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You can now watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max from 5th March 2023 withExpressVPN. Documentary series focuses on offering rational explanations based on science regarding the inner functioning of the universe and all of its components.

However, it’s crucial to remember that Max has geographic restrcitions. We advise using ExpressVPN if you want to watch HBO Max in Singapore. You can circumvent the platform’s restrictions by hiding your IP address; it will assist you in removing all limitations and virtually getting you to the USA.

How to Watch How the Universe Works Season 11 in Singapore On Max [Quick Guide]

You can watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max by following these five easy steps:

  • Become a member of a top-notch VPN provider, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Open the ExpressVPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a US server (New York server is recommended).
  • Proceed to the Max website.
  • Now you can watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max.

Note: You have to understand how to pay for Max in Singapore before you can access its content. In addition to other digital payment methods, credit cards issued in the US are accepted forms of payment.

Where to Watch How the Universe Works Season 11 in Singapore?

You can watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s also the best platform to watch this documentary series.

You still need a solution for geographical restrictions even after you’ve figured out where to watch how the Universe works season 11 online.


An error page will appear if you access Max without a VPN in Singapore!

To bypass such limitations and unblock Max content, we suggest using ExpressVPN, which can help you conceal your IP address.

How To Watch How the Universe Works Season 11 Using Max Free Trial?

A Prime Channels offer gives Amazon Prime members access to a 7-day free trial of Max, which they can use to watch how the Universe works season 11 for free. Choose to continue paying each month or cancel HBO Max subscription at the end of the trial period in Singapore.

Moreover, a Hulu subscription grants you access to the HBO Max free trial, offering another way to watch how the Universe works season 11 on Max for free in Singapore.

Use ExpressVPN for a flawless streaming experience if you’re in Singapore. Use ExpressVPN to get connected to a USA server and watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max.

What is the Release Date of How Universe Works Season 11?

How Universe Works Season 11 was released on Sunday, March 5, 2023. This captivating documentary will only be available on Max, and it guarantees to fascinate viewers.

Mark your calendars to stream How the Universe Works, the most amazing narrative ever told about the origin of everything that exists.

What is the storyline of How the Universe Works Season 11?

With regard to galaxies, stars, planets, moons, and the big bang, this documentary serves as a user’s guide to the universe. How did everything come to be and from where did it all arrive from? A primer for all those who have ever wondered while staring up at a dark sky.

A topic about the universe (such as the universe’s origin, the creation and development of the Solar System, and the creation and conduct of life) is presented and recounted in each episode through the incorporation of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and visual effects. These are then supplemented with scientific knowledge from top scientists at organizations like NASA and CERN.

What is the Cast of How the Universe Works Season 11?

The cast of How the Universe Works, Season 11 is as follows:

Phil Plait Self – Astronomer
Michelle Thaller Self – Astronomer
Richard Lintern Self – Narrator
Mike Rowe Self – Narrator
Hakeem Oluseyi Self – Astrophysicist
Lawrence Krauss Self – Cosmologist
James S. Bullock Self – Astrophysicist
Paul M. Sutter Self – Astrophysicist
Moogega Cooper Self – Planetary Protection Engineer
Dan Durda Self – Planetary Scientist
Nina Lanza Self – Planetary Scientist
Jani Radebaugh Self – Planetary Scientist
Erik Dellums Self – Narrator
Michio Kaku Self – Theoretical Physicist
Kevin Walsh Self – Astronomer
Alex Filippenko Self – Astrophysicist
Max Tegmark Self – Physicist
Grant Tremblay Self – Astrophysicist
Chris McKay Self – Astrobiologist
Amber Straughn Self – Astrophysicist
Sean Carroll Self – Theoretical Physicist
Katie Freese Self – Cosmologist
Chiara Mingarelli Self – Astrophysicist
Geoff Marcy Self – Astronomer, University of California, Berkeley
Lewis Dartnell Self – Astrobiologist
David Kipping Self – Astronomer
Carly Howett Self – Planetary Scientist
David Grinspoon Self – Astrobiologist
Konstantin Batygin Self – Planetary Astrophysicist
Meenakshi Wadhwa Self – Planetary Scientist
Peter H. Schultz Self – Impact Specialist
Amy Mainzer Self – Astronomer
David Spergel Self – Theoretical Physicist
Carolyn Porco Self – Cassini Mission Imaging Lead
Cathy Plesko Self – Planetary Scientist
Jedidah Isler Self – Astrophysicist
Erik Asphaug Self – Planetary Scientist
Caleb Scharf Self – Astrobiologist
Matthew O’Dowd Self – Astrophysicist
Jessie Christiansen Self – Astrophysicist
Todd Thompson Self – Astrophysicist
Stan Love Self – Astronaut
Russell Schweickart Self – Apollo 9 Astronaut, B612 Foundation
Andrea Ghez Self – Astronomer
Mark Sykes Self – Planetary Astronomer, Planetary Science Institute
Claudia Alexander Self – Planetary Science
Natalie Batalha Self – Astrophysicist, NASA Ames Research Center

How many episodes How the Universe Works Season 11 have?

How the Universe Works, Season 11 has a total of five episodes. The details about episodes are given below:

Episode No. Episode Name Release date Description
1 The Moons of Saturn March 5, 2023 Learn how the rules governing the Solar System could be altered by the moons of Saturn.
2 A Robot’s Guide to Mars March 12, 2023 Determining whether life ever existed on the Red Planet is the goal of Perseverance.
3 Most Violent Event in the Universe March 19, 2023 Scientists investigate the outcome of a collision between two supermassive black holes.
4 Countdown to Catastrophe March 26, 2023 A hypothetical asteroid event presents experts with a potential catastrophe.
5 Solar System Special April 2, 2023 The intricate history of our solar system has been altered by new findings.

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Is there any Trailer of How the Universe Works Season 11?

No, there is no trailer available for How the Universe Works Season 11 yet. However, you can watch the series on Max.

If you are concerned about geographical restrictions then ExpressVPN is a fantastic choice for getting around those restrictions. It’s an effective way to watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max.

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How the Universe Works Season 11


There are eleven seasons of How the Universe Works out there. March 5, 2023 marked the premiere of the eleventh season.

Max offers viewers access to stream every episode of How The Universe Works in Singapore. To get started, all you have to do is purchase a Max subscription.

How the Universe Works season 11 has an IMDb rating of 8.9 out of 10. The inception of everything that is us is the most significant story that has ever been told. The show explores the question of how the universe evolved into being.

Stephen Marsh is the producer of How the Universe Works season 11.

Yes, to access the free trial and content of Max, users must have a US IP address. if you establish a connection with a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN you can access Max free trial in Singapore. No matter where you are, you can watch Max once you have a connection.

Wrapping Up

Investigate how the universe emerged from nothing by having a look at our guide. To watch how the Universe works season 11 in Singapore on Max, use the instructions provided above.

Remember to get an ExpressVPN subscription in order to bypass the geo-restrictions and stream your preferred content on Max.