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Whatsapp Voice Calls Enters & Perishes in UAE

The popular messaging service, Whatsapp, announced a few months ago that it was introducing a voice calling feature that would enable the users to make calls (local and international) for free using the Whatsapp service. Where Whatsapp was widely appreciated for empowering the users to make voice calls, the government officials in UAE were busy in trying to put an end to it.

Such was the desperation that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) had already ordered Du and Etisalat – two of the major telecom providers in the UAE, to block the Whatsapp voice calling feature even before it was made available.

Unblock Whatsapp in UAE

How does it affect the Expats?

Dubai – the heart of UAE is known for its amazing tourism and career opportunities. The expats living there use Whatsapp as an alternate solution for making international calls.

The ban on Whatsapp calling feature leaves them with no other option but to use the expensive packages offered by Du and Etisalat. Is there a way around to get the Whatsapp voice calls working in UAE? Well, you are about to find out.

Here we found the solution and i.e. use the best premium VPN for UAE or a best free VPN for UAE and enjoy whatsapp calling.

How to Unlock Whatsapp Voice Calls in UAE?

Unblocking Whatsapp in UAE has more to do with how you do it, rather than why you do it. There are a few ways with which you can unblock through VPN Whatsapp in UAE without getting the attention of the TRA. According to various reports, some Wi-Fi providers are still providing support to Whatsapp voice calls in UAE so it becomes imperative to research all the service providers in UAE that provide relaxation in using the Whatsapp voice calls in UAE. You can also unblock Whatsapp and other blocked things in Oman with a VPN Services for Oman.

You can also download, install and utilize the services of the best VPNs. A VPN replaces your IP address with an IP of another region and cloaks your virtual existence to leave no trace for the government officials and hackers. Now comes the tricky part, how does it help you?

Changing your IP address, frees you from the cyber rules and legislations of the region you are living in. Since you are now connected with another server, the TRA has no authority to block your Whatsapp voice calls. We would recommend you to unblock Whatsapp in UAE with the best VPN services since they are fast and known for their efficient ‘anonymity’ feature.

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Will I get Improved Voice Clarity with Whatsapp in UAE?

Yes you will. That is what the VPN services do. They make sure that not only you unblock Whatsapp in UAE but you also get to make Whatsapp voice calls without experiencing any sound delays in the call. But just to be clear here, let us tell you that the clarity of Whatsapp voice calls depends upon the actual speed of your internet connection and the server proximity.

If you are living in the Middle East and you are connecting with a server in the US, you might experience a few technical glitches. For better results, we would advise you to recall those boring geography lessons you sat through. Connect with the nearest server and you will get amazing voice clarity in Whatsapp voice calls.

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Been stuck in the dark ages for years now, it is time that the internet users in UAE finally take a stand for themselves and unblock Whatsapp in UAE. The Whatsapp voice calls are free and you don’t have to pay a single penny considering the fact that it is already banned by Du and Etisalat in UAE.

You need a good internet connection and a subscription to any VPN service that is capable of unblock anything Whatsapp in UAE.