How to Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE [2024 Guide]

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Given that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform globally, the restrictions on its use in the UAE can be quite a nuisance. While you can still send and receive messages via WhatsApp, video and voice calls are blocked.

Due to security concerns,  the United Arab Emirates has blocked WhatsApp calling to promote the use of government-approved services. Unfortunately, the UAE government has no clear communication about when or if this ban might be lifted.

However, unblocking WhatsApp calling in UAE is still possible using a VPN. A VPN enables you to route your internet traffic through a server in another country, effectively making it seem like you are accessing the internet from that location.

This method can help circumvent local restrictions on WhatsApp calls and provide additional benefits like enhanced privacy and access to geo-restricted content, such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. In this guide, I’ll introduce the best VPNs in UAE to help you unlock WhatsApp calling option. For those looking for a quick recommendation, ExpressVPN is highly suggested.

How to Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE

Unlocking WhatsApp calling in UAE is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Navigate to your app store (Google Play Store or Apple Store) and search for a VPN app. In this instance, I’m using ExpressVPN. Tap on “install” and allow the app a few minutes to download and set up on your device.
  • Launch the VPN application and select a server. Choose one located in a country where WhatsApp is fully operational, and ideally, pick a server close to your location to ensure quicker connection speeds.
  • You can now open WhatsApp and begin making calls.

Understanding the WhatsApp Ban in UAE: Key Details

The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has long enforced a ban on WhatsApp calls. While no official reason has been provided, it is widely believed that the government’s concerns over WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption—which prevents monitoring of calls—play a significant role in the ban.

There have been periodic calls from internet users for the UAE government to lift the WhatsApp ban, but positive developments have been rare. For example, the ban was temporarily removed during the Expo 2020 in Dubai, only to reimpose the restrictions after the event.

In a 2019 CNBC interview, the head of the UAE’s National Electronic Security Authority suggested that the ban could be lifted soon due to growing cooperation with WhatsApp. Despite this, three years later, the ban remains in effect.

Reasons Behind the Ban on Voice Calls, Video Calls, and VoIP Services

The UAE government has prohibited WhatsApp calling and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, primarily citing privacy and national security concerns. However, this is only part of the broader picture.

Central to the bans is the government’s aim to maintain control over the telecommunications industry and increase its profitability. This is evident from the encouragement by UAE authorities for residents to adopt the domestically developed BOTIM app.

Best VPNs to Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE

When selecting a VPN to unblock WhatsApp, prioritize those that provide quick connection speeds, have servers close to the UAE, and offer robust security features. Below are my top recommendations:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE


ExpressVPN is the top choice for unblocking WhatsApp calling in UAE due to its impressive speed. The proximity of a server significantly influences browsing speed, and ExpressVPN offers several servers in countries near the UAE, such as Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, and India, among its network of servers across 105 countries.

ExpressVPN is recognized for its stringent zero-logs privacy policy, which was put to the test in 2017. During an investigation into the assassination of a Russian ambassador, Turkish authorities confiscated an ExpressVPN server. However, they were unable to find any identifiable information on it, confirming the reliability of ExpressVPN’s commitment to user privacy.

Additionally, ExpressVPN is equipped with features like military-grade AES-256 encryption, DNS leak protection, and obfuscated servers, which help prevent the UAE government from detecting and tracking your online activities. Moreover, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it out risk-free.

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  • Demonstrated commitment to a no-log policy
  • Uses obfuscation to circumvent internet restrictions
  • Capable of unlocking streaming platforms and WhatsApp
  • Offers servers in 105 countries


  • Discounts valid for a short time

2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN to Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE


Surfshark offers excellent value and stands out with its capability for unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing you to connect as many devices as needed simultaneously. This feature is handy for households where multiple people need to make WhatsApp calls at the same time.

Surfshark’s network includes 3200+ servers in 100 countries. It also features a “Camouflage” mode that is automatically enabled with the OpenVPN protocol, using obfuscation to bypass VPN blocks and facilitate unblocking WhatsApp calls and accessing popular streaming platforms.

Surfshark is committed to user privacy with a strict no-logs policy that ensures it does not retain information like browsing history, connection times, IP address, or network traffic. Additionally, Surfshark’s servers are RAM-only, which means all data is erased with each server reboot.

For security, Surfshark utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, IPv6, and DNS leak protection, and includes a kill switch on all platforms. It further provides applications for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Unblocks a variety of services, including WhatsApp
  • NoBorders mode enables circumvention of internet restrictions
  • Provides fast connection speeds
  • Double VPN offers additional security


  • Offers email and live chat support but lacks phone support
  • Connection to servers may sometimes be delayed

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN to Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE


NordVPN, with its extensive network of 6000+ servers in 61 countries, is another reliable option for accessing WhatsApp in UAE. It offers servers in countries close to the UAE, including Turkey, Israel, and India.

NordVPN’s obfuscated servers are particularly beneficial for fast and anonymous online activities. These servers mask your VPN usage, making them ideal for navigating through the heavy censorship typical of places like Dubai.

Security is a major strength of NordVPN, featuring standard military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and IPv6 and DNS leak protection. These features ensure your online activities remain private. Additionally, a kill switch is in place to protect your connection by automatically disconnecting you if the VPN connection fails.

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  • Unblocks various services, including WhatsApp
  • Extensive selection of server locations
  • High-speed connections suitable for video calling
  • Strict no-log privacy policy
  • Accepts cryptocurrency payments


  • Desktop applications could use improvement in design

Methodology: How I found the best VPNs for UAE Whatsapp calling

To find the best VPNs for WhatsApp calling in the UAE, I used specific criteria:

  • Server Selection: I evaluated VPNs based on their server variety, which is crucial for undetected WhatsApp calling. Additional points were given for features like automatic MultiHop.
  • Security and Privacy: It’s essential that a VPN protects your identity and data. I looked for strong encryption, a network kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Since WhatsApp is primarily used on mobile devices, I tested each VPN on both Android and iOS to ensure seamless operation and user-friendliness.
  • Speed: To avoid low-quality calls or connection issues, I conducted speed tests to ensure each VPN can maintain high-quality WhatsApp calls, recommending only the fastest.

Why WhatsApp Voice Calls Face Distortion in UAE?

The popular messaging service WhatsApp announced a few months ago that it was introducing a voice calling feature that would enable users to make calls (local and international) for free using the Whatsapp service.

Where WhatsApp was widely appreciated for empowering users to make voice calls, the government officials in UAE were busy trying to put an end to it.

Such was the desperation that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) had already ordered Du and Etisalat – two of the major telecom providers in the UAE, to block the WhatsApp voice calling feature even before it was made available.

However, if you use a VPN and connect to a US server or any nearby server, you can access any website or app, including the WhatsApp calling feature. Or if you are restricted due to Etisalat, the best Etisalat VPN for UAE users can be used to bypass the geo-block.

Will I Get Improved Voice Clarity in WhatsApp Using a VPN?

Yes, using a VPN service will improve your voice clarity over the phone. That is what the best WhatsApp VPNs in UAE do. They make sure that you not only unblock WhatsApp calling in UAE but also ensure voice clarity.

But just to be clear, let me tell you that the clarity of Whatsapp voice calls depends upon your internet connection speed and the server’s proximity.

If you live in the Middle East and connect to a VPN server, you might experience a few technical glitches.

I would advise you to recall the boring geography lessons you sat through for better results. Connect with the nearest server, and you will get amazing voice clarity in WhatsApp voice calls.

Ways to Make Calls When WhatsApp Calling is Blocked Per Reddit

As per a Reddit thread, here are the two popular ways to unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE:

  • Use a VPN to make WhatsApp calls.
  • Other call options include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Signal Messenger, Botim, GoChat, and Skype.

WhatsApp calling is blocked in the UAE, prompting many residents and visitors to explore alternative communication methods or use VPNs to bypass restrictions. Google Meet and Zoom are popular alternatives; however, it’s important to note that the free version of Zoom limits calls to 45 minutes, after which there is a mandatory 10-minute break before you can initiate another session.

To avoid these interruptions, Zoom offers a paid subscription. Using a VPN is a common solution for those using WhatsApp calls. VPN options such as ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN are frequently used to connect to servers in countries where WhatsApp is not restricted, enabling full access to its calling features.

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FAQs – Unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE

The UAE government has prohibited WhatsApp calls and other VoIP services due to concerns over privacy and national security. This allows for greater control over telecommunications within the country.

Du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile work great in Dubai but you can easily unblock WhatsApp calling using a VPN service. It can also help you get access to streaming platforms like ITV, Peacock TV, and Hotstar in the UAE.

No, the UAE government is not against using a VPN in their country but against using it illegally. The government is against piracy, pornography, hacking, and online theft.

Yes, you can use a free VPN for WhatsApp calling in the UAE, but with limitations. Free VPNs like Atlas VPN and ProtonVPN can bypass restrictions, though they have their drawbacks: ProtonVPN may have slow speeds, and Atlas VPN restricts you to 5 GB of bandwidth monthly. Therefore, for a more reliable and unrestricted experience, it is better to use a premium VPN provider like ExpressVPN.

Yes, WhatsApp can work with a VPN in Dubai. Since WhatsApp calls are banned in Dubai, using a VPN is necessary to bypass these restrictions. ExpressVPN is recommended for this purpose due to its extensive server network and reliability. With ExpressVPN, you can access WhatsApp and its features securely and privately even in regions where it’s restricted like Dubai.

If you use WhatsApp in Dubai, you’ll be able to send text messages as usual. However, due to the ban on WhatsApp calls in the region, any attempts to make voice or video calls will be unsuccessful.

Dubai restricts WhatsApp calls to control and monitor communications more effectively. The government also promotes local telecommunications services by limiting access to free calling features on apps like WhatsApp.

Apart from WhatsApp, you can use BOTIM, C’Me, and ToTok in Dubai. These apps are allowed and provide full functionality for text messaging and voice/video calls.

You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to unblock WhatsApp calls in the UAE. By connecting to a server in a foreign country where WhatsApp calling is not restricted, a VPN allows you to bypass local blocks and use WhatsApp fully, including making voice and video calls.

The best VPN for WhatsApp calling in UAE is ExpressVPN. It’s known for effectively bypassing censorship in countries like UAE and China making it suitable for users in censored regions. With its vast network of 3,000 servers across 105 countries, ExpressVPN allows users to overcome any geo-restrictions, ensuring a reliable and secure connection for WhatsApp calling in the UAE.

If you can’t make or receive WhatsApp calls, it might be due to restrictions in your region, an unstable internet connection, or the app needing an update. Checking your network settings, updating WhatsApp, or using a VPN may resolve the issue.


Having been stuck in the dark ages for years now, it is time that internet users finally take a stand for themselves and unblock Whatsapp calling in UAE. I’ve carefully examined the available VPN options for unblocking WhatsApp in the UAE and can confidently recommend ExpressVPN as the standout choice.

Its expansive network and consistent performance make it an ideal solution for seamless voice and video calls via WhatsApp. While the UAE imposes stringent restrictions on online services, I’ve found that a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN not only provides access to blocked content but also ensures your digital privacy is intact.

The ease of use and strong security measures mean you can connect with the world without compromising your personal data and unblock anything including WhatsApp calling.

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