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If you are a K-Pop fan, brace yourself to watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan as HBO Max Brasil brings K-pop-based drama Além do Guarda-Roupa. Get ExpressVPN and watch in Japan.

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Max is the new HBO Max after its merger with the Discovery Plus channel. Although Discovery Plus is still its own channel. If you are new to K-pop drama, watch Beyond the Wardrobe with Max free trial and know more about it.

Beyond the Wardrobe series is based on a teenage girl, Carol, who has her own battles. A daughter of a deceased Brazilian dancer mother and a South Korean father who abandoned her to return to South Korea. Her life changed after an astonishing discovery connecting her with the leading K-pop band.

So all K-pop fans are excited to watch the show, let us get into more details of how to watch the drama series Beyond the Wardrobe Brasil on Max.

How to Watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan [Easy Steps]

Are you wondering how and where to watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan? Follow these simple steps to know more about it.

  • Register with ExpressVPN and install the App on your device.
  • Connect to a Brazilian server. The series is available on HBO Max Brasil
  • Log in or sign up for HBO Max Brasil on their website.
  • Look Beyond the Wardrobe in the content library
  • Now watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan

HBO Max Brasil is a premium streaming channel and requires a subscription. You can pay for Max or HBO Max through different ways such as cards and Paypal.

Where to Watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan?


Enjoy All these Channels under a single subscription of HBO Max Brasil in Japan

HBO Max Brasil is your primary channel to watch the show. Max is an affordable channel that allows everyone to watch their favorite shows.

HBO Max Brasil is a geo-restricted streaming site and it requires a Brazilian IP address to access the site. Therefore, a VPN is necessary to access the streaming platform outside Brasil and to watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan.

Some users sometimes complain about Max or HBO Max not working. If you experience the same try the steps mentioned in our blog.

Since HBO Max has become Max, here comes a significant difference between HBO Max vs Max Max has a much more extensive content library (now offering Discovery Plus Channels). And there is much more new to Max.

Can I Watch Beyond the Wardrobe Using HBO Max Brasil Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch Beyond the Wardrobe using HBO Max free trial. However, Max is not offering a free trial directly through its site. Therefore, to get Max free trial you have to get an add-on on the DirectTV Go channel in Brasil.

To access HBO Max Brasil, you need a reliable VPN to change your IP address and surpass the location restrictions. Get ExpressVPN as it is safe and fast. If you do not want to continue, just cancel Max or HBO Max before the end of the free trial to avoid getting charged for the next month.

What is Beyond the Wardrobe About?

The South Korean popular Beyond the Wardrobe storyline is about a teenage girl who is struggling to accept her new life after the death of her Brazilian mother. Her South Korean father decides to move to South Korea.

As Carol is struggling to fight back against her South Asian ancestry realizing that their culture and lifestyle totally differ from hers. While she battles her inner fights she discovers something strange that changed her life.

The 17-year-old girl discovered that her wardrobe connects her room to the dormitory of the famous K-Pop group ACT. Since then she started to connect and adapt to the South Korean culture that she once hated.

Watch the journey in Beyond the Wardrobe K-pop using a VPN to get a Brazilian IP address.

Is There Any Official Trailer Available For Beyond the Wardrobe?

Yes. To increase your excitement even more HBO Max Brasil has released an official Beyond the Wardrobe trailer for its fans. The trailer shows how the girl first hated South Korean culture and later found her idols in her room.

Click on the link below to watch the Beyond the Wardrobe preview.

What is the Release Date of Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan?

All the K-Pop fans are asking when is Beyond the Wardrobe coming out. The wait is over! Mark your calendars for Jul 20, 2023, as Max has officially announced the release date of Beyond the Wardrobe.

The fans can expect a unique and exciting screen time as it is the first time that hit South Korean stars will be cast in an HBO Max original series. Get Max or HBO Max on Firestick and enjoy your favorite stars on the big screen so watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan.

How Many Episodes Does Beyond the Wardrobe Have?

There are 10 episodes in Beyond the Wardrobe season 1. However, no further information is provided about their names or release date. Keep following us and we will update you.

To watch your favorite stars on a bigger screen without missing out on anything get HBO Max Bundle with different streaming sites and enjoy your free time.

Who is the Cast of Beyond the Wardrobe?

Are you excited to know about the Beyond the Wardrobe cast? Check out the table below.

Name Role
Sharon Blanche Carol
Ana Botafogo Self
Soo-jin Kwon Dae Ho
Min-Wook Lee Sang Mok
Pyong Lee Self
Sabrina Nonata Self
Luiza Parente Self
Julia Rabello Luisa
Kim Woo-Jin Kyung-min
Woojin Kyung Min
Jaechan Yoon Chul Woo

To see the cast in action in Beyond the Wardrobe episodes for free get a Max free trial. All you need is a Directv Go account.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan?

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Which K-Pop Idols Are Appearing in Beyond the Wardrobe?

Before we name your favorite stars, the show is coming on HBO Max Brasil but it is based on South Korean new sensation, the K-Pop band. The names of K-Pop idols are as follows, Kim Woojin as Kyungmin, NEWKIDD’s Jinkwon as Daeho, Yoon Jaechan as Chul, and Lee Min Wook as Mok.

To get a Max subscription visit the Max website to know more about how much is Max or HBO Max. Once you get the subscription you can enjoy any show you want to.

Amazing Shows and Movies Available on Max in Japan

HBO Max has an extensive library for its users. Get the best VPN for Max or HBO Max and stream any show or movie you want in Japan. Some of the recently launched shows and movies are mentioned below.

Beyond the Wardrobe


Yes, you can watch Beyond the Wardrobe online free if you take advantage of the free trial period offered by Max. You will not cost anything if you cancel the subscription on time. To watch Max you need to get a reliable VPN service that allows you to access Max.

Yes, Max will be available to HBO Max customers right now. HBO Max is being renamed “Max” in order to give a unique name and underline the platform’s focus on offering a varied range of content.

The original name of Beyond the Wardrobe is Alem do Guarda-Roupa. Its original language is Portuguese.

HBO Max’s new romantic fantasy drama is Além do Guarda-Roupa, available on HBO Max Brasil.

Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our comprehensive guide on how to watch Beyond the Wardrobe in Japan. Watch the story of a struggling teenager who then discovers a life-changing thing in her wardrobe. To watch any movie in Japan on Max get a reliable VPN.

To watch Beyond the Wardrobe kdrama ExpressVPN is the best choice as it offers the best service with speed and connection.