Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations in India? A Guide to Multi-Location Access

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People who wish to share their HBO Max account sometimes inquire, “Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations in India?” because HBO Max has so many fantastic options available for streaming.

Can you watch HBO Max on multiple devices at the same time in India? The service permits a maximum of three concurrent streams, but only within a single residence. You should prepare for the suspension of your account if you attempt to use HBO Max simultaneously on several devices and in various locations because  HBO Max restricts concurrent streams to various locations.

A geographically restricted streaming platform called Max only provides services in the United States. But by connecting to a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN, you may watch Max or HBO Max in India.

The most cost-effective streaming service has several kinds of membership options with varying price ranges that can be both ad-supported and ad-free. HBO Max family plan price is $4.99 per month. The optimal plan for you will depend on your preferences and financial standing. If you don’t mind commercials and prefer to save money, the standard plan is the best choice.

Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations in India?


Yes, you may use your HBO Max account anywhere in India!

Can you share HBO Max in different countries is a most frequently asked question. Yes, you may use your HBO Max account anywhere in India. However Max is a geo restricted platform and can not be shared and streamed everywhere without a VPN therefore you need to use the best VPN for Max or HBO Max to circumvent those geographical restrictions and access Babylon 2022.

You can give your account to anyone in your family who has HBO Max. You don’t need to pay for individual accounts if you reside with family in order to enjoy HBO Max in India using ExpressVPN. One account can be shared by everyone.

There are HBO Max restrictions on that because only three individuals can stream simultaneously in India. Therefore, it will be a smart idea to purchase a second subscription if you have a  big household and anticipate that four or more people will want to be signed in and streaming at the same time.

How Many Users Can Watch HBO Max at the Same Time in India?

Subscribers of an HBO Max account are allowed a total of five user profiles in India, however only three streams can be watched at once. If you receive the notice, “streaming HBO Max on too many devices”, check your settings to determine which devices are currently in use and connected to your account. Confirm that you are aware of every HBO Max device sign in.

Can I Share My HBO Max Subscription With a Friend in India?

You can indeed give your account to some friends in India. Logging into the account and selecting “Manage Account” are the next steps you should do. Select “Add To My Account” from the drop-down menu of the services you want the individual to have access to after entering their name. On accounts with numerous users, we just bill the principal account holder and create a single monthly recurring charge for each recipient on a shared plan. But don’t forget to connect to ExpressVPN.

How do you add profiles on HBO Max in India?

For both adults and children, you are allowed to create a total of five separate profiles in India. Those with access to your HBO Max account are able to use these profiles. People who have adult profiles can also add or remove profiles.


HBO Max account are able to use profiles!

Making a profile is a rather straightforward process whether you’re using a mobile device or a desktop. Just carry out these 6 steps. And don’t forget to connect with ExpressVPN in India.

  • Go to the HBO Max website or the HBO Max application on your phone.
  • Tap the profile symbol in the lower right corner of your phone. Click your profile image located in the top-right corner of the desktop.
  • Choose switch profiles. On mobile devices, it appears underneath your profile, whereas on desktops, it appears in the drop-down menu.
  • Choose either Adult or Child.
  • Your new profile should have a name and a photo. Additionally, you can alter the backdrop color.
  • When finished, choose Save.

Can You Create Multiple Profiles on HBO Max in India?

HBO Max enables you to set up many unique profiles while sharing with your roommates. This can be helpful if you want your own watchlist or, for example, are watching the same series as your roommates but want to jump around between seasons or episodes and stream at your own pace in India by using ExpressVPN.

Although only three devices can be streamed simultaneously, you can still create a maximum of five profiles. Can you watch HBO at the same time?  When it’s their turn to watch, they may watch from their own profiles, but they cannot all be streaming at once. Additionally, you may always remove profiles and replace them with fresh ones.

HBO Max family plan price is $4.99 per month. In order to use the HBO Max family plan, subscriptions to HBO Max should be shared among family members. Separate user profiles can be made so that multiple persons can utilize the same account.

Can HBO Max Be Used On Multiple Devices in India?

Can you watch HBO Max on multiple devices at the same time in India? Yes, you can use HBO Max on a variety of gadgets in India. Three streams are allowed per account on the platform. That permits simultaneous streaming across several devices.

We now know the answer to the question, “Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations?”  However,  Max is a geo-restricted platform, you must utilize a VPN (ExpressVPN recommended) in order to use it on numerous devices in India.

How much does HBO Max cost?

Are you curious about how much is Max or HBO Max?  Max offers several pricing tiers to accommodate all budget levels. The current HBO Max price packages are listed below:

Max Ad-Lite Plan Max Ad-Free Plan Max Ultimate Ad-Free Plan
Monthly Price INR 824.27 /mo INR 1319.53 /mo INR 1649.62 /mo
Annual Price INR 8281.37 /mo INR 12421.95 /mo INR 16563.39 /mo
Number of Screens 3 3 3
Offline Downloads Not Available 30 30
HD Available Yes Yes Yes
4K Ultra HD Available No Limited Yes (Limited Titles)

If you’re thinking about becoming a Max Prices Streaming subscriber, it’s crucial to pick the plan that best suits your requirements and financial situation. HBO Max offers a huge selection of captivating content, whether you choose the more reasonable Ad-Lite plan or the more expensive Ad-Free or Ultimate Ad-Free options and can enjoy watching Evil Lives Here season 14.

Simply choose one of the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard, to pay for Max or HBO Max. Automatic payments cannot be set up until your credit or debit card is accepted in the US.

HBO Max is also available with a free trial. Just remember to cancel Max or HBO Max  before the free trial period expires.


Yes, HBO Max subscribers can access up to three streams at once while having five user profiles. If you receive the notice “Streaming on too many devices,” check your settings to determine which devices are currently in use and confirm that you are aware of all the devices linked to your account.

Members of your family can sign in on three devices with the Standard subscription and watch multiple shows concurrently. You can only watch on one phone or tablet at once if you have the HBO Max mobile plan, which is not accessible to new or returning subscribers.

No, HBO Max only permits one stream at a time from multiple locations. Only within the same home are three simultaneous streams permitted by the service.

You should prepare for the suspension of your account if you attempt to use HBO Max simultaneously on several devices and in various locations.

Wrapping it up!

The answer to the question “Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations in India?” is yes. It is possible to access a broader variety of content within a single home, and you can do so on several devices by connection ExpressVPN in India. Of course, this results in cost savings because the subscription charge is shared.

HBO Max offers a variety of packages with monthly costs ranging from $10 to $20. Max Ad-Lite Plan, Max Ad-Free Plan, and Max Ultimate Ad-Free Plan are the three options. Typically, Max is included at no additional cost for customers who already receive HBO through cable.

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