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Struggling with high ping or DDoS attacks in Apex Legends Mobile? Enhance your gaming experience with the best VPN for Apex Legends in France. Not only can you protect your privacy and hide your IP address, but you can also seamlessly play with friends, no matter where they are in the world.

After thoroughly evaluating over 40 VPN services, I have identified the elite performers that promise fast speeds and a broad global server network. These best VPN in France ensure that you can change regions effortlessly and maintain a strong, encrypted connection, keeping your online activities secure and uninterrupted.

ExpressVPN is my top recommendation due to its unmatched speeds and robust security measures, ensuring your gaming is never compromised. Experience it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Ready to take your Apex gameplay to the next level? Connect with ExpressVPN and challenge friends across continents with ease.

Best VPN for Apex Legends in France: Quick Overview

Have a quick look at my shortlisted best VPN for Apex Legends in France:

Best VPN for Apex Legends in France – Detailed Analysis | FAQs

Why Do You Need a VPN for Apex Legends in France?

A VPN enhances your Apex Legends gaming experience in France. Here are other benefits of using a VPN for Apex Legends in France:

Improve ping times: A primary reason to use a VPN Apex Legends is to reduce lag by lowering your ping. By directing your internet connection through its servers, a VPN can often offer a faster route than your standard internet service, potentially improving your ping. This is particularly beneficial if you typically face Apex high ping issues.

Access easier game lobbies: Ever wondered what is the easiest server in Apex? Well, with the best VPN for Apex Legends mobile; you won’t have to. A VPN enables you to bypass matchmaking systems and access less competitive lobbies. By changing to the best VPN location for Apex Legends, you can find less challenging opponents that’ll help you refine your gaming skills.

Prevent ISP bandwidth throttling: Internet Service Providers sometimes reduce your bandwidth when they notice spikes in your data usage, which is common during online gaming. A VPN helps circumvent such restrictions, ensuring consistent internet speed.

Protect against DDoS attacks: Occasionally, players or malicious individuals might target others with DDoS attacks, overwhelming their network by bombarding it with requests using the victim’s IP address. Using a VPN conceals your IP address, safeguarding you from these types of attacks.

Enhance online privacy: Encrypting your internet traffic, a VPN ensures your online activities remain hidden from external parties. Whether it’s your ISP, educational institution, employer, or government, none will be able to monitor your online behavior, offering you complete privacy and anonymity.

Best VPNs for Apex Legends in France – Detailed Analysis

After thoroughly testing 40+ VPN services, here’s a detailed analysis of the best VPNs for Apex Legends in France:

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Apex Legends in France


ExpressVPN stands as the best VPN for Apex Legends in France for gamers seeking an optimal online experience. With thousands of servers in 105 countries, including 25+ locations in the US, ExpressVPN offers unparalleled access to global content.

This vast network is crucial for Apex Legends players who wish to connect to US servers for lower ping times and a more competitive gaming environment. My personal experience with ExpressVPN has significantly elevated my Apex Legends gameplay in France.

Additionally, the Smart Location feature can provide you with the optimal gaming environment by automatically selecting the best server location. I used ExpressVPN’s New York server to play Apex Legends in France:


Using ExpressVPN, I could play safely on my PlayStation in France without any lagging

For Apex Legends in France, where every millisecond counts, ExpressVPN’s speed ensures that players can compete on an even playing field, regardless of their geographic location.

The ExpressVPN speed test in France on a 100 Mbps internet connection showcased VPN’s prowess. It delivered a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps. As it is the fastest VPN for Apex Legends in France, it significantly reduces Apex lags when fighting, leading to much smoother and more responsive gaming experiences.


The exceptional speed test makes it the lowest ping VPN for Apex Legends in France.

Security is another area where ExpressVPN shines. With features like 256-bit Encryption, DNS/IP Leak Protection, and an Automatic Kill Switch, gamers can rest assured that their online sessions are secure and private. This suite of security features protects against potential threats and ensures that your online activity, including gaming exploits, remains anonymous.

ExpressVPN allows 8 device connections simultaneously, so you can easily connect different devices with the VPN at once. ExperssVPN is compatible with most operating systems and devices, like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. I had an amazing time playing Apex Legends using ExpressVPN on PlayStation in France without any lagging.

This VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can also use a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial in France for mobile users. This means you can test the VPN’s capabilities with Apex Legends without any upfront commitment.

Whether you want to improve your gaming experience, enhance security, or access Apex Legends servers, ExpressVPN provides a risk-free opportunity to explore its features and confirm its suitability for your gaming needs.

Read more through my ExpressVPN review in France.

Exclusive Deal

VPNRanks readers can enjoy a special ExpressVPN offer! Get it for EUR 6.24/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free


  • Excellent speed while playing Apex Legends
  • Best VPN for reducing lag in Apex Legends
  • 25+ server locations in France
  • Fastest speed
  • Reliable security on the internet and hides your identity


  • Discount campaigns end too soon

Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN for Apex Legends in France


Surfshark stands out as a budget-friendly VPN for Apex Legends in France, providing an impressive blend of affordability and performance for gamers around the globe.

With 3200+ servers in 100 countries, including 600+ servers across 23+ server locations in the US, Surfshark ensures that players can enjoy Apex Legends on any server with minimal latency.

From my personal experience, Surfshark has been a game-changer while playing Apex Legends in France. I used Surfshark’s Dallas server to play Apex Legends in France:


Surfshark’s servers made sure I didn’t face any high pings that would ruin my gaming experience in France.

My Surfshark speed test in France on a 100 Mbps connection further demonstrated the VPN’s capability to support high-speed gaming without interruption. The test results showed commendable download speeds of 85.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 48.64 Mbps, ensuring that my sessions on Apex Legends in France were smooth and responsive.


These speed results were enough to play without buffering in France.

Surfshark also excels in security features, offering 256-bit Encryption, DNS/IP Leak Protection, an Automatic Kill Switch, Multi-Hop, and Camouflage Mode. These features provide peace of mind by securing your online activities and safeguarding your privacy. For Apex Legends players, you can focus on your game without worrying about external threats or privacy breaches.

Furthermore, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a Surfshark free trial in France, giving gamers the perfect opportunity to test the VPN’s performance with Apex Legends without any initial investment.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your gaming experience, ensure online security, or simply access global Apex Legends servers on a budget, Surfshark presents a risk-free chance to explore its offerings and confirm its fit for your needs.

Get to know more about this VPN through my Surfshark review in France.

Exclusive Deal

VPNRanks readers can enjoy a special Surfshark offer! Grab it now at EUR 2.33/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lag-free gaming experience
  • Blocks all the ads and trackers
  • No logs policy
  • Able to unblock any geo-restrictions
  • Unlimited devices connections
  • A budget-friendly option among all


  • You need to buy a paid add-on “Surfshark One” to enable some features

NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN for Apex Legends in France


NordVPN, distinguished as the largest server network VPN for Apex Legends in France, truly sets a high standard for accessibility and performance. Boasting 6000+ servers and 61 countries, with 1970+ servers in the US, NordVPN offers Apex Legends players unparalleled options for server connections.

My experience with NordVPN while playing Apex Legends has been remarkable. The ability to connect to numerous servers across the US allowed me to significantly improve my gaming experience by reducing lag and virtually eliminating disconnections.


You can play Apex Legends using NordVPN’s servers for one of the smoothest gaming experiences in France.

As such, I conducted a NordVPN speed test in France to check the VPN’s capability to deliver high-speed performance, essential for gaming. And the results did not disappoint. I got a consistent download speed of 86.16 Mbps and an upload speed of 42.13 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection, ensuring that my gameplay was smooth and uninterrupted.


NordVPN’s servers delivered outstanding speeds while on Apex Legends in France.

On the security front, NordVPN shines with its comprehensive features designed to protect and ensure privacy. With a Kill Switch, Double VPN, Obfuscation Technology, 256-bit Encryption, and DNS/IP Leak Protection, NordVPN goes above and beyond to secure users’ online activities.

For gamers, this means safeguarding against DDoS attacks and maintaining anonymity online, allowing for peace of mind while diving into the competitive world of Apex Legends.

The VPN supports its service with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day NordVPN free trial in France, providing a risk-free opportunity to evaluate its performance with Apex Legends. This generous offering ensures that players can thoroughly test NordVPN’s extensive server network, speed, and security features before committing to a subscription.

Whether aiming to enhance your gaming experience, secure your online activity, or access global servers for Apex Legends, NordVPN offers a flexible and dependable solution. For more detailed information, refer to my NordVPN review in France.

Exclusive Deal

VPNRanks readers can enjoy a special NordVPN offer! Grab it now at EUR 3.73/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free.


  • Suitable to play Apex Legends
  • No logs policy
  • A large number of server networks are available
  • Most secure VPN for Apex Legends
  • 24/7 live chat support anywhere


  • Switching from one server to another is a bit slow

CyberGhost – Gaming-Optimized VPN for Apex Legends in France


Branded as the gaming-optimized VPN for Apex Legends in France, CyberGhost excels in delivering a tailored experience for gamers seeking reliability and performance. With 11651 + servers in 100 countries, including 2103 servers in the US, CyberGhost stands out for its commitment to providing gamers with fast, secure, and stable connections.

My personal experience with CyberGhost significantly uplifted my Apex Legends gameplay. The ability to choose from numerous servers in the US meant that I could easily find one with minimal lag and optimal performance. I used CyberGhost’s New York server while playing Apex Legends, and the results were amazing:


Thanks to CyberGhost servers, the communication channel between the team members was established effortlessly in France.

To assess the VPN’s performance, I conducted a CyberGhost speed test in France on a 100 Mbps connection. The test yielded a download speed of 86.49 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps, ensuring that my Apex Legends sessions were as responsive and enjoyable as possible.

This level of performance is essential for gamers who rely on quick reflexes and uninterrupted connectivity to excel in their games.


My CyberGhost speed test in France showed excellent gaming speeds.

As for devices, CyberGhost’s apps work on all operating systems, including Android and iOS. Moreover, it can be used across all your favorite streaming devices, including streaming devices and gaming consoles like Xbox, Smart TVs, PlayStation, and more.

CyberGhost is one of the most secure VPN providers, with AES 256-bit Encryption, a Kill Switch, an Ad Blocker, and a strict No-logs Policy. I can confidently say that your browsing activity and private data will not be available to anyone else but yourself. You have complete control over who can access your data while using CyberGhost.

This VPN underscores its commitment to user satisfaction with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee and a CyberGhost free trial in France for all new users. This trial period allows gamers to assess the VPN’s capabilities with Apex Legends fully, ensuring it meets their needs for speed, security, and server accessibility.

Whether you aim to improve your gaming experience, protect your online presence, or access global servers, CyberGhost offers a risk-free opportunity to discover how it can enhance your gameplay.

Please refer to my CyberGhost review in France to learn more about this provider.

Exclusive Deal

VPNRanks readers can enjoy a special CyberGhost offer! Grab it now at EUR 1.9/mo (US$ 2.03/mo) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free.


  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 7 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Huge global presence
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Excellent price for long-term plans


  • Limited payment options

Private Internet Access – Customizable VPN for Apex Legends in France


Private Internet Access (PIA), recognized as a customizable VPN for Apex Legends in France, and stands out for its highly flexible and user-oriented service. With 35000+ servers in 84 countries, including 50 locations in the United States, PIA offers an extensive range of options for Apex Legends players.

My experience with PIA has markedly improved my Apex Legends gameplay. The ability to customize my VPN connection to optimize speed and security allowed me to significantly reduce in-game lag and ensure a consistent connection throughout my gaming sessions.

Using PIA’s New York City server, I was able to play Apex Legends:


PIA’s servers were terrific as they lowered pings considerably, and I continued gaming seamlessly in France.

PIA unlocks all major gaming platforms and streaming services. As for speeds, when I conducted a PIA speed test in France, it delivered a download speed of 65.78 Mbps and an upload speed of 57.16 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


PIA’s servers provided adequate speeds for gaming and browsing in France.

No matter which device you use, PIA has got you covered, whether you’re a Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS user. You can connect unlimited devices simultaneously to your PIA account while playing Apex Legends.

The VPN service has many modern, sophisticated security features like AES 128/256-bit Encryption. This is among the few services that allow users to select the level of encryption they prefer. If you find your Private Internet Access not working guide in France, feel free to approach their customer support for a speedy resolution.

PIA is a decent VPN service, and the pricing matches the value. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for most plans. There’s also a PIA free trial in France on mobile if you want to check out this service before getting a subscription.

Learn more about this provider in my detailed Private Internet Access review in France.

Exclusive Deal

VPNRanks readers can enjoy exclusive VPN deals! EUR1.97/mo (US$ 2.11/mo)


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No-logs policy
  • Reliable security features
  • A massive network of servers
  • Compatible with Apex Legends and many gaming titles
  • 10 simultaneous devices


  • Slower speeds on long-distance servers

Comparison Table: Best VPN for Apex Legends in France

Compare the top VPNs for Apex Legends with my quick comparison table. At a glance, you can evaluate features, pricing, server count, and more, making it easier to choose the VPN that fits your needs:

VPNs expressvpn-in-France Surfshark-logo-in-France NordVPN-in-France CyberGhost-logo-in-France PIA-logo-in-France
Ranking 1 2 3 4 5
Encryption Standards AES-256 AES-256 AES-256 AES-256 AES-256
No-Logs Policy Strict Strict Strict Strict Strict
Smart DNS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supported Devices Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Routers, Smart TVs Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Simultaneous Connections 8 Unlimited 6 7 Unlimited
Download Speed 89.42 Mbps 85.42 Mbps 86.18 Mbps 89.49 Mbps 65.78 Mbps
Best Deal EUR 6.24/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free EUR 2.33/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee EUR 4.58/mo (US$ 4.89/mo) EUR 2.8/mo (US$ 2.99/mo) - Get 3 Months Extra + Save 77% on 2-year plan EUR 2.8/mo (US$ 2.99/mo) - Get 3 Months Extra + Save 77% on 2-year plan

Methodology: How Did I Choose the Best VPN for Apex Legends in France

I considered several factors in choosing and analyzing the best VPN for Apex Legends in France. I would recommend you go through them before selecting the Apex Legends VPN:

  1. High-Speed Performance: Slow speeds can severely impact your gaming, causing lag, rubberbanding, and sporadic disconnections. To ensure smooth gameplay, the selected VPNs excel in the latest speed tests, guaranteeing minimal interruptions.
  2. Diverse Server Locations: The choice of server location significantly affects your gaming adversaries and the accessibility of region-locked services. The criteria prioritize VPNs offering a vast selection of server locations, enhancing your gaming and streaming experiences.
  3. Versatile Usage: A top-quality VPN should support all your online activities. My recommended providers enable not just gaming but also streaming on platforms like Hulu, secure torrenting, and access to popular games like PUBG and Warzone.
  4. Robust Security Features: Essential to any VPN is its security capability. I only endorse VPNs with strong no-logging policies, unbreakable encryption, kill switches, and leak protection. Some also feature additional tools like stealth modes and tracker blockers.
  5. User-Friendly Design: I favor VPNs that are easy for newcomers, with task-specific servers, intuitive settings, and around-the-clock live support. Extra points are awarded to services that allow securing an unlimited number of devices.
  6. Justifiable Pricing: While assessing VPNs, I ensure they offer value for money. I keep you informed about any available deals or discounts, ensuring you get the best price possible.
  7. Optimized for Mobile: Given that Apex Legends Mobile is a mobile-centric game, any recommended VPN must excel on mobile platforms. My choices have superior apps for both iOS and Android, designed to be user-friendly and fully compatible with Apex Legends Mobile. For more details, view my guide on the best mobile VPNs.

How to Use a VPN for Apex Legends in France?

Now that I have the list of best VPNs for Apex Legends, I must also learn how to use the VPN to play Apex Legends in France:

  1. Select a VPN of your choice. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN.
  3. Create an account and sign in.
  4. Select the nearest server to connect.
  5. Launch the game and enjoy a thrilling experience with Apex Legends using a VPN.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Apex Legends in France?

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Apex Legends in France, but I don’t suggest you use any of these VPNs. Free VPNs slow the connection speed, making playing games with high pings online hard. Most free VPNs don’t have wide network coverage and offer minimal server locations.

Moreover, these VPNs often have hidden loopholes and close to no privacy protection for users. They don’t guarantee security and leak user information. Also, free VPNs are known for collecting and selling user data to third parties, which is alarming.

Therefore, using a free VPN for Apex Legends in France is not a smart choice. I recommend using a premium VPN with advanced security and privacy protocols to shield your data and enjoy a safe gaming experience.

Therefore, a premium VPN with a reliable money-back guarantee is advisable instead of using a free VPN. I highly recommend choosing ExpressVPN to play Apex Legends.

Reddit Community Insights: Improving Apex Legends Connectivity in France

Players in Dubai often struggle with high ping and game instability, particularly when connecting to distant servers such as those in Europe. The local Bahrain server is underutilized, leading to long wait times and frequent game crashes.

The Apex Legends community has proposed using VPNs to navigate around ISP restrictions that block access to optimal game servers. Tools like Netlimiter have been useful in identifying such blocked servers, and advocating for ISPs to unblock these can substantially improve gameplay quality.

To mitigate these issues, using ExpressVPN offers a reliable solution. It allows players to connect to various server locations, potentially lowering ping and stabilizing connections. ExpressVPN’s robust infrastructure and easy setup make it an ideal choice for gamers in Dubai looking to enhance their Apex Legends experience.

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FAQs – Best VPN for Apex Legends in France

ExpressVPN stands out as the leading VPN for France due to its exceptional ability to bypass blocks and comprehensive security features. It offers rapid connection speeds and comes with the added benefit of ExpressVPN‘s top-notch unblocking capabilities.

ExpressVPN stands out as my top choice for Apex Legends in France, thanks to its reliably quick connection speeds that ensure smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

It boasts an extensive network of servers and superior security measures, allowing you to safely enjoy the game from any location. Furthermore, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have the option to test ExpressVPN without any risk.

Yes, you can reduce ping in Apex Legends by using a VPN in France. By redirecting your internet traffic through its servers and encrypting your connection, a VPN can sometimes offer a quicker connection than your standard internet service. This process can lead to improved ping times, which is particularly beneficial if you typically experience high ping while playing Apex Legends.

Yes, a VPN can indeed help you access better lobbies in Apex Legends. Using a VPN prevents your ISP from throttling your network, which can enhance your internet speed and reduce lag. This may allow you to connect to less crowded or lower-level servers, potentially leading to reduced ping and a smoother gaming experience.

Use a VPN with strong security protocols to protect against DDoS attacks in Apex Legends. I recommend ExpressVPN, which masks your IP address and includes 256-bit AES encryption, leak protection, a kill switch, and split tunneling. These tools provide robust protection against DDoS attacks.

Yes, using a VPN for Apex Legends is safe and advisable. A VPN safeguards your data traffic and privacy during gameplay, ensuring that no external threats compromise your connection. With ExpressVPN, you do not have to sacrifice speed for security, as it offers a fast, secure connection without noticeable lag.

Yes, a VPN effectively hides your identity while playing Apex Legends by masking your IP address. This prevents your ISP from potentially sharing your browsing data and protects against malicious opponents who might target your IP. With a VPN, your true IP is replaced with the server’s, safeguarding your online identity.

You can’t get banned in Apex Legends by using a VPN to remove Apex lags and reduce pings. However, you can get banned if you use a VPN to change your location to access geo-restricted content.

Wrapping Up!

Apex Legends is becoming a multiplayer action hit. It comes with high-end graphics, user controls, and interesting characters. Unfortunately, lag issues and fluctuating ping rates can ruin your online gaming experience.

Furthermore, security threats, information stealth, and geo-restrictions hinder users from enjoying their favorite gameplay. However, to bypass these challenges and access Apex Legends securely, you can use my recommended best VPN for Apex Legends in France.

Based on my experience, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Apex Legends in France, which can let you play the game without Apex lagging or threatening your privacy. You can try the 30-day risk-free trial and simply request a refund if you don’t like the services.

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