Top 10 VPNs for Spain Promise Secure Access to Blocked Websites

Spain is following the footsteps of countries that do not allow the users to download their preferred torrents. In this scenario, the role of a VPN becomes significant since it allows you to watch your desired video content instantly. Through our guide, we will let you know about best VPN for Spain in detail.


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Like the citizens of any other country, Spaniards are also unable to access Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and BBC iPlayer due to the limited access that these websites provide outside the US and UK. The contents of these websites are blocked and are not available for viewership in Spain.

A VPN is to Spanish internet what wings are to a plane – no matter how fast your internet/plane flies don’t expect to get very far without VPN/wings. To unblock all the blocked and geo-restricted content, one must have the best VPN for Spain installed in his computer or any other device.

Experiencing Netflix, Hulu, Vudu & BBC iPlayer through Best VPNs for Spain

The tweet below explains why you need a VPN to run in Spain.

A VPN can give you access to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and BBC iPlayer? Until, Netflix officially launches in Spain, you can choose any from our list of VPNs for Spain which we have compliedbased on the performances and packages they offer to their users.


10 Best VPN Services for Spain – with Pros & Cons and Detailed Review

These top-of-the-line VPN  apps allow you to stream online radio, movies and videos on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and BBC iPlayer in Spain without any hassle. Here is the list of VPN services that work best in Spain you should consider:
  1. PureVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. PrivateVPN
  5. Ivacy VPN
  6. Betternet
  7. IPVanish
  8. Windscribe
  9. Private Internet Access
  10. HideMyAss


1.   PureVPN

PureVPN for Spain

PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service that has 750 + servers in 141 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the service offers a list of compelling features that make the provider the best VPN for Spain.




  • The service is compatible with 20+ devices
  • The provider offers multi-login feature
  • The service has 256-bit military grade encryption


  • The users may anticipate connectivity issues during peak hours
  • The users cannot avail the free trial feature
  • The ad blocker benefit is available in Chrome only


2. NordVPN

NordVPN as Best VPN for Spain

NordVPN is a Panama based VPN service that has all the right reasons to become a top provider especially for countries like  Spain. The provider has 1400+ servers in 60+ countries all around the world. Furthermore, the users can experience different kinds of benefits under one package.



  • The provider is based at Panama
  • The provider offers multi-login benefit to the users
  • The subscribers can install and use the service on their preferred devices


  • The provider does not free trial feature for the new users
  • The service also follows strict refund policy
  • The users can anticipate connectivity issues during peak hours


3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN for Spain

ExpressVPN is a US based VPN service that has 1700+ servers in 140+ countries in the world. The provider offers a list of interesting benefits that make the service one of the top choices in the industry. In addition, you can experience various advantages in the form of money back guarantee, multi-login and so on.



  • The service offers impressive customer support feature to the users
  • The provider has a list of attractive tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and others
  • The service allows the users to unblock region blocked content from anywhere


  • The service offers expensive pricing plans for the users
  • The service only offers 30 days money back guarantee benefit to the subscribers
  • The service is based at the US


4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN for Spain

PrivateVPN is a VPN striving hard to grab the leading roll among it’s competitors. In addition, the provider is trying its best by offering its services in 56 countries including European countries i.e. Spain and others. The users may opt the service if they want to avail different benefits under one package.



  • The service offers attractive customer support feature to the users
  • The service provides multi-login benefit to the users
  • The service offers OpenVPN protocol to the subscribers


  • The service does not offer free trial feature
  • The provider does not provide Netflix streaming
  • The service offers limited number of features for Mac users


5. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN for Spain

Ivacy VPN is another VPN that has headquarter based in Hong Kong. The provider offers 200+ servers in 100+ countries worldwide. Moreover, the service has impressive features for the users enough to grab their attention.




  • The provider is a Hong Kong based service
  • The service offers multi-login benefit to the users
  • The provider allows users to perform P2P activities from anywhere


  • The service does not offer free trial feature to the users
  • The users may experience connectivity problems
  • The users can anticipate difficulties while using the apps


6. Betternet

Betternet for Spain

Betternet has a worldwide presence because it is catering the online needs of 38 million users. Furthermore, the service offers both freemium and premium version to its users straightaway.




  • The service offers exclusive freemium version to the subscribers
  • The provider offers seven days free trial feature on premium service
  • The service provides 30 days money back guarantee to the users


  • The service does not offer kill switch feature
  • The provider keeps the information of the users
  • The users may anticipate connectivity issues on different servers


7. IPVanish

IPVanish for Spain

IPVanish is a US based VPN service that provides all the right reasons to turn out to be the best Spain VPN. The provider has 1000+ servers in 60+ countries all around the world. The service has interesting features for both existing and potential users.



  • The provider allows Kodi Streaming from anywhere
  • The service offers multi-login benefit to the users
  • The provider has eye-catching customer support feature


  • The provider is based at the US
  • The service is on the higher side in terms of pricing
  • The service offers money back guarantee that lasts up to seven days only


8. Windscribe

Spain VPN Windscribe

Windscribe is another VPN you can try out in Spain for different purposes. The provider offers impressive benefits to the users straightaway. The provider allows you to obtain online anonymity and protection from anywhere.




  • The service offers 256-bit military grade encryption
  • The provider offers no-logging policy to the users
  • The service enables you to unblock US Netflix hassle-free


  • The service does not offer live chat benefit
  • The users may anticipate lower speeds on different servers
  • The service offers strict refund policy to the users


9. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access Spain

Private Internet Access (PIA) allows you to enjoy online anonymity and freedom accordingly. Moreover, the users are able to enjoy a list of impressive features on their preferred devices without any hassle.




  • The provider offers dedicated apps for various platforms and devices
  • The service has a list of tunneling protocols that include OpenVPN
  • The provider offers low price if you avail lengthy subscription package


  • The service is based at the US
  • The service does not offer eye-catching user interface
  • The service does not support Netflix streaming


10. HideMyAss

HideMyAss Spain

HideMyAss is another online privacy service you can assume as best VPN for Spain. The provider offers both protection and online anonymity under one package to the users. In addition, you can try out various benefits of the service instantly.




  • The service is compatible with all the leading platforms
  • The service offers impressive customer support advantage
  • The provider has exclusive thirty days money back guarantee for the subscribers


  • The service only allows simultaneous connections on two devices
  • The provider does not offer free trial benefit
  • The service keeps logs of the users


If you want to stay updated with the latest movies and TV shows, make sure you are connected to a VPN Service for Spain. Not only will you be able to stream the videos at a faster speed, but it will also allow you to do so while remaining anonymous and hidden from the eyes of hackers and phishers.

Why do you need a VPN in Spain?

A VPN in Spain will allow you to gain access to the region-blocked websites within Spain straightaway. If you want to secure your different devices Like Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and others from ISPs monitoring and government surveillance in Spain, you need a VPN. Here is the list of other reasons that suggest why you need a VPN in Spain:

For online privacy

When it comes to attaining online privacy in Spain, you need to connect to a VPN. This is because a VPN masks your original IP addresses. Thus, the online hackers are unable to trace your online activities. In addition, you are able to spoof your online locations from snoopers.

For unblocking region-blocked content

Likewise, the best VPN for Spain allows you to gain access to the region-blocked websites or services instantly. After connecting to a VPN server of your choice from the list given above, you can start watching your desired content straightaway.

For Anonymous torrenting

When you want to watch your favorite TV shows or movies through torrents, you should contemplate about using a VPN. By doing so, you can secure your online identities to another level. It means the copyright holders cannot send you DMCA notices because they cannot keep an eye on your torrenting activities.

For protecting against Wi-Fi Hackers

When you want to use public Wi-Fi in securely manner, you can look for the most suitable VPN app in Spain. It protects all your crucial personal information and activities from public Wi-Fi hackers instantly. Furthermore, you can perform web surfing or any other online tasks without any hassle.

For avoiding online censorship

By using a fine VPN service in Spain, you can overcome the issue of online censorship in Spain accordingly. This is because a VPN enables the users to obtain online anonymity. By doing so, your ISPs and government are unable to trace your online activities.


VPN for Internet TV in Spain

If you are living for any reason in Spain and want to enjoy the seamless streaming of Netflix, you have to connect to one of the best VPNs for Spain. A VPN software in Spain will allow you to connect to the Netflix library of US region. However, you will have to connect to a US VPN server to get this benefit on your devices first.

After connecting to a US VPN server, you are ready to explore the unlimited dose of online entertainment in Spain. Still, not all the things are rosy with Netflix, the famous video streaming service has started taking VPN detection procedures to identify the IP addresses of VPN services.

From the list of VPN services for Spain provided above, you can circumvent the issue of Netflix proxy blocks accordingly. This is how you can continue enjoying the seamless streaming of US Netflix straightaway.


Peer to Peer VPN

Spain is another country where torrent users can become a victim of copyright trolls or DMCA notices. To avoid these situations, you need to use a VPN that allows you to secure your online activities. Moreover, a reasonable VPN for Spain can deceive your ISPs from monitoring your torrents downloading tasks.

Likewise, A VPN in Spain provides the users alternative IP addresses. Thus, surveillance agencies recognize the IP addresses of the VPN services not the actual IP addresses of the users. Therefore, you can spoof your online locations from ISPs and government.

If you perform the task of torrenting without connecting to a VPN, there are chances you can find yourself in the hot water of legal troubles. Hence, you must use a VPN to secure your online privacy. By doing so, you secure yourself from legal troubles quite easily. However, you should always use a VPN that does not keep logs of the users.


Torrent Downloads Through VPNs for Spain

Spain has also been involved in a cyber-war against piracy and copyrights infringement lately. Spain, AKA former file sharing heaven, saw its government ordering ISPs and cellular companies to block all the websites that provide file-to-file sharing.

A court recently ordered the ISPs to unblock six of those websites; indicating there are many torrent websites that are yet to be unblocked.

It is important to have a VPN for Spain to access ALL the websites that provide file sharing facility to download torrents while remaining hidden. It does not only give you the access but it also outplays the possibility of being caught due to copyrights infringement.

The speed of downloading a torrent, however, may vary, depending upon the VPN service provider you choose.


Benefits of Using VPN in Spain

A VPN for Spain masks your real IP with one of its IPs from other servers. It does this to provide you with the margin to surf and stream the content that is blocked in Spain. However, it also protects you against malicious software programs, online surveillance, hacking and phishing.

With VPNs for Spain you will benefit in many ways. First of all, it will not only protect you from the cybercriminals but it will also give you access to blocked channels like Channel Five of the UK which has been shut out of Spain.


Increasing Cybercrime & Deteriorating Cybersecurity in Spain

According to CS Monitor, Spain is the cybercrime capital of Europe and a playground for hackers around the world. A Russian gang was involved in making €1 million in Spain by spreading malicious software over the internet which locked the Spanish users’ computers under the guise of National Police Anti-Fraud project claiming that they had done something illegal.

The users were then asked to pay €100 to get their machines “unlocked”. As per the report from Spanish Interior Ministry (SIM) almost 95% of the cybercriminals go unpunished. The report further goes on to tell the astonishing number of cases of cybercrimes that have been registered over last twelve months.

According to the SIM, Spain’s Security Forces registered 42,437 cases of cybercrimes last year, of which only 2,167 have been resolved. These stats are more than enough to convince the people to start using the VPNs for Spain already.


VPNs for Spain Protects Against Cybercrime Threats

Spain has witnessed a huge rise in cybercrimes over the last few years. It has almost become mandatory for the internet users to install VPNs for Spain in their computers and devices. The users face constant threats of hacking, scams and frauds over the internet.

However, all these threats can be countered relatively easily if one takes preemptive measures by equipping his computer or device with a VPN service for Spain. These VPNs support strong encryption up to 256-bit to ensure maximum security to protect the online identity of the user and to give him 100% efficient results.


Author’s Recommendation

If you are travelling or currently residing in Spain, then we recommend you to equip your computer and device with a VPN for Spain. It will unblock all the contents that are geo-restricted in Spain and will give you the ultimate freedom to surf whatever you want.

With a VPN, you will be able to stream online movies and videos and download whatever you want while protecting you from the potential threats of hackers, scammers, frauds and online surveillance.

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