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Wondering, is HBO Max Free Trial in Netherlands still valid? The free trial offer may not be available in 2024, but viewers can still get alternative methods, including subscribing to certain plans like bundling HBO Max with Amazon and Hulu. But you need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions on the platform.

This guide enhances the viewing experience and teaches users how to watch HBO Max in Netherlands using free alternatives. Users can now enjoy a wide array of premium content, from blockbuster movies to exclusive series for free.

Is There an Offer Available for HBO Max Free Trial in Netherlands in 2024?

Is there an HBO Max Free Trial in Netherlands? HBO Max doesn’t offer a traditional free trial, making it more complex to access without cost than other streaming platforms.

A current promotional route to enjoy HBO Max without charge involves activating a new Roku streaming device, which comes with a 27-day trial of Max’s ad-free version. This offer will end by mid-February 2024.

Max doesn’t directly provide free trials; however, it offers free episodes and has had promotions like discounted monthly rates during Black Friday and other special deals in 2023. There’s potential for future promotions, and currently, alternative methods exist for free access. HBO subscribers might access Max on platforms such as Samsung TV, Roku, or Verizon Fios.

Additionally, some services, like Prime Video and DirecTV Stream, may offer Max in their trials. AT&T and Cricket Wireless offers Max with certain unlimited plans. Hulu also allows new subscribers to add Max for an additional fee after their free trial.

You should also know that if HBO Max is not in service areas in Netherlands because of content restriction policies imposed by Max itself, and to overcome them, you need ExpressVPN.

A Brief Guide to Know How to Join Max for Free in Netherlands:

However, users must note that these streaming services are also geo-restricted and only accessible in the USA, but you can stream them in Netherlands with ExpressVPN.

How to Use Hulu Gift Card to Sign Up for Max in Netherlands?

So if you are searching if there is HBO Max Free Trial in Netherlands? No, but you can use your Hulu Gift Card to get Max for free:

  • Purchase a Hulu gift card, to sign up for Max in Netherlands.
  • Use this gift card to create a Hulu account or top up your existing Hulu account.
  • Add HBO Max as an additional channel to your Hulu subscription.

This process allows users in Netherlands to access HBO Max content through Hulu’s platform.

For New Subscribers:

For new subscribers wishing to sign up for Max in Netherlands using a Hulu gift card, consider using ExpressVPN to access Hulu securely. Once connected, follow these steps:

  • Redeem your Hulu gift card to create or top up a Hulu account.
  • Choose an appropriate plan and add HBO Max as a channel to your subscription.

For Existing Subscribers:

For existing Hulu subscribers looking to use a Hulu gift card to sign up for HBO Max in Netherlands, it’s recommended to use ExpressVPN for secure access. Once you get a VPN, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your account settings,
  • Locate the section for payment details, and
  • Input your gift card’s 12-digit code into the field specified for gift or promotional codes.

How to Get Max through Amazon in Netherlands?

To the question, is there an HBO Max Free Trial in Netherlands? Unfortunately, there isn’t any free trial but Amazon Prime members can add Max to their Prime Video Channels.

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to a server in the USA.
  • Go to Amazon’s Prime Video Channels section and select HBO Max add-on.
  • Choose between the Ad-Free or With Ads plan.
  • Once added, stream Max for free in 2024 via the Prime Video app.
Get Max through Amazon in Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

How to Get Max through Hulu App in Netherlands?

Can you get HBO Max Free Trial in Netherlands? No, but you can add Max ad-on to Hulu but first ensure you’re using ExpressVPN to connect to a US server securely. Then, follow these general steps:

NOTE: Hulu also offers a Student Deal, which can provide additional savings for those eligible. Stream hundreds of shows and movies with the Hulu ad-supported package in the Student Deal.

Get Max through Hulu App in Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

How Can I Watch Free Episode on Max Without Any Subscription in Netherlands?

To watch Max free episodes without a subscription from in Netherlands, use ExpressVPN to access the platform safely. Here’s how you can enjoy select Max Originals and HBO Originals for free:

  • Connect to a US server with ExpressVPN.
  • Visit the HBO Max website or use the HBO Max app.
  • Look for the Watch Free Episodes section without needing to sign up or enter credit card information.
  • Now simply enter your email when asked and start streaming.

Discover Max Gems – Free Streaming, Unlimited Joy!-in Netherlands

Beside free episodes if you want to know about HBO Max free trial in Netherlands, then unfortunately there isn’t one. For now, the Max offer allows you to sample the first episodes of select series, providing a glimpse into HBO Max’s extensive content library.

Other Two Ways to Get Max Online for Free in Netherlands:

There are two more ways by which you can get Max Online for free in Netherlands:

How to Get Max Free With AT&T in Netherlands?

To enjoy Max for free with AT&T in Netherlands, first, ensure you’re using ExpressVPN to access AT&T services securely. AT&T has offered Max as part of certain wireless, internet, and TV plans, providing a seamless way to enjoy Max content at no additional cost.

It’s essential to check the latest AT&T offers, as these promotions can change. Visit AT&T’s official website for specific details on which AT&T plans include Max and how to activate your Max subscription.

Get Max Free With AT&T in Netherlands 30-day money-back guarantee

How to Get Max Free With Cricket Wireless in Netherlands?

Is there HBO Max free trial in Netherlands using Cricket Wireless? Unfortunately, Cricket Wireless offers Max as part of specific unlimited plans, providing an excellent way for subscribers to enjoy Max content at no extra cost. Consider using ExpressVPN for a secure connection.

Be sure to review the details of Cricket Wireless plans to understand how you can benefit from this offer. For the most current information and activation steps, visit Cricket Wireless’s official site.

How Much is HBO Max’s Cheapest Plan?

The cheapest plan is to subscribe for EUR€ 9.35 /mo or EUR€ 90.71 /mo (saving 16%), which includes ads. Other than this, you can get Max for EUR€ 14.96 /mo or EUR€ 136.09 /mo (saving over 20%), an ad-free option, and the third plan, which saves more than 16%, is EUR€ 18.71 /mo or EUR€ 181.46 /mo , the Ultimate Ad-Free tire. Check our guide for more details on how much is Max in Netherlands.

You can also cancel HBO Max in Netherlands but I recommend that you keeping the subscription to check out the new flicks offered by Max.

In 2024, HBO Max remains a hotspot for cutting-edge entertainment, featuring a dynamic mix of the latest shows, movies, and live events that capture the essence of current trends and viewer preferences.

If you are looking for what to watch on HBO Max in Netherlands, here’s a glimpse into what’s trending on HBO Max:

HBO Max Free Trial: FAQs

No, but customers who subscribe to Prime Video can add HBO Max for EUR€ 13.60 /mo and get access to all the Warner Bros.

You can get an HBO Max free in Netherlands through Prime Video, Hulu, DirectTV Stream and Cricket Wireless and AT&T.

Unlike Hulu and Amazon Prime, Max presently lacks a free trial. Thus, the only access to content requires payment of the standard monthly subscription fee.

Wrapping It Up!

Concluding the question if there is an HBO Max free trial in Netherlands? So Max has officially discontinued its fee trial services for users. But there is to fret about, as users can still get free alternative that are mentioned in detail above.

Get an HBO Max free trial and stream your favorite content now using ExpressVPN. But if, for any reason, you encounter the free trial of HBO Max not working, then try the given solutions mentioned in our guide, but first, you must know what your issue is, and for that, you should read our complete guide.