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Watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy

People living in Italy can now watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy, with the help of a VPN service. A trustworthy VPN, one like ExpressVPN, will help you to access Paramount Plus and its content in Italy.

Paramount Plus is a geo-restricted app, which means to access Paramount Plus Italy, you will require a VPN service. A VPN service will bypass all the restrictions imposed on the website and make it look like you are watching Ghosts of Beirut in the USA.

The Showtime original series Ghosts of Beirut’s release date is May 21, 2023, and consists of four Parts. But you must have a Paramount Plus Showtime Bundle to stream Ghosts of Beirut.

Check the Ghosts of Beirut trailer and cast and see if it interests you. Because this article will show you you can watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy.

How to Watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy – Quick Steps

To watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy, you must follow the 5 simple and easy steps mentioned below:

  • Use a premium VPN subscription. (Recommended: ExpressVPN)
  • The VPN app should be downloaded and installed on the streaming device.
  • Connect to the server located in the USA (Recommended Server: New York)
  • Visit the Paramount Plus website and log in (or create an account).
  • You can now watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount plus in Italy.

Note: To stream Ghosts of Beirut you must have a subscription to Paramount Plus Showtime bundle. New users of the streaming service get a free trial of one week.

After watching Ghost and Beirut, you must watch Hot Honeymoon Surprise, as it is one of the most loved shows available on Paramount Plus, including Rosies Theater Kids.

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Where can I watch Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1)?

Are you wondering where to watch Ghosts of Beirut season 1? You can now watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus. Remember that you won’t be able to see the show unless you subscribe to Paramount Plus Showtime.

If you want to Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy, you must know that you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN. As the sohw is restricted, the VPN will change your actual IP address to one in the US to make it look like you are accessing Paramount PLus from the USA only.

The cost of Paramount Plus is also very affordable, which means you can easily can it without breaking your bank account.

What is the release date of Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1)?

The Ghosts of Beirut release date is the 21st of May, 2023. This fantastic show will be coming on Paramount Plus. This series follows Imad Mughniyeh, a Lebanese terrorist who is wanted in connection with many assaults on American and Israeli targets and is the subject of this docuseries.

You may watch Ghosts of Beirut online for free for 7 days with a Paramount Plus Showtime trial subscription. In addition to Beavis and Butthead Season 2, Season 2 of Rugrats and many more episodes and movies are available during your free trial on Paramount Plus. So, now you know where to where to watch Ghosts of Beirut for free. Go check it out now!

Other than Ghosts of Beirut, there is so much good content like S.W.A.T., National Women’s Soccer League, and PBR world finals that there will be no question regarding what to watch on Paramount Plus.

What is Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1) is about?

Showtime’s four-part espionage thriller Ghosts of Beirut debuted that month in 2023. The series follows the investigation of the whereabouts of Imad Mughniyeh, a wanted Lebanese terrorist responsible for multiple assaults on American and Israeli targets.

The show is based on a true story that has been called “one of the greatest espionage stories of our time,” and it follows the search for a terrorist’s mastermind over the course of several decades. Two of the show’s stars, Amir Khoury and Hisham Suliman are Arab actors.

You can also wait for the Ghosts of Beirut IMDb ratings first to decide if you want to watch it.

What is the Cast of Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1)?

Ghosts of Beirut cast includes:

Cast Member Role
Navid Negahban Ali-Reza Asgari
Iddo Goldberg Teddy
Ned Bellamy William Casey
Yuval Scharf Sarah
Hisham Suliman Imad Mughniyeh (2007)
Zineb Triki Wafa
Billy Smith Dewey Clarridge
Amir Khoury Imad Mughniyeh (1982)
Soufiane El Khalidy Kerem
Mohammed Larbi Sahraoui Nabih Berry
Seabert Henry Mike (CIA Chief)
Enja Saethren Erika
Lydia Mark Susan
Hiba Bennani Saada
Robert Kazinsky Steve (1982)
Rafi Gavron Chet
Stuart Ward Jim
Youssef Tounzi Mukhabarat Officer
Ait ben Azzouz Brahim Chet’s airport taxi driver
Ismail Elfallahi Mosque Guard
Derek Reginald National Security Attorney
Mustapha Makhada Imad’s guard #2
Alaeddine Qassid Mukhabarat Commander
Zineb Abbad El Andaloussi CIA Operations Officer
Dermot Mulroney Unknown
Garret Dillahunt Unknown
Dina Shihabi Unknown
Brice Bexter Topher (uncredited)
Ben Affan Muhtashemi Pur (uncredited)
Mekki Kadiri

How many episodes of Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1)?

Imad Mughniyeh, the mastermind behind a terrorist organization that eluded authorities for almost two decades, is the subject of a four-part limited series based on one of the most astonishing true espionage stories of our time.

Release Date Episode Name Events of the Episode
19th May 2023 Emergence The CIA’s worst enemy, Imad Mughniyeh, is linked by a young CIA targeter named Lena Asayran to an attack on US soldiers in Iraq in 2007. Lena coerces an Iranian defector into disclosing Imad’s shady upbringing at a young age (19). Robert Ames, a CIA official in 1983, is certain that he could coerce Israel into withdrawing and enacting a regional peace plan. However, young Imad sees an opening and orchestrates the first suicide bombing in the Middle East. The idealistic goals of Ames and the resolute goals of Imad for the Middle East are at odds with one another—season debut.
26th May 2023 Hunted William Buckley is named the new station commander in Beirut for the CIA; Chet Riley finds a picture of the enigmatic Imad; Imad accelerates his attacks, prompting the United States to pull out of Lebanon; and Imad emerges as the dominant force in the Middle East.
2nd June 2023 Damascus The details of the episode still need to be released.
9th June 2023 The Finding The details of the attack still need to be removed.

Is there a trailer for Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1)?

The Ghosts of Beirut trailer lets you decide to commit to the how. The link to the trailer is given below for your ease.

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Ghosts of Beirut


The Ghosts of Beirut is a thriller mystery TV series set in espionage. You can enjoy this great content on Paramount Plus in Italy with ExpressVPN.

FilmNation Entertainment and Showtime Networks produce the series based on the creation of Gideon Raff and Max Perry, Ghosts of Beirut.

From what I can see, Ghosts of Beirut is an original series produced by Showtime and may only be viewable via the pay-per-view channel’s streaming service. You can’t legally stream it for free. However, Showtime may provide a free trial period for new members, allowing you to view the series at no cost. To show your appreciation for the authors and their efforts, it is recommended that you always pay for the information you consume.

Wrap Up

We hope you know how to watch Ghosts of Beirut on Paramount Plus in Italy. All you need is a VPN service (ExpressVPN is what we recommend) and a Paramount Plus Showtime subscription to access Paramount Plus in Italy.

Enjoy the origin story of 21-year-old boy Mughniyeh who is also referred to as “The Ghost”. Get ready to binge-watch it over the weekend!