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Blockless VPN is no longer active. Check out some of the top VPNs that are available:

Blockless offers a 7-day free trial but has mediocre VPN encryption, slow server speed, and poor customer support in UAE.

It is based in Canada, a member of a 5 eyes country that can monitor your online privacy and identity.

Blockless also tracks your IP address as is clearly mentioned in their privacy policy guidelines.

None of its features really stood out for me except for the fact that it is an affordable VPN.

ExpressVPN and Surfshark are also affordable but offers tons of privacy features and do not keep logs.

Read my full Blockless VPN review UAE to know why I do not recommend this VPN.So you can check our recommended VPNs.

Feel free to try out other VPN services after reading their VPN reviews UAE.

My Rating Criteria – Blockless VPN review UAE

Here you will find a list of factors that I will perform Blockless VPN review UAE:

  1. Pricing in UAE – How much does Blockless VPN cost?
  2. Security in UAE – Encryption & features
  3. Jurisdiction in UAE – Is it located in a 5-eyes country
  4. Speed in UAE – How fast is Blockless VPN?
  5. Streaming in UAE – Does it work with Netflix?
  6. Leaks in UAE – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  7. Trustworthiness in UAE – Logs and customer support
  8. Compatibility in UAE – Apps and supported devices

Pricing in UAE – How much does Blockless VPN cost?

Blockless has affordable pricing plans. Let’s have a look at the 3 packages they offer to users:


It seems to offer a good price but still not close to PureVPN or Surfshark for that matter.

Payment Methods

Blockless accepts payments through credit cards or PayPal. Both payment methods are widely used around the world. It provides ease to any user looking to subscribe to their service.


However, the inclusion of an anonymous payment method, such as Bitcoin or Gift Cards would enhance the service, since it ponders highly on user anonymity.

Refund Policy

While the free trial is enough to test the performance of this service, Blockless also has a 7-day refund policy.

Free Trial

Along with a limited free version, Blockless offers a 7-day free trial in UAE.

You will need to sign up on its website and become a member and it will automatically start a trial period.

You can extend the Blockless free trial period to ten days by liking their Facebook page.

I tried the free trial and tested different features of the service. It is safe to say that the provider goes the extra mile to provide quality service to its consumers.

The free trial has all the features that you would get in the paid versions in UAE. You get the full range of servers, their SmartDNS feature, and the ad blocker to prevent annoying ads.

How to Cancel Blockless Subscription?

There are two ways to cancel a Blockless account subscription in UAE. The first is by logging in to Blockless and navigating to your dashboard.

Then click on ‘Manage Subscription’ and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ located under your active membership plan.

The second method for canceling your Blockless account is through the app. If you have the Blockless app installed on your device, navigate to ‘Manage Subscription’ from the software.

This will take you to the Subscription Management page, where you can select cancel the subscription or stop payments to cancel Blockless.

Security in UAE – Encryption & features

Blockless VPN has mediocre encryption in UAE.

One of the basic functionalities of a VPN is to encrypt your internet traffic and tunnel them through secure protocols. Blockless doesn’t publically state the protocols and encryption algorithms it uses in UAE.

For this Blockless review UAE, I inquired about their customer support regarding the protocols and encryption.

Apparently, Blockless uses a PPTP connection, which is arguably the worst tunneling protocol.

It provides no significant encryption and is vulnerable to basic hacking techniques.

So is Blockless safe when it comes to tunneling protocols in UAE? Not really.

Smart DNS

In just a matter of years, the Blockless DNS service transformed into a full-fledged online privacy solution.

However, it still offers a SmartDNS feature that is perfect for unblocking different websites. SmartDNS does not provide much online anonymity but if you wish to unblock some online streaming service, it is a good option.

Blockless SmartDNS settings for different devices can access from its support center.

Jurisdiction in UAE – Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

Blockless is based in Canada (a member of 5 eyes country).

Any VPN company based in the 5 eyes region is a threat to your online privacy. I’ll explain why.

5 eyes country authorities have the right to ask companies to hand-over users’ information including their personal information and usage logs. Ensure Total Privacy: Discover the Best VPN Outside 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes Alliances. Safeguard your online activities with a VPN that respects your privacy beyond international surveillance agreements

This could get you in trouble. See if your VPN falls under 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes country from our guide.


Blockless currently offers servers in 14 countries. These countries include United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and few European regions.


Sadly, I couldn’t find the exact count of servers and Blockless doesn’t display this information anywhere on its website.

You can check the status of servers in each of these regions from their official website. I found this feature while conducting this Blockless VPN review UAE, as you can check which servers working and which are down.

Likewise, you get the option of speed-optimized or torrent-optimized server options in Blockless apps.

However, the server list is not illustrious. When we consider how much Blockless costs, more server options should be available to users.

Other competitors in the industry provide hundreds and thousands of servers for much less prices. This is one area of improvement that Blockless should consider.

Speed in UAE – How fast is Blockless VPN?

Blockless VPN has average speed in UAE. Netizens can compromise on lots of things. Speed is not one of them.

It was only capable of yielding 14.63 Mbps of speed on a 30 Mbps internet connection. That is just about average.

I performed a speed test while connecting to its US server. Here are the results:


Here you see a decline of 51% in internet speed.

Streaming in UAE –Does it work with Netflix?

Blockless VPN doesn’t work with Netflix and that has been confirmed by testing it out on my Netflix account outside the US.

Numerous users also complain via social platforms that the SmartDNS service is no longer working for Netflix.

A message appears: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Blockless offers a guide to help you resolve Netflix-related issues on Apple TV. But, I tried to fix the problem but it doesn’t work.

It may not work with Netflix, but it does work perfectly with Kodi in UAE.

Why is that important? It’s because you can stream tons to free Live TV content with a Kodi media player.

Having known that, let’s look at the list of best VPN for Kodi in UAE.


Blockless has pre-configured servers for torrenting. These servers are good and they mitigate any inherent privacy risks that come with torrenting.

But why you require a VPN while torrenting?

Torrent users require “peers” seeding the same file for the torrents to download.

And that’s where the problem starts.

Peers can see your IP address while you share data with them. This puts your online privacy in jeopardy.

Blockless has P2P servers that can get you out of this hassle.

Leaks in UAE – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

Blockless VPN passed the IP leak, DNS leak, and WebRTC test with ease in UAE.

I performed this test using the IPleak website and connecting my Blockless VPN to a US server.

Here is a screenshot to confirm that it passed the test:


Virus Test

Blockless did NOT contain any viruses on its downloaded files. I checked for any viruses using VirusTotal.

Here is a screenshot of the virus scan:


Trustworthiness in UAE – Logs and customer support

Blockless manages to keep your connection logs but it does not specify if it keeps usage logs or not.

In their privacy policy, they say they only collect your following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Information (Email, Telephone, Mailing address)
  • IP address
  • Credit Card Information

I did not like the idea that they are collecting users’ original IP addresses. Why collect your IP if they happen to hide it?

Have a look at this guide ‘VPN logging policies in UAE‘ to see whether your VPN keeps logs or not.

Customer Support

Blockless has poor customer support in UAE. It does NOT have live chat support, nor does it have an email to contact its support staff.

Whenever you try to click the Contact US section, a Typeform website will appear where you will need to create an account and then contact one of their staff. Not user-friendly.

Compatibility in UAE – Apps and supported devices

While writing down this Blockless VPN review UAE, I have to know that this VPN is compatible with Windows, OSX (10.8 or higher), Android, iOS, and Chrome extension.

You can download each of these apps for a free trial version in UAE. Now, let’s check out the app experience and features for each platform.

Windows Client

The Windows client of Blockless is elegant and has an easy user interface in UAE. It brings a fresh look to VPN software and has all the options neatly placed in the right location.

From the left panel, you can choose the server you want to connect to and if you wish to enable adblocker. The Blockless setup for Windows client can be downloaded free from its official website after you have created an account.


What’s more, the client allows a good bit of customization. When you click the downwards arrow on the right of your email, you can head towards the ‘preferences’ section.

Here, you can enable and disable the Blockless DNS feature. Location sync can also toggle in this section.

My experience with this Blockless Windows client was extremely enjoyable. It is convenient, sophisticated, and yet doesn’t take a toll on your processor.

Mac OS

To enhance its appeal among a diverse group of users, Blockless has developed a custom app for macOS in UAE.

Through this app, Mac users can unblock hundreds of geo-restricted websites and block thousands of annoying advertisements.


Blockless Mac app is a close twin of its Windows client. It sports a familiar outlook and has somewhat similar features.


The Blockless Android app is absolutely gorgeous. Not just that, it works smoothly and lets you connect with a single tap.


Although the provider boasts a “bank-level encryption”, it does not mention the encryption level. Regardless, this app should provide some security to Android users on Public WiFi.


Blockless app for iOS is sleek and well built. It does not slow down your device and is lightweight.

You can download it from iTunes and either use the free version or subscribe to one of the premium options.


The ad-blocker is a nifty tool to have on your iPad or iPhone. It keeps unwanted advertisements away from your device and shields you from online threats.

Chrome Extension

Proxy extensions are no replacement for dedicated VPN clients. Still, they are nifty in their own right.

Blockless proxy extension for Chrome is the answer for anyone seeking a quick and easy-to-use geo-dodging tool.


It is a lightweight tool I found to be quite useful in this Blockless review.

Alternatives to Blockless VPN in UAE

Blockless is exceptional in some areas but lacks in others. In particular, it does not possess high-end security features that can shield one against sophisticated cyber-attacks in UAE.

Here are reviews of some VPNs that are better when it comes to online security.

Do I Recommend Blockless VPN in UAE?

After this blockless VPN review UAE. No, I do not recommend Blockless VPN in UAE.

Blockless does not have decent VPN encryption, nor there is a satisfying amount of server speed in UAE.

It is based in Canada, a 5 eyes country, and is unclear with its privacy policy as well.

I would never recommend such a VPN that could put users’ online privacy at risk.

Blockless also has poor customer support with no live chat. Its price is decent and that is the only factor that I liked.

To conclude, it is not a good VPN for you.