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IronSocket, based in Hong Kong, claims to protect the user’s privacy and identity. But their privacy policy reveals that it keeps track of your IP address, time stamps, and session logs.

As per this IronSocket Review in South Korea, It isn’t the service I would recommend for streaming because it doesn’t unblock Netflix in South Korea. Its prices are somewhat affordable, but it doesn’t justify the features it offers.

The VPN has 90 servers in 38 countries which isn’t much when compared to ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Read our full IronSocket review in South Korea to find out more about this VPN.

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Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
5.3 / 10

Ranked #29 out of 56 VPNs

IronSocket Category Ratings
  • 2.4 / 10
  • 7.9 / 10
  • 7.6 / 10
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Quick Overview – Here are My Key Findings in South Korea

  • Works with streaming platforms in South Korea
  • Small server network
  • Connection speeds are a little slow in South Korea
  • P2P server for torrenting
  • No live chat option available in South Korea

Pros & Cons in South Korea


  • Good average speed in South Korea
  • Quick downloading with dedicated torrenting servers in South Korea
  • Offers a variety of protocols, such as OpenVPN, PPTP, etc.
  • Allows anonymous payment methods


  • Does not work with Netflix in South Korea
  • Network of fewer servers
  • Keeps connection logs
  • Need to improve their customer service
  • Comparatively expensive
  • The UI sometimes gets very complicated
  • No live Chat in South Korea

IronSocket Review in South Korea – My Rating Criteria

Below you will find 8 factors that I used during the IronSocket review in South Korea:

1. Pricing – How much does IronSocketcost VPN cost in South Korea?
2. Servers and Locations
3. Security and Features – Is IronSocket VPN safe in South Korea?
4. Speed and Performance – How fast is IronSocket VPN?
5. Streaming – Does IronSocket work with Netflix in South Korea?
6. Torrenting – Can I use Ironsocket for torrenting
7. Installation Apps and Easy to Use
8. Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices
9. Bypassing Censorship
10. Customer Support

Pricing – How much does IronSocket VPN cost in South Korea?

IronSocket VPN’s price in South Korea is not quite high, but it isn’t affordable too. It offers 3 different pricing plans. I have listed them below:

IronSocket-Pricing-Plans-in-South Korea

In the above image, you will also find what features IronSocket VPN offers for each plan.

When you compare IronSocket with the industry’s leaders in features and price, no one is better than ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

Coming back to IronSocket, all IronSocket plans are covered with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

IronSocket VPN Discount | Coupons

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Payment Options in South Korea

These are the payment options offered by IronSocket in South Korea to its buyers:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Bitcoin

IronSocket-Payment-Methods-in-South Korea

What I like about their service is you can also make anonymous payments using the following gift card options:

IronSocket-anonymous-payment-in-South Korea

2. Servers and Locations – Where is IronSocket based?

IronSocket is based in Hong Kong, a country that does not fall under 5/9/14 Eyes country. IronSocket is not bound by the law to hand over users’ information because the authorities said so.

It offers 90 servers in 38 different countries around the world. As it said that if a VPN has few servers Users may likely suffer slow speeds due to congested servers.

But according to them, they offer a highly user-friendly service that enables you to connect to a VPN in only a few minutes. Also, they are always there to help you set up your network or with anything else you need.

IronSocket-servers-in-South Korea

Moreover, all these servers covered the standard encryption and kept no connection logs.

However, It has a small server network but after using its service I found out that it provides proxy servers as well. HTTP, Socks5, and DNS proxies are among IronSocket proxy servers.

Unfortunately, Dedicated IP addresses are not available with IronSocket.

3. Security and Features

Security is one of the main focuses if anyone is using a VPN in South Korea. While doing an IronSocket security Review in South Korea I found out that their VPN services feature two-level encryption and support the OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. IronSocket offers a kill switch and lets you buy subscriptions using anonymous payment methods.

Moreover, it encrypts data using AES 256-bit encryption, SHA256 message authentication, and light encryption, which encrypts data using Blowfish 128-bit encryption. Although this is less secure, it enables faster connections. But you should be aware that there is no privacy when your connection is not encrypted.

Does IronSocket Keep Logs?

Yes, IronSocket keeps logs. IronSocket’s privacy policy has to be the most transparent. It admits that it keeps both connection logs and usage logs. when I go through their privacy policy in detail, I got to know that they collect the following information

  • The time and date when the session connected and disconnected.
  • The session’s IP address and the server it was linked to.
  • A numerical display of the total amount of data sent per session.

According to them, they use this information to register your account, deliver the services, stop fraud and abuse, and more. This session data is kept on their servers for a short amount of time, usually 72 hours, after which it is deleted.

Leaks – Does IronSocket leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

IronSocket does NOT leak IP, DNS, or WebRTC. It is a leak-proof VPN that is safe to use.

To run the test in South Korea, I used the same German server. Here are the test results:

IP Leak Test:

ironsocket-IP-leak-test-in-South Korea

IronSocket only shows the IP address of the server I am connected with in South Korea.

DNS Leak Test:

ironsocket-DNS-leak-test-in-South Korea

It was good to see that IronSocket didn’t reveal my actual IP location in South Korea

WebRTC Leak Test:

ironsocket-webrtc-leak-test-in-South Korea

IronSocket never leaks any WebRTC address  no matter which server you are connected to in South Korea.

Virus Test:

I also checked for any viruses. I had to download their Windows client and run the virus test. I found zero viruses, malware, or adware.

Here is the screenshot of the result:

IronSocket-VPN-Virus-test-in-South Korea

Speed – How fast is IronSocket VPN in South Korea?

To check IronSocket speed in South Korea, we used the renowned speed testing website from Ookla to provide you with an accurate evaluation. We started by measuring our “base speed” (i.e. our speed without connecting to a VPN server).

While conducting a speed test for the IronSocket review in South Korea, I found that it has good server speed. I wouldn’t say fast, but the figures I received what just good enough from many VPN services.

Before connecting to IronSocket, my internet speed was about 33 Mbps.

First I connected to its US Servers, and I got an average download speed of

ironsocket-us-speed-test-in-South Korea

I got a fairly good speed in South Korea using IronSocket US servers.

After I connected to its Australia server, my speed declined up to 55.64% which is very slow. Here is the snapshot which shows a download speed of 14.64 Mbps and an upload speed of 3.49 Mbps.

ironsocket-australia-speed-test-in-South Korea

The speeds on its Australia server in South Korea were very poor maybe because it’s far from my real location.

At last, connected to its Germany Server, and surprisingly I received a good download speed of 27.45 Mbps and an upload speed of 25.89 Mbps on 33 base connections. This is really great for buffer-free streaming.

ironsocket-germany-speed-in-South Korea

When connected to its Germany server our speed declines up to only 16.82% in South Korea.

Overall, it’s a really surprising factor for us to see such impressive results in South Korea. We put IronSocket extensively to carry out various online tasks in order to evaluate its speed. Overall, our streaming and browsing speeds were satisfactory. We were able to browse websites and watch YouTube videos. Although we detected a little slowdown in our connection speeds, we do not consider this to be a deal-breaker.

IronSocket delivers incredibly fast torrenting speeds in South Korea but with using the correct server, which got my attraction. I was able to download huge torrent files at roughly 25 Mbps when we used a P2P server nearby.

However, the fact that our local server appears to significantly slow down our traffic is not necessarily a major concern. After all, how well these servers function when used regularly is what matters most.

 5. Streaming – Does IronSocket Unblock Streaming Platforms in South Korea?

Unfortunately, VPN IronSocket does not unblock US Netflix in South Korea or break online restrictions imposed by Netflix.

Netflix uses strong VPN detection technology to identify between normal traffic and VPN traffic easily.

Only 7 of its servers out of 90 allow P2P torrenting. These servers are located in Cyprus, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

IronSocket also works best with Kodi, a streaming media player. You must install a VPN on Kodi in South Korea first to access geo-restricted content and start streaming.

6. Torrenting – Is IronSocket Good for Torrenting in South Korea?

For torrenting activities, IronSocket provides P2P-optimized servers in South Korea. I personally tested these and found that I could download a variety of torrent files quickly and anonymously. Also, I could also be able to easily access The Pirate Bay client.

Even if you are confused because of the IronSocket VPN review of logging policy, you can check other best VPNs for torrenting in South Korea and be 100 percent sure that no one can see what you are downloading.

7. Installation Apps and Easy to Use

IronSocket is compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. Additionally, it works with gaming consoles and routers.

The EasyVPNConnect app from IronSocket currently only works with Windows 7, 8, and 10-based devices. The business offers OpenVPN clients for other operating systems. However, as per the claim by IronSocket, the native EasyVPNConnect apps are still being developed for these devices.

The instructions listed below will make it simple for you to install this application  on your preferred devices:

1- Go to the subscription page of IronSocket.

2- Select a subscription plan, and then click the Order Now option located beneath it.

ironsocket-price-in-South Korea

3- Complete the necessary information. Keep in mind your password because you’ll need it to log in later. For this, think about utilising a reliable password manager.

ironsocket-enter-your-information-in-South Korea

4- Select your add-ons. This refers to the total number of concurrent connections and proxy IP addresses. There can be a maximum of eight and a minimum of three (which is what is in your plan).

ironsocket-step-2-in-South Korea

5- Select a payment option, then finish the transaction.

ironsocket-step-3-in-South Korea

6- Click “Download” at the top of the page to return to the IronSocket website (this generally happens automatically once you complete the transaction). For your operating system, select the appropriate program.

ironsocket-step-4-in-South Korea

7- Go through the installation process by opening the installation file.

ironsocket-step-5-in-South Korea

8- Launch the app.

9- Enter your username and password.  When you log in to the IronSocket website, your login information can be found under “Subscriptions.”

10- Select a server and click on “Connect.”

8. Compatibility – Which Devices Can I Use IronSocket With in South Korea?

IronSocket is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android in South Korea. It still offers a VPN client for Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.

All the user’s guide is available for downloading and installing the IronSocket VPN app in South Korea.

You can also request any feature or report a bug here.

You can also manually set up IronSocket on Routers too.

9. Bypassing Censorship

IronSocket does not use obfuscation server technology that unblocks content, even in countries with the toughest internet restrictions. Also, it doesn’t have servers in China and other restricted countries.

10. Customer Support in South Korea

In our opinion, IronSocket’s customer in South Korea support needs improvement. It doesn’t have live chat support, which is critical to gain a customer’s trust.

IronSocket provides Ticket Support, Email, and FAQs section. When I used the contact form to ask a query, I had to wait a long (a few hours) for a response. Additionally, the customer care representative provided us with some contradictory facts.

It also has a setup guides page with step-by-step tutorials for different devices. However, They need to provide a live chat feature if you want to rank among the finest VPNs available.

Alternative VPN Choices for You in South Korea

My Ironsocket review in South Korea explores that users have an unlimited option when they need to secure their privacy. Here is the list of other VPN services in case you do not want to avail of Ironsocket for any reason:

Best VPN Deals: To get these above VPNs at a discounted price, check out our list of VPN deals and save money!


No, IronSocket is not worth buying in South Korea if you want it for unblocking streaming platforms and gaming purposes.

Yes, IronSocket is a safe VPN to use in South Korea. It uses the best OpenVPN protocol which encrypts your data. However, IronSocket only provides AES 128-bit encryption and additionally keeps a few connection logs.

No, IronSocket VPN in South Korea is not free. However, you can get free IronSocket time added to your account by referring it to your friend. You can check out other free VPN services if you don’t want to spend money.

Yes, IronSocket keeps your data safe. Once you are connected to the IronSocket servers in South Korea, all of your Internet activity tunnels through our network. It hides your IP address and real location and you become less susceptible to hackers.

Final Verdict: Do I Recommend IronSocket in South Korea?

No, I have no reason to recommend IronSocket VPN in South Korea. IronSocket is a No-Log VPN that clearly states that it tracks your original IP address and the time and date you connected to their VPN.

It isn’t the best choice for streaming as, well. During my testing IronSocket Netflix didn’t work in South Korea, which is the source of many users’ entertainment.

It only has 90 servers which are too few considering what industry leaders (ExpressVPN or NordVPN) are offering.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this VPN that jeopardizes your online privacy. I’ve given it a 2.9-star rating in this IronSocket review in South Korea.

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