How to Set Up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain in 2024

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Connecting a VPN on Apple TV can let you access geo-restricted streaming platforms worldwide. For example, BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked outside the UK, and Netflix offers region-based libraries across the globe. However, a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN can help you access both in a few clicks!

Unfortunately, Apple TV doesn’t allow downloading VPNs on the device. But that certainly doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea altogether.

In our guide, we’ll show you different methods to set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain. Once configured, you can enjoy all your favorite geo-restricted streaming platforms with fast speeds on the big screen.

So, without further delays, let’s get right into the guide!

How to Install ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain [Step-by-Step Guide]

There are four ways to set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain:

However, please note that every method may not be easy for you. Use the flowchart below and understand every installation process, and choose one for yourself:



Methods Comparision – Set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain

To compare the methods with one another, here is a quick table for you:

AirPlay MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) Install on a Router Connect through a PC
Configuration Difficulty Very Easy Easy Difficult Moderate
Spoofing Location Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports Netflix No Yes Yes Yes
Encryption Yes No Yes Yes
Conceals your IP Address Yes No Yes Yes
Average Speed Super-fast Super-fast Super-fast Fast

How Can You Use ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) with Apple TV in Spain

Smart DNS allows you to alter the Domain Name Servers being used by your internet, so you appear in another country. While your connection won’t be encrypted using Smart DNS, you’ll be able to access all your favorite geo-blocked streaming platforms on devices that do not support VPN apps.

With ExpressVPN, you get an effective Smart DNS feature called MediaStreamer in Spain, which allows you to stream HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Kayo Sports, CraveTV, Hulu, and more on Apple TV.

As for Netflix, please note that ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer can only unblock the American library of the streaming platform. But that’s fine because American Netflix has the most exclusive content titles.


But how you configure MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) depends on which IP you use: dynamic or static. If you use a dynamic IP address, then it will be more difficult for ExpressVPN to detect and provide you access to MediaStreamer in Spain.

How to check if you have a dynamic or static IP in Spain

Follow the steps to check whether you have a dynamic or static IP address on Windows in Spain:

  1. Right-click the Start button.
  2. In the search bar, type “Command Prompt” and tap Enter.
  3. Click the Command Prompt.
  4. Type “ipconfig/all” in the prompt window and click Enter.
  5. Among the list of network information displayed, find “DHCP Enabled.” If it says ‘Yes,’ you have a dynamic IP address. If it says ‘No,’ you have a static IP.

Follow the steps below to check whether you have a dynamic or static IP on Mac in Spain:

  1. Visit your system preferences.
  2. Click Network > Advanced > TCP/IP.
  3. Look for “Configure IPv4.” If it mentions USING DHCP, then you have a dynamic IP. If it mentions MANUALLY, then you have a static IP address.

If you have a static IP address, you can skip to the relevant instructions by clicking here. Continue reading if you own a dynamic IP address in Spain.

How to configure MediaStreamer on a dynamic IP address in Spain

If you own a dynamic IP address, then it’s recommended by ExpressVPN to use the free Dynu service for creating a dynamic hostname it can use to identify you. The IP behind the dynamic hostname is updated by an app on your device every time your IP address is changed. As a result, the same hostname can always be used to reach out to you.

Pro Tip: You can make the setup process easy and avoid running added software by providing ExpressVPN with your IP address, even if it’s dynamic. You’ll have to launch your ExpressVPN app and update your IP every time you want to use MediaStreamer in Spain.

How to configure your dynamic hostname

For setting up Dynu, you’ll require installing some software on your mobile or PC, which will check if your IP has changed after every two minutes. If it’s changed, the software will update Dynu with your new IP, so your hostname still works in Spain.

Ensure doing this at home as your device needs to use the same external IP as Apple TV in Spain.

For setting up your dynamic hostname, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the website of Dynu and create your account. You’d have to provide your name and email ID and create a username and password.


  • Click the link you get in your email to verify your email ID.
  • Sign in to Dynu > click DDNS Services.
  • Under Option 1, insert your chosen hostname in the Host box. You can select the Top Level domain name on the right. However, the default one is just fine.


  • Tap the Add button.
  • Turn off the settings of the following: Wildcard IPv4 Alias, Wildcard IPv6 Alias, and Enable IPv6 Address. Once you click Save, your hostname will be ready to use.



  • Launch the Update Client, sign in with your Dynu account credentials > tap Save.
  • In case MediaStreamer stops working, launch the Dynu client and tap Save to update your IP.

Provide ExpressVPN with your dynamic hostname

Now that you have an IP address using which ExpressVPN can identify you, you need to inform ExpressVPN about it. Follow the steps to do that:


  • Insert your dynamic hostname in the Dynamic DNS hostname box. That will be a combo of Dynu’s domain name and your chosen hostname. For example:
  • Click on Save Hostname.

Configure MediaStreamer on Apple TV

Now that you’re authorized to use MediaStreamer, it’s time you configure it on your Apple TV in Spain:

  • Visit the ExpressVPN setup page. Sign in if required.
  • Jot down the MediaStreamer IP address present on the right.


  • Visit your Apple TV.
  • If you’re using the Apple TV generation 1st-3rd, then visit Settings > General > Network.
  • On the later versions, visit Settings > Network.


  • Click on your present connection, be it Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If you’re currently using Wi-Fi, choose your Wi-Fi network.


  • Scroll down and click Configure DNS > Manual.


  • Note down your present DNS settings. In case anything doesn’t work right, you can restore your connection. If you haven’t manually configured your connection before, then you can set Configure DNS to Automatic for resetting your DNS settings.
  • Insert your MediaStreamer IP address.


  • On the 1st-3rd gen devices, restart your Apple TV through Settings > General > Restart.
  • Once you’re done, you can start streaming geo-restricted streaming platforms on Apple TV.

How to configure MediaStreamer on a static IP address in Spain

You don’t need to use Dynu if you have a static IP in Spain. You just need to know your IP address. You can note down your IP address through our IP checker tool in Spain. Now, you need to provide ExpressVPN with your IP address so they can ensure that you’re a subscriber. Here’s how you can do that:


  • Under IP Address Registration, add your IP address. Then, click Register My IP Address. Turn the toggle on to Automatically Register My IP Address, which can help you track changes to your IP.


  • You can update your IP address by using the ExpressVPN app on your device or logging into your ExpressVPN account in Spain.

Once you’re authorized to use MediaStreamer, you can configure it on your Apple TV using the steps above.

Pro Tip: You can use ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee to try ExpressVPN risk-free.

How to Stream on Apple TV Using AirPlay and ExpressVPN in Spain

AirPlay allows you to play movies and shows on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and then cast them on your Apple TV. For this, you need to get the ExpressVPN app on your iPhone in Spain, any other iOS device, or macOS to unblock the content first.

This is known to be the easiest way to get ExpressVPN for Apple TV and unblock geo-restricted content. Moreover, it keeps you absolutely secure and encrypted.

Please note that since Netflix doesn’t support the AirPlay option, you won’t be able to AirPlay Netflix.

To AirPlay on Apple TV with ExpressVPN in Spain, follow the steps below:

  1. Register for ExpressVPN and download its app on iOS and macOS devices. You can also get a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial on your iOS device.
  2. On your Mac, launch the ExpressVPN app, and visit Preferences > General. Ensure ticking the “Allow access to devices on the local network” setting. Otherwise, your Mac won’t be able to discover the Apple TV.
  3. Connect to your chosen VPN server. For example, to watch American Netflix, connect to a US server.
  4. Launch the streaming platform on your device and click on the content title you want to stream.
  5. To enable AirPlay streaming on mobile, click the AirPlay icon present in the video window. On Mac, tap on the AirPlay icon and choose Apple TV.
  6. Choose Apple TV. Ensure that your Apple TV and mobile are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  7. You’ll start seeing your video on TV.

Set Up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain via Wi-Fi Router

When you install ExpressVPN on your Wi-Fi router in Spain, you’re able to conceal your actual IP address and secure all your devices connected to the network. This includes your Apple TV as well.

The easiest way to get ExpressVPN on your router is to use a pre-configured router with the VPN installed in it. You can find these on, but these will cost you more than a standard router. Then, ensure subscribing to ExpressVPN to use this router.

If you’re looking into manually configuring a VPN on your router, then you first need to check if your router is compatible with a VPN – you’ll require one that supports OpenVPN.

ExpressVPN is compatible with DD-WRT routers and several models of ASUS. You can find detailed instructions for setting up ExpressVPN on the router in Spain. If you have an Asus router, you can check out our guide on how to install ExpressVPN on Asus Router in Spain.


ExpressVPN offers compatibility with multiple routers.

Note: When you configure ExpressVPN on a router, any device connected to the Wi-Fi will also automatically connect to ExpressVPN. So, you’ll get the same privacy and security benefits across all devices courtesy of ExpressVPN in Spain.

How to Set Up ExpressVPN on Your PC for Apple TV in Spain

The final way to set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain is by creating a virtual router on your PC in Spain, and then connecting your Apple TV to it. This method allows you to enjoy all benefits of a VPN, but you have your computer running throughout the time you use your Apple TV. Also note that you cannot use your phone for this.

To configure ExpressVPN on your computer for Apple TV, use the steps below:

  1. Download ExpressVPN on your device by subscribing to it. You can do that by clicking here.
  2. Configure a mobile hotspot or virtual router on your PC.
  3. Set up ExpressVPN. First, disconnect ExpressVPN, and visit the preferences menu > Protocol tab. If you’re using Windows, then choose the OpenVPN protocol. On macOS, select L2TP/IPsec.
  4. Connect to an ExpressVPN server of the country you want to access the content of.
  5. Connect Apple TV to the connection you created on your PC.
  6. Once connected, start streaming all your favorite geo-restricted content on Apple TV in Spain.

ExpressVPN is also a best VPN for Samsung Smart TVs in Spain, LG, Smart TVs, and more. You can read our detailed ExpressVPN Samsung TV in Spain guide for more information.

Why Do you Need ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain?

Key Features:

  • Offers super-fast speeds and 4K streaming capabilities
  • Unblocks multiple streaming platforms and apps
  • Compatible with all Apple TV generations
  • Offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN can unblock an extensive amount of Netflix libraries and streaming platforms with blazing-fast global speeds. That’s why it’s an amazing choice for Apple TV. There are various ways you can get ExpressVPN to work with Apple TV. Among them, installing it on your router will let you secure all your devices easily.

Apple TV works everywhere you want to use it. All Apple services, such as App Store, are also equally available in all regions. The problem starts when it comes to specific content on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others. Also ExpressVPN will let you unblock IPTV to watch your favorite shows as it is the best VPN for IPTV in Spain.

Most streaming services impose geo-restrictions so that many titles are only accessible in certain regions, mostly the US. This means that you’ll be getting half the value of an Apple TV even though you’ve paid the full price.

This is where a VPN like ExpressVPN comes in. With 3000+ servers distributed worldwide, ExpressVPN is the most efficient Apple TV VPN in Spain that can help users unblock content and bypass geo-restrictions. Reddit recommends ExpressVPN for Apple TV as well!

Since Apple TV does not support VPN installation, you’ll have to resort to alternative methods to set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain.

Is ExpressVPN a Reliable Choice for Apple TV in Spain?

ExpressVPN is our top choice for a VPN for Apple TV in Spain, all thanks to its simple MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) configuration and user-friendly yet powerful router app.

The VPN offers commendable unblocking capabilities, super-fast speeds, and various other features. Let’s check them out below:

  • Robust MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) feature: It’s easy to configure ExpressVPN’s DNS feature on Apple TV as it allows you to enjoy all geo-restricted content. But, you don’t get the full security package of a VPN on it.
  • User-friendly apps for iOS devices: You get easy-to-use apps for iPhone/iPad, using which you can AirPlay easily.
  • Pre-configured routers: With these routers, you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing a VPN on your router. However, it’s a tad bit on the pricier end.
  • Excellent router support: There’s a dedicated dashboard for routers, using which you can switch server locations in case you want to access the content of some other region.
  • Robust streaming support: ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming in Spain as it can unblock almost all major streaming platforms worldwide.

What to Do if ExpressVPN is Not Working on Apple TV in Spain?

If ExpressVPN is not working on Apple TV in Spain, then use the troubleshooting steps below to fix it:

  1. Verify the IP address you registered with ExpressVPN. The IP you registered with ExpressVPN’s DNS settings should be the same as displayed in your IP checker tool. If they’re not similar, click “Register my IP address” in ExpressVPN account settings.
  2. Ensure that MediaStreamer blocks the streaming service. You’ll be displayed in your local library if you don’t find ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer working with your streaming platform. That’s because MediaStreamer circumvents all connections it cannot unblock.
  3. Make sure that your Apple TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your iOS device for AirPlay. If you’re using the default settings of AirPlay, then you’ll need to connect your iPhone/iPad to the same Wi-Fi as your Apple TV. Otherwise, you can change the settings, so this step is unnecessary.

How to Change Countries with ExpressVPN on Apple TV in Spain

The simplest way to change your country when using ExpressVPN on Apple TV in Spain is by using the router app or connecting through a PC. However, if you’re using the MediaStreamer Smart DNS feature, you won’t be able to change your server location natively. MediaStreamer comes with a pre-determined list of compatible streaming platforms.

In short, you cannot change the country using ExpressVPN MediaStreamer on Apple TV in Spain.

Note: A VPN/Smart DNS won’t change your Apple account location or App Store. For this, visit Settings > General > Apple TV Language. After that, click on General > Region Format > choose a region. This will provide you access to apps that are not generally available in your country, such as Hotstar and BBC iPlayer in Spain.

FAQs – ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain

The reasons why ExpressVPN may not be working on Apple TV in Spain are: You may have registered the wrong IP address with ExpressVPN, MediaStreamer doesn’t unblock the streaming platform you chose, or your iOS/macOS device and Apple TV aren’t connected to the same Wi-Fi for AirPlay.

ExpressVPN offers an effective Smart DNS feature in Spain called MediaStreamer. This feature lets you stream Hulu, US Netflix, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV.

Yes, ExpressVPN works great with Apple TV in Spain. The easiest method to use ExpressVPN on Apple TV is by installing it on your Wi-Fi router. This way, you’ll enjoy every benefit of a virtual private network on the devices connected to your router, including gaming consoles and smart TVs.

Yes, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature works on all generations of Apple TV in Spain, including tvOS 6th, 5th, 4th, and older.

Yes, ExpressVPN is compatible with Apple TV in Spain. You can simply get ExpressVPN and make the most of your Apple TV. The simplest method to use ExpressVPN on your Apple TV is configuring it on your Wi-Fi router. This way, you’ll get absolute privacy and security of a VPN on all devices connected to that router, including smart TVs.

Final Thoughts

ExpressVPN offers excellent unblocking capabilities, allowing you to access many Netflix libraries with fast speeds. This makes ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain a great option.

In this guide, we took you through different ways to set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV in Spain. Using it on your router will allow you to protect all your devices while enjoying your favorite geo-blocked shows. If you don’t have a compatible router, you can use the MediaStreamer feature to unblock streaming platforms on Apple TV.

Since ExpressVPN is the best iOS VPN in Spain, you can also AirPlay your favorite content or create a mobile hotspot through your PC.

We hope you liked our ExpressVPN Apple TV guide. Feel free to comment in case of any questions.

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