, which leads to the case on a new turn.

Episode 5

Khan uncovers a scam in the education industry. He catches a group of people who solved the papers of other grades pupils in exchange for money.

Is there any Trailer Available of Khan No.1 Season 1 on Discovery+?

No, Officially, Khan No.1 Season 1 trailer hasn’t been revealed yet.

Whenever the production releases the trailer, we will update it accordingly. Till then, Stay tuned!

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Khan No.1 Season 1


No, Khan: No. 1 Season 1 is a mysterious scripted crime drama. It showcases the picture of common crimes that are still under the shade of common people. This series helps to rectify our surroundings by spreading awareness. 

Khan. No.1 has only 1 season. You can watch the jaw-dropping season exclusively only on Discovery Plus India. Through a reliable and secure VPN, you can stream in the Australia without facing any hassle.

Surbhi Sehgal is the director of “Khan. No.1 Season 1”.She portrays the wicked people’s crimes. You can watch this crime and mysterious theme-based show on 2nd March 2023, only on Discovery Plus India.


In conclusion, you can watch Khan No. 1. Season 1 on Discovery Plus in Australia with ExpressVPN – the most reliable VPN for Discovery Plus!

Khan. No.1 Season 1 is one of the much-awaited episodes on Discovery Plus Season 1 is full of plenty of provocative statements and scenarios. It demonstrates the psychology of individuals who choose to live their lives as criminals.

Enjoy binge-watching your favorite episodes right away!