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The English is not accessible to viewers outside the UK because BBC iplayer content is geo-blocked.

So if you want to watch The English outside UK, you need to cleverly bypass the geo-restrictions imposed on this content by BBC iPlayer.

The English TV series will be released on November 10, 2022, and you can stream on BBC iPlayer outside UK. Emily Blunt plays the aristocratic Lady Cornelia Locke traveling to the west in 1890 to seek revenge on a man responsible for her son’s death. It is a really hyped Western TV series that audiences are keen to get their hands on everywhere.

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Watch The English outside UK [Quick steps]

These few simple steps will help you watch The English on BBC iPlayer using a reliable ExpressVPN:

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Where to watch The English?

You can watch the English on BBC iPlayer outside UK. This channel is available for UK viewers. If you want to watch The English outside UK, you need a VPN to access the content.

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What is the release date of The English?

The release date of The English is November 10, 2022, on BBC iPlayer. There’s high expectation from this season’s premiere. Written and directed by Hugo Blick, this upcoming international series is co-produced by Western drama television miniseries.

What is The English about?

The English is about the aristocratic Cornelia Locke, on a journey to seek revenge on a man who had killed her son. Emily Blunt, playing Locke, arrives in the west to look for the man responsible for her son’s death in 1980. On her journey to seek revenge, she meets a man, an ex-cavalry scout, and a member of Pawnee Nation by birth. There starts her road to discovery.

What will she discover? Will she avenge her son? There’s much to unfold in this movie. Get the most recommendable VPN, like ExpressVPN and know as the story unfolds.

What is the Genre of The English?

The English series is under the drama genre. So if you are a drama enthusiast, don’t miss its premiere on 10th November, 2022, on Disney Plus Hotstar. What’s fascinating in this series is the wild landscape in the west.

Who are the cast and crew of The English?

The actors in The English’s cast are:

  • Emily Blunt as Cornelia Locke 
  • Chaske Spencer as Eli Whipp
  • Tom Hughes as Thomas Trafford
  • Nicholas Aaron as billy Myers 
  • Malcolm Storry as Red Morgan 
  • Steve Wall as Thin Kelly

The crew of the show is:

  • Written by Hugo Blick
  • Directed by Hugo Blick
  • Executive producers: HugoBlick,EmilyBlunt,Greg Brenman and Mona Qureshi
  • Associate producer: Elinor Block
  • Co-producer: Daniel Toland
  • Line producer: Nicolas Tapia
  • Producer: Colin Wratten

Where was The English filmed?

The English filming took place in the panoramic geography of Pawnee, Oklahoma, in the United States. The principle photography started in May 2021 up to September 2021 in Spain. The filming location brings beauty to this drama series. Make a date on 10th November with BBC iPlayer and stream the premiere of this show using ExpressVPN.

What is duration of The English?

Each The English episode will run about 48 minutes on BBC iPlayer. The thirst for revenge leads the English woman to do things she wouldn’t have thought of. With many obstacles on the way, will she be successful? Will Cornelia Locke and Eli Whipp survive?

Is there any trailer for The English?

Yes, two trailers of The English TV series are available on YouTube from prime video. Chaske says, “Someone killed my child… and now I’m gonna kill him.”  When the English woman arrives in America west in the 1800s, she seeks revenge for her son’s death, but she meets Eli Whipp, who looks like a badass character.

The trailer uses some cool music and choices to spice things up. From the trailer, you can tell The English is a fantastic series.

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Hugo Blick wrote the script of The English.

Yes, Netflix is showing The English Patient.

Yes, a film with the title English was released in 2013. It is in Malayalam language.


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