Windscribe VPN Review in UAE 2024: Speed, Price, Security & More

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If you’re looking for one of the best free VPNs, you’ll likely come across Windscribe. It’s a popular choice that offers a fully functional free version alongside premium plans packed with excellent features. The free version gives you 10GB/mo of data and access to servers in 10 countries while upgrading to a paid plan grants you unlimited data and servers across over 60 countries.

From my extensive VPN reviews in UAE, I confidently recommend trying Windscribe, whether you opt for the free or paid version. It ensures complete anonymity and successfully unblocks various streaming platforms.

In my detailed Windscribe VPN Review in UAE, I conducted thorough tests to check for leaks, gauge its speed, and evaluate its performance in torrenting and gaming in UAE. I also looked closely at its privacy policy, and the robustness of its no-logs claim, especially following a security breach, to ensure it holds up under scrutiny.

Quick Summary – Windscribe VPN Review in UAE

Before you read this Windscribe VPN Review in UAE in detail, you might think, why this VPN?

Well, let’s break it down. If you’re looking for a VPN, you’d probably want fast connection speeds, reliable security features, and a server network that can unblock most streaming services.

And guess what? Windscribe does offer all that! Windscribe stands out with its remarkably generous free tier in UAE, which provides a substantial data allowance and grants access to several server locations at no cost.

Moreover, the design of its apps strikes a balance between sleek aesthetics and functional richness, appealing to those who value both form and function in their digital tools.

Yet, it’s fair to mention some aspects can be improved. For example, its customer support options are more limited than other providers, which could leave you hanging if you run into an issue during off-hours.


  • Offers high-speed connections with WireGuard and OpenVPN
  • Includes a 10 GB free plan
  • Unblock US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer successfully.
  • Offers unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Features the useful R.O.B.E.R.T. tool for blocking IPs
  • ScribeForce accounts are available for organizational use


  • Falls under the Five Eyes jurisdiction
  • Features a smaller suite of servers

Windscribe Specifications
Features Details
Servers  An undisclosed amount of servers in 60+ countries
Simultaneous Connections Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit on Free Version 10 GB data per month
Split Tunneling Available on Mac, Android, and Windows
Torrenting Support Yes
Headquarters Canada
Supported Protocols WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), Stealth/WStunnel
Customer Support Options Windscribe Bot, email tickets

How Much Does Windscribe Cost in UAE?

From my experience with Windscribe’s services, the free plan offers 10GB of monthly data if you register with an email in UAE. This is particularly appealing if you’re initially hesitant about VPNs or are a light user looking for an easy way to catch up on your favorite show. Without registration, however, the data limit is only 2GB, which can run out quickly.

For a more in-depth use, I shifted to the Windscribe Pro plan in UAE. At an annual cost of just $5.75 per month, it provides unlimited data and access to a global network of 110 locations.


You can check out these Windscribe price plans and choose the one that suits your budget.

This pricing is quite competitive compared to other major VPN providers like ExpressVPN. When billed annually, ExpressVPN’s most economical plan is around $6.67 monthly. This comparison highlights Windscribe as a more budget-friendly option, particularly for those seeking a VPN without stretching their budget too far.

Windscribe’s “Build A Plan” feature proved user-friendly and flexible in my tests in UAE. It lets you choose server locations as needed at a straightforward pricing of $1 each per month, with a minimum of three locations costing $3. This is super useful for those who need VPN access in specific regions without the overhead of global coverage.

Additionally, I tested Windscribe’s ScribeForce for groups, which significantly cut costs for our team in UAE. Each member paid only $3 per month, simplifying VPN management and making it highly cost-effective for groups of five or more.


You can start the monthly plan at $3 per person, which is very affordable.

Payment & Refund Options

While reviewing Windscribe’s payment options, I found a commendable range of methods catering to diverse needs, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express offer a fast and familiar way to manage transactions, making them ideal for quick payments.

Whereas, PayPal stands out as my preferred method for secure online transactions, as it adds a layer of protection by keeping my card details private, which is crucial for maintaining online privacy. Moreover, Windscribe’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin appeals to those who prioritize anonymity and data security.

Free Trial

While no Windscribe free trial is available, its Pro version comes with a 3-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, this VPN allows you to request a refund within the first 3 days.

Windscribe Security And Privacy Features in UAE

When I tested Windscribe’s security and privacy features, I was thoroughly impressed with its excellent feature set, which ensures complete security and user privacy.

The VPN uses AES-256 encryption, SHA512 authentication, and a 4096-bit RSA key and supports perfect forward secrecy, ensuring that each session’s keys are unique and secure. Even if a private key were compromised, it would only affect data from that specific session, enhancing overall security.

The kill switch, or “Firewall” as Windscribe calls it, functioned seamlessly during my tests. The “Always On” feature stood out significantly. This setting ensured that my internet connection was only active when secured through Windscribe.


I deliberately disconnected the VPN to see how it would respond, and it immediately cut off my internet access, effectively shielding my IP address and online activities in UAE. No leaks were detected when I reconnected, confirming the reliability of this feature.

Speaking of leaks, using tools like IPLeak, I found no DNS or other leaks while using Windscribe on my Windows 11 system. My team connected to its Atlanta server to test it out, and I couldn’t believe that our actual IP address really didn’t show up!


Windscribe passed my IP leak tests successfully.

After that, I checked if I faced any DNS leaks while using the same server, and guess what? It didn’t! You can see the evidence below:


Windscribe passed my DNS leak test with flying colors.

Apart from that, per my Windscribe ROBERT review, the feature proved highly effective in blocking trackers and malicious sites during my tests. When I attempted to access common trackers, ROBERT blocked the vast majority, and its ad blocker performed exceptionally well compared to other VPNs.

This VPN follows a strict no-logs policy, meaning it doesn’t keep track of your connection times, IP addresses, or the websites you visit. The only information it collects is minimal, such as how much data you use, mainly for managing accounts on the free plan.


Per my Windscribe free VPN review in UAE, the VPN doesn’t collect any logs or timestamps of its users.

The best thing about this VPN is that you don’t need to enter an email address to sign up for the free service, making it a particularly private option in UAE.

Additionally, Windscribe has announced that it is currently undergoing a full audit of its server stack, expected to be completed and published in 2024. This upcoming audit will address previous concerns about its lack of independent audits.

Security Protocols

While exploring Windscribe’s VPN protocols, I found that it offers a choice between some of the industry’s top options like WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and its own WStunnel. From my tests, WireGuard provided swift connectivity is great for daily use, where speed is a priority.

However, for those prioritizing security, OpenVPN might be the better choice in UAE. It’s open-source, meaning a community of developers regularly scrutinizes it for potential vulnerabilities, ensuring it remains robust against threats.

Speed and Performance – How Fast is Windscribe in UAE?

While conducting my Windscribe speed test in UAE, I focused primarily on its performance for streaming and torrenting, activities that demand speed and stability.

Windscribe offers two major protocols: WireGuard and OpenVPN. WireGuard is renowned for its speed, and it didn’t disappoint, ensuring a smooth streaming experience on platforms like Netflix. This was crucial for maintaining high-quality video without buffering interruptions.

Here’s a brief table with all the speed test results while streaming compiled for your convenience:

Server location Download speed Upload speed Pings
Canada 78.67 Mbps 66.47 Mbps 228 ms
France 75.34 Mbps 62.07 Mbps 147 ms
Israel 66.74 Mbps 61.67 Mbps 220 ms
Netherlands 76.43 Mbps 70.54 Mbps 159 ms
Singapore 66.69 Mbps 61.94 Mbps 375 ms
South Africa 74.94 Mbps 67.25 Mbps 222 ms
Switzerland 85.29 Mbps 80 Mbps 157 ms
United Kingdom 78.75 Mbps 87.15 Mbps 151 ms
United States 84.86 Mbps 88.27 Mbps 123 ms

As for torrenting, the robustness of these protocols was equally impressive. I used Windscribe’s service to download large files, keen to see if it could handle the demands without significant speed loss. The results were positive, with speeds remaining consistent even when connected to geographically distant servers.

I connected to its US-Atlanta server and received a download speed of 75.21 Mbps and an upload speed of 54.78 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


These speeds showcased a minimal drop on my 100 Mbps connection.

To ensure accuracy, I conducted these tests using from a fixed location, comparing premium and free servers under similar conditions. The speed results, particularly with WireGuard, were promising and indicated that Windscribe could be a reliable choice for heavy internet users who prioritize streaming and torrenting.

Is Windscribe Good for Streaming in UAE?

While testing Windscribe’s streaming capabilities, the results were overwhelmingly positive in UAE. My team members across different continents could stream HD videos smoothly using both the premium and free versions of Windscribe.

It’s worth noting, though, that the free version, with its 10GB monthly data cap, is best for sampling the service’s efficiency—it’s perfect for those curious about VPN performance but is not intended for heavy, regular streaming.

Windscribe shined in its ability to access content from hard-to-access libraries. I could easily watch Netflix with Windscribe in UAE, allowing me to access US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan libraries without any interruptions or buffering issues.

To test this combo, I connected to its US-Atlantic server, and without any hassle, I could stream Netflix shows for at least 4 hours. Because of its consistency and excellent compatibility, I have listed Windscribe among the best free VPNs for Netflix in UAE.

My tests with the UK server were particularly successful, gaining access to ITVX, BBC iPlayer, and Channel 5, proving Windscribe’s utility for expats and travelers wanting a slice of home. I could BBC iPlayer within 30 seconds using Windscribe’s London server and stream Frozen Planet II for hours in HD without issues in UAE.

While there was a minor setback with Paramount Plus, which detected and blocked VPN access, this is more an exception than the rule and is common among VPN services due to advanced detection systems used by some streaming platforms.

To fully enjoy Windscribe’s streaming potential, upgrading to the Pro plan is advisable. The Pro plan offers streaming-optimized servers called WindFlix, which enhance the ability to circumvent geo-restrictions across various popular streaming services.

How Many Servers Does Windscribe Offer?

While testing Windscribe, I was particularly impressed by the diversity of its server network. Windscribe operates an extensive network with servers across 60+ countries and 110 cities. While the exact number of servers stays undisclosed, I went ahead to its live chat bot Garry and asked for an estimated number, to which I received 500 as the answer.


These servers are present in 110 locations and 60+ countries.

This vast server coverage is a significant advantage, especially compared to PrivateVPN, which provides over 200 servers. Windscribe’s broader server distribution ensures users have more connection options, potentially offering better speeds and reduced load on individual servers.

Apart from that, Windscribe’s commitment to accessibility extends even to its free plan, which offers access to servers in 10 locations. These Windscribe free countries include:

  • United States (East and West)
  • Canada (East and West)
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • France

This selection provides users on the free plan with various options for streaming geo-restricted content and enhancing their browsing privacy without any cost.

Additionally, including servers in less commonly served regions like Ecuador, Turkey, and even Antarctica and the option to purchase static IP addresses make Windscribe a very good free and paid VPN.

Is Windscribe Safe for Torrenting in UAE?

Yes, it is! Windscribe stands out as the best free VPN for torrenting in UAE. It explicitly marks which server locations allow peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, a uniformly available feature across all its plans, including the free version, and on any platform you use.

Windscribe sets itself apart by being open and transparent. For full disclosure on server availability, you simply need to visit the company’s Status page online.

This clarity extends to the Windscribe applications. The interface is straightforward: locations prohibiting torrenting are indicated with a crossed-out ‘P2P’ icon. Otherwise, you can download files as you please, with nearly all servers supporting torrenting.

When I tested the Windscribe torrenting combo in UAE, downloading a 1.8 GB file took me about 30 minutes. This was pretty impressive, considering that the VPN has few servers worldwide.

Windscribe Device Compatibility in UAE

Windscribe is a decent, versatile service compatible with almost any operating system and device. I highly appreciate the fact that it offers native apps for:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Router
  • Browser extensions (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge)

A standout feature of this VPN is the Windscribe Proxy Gateway, which is especially useful for devices like TVs, smart devices, and consoles that support network proxy settings. To activate this feature in the Windscribe desktop app, navigate to Preferences, then Connection, and select Proxy Gateway.

Additionally, I love that Windscribe is compatible with routers, allowing you to connect all devices to your network seamlessly in UAE. This level of compatibility and functionality makes Windscribe a standout choice for comprehensive VPN coverage.

Windscribe Ease of Use in UAE

Most of Windscribe’s apps are pretty easy to set up and use. Let’s check them out in detail below:

Windscribe’s Windows App

I was impressed with Windscribe’s Windows version compatible with Windows 10+ and supports multiple tunneling protocols, like WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, Stealth, and WSTunnel.


I found Windscribe’s Windows app user-friendly in UAE.

I also really like that it offers split tunneling, a kill switch, and MAC address spoofing. MAC address spoofing, for example, can make you appear as a brand-new user every time you connect to the VPN. Impressive, right?

While testing, I found protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN UDP to deliver reliable performance on the desktop client. While there are areas of improvement, like the ability to mark specific servers as favorites, I like the Windows app due to its customizable options.

Windscribe macOS App

The macOS app is equally impressive while being sleek and easy to use, just like the Windows app. Despite the limitations imposed by the Apple security model, the macOS app offers all the essential security features, like WireGuard support, custom DNS settings, MAC address spoofing, network allow-listing, and more.

Overall, I appreciate the consistency and ease of use across Windows and macOS devices in UAE. Transitioning from Windows to macOS, I didn’t notice any discernible difference.

Windscibe Linux App

Setting up a VPN on Linux is a bit of a hassle, but Windscribe makes it easier with its user-friendly GUI. Unlike other VPNs, Windscribe offers a free version for Linux, which is a big plus.

The app can be downloaded for

  • Ubuntu/Debian (.deb x64)
  • Ubuntu/Debian (.deb ARM64)
  • Fedora/CentOS (.rpm x64)
  • Arch (.zst x64)

However, the Linux app offers fewer tunneling protocols than the Windows and macOS apps. While the CLI applications are available for Debian and Red Hat users, installing them can be tricky if you’re uncomfortable with the command line.

Overall, I like the GUI version of Linux, too. It’s simple and gets the job done effectively.

Windscribe’s Android App

I was super-impressed by Windscribe’s Android app. It has a sleek design similar to the Windows version, with 10 million downloads on the Play Store.


Windscribe’s Android app was made up of darker shades than its Desktop app.

The app supports various tunneling protocols, including WireGuard, OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2, and Stealth, ensuring a wide range of connection options. A notable feature is the ability to switch between Favorites, specialized streaming locations, and a custom Config list for additional VPN server options.

Windscribe iOS App

I like that Windscribe’s app for iPhone and iPad closely resembles the Android version, offering similar features and a user-friendly interface. I was also impressed by the unique privacy feature that can detect and blur your external IP, which is handy if you share a screenshot without revealing your identity.

This thoughtful feature earns Windscribe extra points in my book!

Windscribe Customer Support And Reliability in UAE

Windscribe VPN has refined its customer support, offering various self-help and direct assistance options. An extensive ticket system, FAQs, a comprehensive knowledge base, and insightful blog posts provide a solid foundation for user support.

Real-time help is accessible through live chat, where the chatbot Gary handles routine inquiries and a dedicated live chat team tackles more intricate issues. The best thing about this chatbot is that it promptly answers my queries.

For testing, I asked the chatbot to recommend an optimized server for accessing Netflix US, and here’s the response I got within a few seconds:


After the recommendation, I tried using the Windflix US server, and it worked great!

However, there may be times when you might be directed to submit your queries through an email inquiry form. Receiving a response may take a day or two, depending on whether you’re using a paid or free plan.

Rest assured that all support questions are handled in-house. This ensures that your answers are well-informed and thoroughly adequate once they arrive.


Windscribe offers a ticketing system to get in touch with its customer support.

FAQs – Windscribe VPN Review in UAE in UAE

Windscribe is a solid VPN choice, providing stable connection speeds, robust security measures, and several unique features. However, it’s just above average regarding streaming capabilities, as it doesn’t unblock as many streaming platforms as some other top-rated VPNs.

Yes, Windscribe’s free plan is safe to use in UAE. The VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption, recognized for its strong defense against breaches. Additionally, it successfully underwent numerous leak tests, covering both its free and premium versions.

Yes, Windscribe is available for free and as long as you wish. When your email address is verified, you receive 10GB of data per month with access to more than 10 different countries.

No, Windscribe is strictly a no-log VPN provider in UAE. They don’t track your activities or maintain connection logs, IP timestamps, or session records. You can also check out its human-friendly Privacy Policy for reassurance.

Yes, Windscribe VPN effectively hides your IP address. When you connect to one of its servers, your real IP address is masked with one from the server’s location. This helps protect your online privacy and can make your internet activity appear as if it is coming from a different geographic location.

Windscribe is based in Canada, a country that is a part of the 5 Eyes Alliance. But it keeps no logs and prevents DNS and IP from leaking. It is a commercial cross-platform VPN provider.

Windscribe is a safe VPN service to download that uses AES-256 encryption, the standard in the industry, along with trusted VPN protocols such as WireGuard. Additionally, its open-source desktop applications enable anyone to inspect and confirm their security features.

When connecting to a US server, both Windscribe and NordVPN give close download speeds – however, Windscribe has a few quirks. NordVPN consistently achieves faster upload speeds. However, you can’t create a Windscribe vs NordVPN comparison just by looking at speeds.


After thoroughly analyzing Windscribe, I’ve come away with a strong impression of its capabilities. It’s a likable VPN with impressive features catering to novice and advanced users. Moreover, its generous free plan stands out, allowing individuals to explore the VPN’s offerings without commitment in UAE.

Additionally, Windscribe has a great free app demonstrating a well-crafted balance of power and user-friendliness. Its performance in unblocking various streaming services was commendable, making it a strong contender.

However, I must point out that personal interaction with customer support could be improved in UAE. While the current resources are adequate, the potential for a more immediate and personalized support system would enhance the user experience.

As I conclude this Windscribe VPN Review in UAE, I recommend that readers consider Windscribe for its comprehensive free version and ability to unblock streaming content effectively. It has earned its place as a reliable VPN choice with advanced features that should not be overlooked.

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