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ExpressVPN is one of the leading service providers in the VPN industry in Spain, with over 3000 servers in 160 locations across 94 countries. It is equipped with advanced technologies like the Lightway protocol, trusted server, threat manager, and military-grade encryption that elevate its commercial ranking.

ExpressVPN offers three feature-packed pricing packages in Spain with incredible perks.

While using a VPN service, customers often require technical assistance with connectivity issues or general guidance to queries. ExpressVPN provides excellent customer service support with highly-knowledgeable and responsive agents available 24/7.

If you want to contact the ExpressVPN customer support team in Spain, you can avail of three different options and reach them instantly. This post will discuss the three modes of contacting ExpressVPN customer support in Spain.

ExpressVPN Customer Support in Spain via Live Chat

ExpressVPN customer support in Spain facilitates their customers to contact the agents 24/7. When we tried the live chat to get instant help, it was easy to get in touch with the ExpressVPN customer support team in Spain. There was no ExpressVPN customer support phone number, you just have to open the chat box, and you’ll be instantly connected to its support agents.

  1. Go to the website.

Launch your favorite browser and search for the ExpressVPN website. Open the webpage from the search results.


  1. Open the live chat window.

After you launch the website, you will find a green box with the text “Need help? Chat with us!” in the lower right corner. This green box is available on every page of the ExpressVPN website. A live chat window will appear when you click on the box.


3.  Ask away

The live chat option works for users with an ExpressVPN registered account and non-platform users. If you are an account holder, you will be asked to add your registered email ID to proceed.


For non-account holders in Spain, there are no compulsions. Simply hit the start chat button to land the live chat room.We were instantly connected to the available agent within a few seconds, who guided me thoroughly and responded to our queries quickly.

To test their live chat service, we clicked on the “Need help? Chat with us!”. The chatbox opened, directing me to enter the credentials before proceeding if we had registered an account earlier. By taking the email address of users, agents can email the answers to the query if the connection drops during the chat.

Another option available was to jump to the chat area for the non-account holders. we clicked the “Start chat” button to move on to the chat section. Immediately after the chatbox was loaded, we were requested to wait till the service connected with the available agent. An agent, Nicker, joined the chat session within a few seconds and started the conversation, inquiring how he could help.

We asked some queries, to which he responded instantly, providing satisfactory and detailed answers. The prompt response and warm dealing are appreciable. we highly recommend heading on to the live chat service in Spain to report your issues or request assistance.


ExpressVPN Customer Service in Spain via Support Tab

ExpressVPN is great for private browsing and streaming blocked content in Spain, particularly Netflix. It provides buffer-free streaming at ultra-fast speeds.

Read more details about ExpressVPN’s streaming functionality in our comprehensive ExpressVPN review Spain.

When we tried streaming Netflix with ExpressVPN in Spain, we had some issues. We contacted ExpressVPN customer service in Spain via the support tab.

You can contact the support team by following the steps given ahead:

  1. Go to the ‘Support’ section

Open the ExpressVPN website and click on the Support button from the menu on top in the upper-right corner between Blog and Products.

  1. Explore the support section

When you click on the Support tab, it opens a window with multiple resources. You can search for your issues in the ExpressVPN support center bar on the top-front area of the webpage.

You get four options below the search bar to find more information about the following common issues:


  • Setting up ExpressVPN in Spain: It includes guidelines to set, configure and use ExpressVPN products on phones, desktops, and other devices. This section has multiple setup tutorials for various operating systems and platforms.
  • Troubleshoot Issues: provides solutions to common problems that users face when using ExpressVPN products. You can find several issues that are related to the ExpressVPN connection.
  • Account Management: contains directions for updating billing details, personal information, and account settings. ExpressVPN guide about sign-in, payments, subscription, and account activation can be found in this section.
  • Knowledge Hub: lets you explore ExpressVPN products, instructions on using them, and updating the latest versions. The knowledge hub covers VPN basics, features, and a usage guide.

Popular Articles

You can find helpful guides covering common functions and frequently asked questions under the Popular articles section. It has informative articles about setting up ExpressVPN on different devices, the ExpressVPN subscription cancellation process in Spain, device connections, ExpressVPN account renewal, etc.


Get live-chat support in Spain

On the bottom-most part of the webpage, you can get an option to contact live support 24/7 via email or a human agent. Using these options, you can ask your queries, report issues, or request support.

  1. Open the Live Chat window.

A pop-up window appears when you click on the Speak to a Human button. Again, you must enter your email address if you are a registered user. At the same time, non-users can simply move to the chat section by clicking on Start chat.


We were instantly connected to the active agent, who was very responsive. After we concluded the chat session, we were prompted to provide our feedback.

To assess the second customer support feature in Spain, we explored the ExpressVPN support tab. We found it extremely informative and helpful, containing different resources and materials. The best thing about this section is the availability of beneficial guides and articles on common and popular issues faced by the users on the platform.

The support tab covers most basic queries so that the users in Spain don’t have to resort to more options or wait for the agent’s response. It holds another helpful feature, providing live chat support 24/7 and connecting users with available human agents.

We clicked the “Speak to a Human” option, and we were connected with Vergil. He responded quickly to our queries in a friendly manner. At the end of the conversation, we were asked to submit our feedback, declaring the quality of service delivered by the agent. We suggest trying the chat option in the Support tab to receive timely responses and guidance.

ExpressVPN Customer Support in Spain via Email

ExpressVPN lets you contact the customer support team via live chat and email in Spain. This option is the best for you if you prefer sending an email.

  1. Send an email

You can send an email to the ExpressVPN team by scrolling down the Support section and clicking on the Email us button right next to Speak to a Human at the bottom of the page.

  1. Open an email app

When you click on the Email us button, it will display the list of apps that you can select for composing the email. Simply add the ExpressVPN customer service email address and write your issues or queries in an email.

Type or in the recipient section and add your query to the message body.

Add your details and compose your message in the app.

  1. File a support ticket

ExpressVPN allows filing support tickets in Spain via the “file a support ticket” button in the Support section. Open the Support section and scroll down until you find the “file a support ticket” option right next to the send an email option. Click on the button and get your support token.

We like the direct emailing service available in ExpressVPN for customer support in Spain. We sent our query in an email to “” and received an automated email from ExpressVPN. It assured a response within 24 hours and forwarded a link to track our email status. To check the status, you must have a registered account on ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN agents respond to emails within one day despite a long queue of emails in line, which is highly appreciable. We recommend email service in Spain when you can wait for the response for one day.

FAQs – ExpressVPN Customer Support in Spain

Yes, ExpressVPN live chat in Spain connects you to a real person working as an agent at the ExpressVPN customer support center. These agents respond instantly to all your queries and concerns with as much information as possible to assist you. You can get in touch with the team anytime to receive help promptly.

You can contact live human agents from the ExpressVPN support team in Spain 24/7 by visiting the official website and pressing the green chat box with the “Need help? Chat with us!” text at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Or simply compose an email from the Support section.

You can submit a support ticket in Spain from the Support section having the Troubleshooting guide. Scroll down to get the “file a support ticket” button and submit your support ticket to the ExpressVPN customer support team.


Customer service typically demonstrates the reliability and credibility of a product. When customers are heard and helped, they feel in safe hands, which increases the chances of recommending the product to other people in their circle.

ExpressVPN customer support in Spain has highly knowledgeable and active agents who deliver incredible services around the clock. You can contact the ExpressVPN customer support team in Spain via live chat, support tab, and email.

The best thing about the ExpressVPN customer support service in Spain is its availability 24/7. The agents at ExpressVPN are extra responsive so you can expect immediate guidance and assistance from human agents via ExpressVPN live chat.