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A factual drama based on sexual harassment in the workplace is coming to your screens soon. It is named as Consent as it explores the idea of consent in a different way. It will premiere on Channel 4. As this channel is UK based, it has geographical limits on it. Therefore, it can not be accessed anywhere in the world. But the question arises how to watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4?

We have an answer to your question. Yes, you can enjoy Consent in other countries as well. It can be done by using a reliable VPN. VPN will work by changing your IP address. This is how all the geo-restricted channels in your country can be approached. Though many VPNs are available, the best VPN to watch Channel 4 Outside UK is ExpressVPN.

Consent is a factual drama. It throws light on the sexual expectations of teenagers and how these expectations are distorted when they get access to online porn videos. Thus, the lines of consent are blurred. Overall very bold topics are discussed in this drama including porn culture, misogyny, and most important sexual harassment. So, keep on reading to discover how to watch Channel 4 outside UK with the help of ExpressVPN.

Watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4 – [Easy Steps]

  1. It is very easy to watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4. It includes some basic steps. They are as follows;
  2.  Go for the most recommended VPN I.e. ExpressVPN.
  3. Launch it and link to a UK server.
  4. Sign in to the Channel 4 website (All 4) using your passwords.
  5. Search for Consent and start streaming.

Where can I watch Consent Outside UK?

The primary source to enjoy this TV drama is Channel 4. If you are a resident of UK, you can directly use this channel for watching the movie. But if you are in any other part of the world, you will need a good VPN. This is because there are Geo-restrictions imposed on the channel.

So to watch Content outside UK, ExpressVPN is the most suggested option. You can download it and sign up there. As ExpressVPN is quite user-friendly, you can enjoy the foreign shows by following very easy steps.

Why do we need VPN to Watch Consent Outside UK?

With a VPN, you may get UK IP address and pretend to be accessing the internet from within the United Kingdom thus allowing you to watch the event online outside UK.

When will Consent air on Channel 4?

The release date of Consent film is February 7, 2023. It will air on channel 4. If you want to enjoy different bold topics on one screen, then mark your calendars. The date of release is quite near. Hope you will enjoy that time!

What is the plot of Consent?

The film is about a very bold topic of sexual harassment that is very common these days. It is made by inspiration from many true events that happen in our society. It happens in an elite private school. First of all, it was open for boys only but recently they have made it co-education.

The film mostly revolves around two main characters Archie and Natalie that become friends gradually. Archie is a student who is from a rich family and also a high achiever of school. His social media activities are all followed by a lad culture.

On the other hand, Natalie belongs to a totally different background. She is quite hard working and because of her efforts, she has got admission in this school. Despite these big differences, they both form a bond.

Then, one day there was a distressing party at a night. Archie raped his friend without her consent. After that, Archie was accused of serious sexual allegations. There comes a major twist in the story. How all the porn content available on the internet affects the teenagers is highlighted in this movie.

Basically, this movie has conveyed a message to all elite schools that how important it is to give sex education to students. Moreover, the school staff should keep an eye on what is going on between them. So the very bold topics are covered in this movie in a very effective way.

Who is in the Consent cast?

Two main stars of this film are Lashay Anderson and Tom Victor. Lashay Anderson is going to play the role of Archie while Tom Victor will act as Natalie. The whole story revolves around them both.

How long is the Consent running time?

The film is 47 minutes long and can be enjoyed in a flow. It will be available on your screens from February 7, 2023. Once it is released, you can watch it any time you want by using ExpressVPN.

How many episodes of Consent are there?

Consent is a single film of 47 minutes. It is a short film going to premiere on channel 4. You need a little time to enjoy this bold movie.

What is being said about Consent?

Consent is generally targeting young people and very common issues related to them. All the issues regarding sexual harassment, misogny and toxic culture are represented with such an amazing energy that stuns the viewers. It is said that although the film is shooted in one elite school it depicts the situation of all the schools in UK.

Is there a trailer of Consent?

Yes, there is a trailer of Consent. It is available on YouTube channel. It gives us a clear hint about all the bold and proactive topics discussed in the film.

What Else You Can Watch on Channel 4?

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Channel 4 to watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4 because it has more than 3000 servers which are available all over the world. It is the best provider of the present era. It allows you to watch any foreign content that has been Geo-restricted. ExpressVPN covers more than 105 countries of the world. You can always choose a server according to your location but ExpressVPN gives you a free hand of options from any region of Earth.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4

This is because ExpressVPN is the  MediaStreamer DNS with the same coding and full security. So it gives you the best streaming services. MediaStreamer assists you a lot in enjoying international content on your screen.


In the beginning it offers you a free trial of 30 days. Then you can choose between a monthly package and an annual package. Monthly packages usually cost $99.9 per month. For an annual subscription, you have to pay around KRW9242.87/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.

While most VPNs can’t say the same, ExpressVPN boasts this feature thanks to its MediaStreamer DNS service. However, this feature doesn’t encrypt your data and only supports access to geo-blocked material. So, you’ll need to use the VPN if you want to stay under wraps.

Thanks to its many UK servers, the VPN lets you access an ideal location to enjoy the comedy. You can choose from its five UK locations: London, Wembley, Midlands. Docklands, and East London.

You can watch many American TV shows. Reality shows like Make Me Prime Minister and movies like Belfast Midwives and Everyone Else Burns, and documentaries without buffering or latency.

To tackle the fear of hackers, Express VPN has the best privacy features  and powerful encryption so that you can enjoy your favorite shows without having fear of exposure of your personal information. In addition to that, ExpressVPN is recommended for its excellent speed.

Moreover, one of the spectacular attributes of ExpressVPN is that you can install it on any of available devices. Whether it is a TV, laptop or tablet etc. It is totally up to you.

So what are you waiting for go and get the most reliable VPN.

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No, Consent is not based on a true story. In fact, it is inspired by many true events.

Consent is written by Emma Dennis-Edwards. She is a first time writer. The director of the film is Nadira Amrani.

It has been filmed in different parts of Wales. The school selected for shoot was in  Vale of Glamorgan in south Wales. Some scenes were also shooted at Cardiff and Penarth.

Wrap Up

To look at all the teenage experiences related to sexual harassment, porn culture and misogyny, you should watch Consent. It is going to be released on February 7, 2023. Channel 4 is going to air it on this date.

So to watch Consent Outside UK on Channel 4, it is recommended to have ExpressVPN on your device.


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