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Can I watch The Newsreader in Spain? Yes, you can watch The Newsreader in Spain on BBC iPlayer with the help of a quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and inaccessible in Spain due to rights issues. However, with a quality VPN, you will bypass the geo-restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer in Spain.

Step into a world of flashing lights, breaking news, and words that capture the pulse of a nation. “The Newsreader” is a must-watch, as it takes viewers on a captivating journey that combines the nostalgia of the 1980s with the high-stakes drama of journalism.

The Newsreader is about the bombing of the Melbourne police headquarters on Russell Street in 1986. It tells the story of a city devastated by tragedy and provides a rare look into the lives of those who brought the news to life.

If you want to learn about what it’s like to work in the television industry, especially as a newsreader, then “The Newsreader” is a must-watch. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to watch The Newsreader in Spain on BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch The Newsreader in Spain on BBC iPlayer? [Easiest Steps]

Below are the steps guiding you on how to watch The Newsreader in Spain on BBC iPlayer for free using VPN.

  • Get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the app on your device.
  • Login to the VPN using your credentials.
  • Connect to a UK-based server, preferably Docklands.
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer website and sign in.
  • You can now watch The Newsreader live or on-demand on BBC iPlayer in Spain.

When is The Newsreader Series 2 be released?

The Newsreader series 2 will premiere on 10 September 2023. Series 1 was released on 15 August 2021. You can watch all six episodes of season 1 on BBC iPlayer.

Where Can You Watch The Newsreader?

You can watch The Newsreader on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. You must use a VPN to watch The Newsreader on BBC iPlayer in Spain.

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming platform that allows users to access various British TV shows and radio programs. Since BBC iPlayer is free to use, there is no BBC iPlayer free trial period.

However, to access BBC iPlayer, you must have a BBC iPlayer account and a valid UK TV license, which costs £159/year. Acquiring a UK TV license will be the only BBC iPlayer cost.

Have you already watched season 1 of The Newsreader? If so, you’ll find a plethora of captivating content on BBC iPlayer that will keep you engrossed until the release of season 2.

With BBC iPlayer’s extensive library of shows and documentaries like Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed the World and The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies, you will not be bored while waiting.

BBC iPlayer is your destination if you are looking for a wide range of engaging programming.

What Is The Newsreader About?

Helen and Dale are now the “Golden Couple of News” in the upcoming season of The Newsreader. It takes place a year after the events of the first season.

Season 1 sees Helen, a veteran anchor, and Dale, a rookie reporter, allying to make it in the increasingly competitive world of commercial television. After the terrible disaster, the two characters work together to report on what happened.

How Many Seasons of The Newsreader Are There?

For now, two seasons are available for the six-part series The Newsreader. Season one aired on 15 August 2021 and is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer. Season 2 will premiere on 10 September 2023. Here are the six episodes for season 2 and their airing date.

# of Episodes Episode Name Airing Date
1 Decision 87 Sep 10, 2023
2 People Like You and Me Sep 17, 2023
3 Greed and Fear Sep 24, 2023
4 The Hungry Truth Sep 30, 2023
5 A Model Daughter Oct 6, 2023
6 Fireworks Oct 13, 2023

Who Stars in The Newsreader Series 2?

The Newsreader features standout scenes and a talented Season 2 (2023) cast. The cast includes

Actors/Actress Character Name
Anna Torv Helen Norville
Sam Reid Dale Jennings
William McInnes Lindsay Cunningham
Michelle Lim Davidson Noelene Kim
Chum Ehelepola Dennis Tibb
Chai Hansen Tim Ahern
Marg Downey Evelyn Walters
Stephen Peacocke Rob Rickards
Robert Taylor Geoff Walters
Caroline Lee Jean

Is There a Trailer for The Newsreader?

Yes, The Newsreader trailer is available, and you can get a sneak peek at the show below.

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The Newsreader - TV Series Streaming Online

What Programmes Can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

With BBC iPlayer, you have a world of entertainment and information readily available. BBC iPlayer offers a wide variety of content, from popular TV shows to thought-provoking documentaries, up-to-date news, and classic movies. Enjoy a wide range of shows covering various genres and interests.

Let us explore the rich variety of programming available on BBC iPlayer:

Mrs Browns Boys Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing
BBC Proms 2023 Normal People
Bing Peter Rabbit


Michael Lucas and Joanna Werner are the creators of The Newsreader series, with Emma Freeman serving as the director. The show was shot in Melbourne, and Michael Lucas, Jonathan Gavin, Niki Aken, and Kim Ho wrote it.

Newsreader is truly amazing. It grabs your attention right from the start, thanks to amazing acting and perfect production design. However, the superb acting of Anna Torv and Sam Reid elevates the show.

Yes, many of the events shown in The Newsreader happened, like the Challenger space shuttle disaster in episode one, which happened in 1986.

The Newsreader has an IMDb rating of 7.7/10. This rating reflects how well both viewers and critics have received the show.

Wrap Up

The Newsreader is a compelling show because it combines journalism, personal stories, and historical events in its narrative. If you are a fan, you can stream The Newsreader for free in Spain on BBC iPlayer with a VPN. By using a reliable VPN you can also access to documentaries like Coco Chanel Unbuttoned and the adventurous show Celebrity Race Across the World seamlessly on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked and inaccessible in Spain. However, you can access BBC iPlayer and watch The Newsreader in Spain on BBC iPlayer with a VPN of ExpressVPN quality.

With such a VPN, you will easily bypass the geo-restrictions and watch other shows, such as The Thick of It and Rillington Place in Spain on BBC iPlayer.