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ExpressVPN Coupon

Is it your goal to reduce the cost of your VPN service in Canada? Get the newest ExpressVPN Coupon in Canada for 2023, so you can get 3 free months and an exclusive coupon to save 49%! For now, this is the sole valid promo code for ExpressVPN in Canada to get the best services at an affordable price.

In contrast to many other premium VPN in Canada companies, ExpressVPN does not frequently offer holiday discounts or limited-time promotions such as flash sales. Normally, it costs CA$17.62 per month, and with this promo code, it’s only CA$ 9.06/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). If you sign up for a yearly plan, you’ll get 49% off and an extra 3 months free with ExpressVPN in Canada.

ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol, robust security, multiple server locations, and extraordinary unblocking powers have made it one of the most sought-after VPNs. When you present this legitimate voucher, there’s more than a discount in-store. You’ll also receive a complimentary extension of three months.

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ExpressVPN Coupon: Does it offer any other discounts in Canada?

No, actually ExpressVPN’s one of the very few VPNs in Canada that doesn’t offer flash discounts or special promo deals. So, if you’re hoping for various discounts across the year, you may be disappointed.

For the past four years, we’ve kept an eye on ExpressVPN’s prices and internet offers and have yet to find a better one. To add to this, we can affirm that, unlike other cheaper services in Canada, ExpressVPN has never given lifelong memberships as a promotional option.

This usually gives the assurance that ExpressVPN in Canada is the best in the game for several reasons. One of them is the fact their quality of services speaks for itself and they don’t require external or promotional help to let people believe that.

You can save a ton of money using this huge ExpressVPN coupon in Canada, so look no further; you won’t find a better bargain than this one.

How to get the ExpressVPN coupon code in Canada step-by-step?

Follow our instructions below to use the ExpressVPN coupon code in Canada:

  • Click on the link provided to launch the ExpressVPN website in Canada with the coupon.
  • Select the green icon on the website, which will lead you to a screen displaying 3 various subscriptions. Pick the package with the 49% saving and 3 months extra for free.
  • Proceed to pay as normal, the offer is immediately implemented and no ExpressVPN coupon codes are required.
  • That’s it! You can now download ExpressVPN in Canada onto your device after receiving an additional 49% discount on your membership.
Best Deal Available in Canada
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Does ExpressVPN ever go on sale in Canada?

Yes, ExpressVPN does offer significant discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. Despite that, there’s no match for its nearly 50% off and an additional 3 months free on a 1-year subscription.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Sale in Canada

ExpressVPN Black Friday deals in Canada are considered to be the best in the market. During this holiday and also Cyber Monday, these discounts are typically considered the best during the entire year. But there’s no promise that they’ll be as good as the current offer, which includes almost 50% savings and an additional free 3 months off with consequent yearly membership.

ExpressVPN flash sales in Canada

ExpressVPN’s discounts can appear on occasion without any prior notice. If you don’t keep an eye out for them, you might lose out on significant savings and even free trials if you buy one of these deals.

ExpressVPN seasonal discounts in Canada

During seasonal events like Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, and others; ExpressVPN (and other competitors) offer special VPN packages at discounted prices in Canada. Because of the steep discounts typically offered, opting for these discounts during such events are a wonderful way to save money.

What Are the Prominent Features of ExpressVPN in Canada?

ExpressVPN offers many prominent features in Canada. They give an extensive understanding of how it’s considered one of the best VPNs on the market with state-of-the-art services. They include blazing-fast speed and stable connections through its global server network. The main features of ExpressVPN in Canada are as follows:

You can refer to our ExpressVPN detailed review Canada to know more about its features.

  • Comprehensive global network of high-speed and stable servers
  • 24/7 live customer support through email and chat
  • AES-256 encryption for military-grade privacy online
  • Accessible on all devices that have Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Stream shows on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and others from anywhere in the world
  • Doesn’t keep personally identifiable logs

  • Unless you use an ExpressVPN coupon in Canada the pricing plans are expensive
  • Limited number of advanced configurations

Does ExpressVPN offer any Free Trial in Canada?

Yes, ExpressVPN offers a free trial in Canada and a 30-day money-back guarantee. During your risk-free 30-day trial, you can access any streaming service in Canada, view your beloved geo-restricted programs, avoid having your internet speed throttled, and experience unlimited data.

Additionally, the ExpressVPN 7-day Canada free trial is only available on iOS and Android devices.  It is possible to use ExpressVPN for free for 37 days in Canada by merging both free trial options if you only intend to use the VPN on your mobile device.

The best part about ExpressVPN in Canada is that for the first 30 days of your membership, you have access to all of its features, including ultra-fast connections, an enormous server network in 160 various places, and robust security with best-in-class encryption.

What do I do if the ExpressVPN coupon isn’t working in Canada?

If the ExpressVPN coupon in Canada isn’t working, you can start reviewing the VPN’s Terms and Conditions. Using a voucher may depend on the user fulfilling certain requirements, such as redeeming it before a given date or following a specific procedure. You can also try the following tips:

  1. Check the validity of your ExpressVPN coupon in Canada.
  2. Double-check for any accidental spelling mistakes.
  3. Ensure the promo codes work for the plan you’re opting for.

ExpressVPN also has a customer support staff you can contact if you need help. If you’re having problems redeeming your discount code, or have any other inquiries or concerns about their service, don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance. You can even check queries on ExpressVPN coupon in Canada Reddit to get immediate answers.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the voucher if it has lapsed or does not fulfill the criteria. However, if the problem is on their end, the customer service team will offer in-depth guidance on how to fix it. If you want to reap all of ExpressVPN’s advantages without breaking the bank, all you have to do is read up on how to use a valid discount code, and you’ll be good to go!

FAQs – ExpressVPN Coupon in Canada

Yes, when ExpressVPN code free in Canada comes out, it provides a large number of discounts by running limited-time offers for deals throughout the year. You can find them being available during important holidays, along with some randomly popping up. Stay updated for when they create new discounted deals to always stay on top of the game by staying safe online without any sort of hassle.

You can get ExpressVPN at a cheap price in Canada by opting for its annual subscription that costs just CA$9.06 per month with 3 months FREE and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you think this is not the right VPN for you, simply cancel your ExpressVPN in Canada subscription within 30 days to get a refund.

ExpressVPN’s lowest price in Canada comes with its annual subscription which costs just CA$9.06 per month. Otherwise, the VPN’s monthly plans start from AU$17.60 per month which is expensive compared to other competitors. That’s why you’re better off using an ExpressVPN coupon in Canada instead of opting for its short-term expensive pricing plans.

No, ExpressVPN does not provide any sort of student discount in Canada. On the other hand, discounts are regularly available, and signing up for a longer plan can reduce the monthly cost to as little as CA$9.06. Write an email to them if you think they should start offering an ExpressVPN student discount in Canada; they are known to go through customers’ reviews and introduce deals that garner interest.

There is a plethora of funding methods available, and ExpressVPN is compatible with them all. You can use all card options; Visa, MasterCard, AmericanCard, and Discover. You can also use international platforms like Alipay, PayPal, WebMoney, and others. ExpressVPN deals in Canada are also compatible with cryptocurrency, and you can pay with cryptocurrency.

No, the ExpressVPN coupon code in Canada isn’t limited to new customers because there is no clear indication on the ExpressVPN website. Its discount coupons are accessible to both current and prospective customers, according to the company’s support team. The catch is that each user can only redeem them once.
For example, if a promo code provides you with a year of service at a discounted rate, you cannot use that same code repeatedly to avoid spending the full price.


ExpressVPN is regarded as one of the best options in Canada if you want to connect to geo-restricted services while being completely secure online. However, it can be on the pricier side as compared to other services in Canada, but there’s no comparison to its services. This is one of the reasons why we brought exclusive discounted deals for just you.

This is why, no matter the season, you should always check for updates on the website to see if it is running a sale. In addition, you can return to this page at any time during the year to see if a lower price has been posted.

The site’s homepage is the first place to look for ExpressVPN Coupons in Canada, as the service will always update the banner picture to reflect any current promotions. Another option is using their live messaging feature to inquire about the lowest price available.

To get in touch, you can either email them at the given addresses or text them through their live chat option and get responses on time. In addition, we will keep you apprised of any new offers and discounts as they become available.