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You can watch Rowing World Championships in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer but for that, you have to have a VPN, like ExpressVPN, as BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted.

The upcoming World Rowing Championships, scheduled for September 3-10 in Belgrade, Serbia, will see a strong representation of the California men’s rowing team. A total of four current Golden Bears and six former athletes will be competing at the event.

With nearly 1,000 athletes from 74 different delegations participating, this championship is considered one of the most competitive since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Countries will have the chance to secure Olympic qualification spots for the 2024 Paris Games in multiple boat categories.

Ollie Maclean, after his recent bronze medal win in the men’s four at the 2023 World Rowing Cup III in Lucerne, will now be participating in the straight-four event. Now, learn to know how to use a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer in Netherlands and know more about the events like schedule and tickets.

How to Watch Rowing World Championships in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

You can watch Rowing World Championships in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer following the following recommended VPN:

  • Connect to a reliable VPN (ExpressVPN).
  • Download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect the VPN to your device (Docklands).
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer and sign in
  • Enjoy the 2023 World Rowing Championship!

These are the only mandatory steps to watch World Rowing Championships 2023 Online on BBC iPlayer for free and access it from anywhere worldwide.

When is The 2023 World Rowing Championships set to begin?

In the Serbian capital of Belgrade, from September 3rd to 10th, 2023. Athletes have the opportunity to compete for a total of 114 quota spots for the Paris 2024 Olympics, spanning 14 different Olympic boat categories.

We have already explained to you how to watch Rowing World Championships 2023 results live on BBC iPlayer in Netherlands, right? Then what are you waiting for? The event has already started!

Where can I watch World Rowing Championships 2023?

You can watch World Rowing Championships 2023 on BBC iPlayer. However, if you are trying to stream from anywhere in Netherlands, then make sure to watch World Rowing Championships 2023 Online With a VPN – ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is the most recommended platform to watch World Rowing Championships 2023 live as it’s free – yes you don’t need to pay any BBC iPlayer cost and certainly don’t need to look for a free trial to try the service first.

Other than that you get to stream unlimited titles from every genre including the trending ones The Real Peaky Blinders, and The Woman in the Wall. Plus you are free to cancel your subscription or keep your account without worrying about subscription renewal fees.

Now, you can watch World Rowing Championships 2023 preview: the main Paris 2024 Olympic qualifier on BBC iPlayer without further having to worry about where to watch it.

What is the Rowing World Championships all about?

The World Rowing Championships, overseen by the International Rowing Federation (FISA), is a prestigious global rowing event.

Traditionally held towards the end of the northern hemisphere summer, it’s a major highlight on the rowing calendar, especially in non-Olympic years. Commencing in 1962 in Lucerne, Switzerland, the championships started as a quadrennial event but transitioned to an annual competition in 1974.

Over the years, new categories were added, such as Men’s lightweight and Women’s open weight events in 1974, and Women’s lightweight events in 1985. Since 1996, the Junior World Rowing Championships have been held alongside the World Rowing Championships during Summer Olympic years.

Additionally, in 2002, adaptive rowing events were introduced, catering to various disability classes, including LTA (legs, trunk, and arms), TA (trunk and arms), and A (arms-only). In 2009, the A category was replaced by AS (arms and shoulders), and an ID (intellectually disabled) category was briefly introduced but later removed after the 2011 Championships.

So, How popular is rowing in the UK? In 2021, approximately 377 thousand people participated in rowing in England, rowing has massively increasing its popularity across the world, some do it for fun and some do it for passion!

World Rowing Championships 2023 schedule

Let’s check the Rowing World Championships schedule for 2023:

Men’s Schedule:

Date Time Event
Sunday, Sept 3 09:30 Men’s single sculls – heats
10:26 Men’s lightweight sculls – heats
12:19 Men’s lightweight double sculls – heats
12:54 Men’s pair – heats
13:29 Men’s double sculls – heats
Monday, Sept 4 10:49 Men’s lightweight pair – heat
12:00 Men’s lightweight quadruple sculls – heat
15:30 Men’s single sculls – repechage
16:47 Men’s lightweight single sculls – repechage
17:01 Men’s pair – repechage
17:15 Men’s lightweight double sculls – repechage
17:29 Men’s double sculls – repechage
Wednesday, Sept 6 11:00 Men’s single sculls – quarter-finals
11:56 Men’s lightweight single sculls – quarter-finals
12:24 Men’s lightweight double sculls – quarter-finals
12:52 Men’s pair – quarter-finals
13:20 Men’s double sculls – quarter-finals
15:30 Men’s single sculls – semi-finals (G/H/E/F)
16:12 Men’s lightweight single sculls – E final
16:19 Men’s pair – E final
16:26 Men’s lightweight double sculls – E final
16:33 Men’s double sculls – E final
Thursday, Sept 7 09:35 Men’s lightweight single sculls – semi-finals (A/B)
11:15 Men’s pair – semi-finals (A/B)
11:55 Men’s lightweight double sculls – semi-finals (A/B)
13:15 Men’s quadruple sculls – semi-finals (A/B)
14:50 Men’s lightweight single sculls – semi-finals (C/D)
15:18 Men’s single sculls – semi-finals (C/D)
16:50 Men’s double sculls – semi-finals (C/D)
17:18 Men’s single sculls – finals (H/G/F)

Women’s Schedule:

Date Time Event
Sunday, Sept 3 10:26 Women’s single sculls – heats
11:51 Women’s lightweight sculls – heats
12:26 Women’s double sculls – heats
13:51 Women’s lightweight double sculls – heats
15:00 Women’s single sculls – repechage
15:51 Women’s lightweight single sculls – repechage
16:19 Women’s double sculls – repechage
16:54 Women’s lightweight double sculls – repechage
Tuesday, Sept 5 11:10 Women’s lightweight pair – heats
11:25 Women’s lightweight single sculls – repechage
12:07 Women’s pair – repechage
12:35 Women’s lightweight double sculls – repechage
13:03 Women’s four – repechage
13:40 Women’s quadruple sculls – repechage
14:29 Women’s eight – heats
Wednesday, Sept 6 11:28 Women’s single sculls – quarter-finals
15:58 Women’s single sculls – semi-finals (E/F)
16:22 Women’s pair – semi-finals (C/D)
Thursday, Sept 7 10:55 Women’s pair – semi-finals (A/B)
11:35 Women’s lightweight double sculls – semi-finals (A/B)
12:15 Women’s four – semi-finals (A/B)
12:35 Women’s

What are the 2023 World Rowing Championships Events

Olympic Classes Events

Men’s Single Sculls (M1x)
Men’s Double Sculls (M2x)
Men’s Pair (M2-)
Men’s Quadruple Sculls (M4x)
Men’s Four (M4-)
Men’s Eight (M8+)
Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls (LM2x)
Women’s Single Sculls (W1x)
Women’s Double Sculls (W2x)
Women’s Pair (W2-)
Women’s Quadruple Sculls (W4x)
Women’s Four (W4-)
Women’s Eight (W8+)
Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls (LW2x)
Non-Olympic International Lightweight Classes Events
Men’s Lightweight Single Sculls (LM1x)
Men’s Lightweight Pair (LM2-)
Men’s Lightweight Quadruple Sculls (LM4x)
Women’s Lightweight Single Sculls (LW1x)
Women’s Lightweight Pair (LW2-)
Women’s Lightweight Quadruple Sculls (LW4x)

Familiar with the events now? Watch Rowing World Championships online free with BBC iPlayer from anywhere using ExpressVPN.

What are the prices for World Rowing Championships tickets?

World Rowing Championships ticket prices vary depending on the type of admission:

  • Single-day general admission passes are priced from approximately $20 to $30.
  • Grandstand seating typically costs $35, while Championship Pavilion seating can cost around $70.
  • For a single day’s VIP experience at the World Rowing Championships, prices start at approximately $150.

Fans interested in attending the event for multiple days can take advantage of discounted pricing by purchasing two-, four, or eight-day passes.

ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN to Watch Rowing World Championships in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer

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What Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Bing Peter Rabbit
Millie Inbetween Normal People
The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies Andrew Tate The Man Who Groomed the World

2023 World Rowing Championships - World Rowing - BBC iPlayer


In order to take part in the World Rowing Under 19 Championships, rowers must not exceed the age of 18. Rowers can compete in the Under 19 division until December 31st of the year in when they turn 18, after which they transition to the Under 23 category.

The Worlds Rowing 2023 is hosted by Belgrade. Now you can stream the event live from the comfort of your home just by subscribing to ExpressVPN and BBC iPlayer.

Every year, the senior World Rowing Championships serve as the culmination of the international rowing season. During this event, World Champions are decided across a total of 14 boat categories, evenly split between seven for men and seven for women.

National, collegiate, world and Olympic sprint competitions typically cover a distance of 2,000 metres, which is approximately equivalent to 1.25 miles. The racecourse is typically divided into 6-8 lanes, and buoys are used to mark each 500-metre section. In contrast, master races typically span a distance of 1,000 metres.

Rowing is a sport that involves competitions throughout the year, including in the Fall, Summer, and Winter seasons. However, the official scholastic racing season for rowing is during the Spring. Rowing events encompass two main categories: sprint races and head races.

Wrap Up

Watch Rowing World Championships in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer using the recommended VPN, ExpressVPN.

This is the top recommended VPN for sports considering that it provides buffer-free streaming, remarkable unblocking capabilities, and added security.

The event is taking place from September 3-10, and we cannot wait to stream the event live.

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