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Let’s find out together America’s next great voice as we watch The Voice season 25 in Spain on Hulu using the best VPN like ExpressVPN. To unlock this geo-restricted channel and join in on the fun, you’ll need this VPN.

Gear up for the exciting launch of The Voice Season 25, happening on NBC via Hulu, on February 26th! Read our blog for all the tips you need to watch Hulu in Spain, and get set for a thrilling journey of stunning voices and epic battles in The Voice season 25!

How to Watch The Voice Season 25 in Spain on Hulu? [5 Easy Steps]

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Where can I Watch The Voice Season 25 in Spain?

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How can I Watch The Voice Season 25 in Spain on Hulu for Free?

I’m thrilled to share that there are some promo codes that offer you a Hulu free trial in Spain this means you can watch The Voice season 25 on Hulu free when you’re connected through a VPN.

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When Does The Voice Season 25 Premiere?

The Voice season 25 release date is set for Monday, February 26, making it a day to mark on your calendars. You can catch the premiere on NBC via Hulu at 8/7c.

If you’re wondering, “Can I watch The Voice on Hulu live?” the answer is yes, you can enjoy it live on NBC via the Hulu channel.

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What is the Summary of The Voice Season 25?

Season 25 of The Voice, kicking off on February 26th, showcases a mix of new and returning talent. Carson Daly is back as host, with coaches John Legend, Reba McEntire, and Chance the Rapper welcoming the show’s first-ever duo coaches, Dan + Shay.

This season features blind auditions where skilled singers compete to join a team, progressing through battles, knockouts, and live performances in hopes of becoming The Voice season 25 winner.

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Who is Hosting The Voice Season 25?

Carson Daly returns as the familiar face leading The Voice season 25 cast, marking his twenty-fifth season as the host. This milestone highlights Daly’s enduring presence and connection with the audience.

And just so you know, even if you’re not in the USA, you don’t have to miss out on his hosting charm. With a VPN, you can watch The Voice Season 25 in Spain on Hulu through NBC, ensuring you catch every moment of the action.

Who are the Judges for The Voice Season 25?

The coaches for Season 25 of The Voice include some familiar faces and a groundbreaking new duo. Dan + Shay, who have previously mentored under country icon Blake Shelton, join the lineup as the season’s fresh coaching talent.

They’ll be alongside John Legend, marking his eighth season, and second-time coaches Reba McEntire and Chance the Rapper. This season bids farewell to Gwen Stefani and two-time champion Niall Horan.

What is the Auditions Format of The Voice Season 25?

The Voice Season 25 auditions kick off with the much-anticipated blind auditions phase. During these auditions, artists perform their songs with the coaches’ chairs turned away from them.

If a coach wants to mentor an artist, they’ll press the button to turn their chair around. If more than one coach turns, the artist chooses their team. Each coach also has a “block” to use once, preventing another coach from adding an artist to their team.

By the end of the blind auditions, each coach will have selected 10 artists, summing up to a total of 40 artists moving forward to the battle rounds.

How Many Episodes of The Voice Season 25 are There?

The Voice Season 25 consists of 26 episodes, culminating in a grand finale that features performances by top artists and duets between the finalists and their coaches.

In this final showdown, the Top 5 contestants perform both a ballad and an up-tempo song in front of the coaches, vying for the coveted title of “The Voice.”

Viewers get the opportunity to vote overnight for their favorite artist, adding an interactive element to the competition.

Who are Dan + Shay in Season 25 of The Voice?

This season, the Coaches feature a musical duo, Dan + Shay (Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney), with their custom-made “Double Chair” weighing about 900 pounds. Despite having double the talent, they don’t receive extra Steals and Saves. It took some time for them to synchronize and function as a single unit.

Who won “The Voice” season 24?

Coach Niall Horan secured victory in The Voice Season 24 with his artist Michael Huntley. Huntley, who uses only his last name professionally, contributed to the exciting win.

Is There Any Trailer of The Voice Season 25?

Absolutely, there’s a trailer for The Voice Season 25, and it’s available for your viewing pleasure below. I highly recommend taking a sneak peek to get a taste of what’s in store before you watch The Voice season 25 in Spain on Hulu.

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The Voice Season 25


The show is available on NBC, which can be accessed through Hulu. For those in Spain, using ExpressVPN is a reliable way to connect to Hulu and enjoy The Voice along with a plethora of other content.

The Voice Season 25 judges include Chance The Rapper, Shay Mooney, Reba McEntire, Dan Smyers, and John Legend.

While Niall hasn’t directly mentioned the reason for skipping Season 25 of The Voice, he is presently engaged in The Show Live on Tour for his third album. Commencing in Belfast, UK, on February 21, Niall’s tour is packed with concert dates globally, extending through September 2024.

Gwen Stefani’s absence from Season 25 of The Voice is part of the show’s routine practice of rotating its coaches, suggesting the possibility of her future return. Her departure follows closely behind that of her husband, Blake Shelton, who announced his retirement from the show’s coaching lineup after season 23. This rotation adds a dynamic change to the coaching panel, keeping the show fresh and exciting.

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to stream The Voice Season 25 in Spain on Hulu. This method allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and enjoy your favorite shows. To get started, take advantage of Hulu’s free trial, and for an optimal streaming experience, consider using a VPN to ensure reliable access to Hulu content from any location in the world.

Wrapping Up

To catch the excitement of The Voice Season 25 from the comfort of your home tune into Hulu on the 26th February 2024. If you have read my complete blog, then I’m sure you are all ready to watch The Voice season 25 in Spain on Hulu through NBC channel.

Given Hulu’s geo-restrictions, accessing The Voice Season 25 in Spain necessitates ExpressVPN. This powerful VPN overcomes geographical barriers, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows without any hassle.