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Get the best VPN for NASCAR in Spain to stream live races comfortably from anywhere in Spain!

NASCAR is the most famous closed-wheel car racing series in the world. Teams across the United States compete in thrilling races, with stock cars clashing on special tracks. The upcoming NASCAR series is starting with Clash at Daytona RC, scheduled on the 6th of February, 2023, which will be broadcasted on Peacock TV, NBC Sports, and Sling TV. 

Many viewers cannot stream NASCAR in Spain due to geo-restrictions, which is frustrating. Even users with proper platform subscriptions and broadcasting rights will not be able to stream NASCAR while traveling since the broadcasters have limited rights.

However, a trustworthy VPN with wide server coverage provides access to NASCAR from anywhere. We have compiled the best VPN for NASCAR in Spain so that the fans do not miss a single race of the series in 2023.

So, without further delays, jump onto the detailed analysis of the NASCAR VPN.

Quick Overview:  Best VPN for NASCAR in Spain

Here’s a quick guide to the best VPN for NASCAR in Spain:

  1. ExpressVPN: the best VPN for NASCAR in Spain with super-fast servers and lag-free streaming from anywhere in the world.
  2. Surfshark: the budget-friendly VPN to stream the NASCAR race with advanced security protection for only EUR 2.18/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) .
  3. NordVPN: the reliable VPN with one of the largest server networks for unrestricted NASCAR streaming service.

Check out our criteria for selectionFAQ.

Get ExpressVPN for NASCAR in Spain 30-day money-back guarantee

Why do you need a VPN to stream NASCAR races live in Spain?

You need a VPN to stream NASCAR races live because most of its broadcasting channels are geo-restricted in Spain.

NASCAR is one of the top-racing series with huge viewership worldwide. Different streaming platforms and TV channels reserve the right to broadcast the racing competition exclusively. Under these broadcasting agreements and geo-blocking restrictions, the channels and sites allow limited access to content online.

Due to these restrictions and bans, NASCAR live streaming is also available in only some countries. When you try to access it from a banned region, you get blocked by the platform.

The website or channel you visit detects your precise location and region of access through your IP, which leads to blockage. For example, when you access NBC Sports, you get an error message displayed on your screen, notifying the unsupported location error.



These bans annoy NASCAR audiences around the globe, but with effective VPNs, you can lift such restrictions. VPNs let you connect to a server in a different region and change your IP address in Spain. Therefore, by connecting to a US location server, your streaming site assumes you to be located in the US.

Efficient VPNs boost speed with advanced security features and a strong server network, offering diverse locations to choose from. With these essential features, you can seamlessly unblock and watch the races from anywhere in the world.

Not sure which VPN to select? We have brought 3 top NASCAR VPN options for premium unlocking services.

3 Best VPNs for NASCAR in Spain – Detail Analysis

Here’s a detailed analysis of the 3 best VPNs for NASCAR outside US:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for NASCAR in Spain


Key Features

  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries, with 24 server locations in the US
  • MediaStreamer feature
  • Ultra-fast speed servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth for HD streaming
  • Military-grade AES-256-bit encryption
  • Allows up to 5 device connections simultaneously

ExpressVPN has one of the fastest and best VPN for NASCAR in Spain races. All ExpressVPN servers are powered with the Lightway protocol having record-breaking speeds. Moreover, ExpressVPN’s unlimited bandwidth allows buffer-free and lag-free streaming of NASCAR races.

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers operating in 94 countries, offering several options to unblock streaming channels broadcasting NASCAR in Spain. With its 24 server locations in the US, you can stream NASCAR unrestrictedly and smoothly from any region.

For testing, we connected to its New Jersey server and could easily get around NBC Sports’ geo-restrictions to stream NASCAR in Spain. Despite having our traffic encrypted, we witnessed a consistent speed with zero lags or buffering during streaming.



ExpressVPN Recommended Servers: New Jersey, New York, Dallas

Apart from this, it unblocks many streaming platforms and channels, like NBC Sports, Premier Sports, and Fox Sports Go. Therefore, you can watch NASCAR competitions from any corner of the world.

On our ExpressVPN speed test in Spain, it recorded a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


With these speed rates, we could comfortably stream NASCAR races without encountering any buffers or lags.

ExpressVPN has a unique MediaStreamer feature, which can let users watch NASCAR on even devices with no native VPN apps, such as media players and gaming consoles. You can even use up to 5 devices to access NASCAR with this VPN simultaneously.

It supports a wide range of operating systems, such as macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. This means you can set up ExpressVPN on Firestick in Spain, Roku, Apple TV, gaming consoles, or any other devices you want.

ExpressVPN has P2P-friendly servers for torrenting and downloading heavy content. All its servers are optimal for high-bandwidth activities. Furthermore, you get plenty of protocol options that you can manually choose, such as WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPsec.

ExpressVPN follows strict privacy measures with a no-logs policy that guarantees no personal data collection. Furthermore, it uses RAM-only technology servers, ensuring no permanent data storage on the hard drive. Additionally, your identity is preserved while unblocking NASCAR streams with its IP address masking.

We tested its 24/7 live chat support and email service to contact the team. Exceeding our expectations, we received the chat response within a few seconds, where the agent guided us thoroughly.

We appreciate the considerate 30-day money-back policy of ExpressVPN that lets you try the services and decide if you would like to continue or not. Moreover, ExpressVPN 7-day free trial in Spain is best, in our opinion, for mobile users. You can grab these features for just EUR 6.33/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). Learn more in a review of ExpressVPN in Spain.

  • Unblocks NASCAR content
  • Super-fast servers for smooth streaming
  • 24 servers in the US for unblocking content from the region
  • Unlimited bandwidth to stream without bounds
  • Secure and private servers
  • Unblocks all popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix

  • Subscription plans are costlier than the competitors

Get ExpressVPN for NASCAR in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN for NASCAR


Key Features

  • 3200+ servers in 100 countries (25 servers in the US)
  • Fast speed servers
  • Standard AES-256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Ultra HD streaming
  • Unlimited device connections simultaneously
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark brings one of the most pocket-friendly VPN services for NASCAR streaming, with prices starting from EUR 2.18/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). It has around 25 servers in the US and over 3200 servers in 100 countries to unlock NASCAR streams.

We tried connecting to its Dallas server and could easily unblock Peacock TV in Spain within seconds. We also did not encounter any breakdowns or frozen screens during NASCAR streams of NBC Sports using Surfshark.



Surfshark Recommended Servers: Dallas, St. Louis, Atlanta

While testing, Surfshark unblocked plenty of streaming channels owing to its wide server network and fast-speed connections. Moreover, it ran smoothly on a couple of devices simultaneously. Its high speed allows lag-free content streaming. We comfortably stream Sky Sports, NBC Sports, Disney+, and Netflix with Surfshark in Spain.

As for the Surfshark speed in Spain, we witnessed a download speed of 81.32 Mbps and an upload speed of 76.12 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Surfshark has fast-speed servers that prevent ISP throttling in Spain and unnecessary delays while watching NASCAR live. It enables unlimited HD streaming for watching buffer-free NASCAR matches online.



With the flexibility of connecting unlimited devices at once, you can use Surfshark on Firestick in Spain, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs, computers, smartphones, and any device you want.

Surfshark comes with NoBorders mode that lets users connect to the VPN servers no matter where they reside. Using this mode, you can easily watch NASCAR from almost any location. Furthermore, its Camouflage mode makes sure you stay anonymous by hiding your identity while streaming.

With Surfshark, you have your security needs covered with world-class features. Our personal favorite is SurfsharkOne which comes with an antivirus program, a search engine, and an alert system. You get real-time protection and prevention against tracking.

Surfshark doesn’t collect any information about your online activities with a no-logs policy. Additionally, it offers kill-switch and split tunneling. It has WireGuard set as default, but you can also select IKEv2 or OpenVPN. It follows a strict AES-256-bit encryption standard to secure your data while streaming NASCAR.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to claim a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the services. Additionally, you get a 7-day free trial with Surfshark for mobile phones. It also provides email support and a live chat service available 24/7 to report issues or request technical support.

For more information on the VPN, read our latest Surfshark review in Spain.

  • Unblocks NASCAR streams
  • Fast and secure connections for unrestricted streaming
  • Unlimited device connections simultaneously
  • Excellent value for money
  • Meager prices

  • Update Required in the iOS app

Get Surfshark for NASCAR in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network for NASCAR


Key Features

  • 5500+ servers in 60 countries (servers in 15 cities in the US)
  • Military-grade AES-256-encryption
  • Lightning-fast server connections
  • SmartPlay feature for streaming
  • Allows up to 6 device connections simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Ultra HD streaming

NordVPN has one of the largest server networks for NASCAR streams with over 5500 servers in 60 countries and 1970+ servers in 15 US cities. Therefore, you get plenty of server options to unblock NASCAR streams in Spain. All its servers are P2P-optimized and torrent-friendly, which lets you download any high-bandwidth content you like.

NordVPN servers offer unlimited bandwidth to watch NASCAR without any lagging and buffering in connection. On top of this, NordVPN provides ultra-fast speeds backed by NordLynx, enabling smooth NASCAR streams to catch the fast-paced action. As you can see in the screenshot, we could comfortably access NBC Sports for the NASCAR stream after connecting to its New York server.



NordVPN Recommended Servers: New York, San Francisco, Buffalo

NordVPN has a SmartPlay feature embedded in all its apps to access any type of online content. It requires no configuration, updation, or activation to unlock content that is not accessible otherwise. You get a SmartDNS technology integrated with the VPN that switches your DNS servers when you try accessing unavailable content.

As per our NordVPN speed test in Spain, we witnessed a download speed of 83.82 Mbps and an upload speed of 44.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

NordVPN speed test-in-Spain


As for compatibility, NordVPN supports all major operating systems, like macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. This means you download NordVPN on Roku in Spain, or set it up on numerous streaming platforms, such as Firestick, Apple TV, Smart TV, smartphones, and more.

NordVPN is leading in terms of security with a range of unique features and services. It follows the AES-256-bit encryption standard for masking your data and a no-logs policy for hiding your identity while streaming. Moreover, its double protection encrypts your IP twice, ensuring advanced privacy so that your identity remains hidden while unblocking NASCAR streams.

NordVPN’s special obfuscated servers hide your VPN connection and entire internet traffic from NASCAR streaming sites and even your ISP. These servers guarantee platform privacy while preventing you from being blocked or penalized.

You can watch NASCAR streams on up to 6 devices simultaneously using NordVPN. It offers a FAQ section to guide users on common queries. It also has email support and a live chat service 24/7.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for users and a 7-day free trial with NordVPN in Spain for mobile phones. You can choose one subscription bundle from the three pricing plans offered by NordVPN. You get the best-choice deal for EUR 3.79/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). We highly recommend trying the 30-day money-back policy if you are not sure about service continuation.

Get more insights about its performance in our latest NordVPN review in Spain.

  • Unblocks NASCAR
  • Servers in 15 U.S. cities for unblocking content from any region
  • Super-fast speeds for unrestricted streaming
  • SmartPlay feature for streaming that integrates SmartDNS
  • Massive server network with great unblocking options
  • Extra privacy protection features
  • Unblocks all popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix

  • Needs signing up to access features

Get NordVPN for NASCAR in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

Streaming services that broadcast NASCAR live in Spain

Many US cable TV channels broadcast NASCAR, including NBC, Fox, FS1, and the USA network. The non-US residents can access NASCAR streams by spoofing their IP address into a US region. The geo-restrictions and blocks can be avoided by primarily using a VPN to change the location.

A list of streaming services that broadcast NASCAR includes:

Streaming Service Monthly Charges
Fubo TV $70
DirecTV $70
Hulu + Live TV $70
YouTube TV $65
Sling TV $35

How did we choose and evaluate these VPNs in Spain?

With plenty of VPN service providers available commercially, it is not easy to find the ideal ones for your requirements. Both free and paid plan VPNs have their own features. Therefore, knowing the essential properties can help you decide on the right one.

We have considered the following points while shortlisting the best VPN for NASCAR in Spain:

  • Encryption: Data protection on the network is critical for users. Nobody wants to compromise their personal information on a VPN connection. Therefore, proper encryption standards must be followed by the VPN you choose. For instance, military-grade AES-256-bit encryption is approved for masking data traffic in transmission. All the VPNs in this post follow the AES-256-bit encryption standard.
  • Unblocking geo-restricted channels: One of the main objectives behind using VPNs is unblocking geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming channels and sites. Almost all VPNs claim to bypass geo-blocks, but testing proves otherwise. For a smooth streaming experience of a banned service, you should select a VPN that has robust bypassing capacity. ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN have great unblocking capacities.
  • Speed: Fast server connections enable buffer and lag-free streaming. Delay in servers leads to interruption and high wait times for loading. High-bandwidth activities like streaming require super-fast servers. All our shortlisted VPNs facilitate high-pace connections with blazing-fast speeds.
  • Price: Different VPNs offer different pricing plans and subscription bundles. For instance, NordVPN offers 3 types of packages and some feature add-ons with purchase. Similarly, Surfshark’s SurfsharkOne tool also has to be purchased in addition to the basic subscription cost. Therefore, we recommend selecting the options with the best balance of services and facilities.

VPNs to avoid while streaming NASCAR on NBC in Spain

We have unlimited paid and free VPN service options in the industry. However, one must be cautious while using some of these VPNs as they can threaten your safety and damage your device.

We present a list of VPNs that must always be avoided:


HOXX VPN is a proxy and not a VPN provider originally. It comes with just a few basic features, lacking security and privacy standards. HOXX has been reported for collecting and sharing users’ personal information owing to weak encryption standards. Using this VPN, your identity can get exposed to the ISP, which can lead you to get permanently blocked by the provider.

Therefore, avoid using HOXX VPN to prevent data loss and legal penalties. Learn more in a review of HoxxVPN in Spain.


HOLA VPN has no proper data encryption to hide your activities online, which is the primary feature of any VPN. Hola openly collaborates with Luminati, which has been reported for user data collection. Users report Hola’s inability to unblock popular streaming platforms. Additionally, HOLA’s free mobile and web applications have loopholes in security and privacy. We suggest our users avoid using HOLA VPN.

Learn more in a review of HolaVPN in Spain.

Hide. me

Hide. me VPN has a satisfactory security structure but offers very limited servers. Moreover, the speed of its servers is slow and not suitable for high-bandwidth activities like streaming. Random glitches in applications and weak customer help service add up to its limitations. Considering these issues, it’s better to avoid using HIDE.ME VPN. Learn more in a review of Hide. me in Spain.

FAQs – Best VPN for NASCAR in Spain

Yes. Although plenty of free VPN services are available, most of them have basic security and privacy loopholes. These free VPNs can’t be trusted.

Many free VPNs have limited bandwidth and weak unblocking capacity. But does a free VPN work with NASCAR in Spain? We have no proof, as free VPNs don’t necessarily unblock streaming channels.

However, if you are interested in a free VPN service, then trying our top-choice premium VPNs with a 30-day money-back guarantee can be an option. All three of our shortlisted VPNs, including ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN, offer a 30-day window to their customers in case they decide discontinuation of the service.

If you need a VPN for watching NASCAR only, then availing of the money-back policy can be ideal. Getting the refund involves a simple method without any hassle or complication.

NASCAR fans don’t have to worry about missing their favorite racing competition for a second anymore. VPNs let users watch NASCAR while working in an office, going on a short trip, or traveling to another country with no streaming rights. NASCAR streaming is available in the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, and Canada using a VPN.

Follow the simple steps to watch NASCAR with a VPN in Spain:

  1. Download a VPN with a massive server network worldwide. We recommend using ExpressVPN due to its blazing-fast speed servers and great unblocking capacity.
  2. Install the VPN and create your account using your credentials.
  3. Search for a server location that facilitates NASCAR streaming. (You can check US servers).
  4. Log into Peacock TV or any streaming platform that broadcasts NASCAR streams.
  5. Enjoy unlimited NASCAR streaming from anywhere in Spain.

Yes, ExpressVPN works with NASCAR. ExpressVPN servers can unblock many popular streaming channels in the U.S., like NBC and Fox, that broadcast NASCAR live. Additionally, ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries, with 24 working in the U.S. You can watch NASCAR from almost any region with its blazing-fast speed servers and secure connections.

Wrapping Up!

NASCAR games have global hype, exciting fans from around the world. NASCAR 2023 streaming will be broadcasted on NBC, Fox, FS1, and USA Network. Unfortunately, fans will not be able to access NASCAR streaming due to the geo-restrictions.

VPNs with great unblocking capacity and large server networks can bypass the geo-blocks to allow NASCAR streaming from in Spain. We present a list of the best VPN for NASCAR in Spain 2023 with three top-performing VPNs to watch live streams.

We highly recommend using ExpressVPN for NASCAR in Spain streaming in Spain due to the blazing-fast speeds, wide server network, and advanced security protection. You can try ExpressVPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee to experience lag-free NASCAR 2023 streaming lifting all geographical barriers.