VPN Error 812 in South Korea– [Updated 2023]

  • Last updated May 27, 2024
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What is meant by VPN Error 812 in South Korea?

Unlike many other errors, VPN Error 812 in South Korea is not very common for VPN users. However, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot be resolved. It can be resolved very quickly and very easily in three easy steps. The Error 812 states:

The connection was prevented because of a policy configured on your RAS/VPN server. Specifically, the authentication method used by the server to verify your username and password may not match the authentication method configured in your connection profile. Please contact the Administrator of the RAS server and notify them of this error.”

The error may not occur as frequently as other VPN errors in South Korea, but it can give you headaches if you are trying to reconnect your VPN after it has been disconnected. The VPN Error 812 has to do more with the RAS/VPN server. So you can sort out the problem, sometimes by restarting the RRAS server or by trying to reconnect your VPN after a short break of 50-60 minutes.

What Causes VPN Error 812 in South Korea?

Error 812 is, in fact, more technical in nature. As the error is solely caused on the server side, there is little that you can do to resolve the issue. However, we will guide you to get rid of error 812 in South Korea in a matter of seconds. But before you begin fixing the fault, here are the possible causes that may result in error 812 in South Korea:

  • Error 812 often occurs when the VPN server has its authentication protocol set to “MS-CHAP”, while the VPN client is being accessed on Windows Vista or above. (this is due to MS-CHAP had been removed from Windows Vista and later operating systems)
  • When the Authentication protocol is selected via NPS (Network Policy & Access Services), then error 812 may take place
  • More often than not, error 812 occurs when RRAS-based VPN server configuration differs from that of the VPN client system

After conducting detailed testing, we have come up with the above-mentioned reasons that may cause error 812 in South Korea. But don’t fret, as we have created a simple step-by-step procedure below that will help you to eliminate the annoying error in South Korea within a few minutes.

How to Solve the VPN Connection Error 812 in South Korea?

As stated above, Error 812 is not a common error for a VPN user in South Korea but one that can be quickly resolved without needing the assistance of your VPN service provider. You’ll very quickly get past the error if you are willing to access your VPN settings. Here are the three steps that will help you quickly bypass error 812 in South Korea:

1) Once you have encountered the error, make sure to change the Primary DNS to Domain Controller first.

2) After the first step, set up the External DNS by accessing the Secondary DNS.

3) Now select the range of the Primary DNS as, check and apply the settings and restart your VPN. It should work now.

The VPN Connection Error 812 in South Korea should go away now, however, if it still persists, you are advised to please contact your VPN service provider available in South Korea.

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