How To Watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max [Live for Free]

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To watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max, getting ExpressVPN is your best play. As someone who’s navigated geo-restrictions in regions where Max is not easily accessible, I understand the frustration, and this is why I’m here to guide you through the process of easily accessing MLB games on Max.

Stream live coverage of MLB games on Max starting on 20th March 2024 at 17:10:00 (UTC+0), including a weekly Tuesday night game throughout the season. Knowing how to watch HBO Max in UK is crucial for international baseball fans, and I’m here to make sure you’re all set for the 2024 MLB season.

How to Watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max? [5 Easy Steps]

Gear up to watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max by following these 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign Up for ExpressVPN and choose a plan that fits your needs.
  2. Download the VPN app and set it up on your device.
  3. Connect to a US Server, Pick a New York Server to ensure you can access Max without restrictions.
  4. Log in to your Max account.
  5. Search the game and enjoy watching Major League Baseball Season 2024 on Max!

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MLB fans wondering how to pay for Max in UK. Max offers easy payment options, and you can pay even without a US-based credit or debit card.

Where Can I Watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK?

You can watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max. Your go-to destination for MLB action, offering comprehensive coverage that ensures you don’t miss a beat of the season.

Due to geo-restrictions, accessing Max might seem daunting if you’re in UK. However, ExpressVPN effortlessly clears this hurdle, allowing you to enjoy “Major League Baseball season 2024” as if you were watching from the US.


Iconic Entertainment from the top streaming brands under a single subscription in UK!

While Max remains the go-to channel for MLB games, it’s worth noting what to watch on HBO Max in UK, especially since the HBO Max merger with Discovery. This improves the viewing experience by providing sports and a vast range of premium content, making it an even more valuable platform for international viewers.

How Can I Watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 For Free?

Securing an ExpressVPN subscription is a smart move to watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 for free on different platforms, despite the absence of the HBO Max free trial in UK.

Here are some alternative options to access Max content without a direct subscription:


Enjoy Max Hits Without Limits – Free Streaming Anytime! in UK

Those curious about how much is Max in UK might come to mind. While Max requires a separate subscription, the investment is worthwhile for the quality and range of content, especially for premium sports events like MLB.

Additionally, the HBO Max bundle in UK offers international viewers a convenient option, consolidating diverse content offerings into a single package for enhanced streaming experience.

Remember that you can only access these above platforms in UK by using a reliable and fast VPN.

Max’s 40% Discount on Annual Subscription:

Max offers an outstanding opportunity by providing a 40% discount on annual subscriptions to new, existing, and returning subscribers. This makes it the perfect moment to watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 and more.


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  • Get annual subscriptions with Ads at 42% off
  • Enjoy Ad-Free viewing at 45% off
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Here are some platforms on which this discount is available:

  • Max
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Apple
  • Google Play
  • Ruko

When is Major League Baseball Games 2024 – Opening Day?

The Major League Baseball opening day kicks off on March 20 with a historic two-game series between the Dodgers and Padres in Seoul, South Korea. This marks MLB’s debut regular-season games in the country. The rest of the clubs start their season on March 28.

For fans in UK, using ExpressVPN is highly recommended for watching these games on Max live and online.

What is the Schedule of Major League Baseball Games 2024 – Opening Day?

All teams will be playing on Opening Day, continuing the tradition from the previous year and ensuring an action-packed start to the season.

  • Milwaukee Brewers vs. New York Mets – 13:10 ET
  • Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies – 15:05 ET
  • Los Angeles Angels vs. Baltimore Orioles – 15:05 ET
  • San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres – 16:10 ET
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – 16:10 ET
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Miami Marlins – 16:10 ET
  • Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 16:10 ET
  • Washington Nationals vs. Cincinnati Reds – 16:10 ET
  • Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals – 16:10 ET
  • Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox – 16:10 ET
  • New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros – 16:10 ET
  • Chicago Cubs vs. Texas Rangers – 19:35 ET
  • Cleveland Guardians vs. Oakland Athletics – 20:07 ET
  • Boston Red Sox vs. Seattle Mariners – 20:10 ET
  • Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – 20:10 ET

Which MLB teams will play on Opening Day?

Major League Baseball teams including all 30 MLB clubs in action on Opening Day for the second year. Before last year, that hadn’t happened since 1968.

To watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max, ensure you’re ready with ExpressVPN. Connect to a US-based server through the VPN and sign in to your Max account to enjoy the game online.

When is the last day of the MLB Regular Season?

The regular season wraps up on September 29, ensuring months of exciting baseball action. The Major League Baseball draft is an annual event where teams select amateur players to join their organizations.

To watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max, ExpressVPN is your ticket to catching all these moments live.

When is the 2024 MLB Postseason?

The postseason is set to begin on October 1, 2024, with the journey concluding potentially on November 2, 2024, if the World Series reaches Game 7. This schedule sets the stage for an exhilarating conclusion to the MLB season.

Baseball 2024: Opening Day Pitchers and Hot Stove Buzz

It’s almost time for baseball bats to crack and peanuts to fly! Baseball fans are buzzing about the upcoming 2024 MLB season, with Opening Day matchups sparking conversation. The thread is like a virtual baseball diamond, filled with speculation about star player movement and dream free agency signings.

Imagine the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd – some fans are chomping at the bit to see how free agency will shake things up. But hold on there, slugger! Others are worried about those chilly early-season games, especially for city teams that haven’t shed their winter coats. Think catching fly balls in mittens? No thanks!

And speaking of chills, there’s still the lingering question of where the Oakland A’s will call home in 2024. Will they find a new stadium, or will they be playing musical chairs with other teams? One thing’s for sure, MLB fans are abuzz with anticipation for the new season, and Opening Day can’t come soon enough!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN To Watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max

ExpressVPN sets the standard for seamless streaming with impressive download speeds of 92.26 Mbps and upload speeds of 89.45 Mbps. These speeds ensure that fans can watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max without the frustrations of buffering or delays.

With multiple servers spread across 105 countries, ExpressVPN offers unparalleled access to global content and is the best VPN for HBO Max in UK.


Watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max with ExpressVPN

Recommended Server: New York

ExpressVPN is synonymous with robust security, featuring AES-256 encryption, TrustedServer technology, and a strict no-logs policy guaranteeing that your browsing history is never stored or shared.

The MediaStreamer feature is a game-changer for devices that don’t natively support VPN apps. Device compatibility is a cornerstone of ExpressVPN’s service, ensuring users can watch HBO Max on Xbox in UK with ease.

With 8 simultaneous connections per account, anyone in the family can enjoy their favorite shows from the comfort of their home. This VPN service also allows you to access geo-restricted platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and more in UK.

Customer support is a hallmark of ExpressVPN’s commitment to user satisfaction. If you want to watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max and encounter any issues, ExpressVPN’s 24/7 customer support team is ready to assist.

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Major League Baseball Games 2024

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To watch MLB games from in UK, Max is your destination for all the action. Use ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions seamlessly and enjoy every live pitch and home run.

The MLB World Series, known as the Fall Classic, has occurred annually since 1903, except for 1904 and 1994, due to a declined challenge and a players’ strike, respectively.

The teams that have never clinched a World Series title are the Rangers, Padres, Brewers, Rockies, Rays, and Mariners.

To watch the Tour of Basque in UK on Max, streaming services covering the event can be accessed with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, ensuring you don’t miss any of the cycling action due to geographical restrictions.

Wrapping Up

Now you can watch Major League Baseball Games 2024 in UK on Max. Mark your calendars for 20th March 2024 at 17:10:00 (UTC+0). This guide is your golden ticket to catching the game and navigating the broader horizon of Max content.

Securing your access with ExpressVPN is the key to unlocking Major League Baseball games in UK without geo-restrictions. Connect to a US-based server through the VPN, sign in to your Max account, and start streaming the thrilling match. Happy Streaming!

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