How to Reset Firestick In India / Fire TV Stick

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FireStick may be the best digital streaming device in India, but it is vulnerable to lagging, crashing and other technical problems. By resetting FireStick in India, you can overcome all these problems in an instant and that is exactly what we’re going to show you in this guide.

The guide explains how to reset FireStick in India. Just apply steps carefully and bar technical glitches from having a first-rate free streaming experience. By getting  Best VPN for India, it will be as easy to protect your online privacy as well.

Why Reset your FireStick In India / Fire TV?

Plainly, Amazon Fire Stick is not an exception when it comes to any technical glitch. Most often users in India are unable to comprehend the exact solution to get rid of the difficulty. Maybe, it is a button on your remote control that’s not working or it could be a lag in the Wi-Fi connection that could be the big turn-off.

More or less, users go through similar mental stress and frustration of not having a knack for how to reset FireStick In India. At this point, they look for pertinent information to free themselves from problems and start enjoying their movies and series.

At first, it might seem hard nut to crack to bring back the newness in your Amazon FireStick in India but it requires a user to tweak all settings from Amazon credentials to Wi-Fi setting and all customization as well. In fact, you will have to download all of the lost data and content i.e. apps from the scratch.

So, if you never get put off by uneasiness, then be ready to reset FireStick without remote or Wi-Fi. Even you can add Stremio on Firestick in India and enjoy streaming.

How to Reset FireStick In India  / Fire TV

Does it feel look like a never-ending trail when it comes to how to reset FireStick in India? A user can only use a couple of ways in order to reset malfunctioned Amazon FireStick in India.

  • System Menu
  • via a combination of the remote control button

Step for Resetting Amazon FireStick In India

Step 1: Go to FireStick Home, then select the Settings option at the top.

Step 2: Click on Device and you will see ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ at the bottom.

Step 3: At this step, it will prompt Confirmation Screen because once you will reset your FireStick all of your downloaded data will be erased permanently.

Step 4: After resetting Amazon FireStick will start powering off.

Step 5: Reboot might take few minutes. Just wait and hurray, your Amazon FireStick is reset.

Amazon FireStick opens the doors of infinite fun for the users in India. Unluckily, it just comprises internal storage of 8GB which is not enough and gets filled up easily that ultimately slow down Amazon Fire TV/ FireStick. In fact, it becomes unresponsive most of the time.

An easy way to curtail extra burden on internal storage is to make use of the SD card where you can store apps to end up problems such as device lagging and unresponsiveness etc. So, you don’t need to worry at all about how to reset Fire Stick but it will give life to your streaming device.

Can’t Purchase Content?

If you’re going through a problem while purchasing content from Amazon, then, you don’t need to feel worried anymore. Below are the two best solutions:

  • Ensure that your device is actively connected to the internet. For checking your internet connection, first, select Settings > Click on Network from the File TV menu.
  • Make sure that 1-Click payment method is working correctly. With that, you will be able to purchase content.

Forgot your PIN?

All those users who are having trouble with PIN for parental controls or viewing restrictions should go to Prime Video Settings on the Amazon website and reset it. Or, just access to Parental Controls section by entering the 5-digital PIN exactly under Prime Video Pin and selecting Reset Your Pin.

Issues with a Specific App?

In case if you are to go through technical troubles at the time of installing or downloading and running 3rd party apps, then you must make use of the steps defined below:

  • Choose Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications right from the Fire TV MENU.

Select all those apps you’re having troubles with and you can perform one of these actions:

  • Clear the cache and data to solve performance issues.
  • Force Stop and Uninstall the app
  • If you are using Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd generation), you can comfortably shift the app between internal and external storages.

Audio Issues?

Audio issues can be unbearable, especially while you’re watching your hot favorite season. By trying the following steps, you can get rid of glitches:

Step 1: You must be sure that your TV is not muted.
Step 2: Turn on your receiver, if your Fire TV device is connected to A/V receiver.
Step 3: At this stage, select Settings > Display & Sound > Audio from Fire TV menu. But, be careful your Dolby Digital Plus is already set to OFF.
Step 4: If you use an HDMI cable for connecting Fire TV device to TV, then unplug it and reconnect. Maybe, you will require different HDMI cable to overcome the problem.

Reset Fire Stick In India without Going into Settings

Sometimes, it becomes an impossible task to access setting panel to reset frozen Amazon FireStick in India. However, you shouldn’t be troubled at all. Just hold down back button and right button on your Fire TV remote only for 10 seconds and reset screen will pop up instantly.
How to Reset Kodi to Factory Settings on Fire Stick And Fire TV  in India?

  • In first step, you will navigate to Settings > Manage applications from the Home Menu.
  • At this stage, you would look for a list of apps already installed on Fire Stick/ Fire TV.
  • While scrolling the list, you will find Kodi and select it right away.


  • Choose Clear data, it will ask for confirmation because it will clear all data of the app.


FAQs – How to reset fireStick In India

Firstly, disconnect the power cord from the back of device or just from the power outlet and in the end plug it back in. Another way to tackle this problem in India is to restart device. Press and hold the buttons of Select and Play/Pause together for few seconds. Still, you are failed to do so, just select Settings> Device> Restart from the FireTV menu and enjoy.

It takes few minutes to factory reset my FireStick in India. Just select Settings, go to device and click on the ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ and this way, it will be easy for you to factory reset FireStick.

Amazon FireTV in India contains a network status too that will help you figure out problems. Select Settings> Network from Fire TV menu and press instantly on Play/Pause on remote. This tool ensures that:
a- Device is properly connected to designated network
b- It tells shows a problem with appropriate resolution steps.

1- Choose Settings from the Fire TV menu and open Preferences.
2- Select Parental Controls, and click Select button on remote to turn OFF.
3- Use Menu button on remote and Select Next when you’re done.

You shouldn’t turn off FireStick in India when you have done using it. Basically, this device is specifically made to preserve energy by going into sleep mode automatically after 30 minutes. In sleep mode, it keeps receiving key software updates.


This post conveys authentic information on how to reset FireStick in India in a few seconds. Moreover, all steps which have been mentioned here are easy-to-apply and concise. Alleviate your frustration and enjoy your favorite series, seasons and movies. Stop waiting and reset your Amazon FireStick now for lasting enjoyment and fun.

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