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The announcement that their favorite survival game will be released will excite a lot of geeks. Finally turning into a series is The Last of US. If you are concerned about how to watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go, simply get ExpressVPN and access Sky Go in South Korea to watch it!

With the help of the Sky Go Move free trial, customers to Sky Go can stream a huge selection of live TV channels and catch-up content on the go on their mobile devices. However, due to content rights limitations, its “Go” app only allows you to watch if you are a resident of UK, exactly like Sky Go.

You can watch The Last of US on Sky Go in South Korea for far less money by utilizing ExpressVPN than by using other channels. Continue reading this blog to learn how!

Watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go – [Quick steps]

Fortunately, there is a quick workaround to watch Sky Go in South Korea. Simply follow these simple steps to watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go:

  1. Get ExpressVPN! For Sky Go, we advise this option!
  2. Download the software, then log in.
  3. Connect to a UK server
  4. Launch the Sky Go app and sign up for the free trial.
  5. Watch The Last of Us online right now in South Korea on Sky Go.

Where to watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go?

You can watch The Last of Us exclusively on Sky Go. On the same day, the series is also exclusively shown via Sky Go Now and Sky Go via app. The new show will only be accessible through Sky Go, which offers free trials.

Why do we need a VPN to watch the Last of US in South Korea?

Simple is the response in South Korea, Sky Go has been blocked. Due to content geo-restriction, services like Sky Go use a tracking mechanism to deny users who attempt to access their service in South Korea.

Additionally, because your internet connection has your local IP address, Sky Go in your nation may instantly identify where you are and deny access when you try to stream it. Sky Go then blocked VPN and severely limited access as a result.

However, by replacing your local IP address in South Korea with a UK one while using the correct VPN (like ExpressVPN), you may easily fool the Sky Go tracking system.

Consequently, a VPN will cover your location when you connect to a UK server. By doing this, you trick Sky Go’s tracking system by believing that you are located someplace in South Korea, which enables you to watch The Last of Us from South Korea.

You must get a UK IP address in South Korea in order to get around this limitation. Although it might seem unfeasible, using VPN servers is possible.

What is the release date of The Last of US on Sky Go ?

BINGE has revealed the date for the UK premiere of The Last of Us, with the first episode set to air on streaming TV on January 16, 2023. Sky Go and Sky Go Now will both carry the show. The fifth episode will show on February 13th, 2023, after 4 have already aired.

What is the plot of The Last of US?

The Last of US, a video game adaptation of the same name that has received praise, is set 20 years after an incurable epidemic has wiped out contemporary civilization.

Joel (Pedro Pascal), a survivor who is tough as nails, and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a 14-year-old who is equally strong, meet while setting out on a perilous voyage across the country.

Ellie, who appears to be the solution to a potential cure, carries a burden that no kid should, but her fire spirit perseveres to fight against the melancholy Joel in a speculative manner.

The Last of US checks all the criteria for exciting viewing, from the easy banter to the gut-wrenching obstacles to the destiny of the entire world sitting in their two hands.

How many episodes of The Last of Us TV series will there be?

Nine episodes make up the first season of The Last of Us. It was originally planned to have 10, however along the process, that number has been decreased to 9. The first episode of The Last of US will show on January 15, and the final episode will run on March 13.

When does Episode 5 of The Last of Us come out?

Sky Go will release The Last of Us Episode 5 on February 13th, 2023. Episode 5 lasts about 58 minutes, which is a little bit longer than this week’s chapter. This episode will be followed by four more as a result.

What occurred in earlier episodes (recap)?

Ellie is shown playing with the revolver she found at the beginning of The Last of Us episode 4 when she is alone in a restroom. Before going back to visit Joel, she pulls the trigger, fills it, and then unloads it.

Joel fills up the car with gas so they may leave the abandoned truck stop where they are standing. They have some amusing little exchanges as Ellie reads her puns from the comic she discovered earlier in the series.

What will happen in The Last of Us Episode 5?

The Last of Us Episode 5 preview explains the relationship between Kathleen and the brothers and explains why Kathleen is so eager to locate them. T

he upcoming episode is anticipated to delve deeply into the story of the brothers and how Ellie and Joel come to be their allies because Kathleen appears to know a lot about Henry and Sam.

Is The Last of Us a story based game?

Yes, as a premium narrative experience, The Last of Us debuted on the PlayStation 3 in 2013. Naughty Dog, a team that was instrumental in establishing the benchmark  for narrative-driven video games that closely resembled classic Hollywood formats, created the game.

Is there a trailer for The Last of US?

Yes, for The Last of Us, there is a trailer. The Last of Us trailer is certain to captivate you. A sneak glimpse at this fantastic dystopian thriller is provided below:

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Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Sky Go in South Korea to watch The Last of US in South Korea because it is very effective at getting over Sky Go’s geo-restrictions.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go

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The features of ExpressVPN include a Kill Switch, 256-AES military encryption, ad, and threat filtering, and Split Tunneling. ExpressVPN works with a variety of platforms, including Windows, Android, MAC, iOS, Fire Stick, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The Media Streamer function of ExpressVPN made it possible for devices without VPN capability to access spatial content. It works well for unblocking streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar, American Netflix, and many others. You can also watch series on Sky Go other than Last of Us like Django and Funny Woman.

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In The Last of Us, Joel is 32 years old.

Frank made the decision to commit suicide rather than allow the infection to win. Along with him, Bill decided to take his own life.

Frank made the decision to commit suicide rather than allow the infection to win. Along with him, Bill decided to take his own life.


For all Sky Go users, Sky Go is a fantastic platform that enables them to watch live TV and their favorite shows on their mobile devices. A VPN that is as good as ExpressVPN is required to watch The Last of US in South Korea on Sky Go if you choose to do so.

Hopefully, this article has allayed your concerns and given you a clear understanding of how to use a VPN to access Sky Go in South Korea.


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