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How much is Discovery Plus in UK? Here’s a detailed guide to help you find out about Discovery Plus Price.

In this era of the streaming war, Discovery Plus is trying to give its best shot by offering tons of exclusive content with a competitive price range.

Discovery Plus is a US-based streaming service and it is geo-restricted for many countries. It’s happening because of the content copyright and streaming issues.

That’s why you need to use the best VPN for Discovery Plus like ExpressVPN to get to access Discovery + UK  and enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

Go through this complete guide to find out about Discovery+ price!

How Much Does Discovery Plus Price in UK in 2023? [All Subscription Plans]

How much is a Discovery Plus subscription? They are two types of Discovery Plus price for every type of user.

Not only that, with every plan, Discovery Plus included their Free Trial facility. Yes, you can enjoy their 7-day free trial. Discovery+ price plans are given as follows:

Note: No matter the Discovery Plus subscription plan you choose, you can watch famous Discovery+ shows at any time on any device. All you have to do is pay the Discovery+ cost!

How Much is Discovery Plus with Ads?

You can get Discovery Plus (ad-supported) plan at GB£ 4.13 per month.

After getting a subscription to this plan, you will get access to the content library of Discovery Plus, which lets you enjoy popular shows, documentaries, and movies. This plan also lets you watch live TV. Isn’t it amazing?

On top of that, don’t miss exclusive Discovery content after getting Discovery Plus with an Ads plan.

This streaming service asks for this ad-supported plan. This plan is perfect for you to enjoy exclusive US content. If you don’t have any problems with ads or it makes no difference to you then pick this plan for you.

How Much is Discovery Plus Ad-Free?

You can get Discovery Plus (ad-free) plan at GB£ 5.79per month.

The Discovery Plus bundle also included a plan for those who don’t want any interruptions while streaming. Yes, you got it right. It’s an ad-free plan for the users.

After getting this plan, you can watch all the latest shows and exclusive content of Discovery Plus without getting an iteration by ads.

Not only that, Discovery Plus ad-free plan also offers some best and exclusive premium features for the subscription. All these features let the subscriber enjoy the full service of Discovery Plus without worrying about commercials.

How Much is Discovery Plus Student Discount Offer?

Discovery Plus Student Discount comes for GB£ 2.48!

It is for a few people who have the minimum qualification to avail of this plan under the Discovery plus condition. So, who can avail of Discovery Plus plans? Let’s have a glance at the list below.

  • A reservist
  • A veteran
  • Military on active duty
  • Guards of the State
  • Other Dependents of a service member

From the name of the plan, you can easily guess that students are always welcome to get this plan and get the Discovery Plus service.

To get this benefit/discount from Discovery Plus, some necessary documents are required, including a Student Identification Card, Receipt for tuition payments, and Certificate of Matriculation.

What is Included with Discovery+ Subscription to Watch?

After getting a subscription from Discovery Plus, you’ll be able to explore tons of exclusive and latest content including different channels as well.

With a single Discovery Plus subscription, you can get various Discovery+ channels. The Discovery Plus channel list includes HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, OWN, Discovery, Discovery+ Originals, and others.

Discovery Plus will allow you to sign in to your Discovery Plus account on many devices like Roku, Apple TV, DirecTV, Google Chromecast, Xfinity, and the list goes on.

How Much Does it Cost to Add Discovery Plus to Amazon Prime?

If you want to add Discovery Plus to Amazon Prime, the cost is GB£ 12.42/month.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video lets you enjoy the Discovery Plus Free Trial. Yes, you can have it and the only condition to avail of this facility from Discovery Plus, you need to have a membership to Amazon Prime. That’s it!

If you have the membership, then login to your Amazon Prime account to sign up for the Discovery Plus free trial.

When the free trial period is over, then you must pay for their subscription.


The basic difference between Discovery Plus and Discovery Plus add free plan is one comes with commercials and the other one is ad-free. Discovery Plus (ad-supported) charges GB£ 4.13 per month and offers 60000+ episodes including 7 days free trial.

On the other hand, Discovery Plus (Ad-Free) costs GB£ 5.79 and offers 60000+ episodes, and has a 7-day free trial version. This plan is not included in any type of ad.

If you are looking to get more of Discovery Plus in the cheapest way then you can have it and get more unlimited plans. For that, the only thing you need to do is get qualified for 12 months of free Discovery Plus.

It is only available for the customer of Verizon 5G Home internet and Fios Gigabit Connection. After enjoying 12 months of free services from Discovery Plus, you need to pay GB£ 5.79 per month.

To get the plan from Discovery Plus, you need to pay monthly. It only offers two different plans for its potential customers. One is ad-supported which starts from GB£ 5.79 and another one is ad-free which costs GB£ 4.13.

The only way to get Discovery Plus price for a year is by becoming a customer of Verizon 5G home internet and Fios Gigabit connection.


Now that you know about Discovery Plus Price, it’s time to get subscribed to your preferred plan and watch your favorite shows nonstop!

Discovery Plus is the best streaming platform that can fulfill every type of entertainment needed. The option of watching Discovery Plus is never going to end. All you need to get is only its subscription to get access to the content library of Discovery Plus.

Make sure to get subscribed to ExpressVPN if you live in the UK. Happy streaming!