Hong Kong VPN Unblocks US Websites in Asia as well

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For decades Hong Kong has remained a popular destination amongst VPN lovers for providing the most liberated cyber space in the world. Freedom of speech prevalent amongst


What is a Hong Kong VPN

A Hong Kong VPN is a tunneling and encryption service that allows you to cloak your original IP under an IP from Hong Kong. In this case, any communication you engage in after connecting to the Hong Kong VPN server will place your virtual location in Hong Kong. Another concern of people in Asia is to access blocked websites in Korean region which can be dealt by using a VPN for Korea.

By activating a Hong Kong VPN on your device, you will not only be able to hide your original identity, but also gain the added advantage of surfing the internet through a VPN server located in one of the most internet friendly countries in the world.


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Identifying a Good VPN for Hong Kong

Most modern day VPN services offer universal packages that include Hong Kong VPN services. But if you are going to pay, then the sensible thing to do is to go for a VPN service that provides you a comprehensive and complete package with complete features. Some people would argue that they plan on using a free VPN service to get a Hong Kong IP, but they only agree to do that once they realize that free VPN services are riddled with malware and phishing scams.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you are spending $2.00 or $30.00 per month on a VPN service! The point is that you deserve online privacy and online freedom as a citizen of the internet.

A good VPN service will have the following characteristics:

  • VPN Servers located in at least 10 countries including Hong Kong
  • Three encryption protocols, two of which should be PPTP and OpenVPN.
  • Unlimited bandwidth free of data caps to ensure that use on mobile devices is not restricted
  • 24/7 Live Chat tech support availability for when the going gets tough
  • Multi-platform compatibility to allow use on multiple devices
  • Multi-login ability to allow use of a single account on desktop and mobile devices simultaneously

Also, if this is your first time using a Hong Kong VPN, make sure that the VPN service provider you choose to go for provides a money back guarantee. Money back guarantees can vary from 6 hours to 30 days, but most of them tend give a 7 day time period during which you can ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with the service.

Comparing Paid & Free Hong Kong VPN Services

You can use any VPN service to encrypt and tunnel your data, but you will never have the confidence of knowing that your original IP is cloaked under an IP from Hong Kong unless you use a paid VPN service. It is a risk that some people are willing to take when their internet activity is not of a high priority. However, if you want complete online security and the internet freedom that comes from having an IP address from Hong Kong, then you need the coverage and support of a professional paid VPN service.

The added risk of using a free Hong Kong VPN over a paid one is that free VPN services tend to collect/log user data and then sell that data forward in order to make profits. They usually don’t have any other way of making profits, and they use the ‘FREE’ tag as a cover to lure in unsuspecting visitors.

Using a free VPN while you sit in the US might work from time to time, but when you are sitting in Hong Kong and surrounded by the world’s most unmerciful internet sentinel (I’m talking about China), there is very little margin for lapse.


Dangers of Using a Hong Kong VPN

The democratic party of Hong Kong insists that the government claims to allow freedom of speech on the internet while secretly monitoring all emails. If this is true, it would have to make Hong Kong the world’s most volatile cyber space.

However, the track record indicates that the government does not take any actions against any users, unless pornography and copyright laws are violated.



Experienced Hong Kong VPN users will tell you that there are only a few VPN services that have servers in Hong Kong, and even lesser are actually based in Hong Kong.

If you want to cover all your bases, the viable thing to do is to use a VPN service that has withstood the test of time and satisfies all the aforementioned pre-requisites.

I have managed to short-list a few VPN services that qualify as reliable Hong Kong VPN services. Do leave your feedback in the comments section if you try them out or have already tried them out.

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