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Push, glide, shoot – the drama of the Biathlon World Cup is heating up. You can watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports using a reliable and stable VPN like ExpressVPN.

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The 2023–24 Biathlon World Cup is the 47th edition for men and the 42nd edition for women of the highest international race series in Biathlon. It began on November 25 2023 and will end on March 17 2024.

How to Watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

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Where to Watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy?

You can watch Biathlon World Cup 2023/24 on Discovery Plus UK via TNT Sports. The 2023–24 Biathlon World Cup is the ultimate winter showdown, where the world’s best athletes push their limits in a thrilling blend of cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship.

If you want to watch Biathlon live in Italy, I recommend using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to mask your IP and bypass the geo-restrictions of Discovery Plus UK in Italy. Once you are successful in accessing the platform, you can watch some of the best Discovery Plus sports in Italy.

What is Biathlon Sports About?

Biathlon is a winter sport that blends two seemingly disparate disciplines: cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship. Imagine a race where athletes are not just battling the clock and their own physical limitations but also the delicate task of hitting tiny targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Biathlon races take place on challenging cross-country courses, often winding through snow-covered forests and featuring steep hills and exhilarating descents. Athletes strap on specialized skis and push themselves to the limit, gliding through the snow with incredible speed and agility.

When is 2024 Biathlon World Cup?

The 2023-2024 Biathlon World Cup is actually still ongoing. It started on November 25, 2023, and will continue until March 17, 2024. So, you’re still in time to catch the remaining races and cheer on your favorite athletes.

What Are the Locations for 2024 Biathlon World Cup?

The 2024 Biathlon World Cup venues are as follows:

Locations for the Biathlon World Cup
Östersund, Sweden
Hochfilzen, Austria
Lenzerheide, Switzerland
Oberhof, Germany
Ruhpolding, Germany
Antholz-Anterselva, Italy
Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic (World Championships)
Holmenkollen, Norway
Soldier Hollow, USA
Canmore, Canada

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Costs?

If you’re a fan of TNT Sports and want to stream it online, Discovery Plus is your destination. However, you’ll need to subscribe to their Premium plan which comes with a price tag of £29.99 per month (approximately $33.94). Remember, currency conversion rates can fluctuate, so always double-check the current price before subscribing.

Here’s a breakdown of all three Discovery Plus plans for your reference:

Plan Price (£) Features
Basic 3.99 On-demand entertainment, Downloadable content
Ad Free 6.99 All Entertainment features, ad-free viewing
Premium (includes TNT Sports) 30.99 All Sports features, TNT Sports channels, Eurosport channels

While you can get Discovery Plus free trial in Italy, you cannot use it to watch TNT Sports. The free trial only grants access to the Entertainment plan.

If you’re a die-hard TNT Sports fan and want to watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup, the Premium plan might be worth considering. Moreover, you can always cancel Discovery Plus in Italy without any worry.

What is the Calendar of 2024 Biathlon World Cup?

The 2023–24 Biathlon World Cup season is still ongoing and will conclude on March 17, 2024. So, you haven’t missed the season yet. You can still watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN.

Here’s the detailed calendar of 2024 Biathlon World Cup schedule:

Stage Location Date Individual Short Individual Sprint Pursuit Mass Start Relay Mixed Relay Single Mixed Relay
1 Sweden Östersund 25 Nov – 3 Dec
2 Austria Hochfilzen 8 – 10 Dec
3 Switzerland Lenzerheide 14 – 17 Dec
4 Germany Oberhof 4 – 7 Jan
5 Germany Ruhpolding 10 – 14 Jan
6 Italy Antholz-Anterselva 18 – 21 Jan
WCH Czech Republic Nové Město na Moravě 7 – 18 Feb
7 Norway Oslo Holmenkollen 29 Feb – 3 Mar
8 United States Soldier Hollow, Utah 8 – 10 Mar
9 Canada Canmore 14 – 17 Mar
Total 70 31 31 8

Who is Participating in the 2024 Biathlon World Cup?

The 2023–24 Biathlon World Cup is currently a hot topic for sports enthusiasts across Europe and North America. Top athletes from around the globe are battling for glory and the coveted crystal globes in various disciplines, making for an exciting spectacle.

In Men’s, reigning king Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) continues his dominance, leading the overall standings with his explosive skiing and pinpoint shooting.

In Women’s, sprint queen Elvira Öberg (Sweden) reigns supreme in the sprints, dominating the leaderboard with her explosive speed and laser-like focus.

The Mixed Relay events add another layer of excitement to the competition, with teams of two men and two women battling for the top spot. Look out for powerhouse teams like Norway, France, and Germany, as well as rising stars like Sweden and Italy.

2024 Biathlon World Cup | Male Participants

The 2023–24 Biathlon World Cup is shaping up to be a thrilling battle between two powerhouse teams: Norway and France.

The Norwegian team is led by Johannes Thingnes Bø, the defending overall champion. Other key members of the Norwegian team include Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen, a strong contender in pursuit and individual races, and Sturla Holm Lægreid, a rising star with exceptional shooting skills.

The French team is led by Quentin Fillon Maillet, who is a constant threat for podium finishes. Other key members of the French team include Émilien Jacquelin, a strong skier with a knack for winning relays, and Simon Desthieux, a consistent performer with multiple World Championship titles.

2024 Biathlon World Cup | Female Participants

The 2024 Biathlon World Cup (Women) is a clash of titans. France’s Braisaz-Bouchet leads the charge with three wins, while versatile teammate Simon adds firepower. Norway counters with Tandrevold’s two victories and consistent duo Vittozzi and Arnekleiv.

Sweden boasts sprint queen Öberg alongside Brorsson and Öberg, while Germany relies on veteran Preuß and rising star Voigt. Häcki-Groß (Switzerland) and Wierer (Italy) lurk as upset threats. You can watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports.

2024 Biathlon World Cup | Mixed Relay

The 2024 Biathlon World Cup Mixed Relay is a tightly contested affair, with France currently holding the lead but facing fierce challenges from Sweden and Norway. France, powered by the consistent duo of Quentin Fillon Maillet and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, secured victory in the first relay of the season.

Sweden, boasting the sprint prowess of Hanna Öberg and Sebastian Samuelsson’s sharp shooting, has been a close second in both relays so far. Norway, with the firepower of Johannes Thingnes Bø and Tarjei Bø, remains a sleeping giant, yet to claim a podium but with the potential to explode at any moment.

What Are the Standings of 2024 Biathlon World Cup?

The following 2024 Biathlon World Cup standings provide a clear overview of the leaders in each discipline for both Men and Women, along with their respective points. You can watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus via ExpressVPN.


Discipline Leader Points
Overall Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) 671
Sprint Tarjei Bø (Norway) 288
Pursuit Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) 311
Individual Roman Rees (Germany) 90
Mass Start Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) 90


Discipline Leader Points
Overall Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (Norway) 666
Sprint Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (Norway) 319
Pursuit Julia Simon (France) 274
Individual Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) 90
Mass Start Justine Braisaz-Bouchet (France) 90

2024 Biathlon World Cup | Male Standings

Before you watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus, here’s a snapshot of the current men’s standings, showcasing the top contenders and their points accumulated through exciting races:

Rank Athletes PTS
1 J. BØ 671
2 T. BØ 593
4 S. LÆGREID 509
7 B. DOLL 440
9 P. NAWRATH 401
10 T. GIACOMEL 389
12 J. STRELOW 383
13 J. KÜHN 360
15 S. STALDER 291
16 E. PERROT 271
18 F. CLAUDE 254
19 D. BIONAZ 240
21 P. HORN 216
22 V. SØRUM 203
23 F. CLAUDE 197
24 N. HARTWEG 186
25 J. FAK 185
26 M. KRCMÁR 174
27 L. HOFER 159
28 R. REES 149
29 A. MUKHIN 141
30 S. EDER 130

2024 Biathlon World Cup | Female Standings

Now, let’s check out the overall female standings. You can watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports using ExpressVPN.

Rank Athletes PTS
4 E. ÖBERG 541
5 F. PREUS 505
6 J. SIMON 497
8 K. KNOTTEN 437
10 V. VOIGT 375
12 M. BRORSSON 326
13 L. PERSSON 314
14 H. ÖBERG 313
17 S. CHAUVEAU 221
18 A. LAMPIC 215
19 M. SKOGAN 206
21 T. TOMINGAS 163
22 Y. DZHIMA 151
23 J. JISLOVÁ 149
24 M. DAVIDOVÁ 147
25 A. BASERGA 144
27 L. LIE 131
28 M. JOHANSEN 129
29 D. WIERER 123
30 L. HAUSER 112

How to Get Tickets for 2024 Biathlon World Cup?

The main channel for purchasing 2024 Biathlon World Cup Tickets is directly through the official websites of each participating venue. Look for dedicated ticket sections or pages on the venues’ websites, where you’ll find detailed information about available ticket categories, prices, and purchase options.

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2024 Biathlon World Cup

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Since last winter, they implemented a new system where winners get 90 points instead of 60, and every race counts towards the total score. It’s all about consistency now.

The biathlon mass start does utilize a points system, just like other disciplines like sprint, individual, and pursuit. The points are awarded based on the finish position: 1st place is 90 points, 2nd place is 75 points, 3rd place is 60 points, and so on, with points progressively decreasing for lower placements.

No, Discovery Plus is not currently streaming the 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy. however, you can use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restriction of Discovery Plus UK and watch the IBU Biathlon live on TNT Sports.

Yes, Biathlon is a winter Olympic and Paralympic sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship. Athletes ski laps between shooting rounds, where they must hit targets with five shots each, lying down and standing up.

Yes, you can use a VPN to stream live matches in Italy. ExpressVPN, a top-rated VPN, lets you bypass streaming geo-blocks, so you can catch every thrilling biathlon race live, no matter where you are. Plus, it ensures lightning-fast speeds and ironclad security for your online activities.

Biathlon Champs payouts are hefty. Winners of individual events get 15,000 euros, while the overall World Cup champion grabs 28,000 euros. Plus, there’s 10,000 euros for each discipline title.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen from Norway remains the biathlete with the most medals in total across the Olympics and World Championships, with a combined tally of 45 medals. He also boasts an impressive record of 95 World Cup wins, making him the athlete with the most career victories on the Biathlon World Cup tour.

Wrapping Up

The 2023-2024 Biathlon World Cup is still firing up. You can watch 2024 Biathlon World Cup in Italy on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports using a reliable and secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN will help you mask your IP and bypass the content and geographical restrictions of the platform. Refer to our quick steps above to learn how you can set up a VPN to access Discovery Plus UK in Italy. Subscribe to ExpressVPN today!