How to Watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer

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Where can I watch Normal People? You can watch Normal People on BBC iPlayer. However, to watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer, you should use a quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and unavailable in Netherlands due to licensing and distribution laws. Therefore, to watch BBC iPlayer in Netherlands, you must bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by the platform. You can only do that with the help of a VPN.

With the help of a VPN, you will dive into the complicated web of emotions, desires, and the bumpy road of love and self-discovery. In the fascinating world of “Normal People,” a 2020 series that blew people’s minds on BBC iPlayer, raw vulnerability meets the complicated nature of human connections.

The plot of Normal People revolves around two characters, Connell and Marianne. With the help of these two, you will step into a world where every look, touch, and whisper has the power to reveal the extraordinary story of two souls destined to be together.

If you happen to be in Netherlands, we don’t want you to miss out on this beautiful tale. The reason we’ll guide you on how to watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer? [Easy Steps]

Here are the quick steps guiding you on how to watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer for free using VPN.

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Login to the VPN using your credentials.
  • Connect to a UK-based server, preferably Docklands.
  • Go to BBC iPlayer website and sign in.
  • You can now stream Normal People in Netherlands for free.

Where to Watch Normal People?

You can watch Normal People on BBC iPlayer. However, if you are in Netherlands, you must use a VPN to watch Normal People on BBC iPlayer.

Unlike other streaming platforms, there is no BBC iPlayer free trial because it’s a free streaming platform. However, to access the platform legally, you must have a BBC iPlayer account and a valid UK TV license, which costs £159/yr. Acquiring a UK-TV license will be the only BBC iPlayer cost.

Step into a world where entertainment has no limits, where BBC iPlayer is your gateway to a universe of interesting content. Get your heart racing with exciting live events like the Rowing World Championships, or captivate your mind with documentaries like “Andrew Tate The Man Who Groomed The World and Rillington Place,” which delves deep into intriguing mysteries.

If you are looking for thrilling experiences or information to satisfy your curiosity, BBC iPlayer has you covered.

When Can I Watch Normal People on BBC iPlayer?

Normal People aired on BBC Three on 26 April 2020. You can watch all the 12 episodes of series 1 on BBC iPlayer.

What Is the Plot of Normal People?

Romance, friendship, and self-development are just some of the obstacles that teenagers Connell and Marianne face throughout “Normal People.” The story follows them from high school to college and beyond, detailing their emotional struggles, weaknesses, and personality changes.

Connell is a well-known and liked athlete, while Marianne is smart but ignored because she is awkward in social situations. Even though they are different, they have a strong bond that goes beyond what society expects.

However, their roles take an unexpected turn as Connell starts to experience isolation while Marianne grows in self-assurance.

Who Are the Featured Cast of Normal People?

“Normal People” has a talented cast that brings the characters to life with depth and authenticity. Here is the Normal People cast.

Actors/Actress Character Name
Paul Mescal Connell
Eliot Salt Joanna
Daisy Edgar-Jones Marianne
India Mullen Peggy
Desmond Eastwood Niall
Frank Blake Alan
Aislín McGuckin Denise
Sarah Greene Lorraine
Éanna Hardwicke Rob
Killian Filan Jack
Seán Doyle Eric
Meadhbh Maxwell Lisa
Fionn O’Shea Jamie
Leah McNamara Rachel
Clinton Liberty Kiernan
Niamh Lynch Karen
Aoife Hinds Helen
Kwaku Fortune Philip
Megan McDonnell Elaine
Liz Fitzgibbon Ms. Neary
Slaney Power Sophie
Leah Minto Sadie
Sebastian De Souza Gareth
Lauryn Canny Teresa
Chris McHallem Lecturer
Muiris Crowley Mr. Kerrigan
Domhnall Herdman Matt

How Many Episodes of Normal People Are There?

There are 12 episodes of “Normal People. Adapted from Sally Rooney’s novel, each episode shows how Connell and Marianne’s relationship and personal lives change over time. Here are all the 12 episodes.

Episode 1
Connell and Marianne, who are at opposite ends of the social scene at their school, start an intense, secret relationship in modern, rural Ireland.
Episode 2
The affair between Marianne and Connell continues, but the stresses of life begin to show.
Episode 3
Connell hurts Marianne when he makes a weak choice. Marianne drops out of school, which makes Connell feel guilty.
Episode 4
Connell finds college to be lonely, while Marianne becomes popular right away. They bump into each other and decide to make an effort to become friends.
Episode 5
Connell tries to join Marianne’s group of friends but finds himself out of place. After receiving his apology, Marianne starts questioning her decision to date Gareth.
Episode 6
Connell and Marianne are a couple, but they pull apart after he loses his job and she returns from a trip home feeling devastated.
Episode 7
Both Marianne and Connell have moved on with their dating lives, but they soon realize that their breakup was the result of a miscommunication.
Episode 8
Tensions between Marianne and Jamie reach a boiling point when Connell visits her family’s Italian summer home.
Episode 9
During her timein Netherlands for school, Marianne pursues an unhealthy relationship. Back in Dublin, Connell and Helen are having a simple relationship.
Episode 10
After a tragic event, Connell struggles with severe depression. From far away, Marianne is still his lifeline.
Episode 11
Marianne and Connell try to figure out how to be friends in Sligo. When Marianne and Alan get into a fight, it causes a rift in her family.
Episode 12
Marianne and Connell are back together in their last year at Trinity, but it is unclear if their relationship will last after graduation.

Is There Any Trailer for Normal People?

Yes, the trailer for Normal People is available. You can have a glimpse of what to expect in the show below.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Normal People online in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer due to the way it masks your IP address and location. Its servers are super-fast, recording a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload of 84.64 Mbps, ensuring a seamless streaming experience for Normal People.

Thanks to its large server network of over 3000 servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN lets you access content that is only available in certain parts from anywhere.

To access BBC iPlayer in Netherlands, you must connect to one of the servers in the UK. ExpressVPN has servers in 5 major cities in the UK, with Docklands being the recommended server.


ExpressVPN Lets You Watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer free online

We enjoyed streaming Live Sports events on BBC iPlayer without issues while connected to the Docklands server.

Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with the ExpressVPN app. Therefore, ExpressVPN has a smart DNS feature known as MediaStreamer for incompatible devices.

With MediaStreamer, you can watch shows such as Informer and The Real Peaky Blinders on BBC iPlayer in Netherlands on your Smart TV, gaming consoles, Roku, etc.

Online security is the number one priority for ExpressVPN. AES-256-bit encryption, the Lightway protocol, a kill switch, and private DNS are some of the cutting-edge security features installed on its servers to ensure maximum security. These features let you watch 2023 Mercury Prize on BBC iPlayer securely.

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You can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously with a single subscription to ExpressVPN. Use a free BBC iPlayer VPN to stream Normal People.

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Watch Normal People Streaming Online | BBC iPlayer

What Other Content Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer?

Explore a wide range of entertainment options on BBC iPlayer, which has a lot more to offer than just “Normal People.” There is something for everyone. Here are other content available on the platform.

Bing Kick-Ass
Sherlock All Seasons The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies
Peter Rabbit The Woman in the Wall


BBC’s Normal People has an IMDb rating of 8.4/10. The rating shows how the show captivated its audience with adept storytelling of human relationships

No, “Normal People” is not based on a true story. The series is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Sally Rooney.

”Normal People” falls into the Drama and Romance genres. The series is mostly about the emotional and personal journeys of the two main characters, Connell and Marianne.

Normal People age rating is 18+yrs. The series has mature themes, sexual scenes, and content that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Wrap Up

Are you a fan of romantic dramas? If so, this article guides you on how to watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer. “Normal People” is a good show to watch because it shows relationships in a real and deep way. The show explores the complexities of human connection through the journey of Connell and Marianne.

To watch Normal People in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer, you must use a VPN because BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and unavailable in Netherlands. Therefore, to access it, you must bypass its geo-restrictions, and only a VPN of ExpressVPN quality will enable you to do so.

With a VPN of such quality, you will watch shows such as Millie Inbetween and Parkinson at 50 in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer from anywhere.

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