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If you enjoy hilarious TV serials, you may wonder, Will Hubungi Agen Gue be available on Hotstar? The answer is Yes! And with ExpressVPN, you too can watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar starting July 29th.

Hubungi Agen Gue is among the latest additions to Disney+ Hotstar’s binge-worthy library. However, due to distribution agreements, you’ll need a reliable VPN to get Disney+ Hotstar in UK and watch Hubungi Agen Gue TV Serial.

Hubungi Agen Gue Serial is a dramatic comedy adapted from the French television series Call My Agent! It follows four talent agents as they juggle their demanding celebrity jobs and intriguing backstage incidents away from the entertainment realm.

Are you ready to delve into the hectic lives of talent managers? We’ve got some quick steps to help you stream Hubungi Agen Gue Serial on Hotstar.

How to Watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar? [Quick Steps]

Use the following steps and watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar to enjoy the latest Indonesian comedy drama.

  1. Get a trusted VPN subscription. ExpressVPN is our top suggestion.
  2. Install the VPN app and Sign in.
  3. Connect with an Indian server (Recommended: India via Singapore)
  4. Go to the Disney+ Hotstar website.
  5. Look up Hubungi Agen Gue and stream away.

Where Can I Watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK?

Hubungi Agen Gue TV Serial will be available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Because of geo-restrictions, you’ll need the best VPN for Hotstar to watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK.

With the affordable Disney+ Hotstar cost that offers a free trial to enjoy its extensive library without burning a hole in your pocket.

When is Hubungi Agen Gue Coming on Disney+ Hotstar?

According to an Instagram post on Disney+ Hotstar’s account, we can confirm the Hubungi Agen Gue serial release date has been scheduled for July 29, 2023. You can keep tabs on the show’s official handles for updates on Hubungi Agen Gue serial timings.

What is the Story line of Hubungi Agen Gue?

The story tracks four agents at a talent agency named ASA+ (Surya Adhiwangsa Agency) in their demanding jobs representing their celebrity clientele in a tough industry.

When an unforeseen disaster strikes their firm, the lives of these four agents are abruptly confronted with greater difficulties.

What is the Cast of Hubungi Agen Gue?

Hubungi Agen Gue serial cast consists of the best Indonesian talent. Below are the main actors who’ll captivate you with a stellar performance as you watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar.

Cast Character
Lydia Kandou Lydia Kandou, a senior agent and a former actress.
Donny Damara Ricky
Hannah Al Rashid Amel
Yoga Pratama Yudhis
Sheryl Sheinafia Kamila
Chicco Kurniawan Puput
Agni Pratistha Nia
Dea Panendra Salma, ASA+ receptionist

Is there a Trailer for Hubungi Agen Gue?

Yes, there is a Hubungi Agen Gue TV Serial trailer. You can watch it here.

Why You Need a VPN to Stream Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar?

Since Disney+ Hotstar is a geo-restricted service, it is impossible to access its content from being in UK. At least, not without a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN allows you to change your IP address to India, where Disney+ Hotstar freely broadcasts. This way, you can bypass the geo-restrictions and watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar.

However, not all VPNs work with Disney+ Hotstar. You’ll need a reliable and fast VPN to unblock Disney+ Hotstar without any issues.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar

Thanks to its exceptional speeds, ExpressVPN is the top choice to watch Hubungi Agen Guein UK on Hotstar without any playback issues.

We recorded a download speed of 90 Mbps and an upload speed of 85 Mbps, for flawless Ultra HD video quality when streaming Aashiqana Season 4 on Hotstarin UK!


Use ExpressVPN to watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers optimized for speed across 105 countries. This encompasses two virtual servers in Singapore and the UK, which provide Indian IP addresses specifically for accessing Disney+ Hotstar.

With AES 256-bit encryption, VPN split tunneling, and a no-log policy, ExpressVPN offers strong security. Their MediaStreamer feature lets you stream Hubungi Agen Gue 2023 in UK on Hotstar on VPN-incompatible devices.

You can also use ExpressVPN to watch The Slumber Party in UK on Hotstar or to watch India VS West Indies 2023 ODI Series in UK on Hotstar as well.

An annual subscription plan averaging GB£ 5.23/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free offers five simultaneous connections to watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar on your Android or iOS device, PC, or smart TV.

Enjoy up to 49% off, three extra months for free, and a 30-day risk-free trial period.

Hubungi Agen Gue

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FAQs – Hubungi Agen Gue

Hubungi Agen Gue is a dramatic comedy revolving around four agents in a talent agency juggling their personal lives with the struggle to save their business. You will love the humor and sarcasm wrapped around in an emotional journey.

Hubungi Agen Gue is an adaptation of the 2015 French television series Call My Agent! Created by Fanny Herrero. This hilarious yet emotional journey is definitely binge-worthy.

Yes, VPNs are legal in UK. There are no laws banning the use of VPNs to go about legal online activities, including accessing streaming platforms like Disney+ Hotstar.

Wrapping UP

Disney+ Hotstar is home to some of the best contemporary shows from across Asia. One of its anticipated additions to a vast library is Hubungi Agen Gue, which is set to premiere on July 29, 2023.

However, Disney+Hotstar’s geo-restrictions pose major stumbling blocks. Thankfully, using a VPN service can help you bypass the geo-restrictions and watch Hubungi Agen Gue in UK on Hotstar.

ExpressVPN is the top VPN service with fast servers and a secure network, ensuring safe and clear viewing of masterful craft by the Hubungi Agen Gue cast.

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