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How to watch Hulu in Canada 1

Hulu is a popular streaming service in the US that is home to thousands of shows and movies. Unfortunately, all content on Hulu is geo-restricted, which means that you can only access it if you’re located within the US.

Viewers in Canada won’t be able to access Hulu due to these geo-blocks as Hulu will instantly restrict any user having a non-US IP address. However, there is a way to gain access to Hulu in Canada by masking your IP address.

The easiest way to change your IP address is through a VPN. But you can’t just use any VPN for this purpose, you’re going to need a very powerful one because Hulu’s anti-VPN system is extremely tough to break.

Best Hulu Canada VPN Chart (October 2020 Updated)

Whether you’re vacationing in Canada or live there permanently, these Hulu VPNs can help you unblock Hulu and watch any title of your choice.

VPN ServiceWhy you should get itMoney-back Guarantee
PureVPNUnblocks Hulu in Canada through its special “Hulu” optimized servers at affordable costs31 days ( $2.91/mo )
SurfsharkThe most budget-friendly yet powerful VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions on Hulu30 days ( $2.49/mo )
ExpressVPNDelivers excellent streaming quality on Hulu shows and movies but slightly more expensive than others30 days ( $6.67/mo )

I assume you have a lot of questions concerning these VPNs and why I have chosen these over dozens of other options. In the following passages, I will try to answer the common questions and concerns that most people have reached me with in relation to accessing Hulu in Canada.

How do I get Hulu in Canada in October 2020? (4 easy steps)

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN like PureVPN which is a reliable unblocker of Hulu in Canada.
  2. Launch the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Visit and start streaming all your favorite content in Canada.

3 Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Canada (October 2020 Tested)

I tested nine VPNs for their ability to unblock Hulu but included only three in this list on the basis of their unblocking strength, speed, and overall performance. In short, all of the VPNs in this list will reliably unblock Hulu in Canada and ensure a high picture of streams at reasonable costs.

  1. PureVPN (Super-easy to use for access to Hulu in Canada).
  2. Surfshark (Budget-friendly solution to streaming Hulu in Canada).
  3. ExpressVPN (Offers best streaming quality when unblocking Hulu from Canada).

1. PureVPN – Consistently Unblocks Hulu

PureVPN has huge network of 490+ servers in the US. The service offers a “Stream Mode” that allows users to choose optimized servers for a huge variety of streaming services, including Hulu. Users in Canada can easily connect to its Hulu servers to watch HD quality streams of movies and shows.

I couldn’t get PureVPN to work with Hulu when connected to the US server directly. However, its special “Hulu” server worked perfectly and got me instant access to the service. Although the picture quality that I received wasn’t that high, this was mainly due to my poor Internet connection.

Other than its ability to unblock Hulu, PureVPN also offers advanced privacy features such as kill switch, split tunnelling, IP leak protection, and a no logs policy. Moreover, the subscription plans are quite cheap and come with 31-day money-back guarantee and 10 simultaneous connections. For a price tag of $2.91/mo , PureVPN is a great choice for Hulu if you’re in Canada.

Indeed, PureVPN works just as well for accessing Hulu in Australia and other countries where the streaming service is restricted.

Recommended server(s): “Hulu” server, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

Server location(s) to avoid: Atlanta.

Why you should get it: PureVPN has excellent consistency for unblocking Hulu and works well for desktop as well as mobile phones. Combined with its effectiveness for Hulu and the affordable pricing, PureVPN is a great VPN to have for Canadian fans of Hulu.

2. Surfshark – Works Reliably for Hulu Streaming at High Quality

Surfshark is an efficient unblocker of a variety of streaming services including Hulu. Having over 500 servers in the US alone, I’ve never faced any troubles using Surfshark for Hulu.

While testing Surfshark’s performance with Hulu, I used the Bend, Latham, Orlando etc. servers to access Hulu in Canada. The great thing about Surfshark is that it not only allowed me to access to Hulu but it delivered excellent picture quality on all streams (720p).

What’s more, Surfshark offers features like kill switch, CleanWeb, WhiteLister, and an privacy-friendly logging policy. It is one of the most affordable VPNs in the market, costing $2.49/mo and unlimited simultaneous connections.

Recommended server(s): Latham, Bend, Seattle, Denver, Orlando, and New York.

Server location(s) to avoid: Dallas.

Why you should get it: Surfshark’s USP is the its low price of $2.49/month, unlimited simultaneous connections, and excellent reliability for accessing Hulu in Canada.

3. ExpressVPN – Buffer-less streaming for Hulu

ExpressVPN has an excellent reputation for unblocking Hulu anywhere in the world. When I tested the service, I could see why this VPN is rated so highly.

I was able to access Hulu instantly when connected to ExpressVPN’s US servers. Not only was it super-easy to access Hulu with ExpressVPN, but the quality of streams was brilliant.

Apart from the remarkable ability of ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions on Hulu, the VPN also takes care of users’ security and privacy well. It comes equipped with kill switch and split-tunneling, and the logging policy is also highly oriented towards the user.

The only drawback is the higher cost of ExpressVPN as compared to other providers i.e. $6.67/mo

Recommended server(s): New York, Miami, New Jersey – 1 server, Los Angeles – 2, and Washington DC – 2.

Server location(s) to avoid: Chicago server, Los Angeles – 3, New Jersey – 2, and Dallas – 2.

Why you should get it: ExpressVPN maintains stable speeds across its wide network of servers. If you’re looking for outstanding reliability in a VPN that not only unblocks Hulu effectively but also ensures a buffer-less streaming experience, then ExpressVPN is the best you can get.

How to Choose the Best Hulu VPN for Canada

Picking the right VPN for Hulu is not that difficult as far as the selection criteria is concerned. What is difficult is the whole testing process whereby each VPN is subjected to the criteria to find out if it is good enough to be used with Hulu.

When testing VPNs for Hulu, I focused on (i) how easy it is to unblock Hulu with a given VPN, (ii) whether it affects connection speed to a level where significant buffering might take place (iii) network coverage and compatibility, and (iv) privacy features.

While the other features are important from the streaming standpoint, privacy features are important in their own right.  All the VPNs mentioned in this list meet these requirements perfectly offering a wide range of servers in the US, fast speed, great compatibility, and no logs policies as per my testing and evaluation.

So, if you’re based in Canada and want a way to access Hulu, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to choose these VPNs.

How do I sign up for Hulu in Canada?

Although VPNs can enable you to access Hulu in Canada, you still need to have a Hulu subscription in order to use the service in Canada. This is a tricky problem because any payment methods need to be associated with US-based banks/services in order for you to purchase Hulu subscription in Canada.

There are a couple of ways around this problem that I’m going to explain in detail below:

1. Signing up for Hulu in Canada using your friend’s credit card

If you have a friend in America willing to help you purchase Hulu subscription through their credit card, then that’s your problem solved.

Once they have paid for Hulu through their account, you can later PayPal or transfer the money to them through some other means. To sign-up on Hulu using your friend’s credit card, login to your VPN, and simply head over to

Hulu homepage

When you click on the “START YOUR FREE TRIAL” button as shown in the image below, you will be asked to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

After selecting the plan, you will be directed to the sign-up page:

Hulu signup page

Enter all the required details and click on “Continue“.

You will now be required to enter your billing information.

Hulu billing page

Here, you can enter the credit card details of your friend from the US.

ZIP code for Hulu

When you’re filling out your billing info, Hulu will ask you to enter your ZIP code. Here, you have to make sure that you enter a US ZIP code rather than your actual Canadian ZIP.

It’s quite easy to find a random but legit US ZIP code on Google. Find one and enter it to continue by clicking “Submit“.

2. Signing up for Hulu in Canada using gift cards

If you don’t have anyone in US that you’re on good enough terms with to request their credit card information, then you can still use digital gift cards to purchase a Hulu subscription in Canada.

You can get a gift card for Hulu from using PayPal. There are multiple other gift card selling platforms, so you can use any that you trust.

Mygiftcardsupply homepage

Once you’ve purchased the gift card, you can now use the code of the card to redeem your gift of Hulu subscription. Turn on your VPN and connect to a US server to visit, then enter the gift code and click on “Redeem“.

Hulu gift card redemption page

Next, you will be directed to the plan selection page. Choose one to move onto account creation.

Hulu sign-up page

As with the other method, fill out your details including a US based ZIP code and click on “Create“. You will now be able to review all the information you’ve entered. Click “Submit” when you’re satisfied with everything to finish the subscription using your digital gift card.

How much is Hulu in Canada?   

Hulu offers three different subscription plans:

  1. Ad-supported plan priced at $5.99/month
  2. No ads plan priced at $11.99/month
  3. Hulu + Live TV priced at $54.99/month

If you subscribe to the Ad-supported or no-ads plan, you’ll get 1-month free trial, but the Hulu + Live TV plan only offers a 7-day free trial.

The Hulu gift cards are generally cost $25 or $50.

Can I watch TV online using Hulu in Canada?

Yes, you can watch TV online using Hulu in Canada if you have the “Hulu + Live TV” plan, which costs $54.99 per month. But of course, you will only be able to watch if you use a VPN that unblock Hulu in Canada. If you’re an NFL fan, this Hulu + Live TV subscription will also allow you to see live NFL matches. This is great for Canadian fans.

Why Is Hulu Not Available Outside the US?

Streaming services are bound by laws which they must follow. The licensing agreements between streaming services like Hulu and TV show/movie production houses contain content distribution clauses, which determine the regional availability of any given title.

Unless the streaming service is the sole owner of the title in question, they have to follow the agreements with production studios which generally prohibit them from showing their titles outside US.

This is why viewers can’t access Hulu outside US. If, hypothetically, Hulu obtains the rights to show titles outside US someday, then these geo-restrictions will naturally disappear and viewers will no longer need VPNs in order to access Hulu.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

How A VPN Bypasses Geo-restrictions?

Geo-restrictions on services like Hulu are imposed by IP blocking. The IP address of every location in the world is unique, so Hulu can immediately tell which country or city a user is trying to access Hulu from.

People with non-US IP addresses are automatically blocked by Hulu in order to enforce geo-restrictions on the content. So, if you want to access Hulu abroad, you’re going to need to fake your IP address and appear as if you are located within the US.

A VPN helps you do just that by giving you a false IP address from locations different than where you’re actually accessing the web from. Once you’ve successfully changed your IP address to one that is associated with the US, you can circumvent the geo-restrictions on Hulu from Canada.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN to Stream Hulu in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to watch Hulu in Canada. To date, there have been no cases where a user was sued for using a VPN to unblock Hulu in Canada.

The most Hulu can do is try and block a particular VPN that you might be using to access Hulu outside US. But they can’t ban or take any legal action against you for using a VPN.

Hulu Compatible Devices

Hulu supports most common devices and operating systems including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV and Firestick
  • Fire Tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Vizio Smart Case TVs
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360

Can I watch Hulu on Roku?

Yes, you can watch Hulu on Roku if you have a Hulu + Live TV package.

Hulu has a lot of content for your consumption. Some of the popular shows you can stream right now on Hulu are:

  • Castle Rock
  • Ramy
  • High Fidelity
  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • Devs
  • Pen15
  • Future Man
  • Into The Dark
  • Dollface
  • Mrs. America
  • John Wick Chapter 3
  • Ma
  • Shaft
  • The Interview
  • 50/50
  • Waiting To Exhale
  • Colossal
  • The Nightingale
  • Prospect
  • Ugly Dolls
  • Missing Link

Will Hulu ever come to Canada?

For Hulu fans in Canada, nothing would be better than if the service became officially available in the country. Not only would it be more convenient to access Hulu directly, but viewers will also save the extra cost of having VPN subscriptions.

Unfortunately, there’s no reason to believe that we’ll be getting Hulu in Canada any time soon. But at least we have a workaround to accessing Hulu in Canada in the form of VPNs. So, pick one VPN from the list above, connect to a US server, and enjoy streaming thousands of shows and movies on Hulu.

If you want to learn more, here’s a website that writes exclusively about accessing Hulu in Canada in extensive detail.

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