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Are you thinking how do I remove BBC iPlayer in Spain? Well, it is simple, you can quickly delete BBC iPlayer with the help of a VPN like ExpressVPN.

The content of BBC iPlayer is only available to British citizens in UK. This means that without a VPN, it is impossible to access and watch BBC iPlayer Abroad.

Through the BBC iPlayer, viewers may browse BBC content and stream it to various devices like you can get BBC iPlayer on PS5, tablets, televisions, laptops, Chromecast and smartphones. It includes the best and latest box sets and TV shows from the BBC iPlayer such as The Warship: Tour of Duty, Better Series 1 and many more.

How to remove BBC iPlayer account? After logging in, Launch BBC iPlayer and go to your account home page and click “options” to deactivate your subscription. Additionally, you can remove your account without using a password or an email address.

Let’s jump into the guide to learn about how to remove BBC iPlayer account from TV and to discover the reasons why do people cancel iPlayer accounts.

How can I Delete BBC iPlayer in Spain in 2023? – Quick Steps

Do you want to know how do I permanently delete my BBC iPlayer account? So, follow these steps on how to delete BBC iPlayer account with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service (We recommend you to use ExpressVPN because of its lightening fast servers).
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your streaming device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to the UK (Recommended: Docklands server).
  4. Navigate to BBC iPlayer, now you can cancel iPlayer account.

What happens if I delete my BBC iPlayer account?

You can express your desire to have your user profile and any associated data completely erased by requesting that your BBC iPlayer account be permanently canceled. Your information, including saved email and list notifications, will be always lost when you terminate your BBC iPlayer account. This decision is irreversible.

Unfortunately, once your account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. BBC takes those steps to ensure your safety and data privacy. You’ll need to sign up for a new account if you mistakenly deleted your old one or decided against keeping it.

There is a wide variety of shows and movies on BBC iPlayer. On BBC iPlayer, you can stream the fantastic Peaky Blinder, Young MasterChefThe Hairy Bikers Go LocalAmanda & Alan’s Italian JobThe Apprentice S17. These excellent contents, however, are only accessible in the UK due to geo-restriction. To circumvent the geo-restriction and enjoy buffer-free streaming of BBC iPlayer films and episodes, utilize the best free VPNs for BBC iPlayer.

How to delete my BBC iPlayer account without a Password?

Most of the time, to remove your account, you must be logged in. If you need help remembering your password and have tried everything to look for it but still need help, you’ll need to try new things.

There is a way to permanently deactivate BBC iPlayer if you’ve been locked out of your account and wish to do so, but you’ll need to use one of the options offered. There are three ways to remove your BBC iPlayer profile without a passcode and also you can use these ways if you want to know how to log out of BBC iPlayer on Samsung tv:

1- By Resetting your BBC iPlayer password

Here are the quick steps on how do I change my BBC iPlayer password?

  • Visit the BBC iPlayer official website or BBC iPlayer/account/tv using the device of your choice.
  • Select the “lost password” tab on the home screen.
  • In the “Username” or “email” field, type the email ID you used to register for an account.
  • Go to “Send an email” to get a link to generate a new passcode.
  • Sign into your email and use the link that BBC iPlayer provided you to change your password.

Once you’ve signed in to the BBC iPlayer personal profile, you should complete the following:

  • Go to Preferences on your profile.
  • From the options on the home page, choose “Delete Account.”
  • Go to the drop-down option, select one of the explanations for why you want to remove your account.
  • Once you’ve selected a purpose, a tab labeled “Delete Account” will appear. You can successfully remove your account by clicking on it.

2- By Contacting Customer Service of BBC iPlayer

Without logging in or a password, you can also deactivate your account by contacting BBC iPlayer support; but, if you need it done immediately, you should go to the assistance page.

Now you want to know how can I contact BBC iPlayer? You can contact BBC iPlayer Support by following the steps here:

  • Navigate to BBC iPlayer Support in a chrome browser or any browser of your choice. You will need to fill a online form stating your reasons for wanting your account closed if you can’t remember your login or password.
  • There are a few reasons you might give for why you think your profile should be removed. In the menu, choose that choice if you can’t remember your password or user name.
  • Your email address, name, age, and account login in the remaining fields. The remark box at the bottom-end of the given form is where you may add any additional details about the account.
  • Wait for an email response from iPlayer after submitting your form.

3- By Sending an Email to Delete your BBC iPlayer Account

Sending an email to BBC iPlayer explaining that you want to deactivate your account is also another method for removing your account without logging in or using your credentials.

Here are the quick steps for it:

  • You may find the email address by navigating to the “Help & Support Center” and scrolling down.
  • After that, send BBC iPlayer a message outlining your issue and the reasons you want to delete your account.
  • Finally, click the “Send” button.

So, if you’re having trouble deleting your account, I advise you to read this article for additional methods. Hopefully, one of the techniques will work for you.

How to Delete BBC iPlayer on Different Devices?

These days, everyone uses many devices at home, including you, I’m sure. A BBC iPlayer account can be deleted differently on each device. Read this guide to learn how to sign out of all devices on BBC iPlayer.

How to delete my BBC iPlayer account on my TV?

You would often come across the query how do I uninstall BBC iPlayer from my Samsung TV? It is not difficult, if you know the steps. To do so, have a look below:

  1. On your TV, gaming console, or linked TV device, launch the BBC iPlayer application.
  2. Scroll to the profile you want to sign out of on the “Select who’s watching” screen, but don’t click on it.
  3. Select “Remove” by scrolling down beneath the name. When prompted, confirm the removal.
  4. Your account and any associated child profiles are deleted when you log out. These will come back if you sign in again.
  5. Since child profiles are linked to the adult account, they cannot be deleted separately.

How to Delete BBC iPlayer Account on iOS Devices?

Are you searching for the query on How do I delete BBC iPlayer from my iPhone? You should stop searching here, because we have provided you with the steps to remove BBC iPlayer account on iOS:

  1. Employ the iOS application to get into your BBC iPlayer account.
  2. After tapping on your original profile symbol, select “Settings” from the menu.
  3. Choose “Account” if it is shown next to your username.
  4. Tap “Deactivate your Account” from the menu now.
  5. Read the prompt message carefully before deactivating.
  6. Retype your password a second time to verify your identity, then tap the “Deactivate” option once more.
  7. You can then remove the BBC iPlayer application from the iOS phone after being logged out of your account.

Note: Unfortunately, the iOS application does not allow for permanent account termination. After removing the application from your phone, open a smart phone chrome browser or any other browser and adhere to the instructions to deactivate your BBC iPlayer account.

How to Delete BBC iPlayer Account on Android?

An Android application is also available for BBC iPlayer. To deactivate your profile if you are streaming with the BBC iPlayer app on Android device. Adhere to these instructions:

  1. Launch the BBC iPlayer application on the Android device.
  2. From the menu for your account, select “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Account” from the menu next to your username.
  4. Then select “Deactivate your Account” from the menu.
  5. After you’ve read the prompt message displayed on the screen, deactivate the account.
  6. After entering your passcode to verify your identity, click the “Deactivate” button once again.
  7. You can delete the BBC iPlayer application from your Android smartphone after being logged out of your BBC iPlayer profile.

Unfortunately, the iOS application does not allow for permanent account termination. After removing the application from your Android phone, open a mobile chrome browser or any browser of your choice and follow the instructions there to deactivate your BBC iPlayer profile.

How to Delete BBC iPlayer Account on Browser?

The BBC iPlayer official website is the best place to deactivate your BBC iPlayer account. You’ll need a web browser that works on a mobile or desktop. You may easily delete your BBC iPlayer account online by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the BBC iPlayer website.
  2. In the login box, enter your email address and password.
  3. Choose “Settings” from the menu at the bottom of the page.
  4. The “Your Account” button is located in the top left corner of the website. If you have registered a nickname to your profile, it will show up in place of “Your Account” as an user profile. It’s located in the Menu bar next to the “BBC logo.”
  5. A drop-down menu will appear; choose “Delete Account.”
  6. On the next screen, enter your username and password once more.
  7. Make your selection from the drop-down menu, “Continue.”

After the deactivation process is finished, you won’t have an active BBC iPlayer account; it will be destroyed. It will take several days before an account is completely deleted, so keep in mind that deletion only happens after some time.

If your mind changes within this period, you can reactivate your account. Also, remember you’ll need a VPN service to delete the account if you reside outside the UK.

I’ve deleted BBC iPlayer account by mistake. What can I do?

You won’t be able to get your account back once it’s been deleted. This is done by BBC iPlayer for security purposes and to protect your data. If you accidentally deleted your account or have changed your mind, you’ll need to create a new one.

Sometimes you stop using your streaming service because less content is available or you need to know what to watch on BBC iPlayer. Users of the streaming platform can end their subscriptions at any time.

Most people end their subscriptions because they want to subscribe to other streaming platforms, which is not wrong, but remember to subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.


You can easily reset your BBC iPlayer account by following the steps below:

  1. First, launch the I’ve forgotten my password page.
  2. When prompted, enter the email address you used to sign up for the BBC.
  3. After that, BBC iPlayer will give you a link to change your password.
  4. When you follow the link in that email, a page allowing you to establish a new password will appear.

When using BBC iPlayer, if you’re prompted to check in to your BBC profile each time, it’s most likely because cookies are disabled on your browser or device.

BBC iPlayer use cookies, which are little text files that are saved on your computer, mobile device, or iPad, like most other services to recognize that you are logged in and remember your details. If you disable cookies in your browser, on your smartphone, or on your tablet:

  • You won’t be able to sign up for or access the BBC.
  • The next time you come, you’ll have to check in again because you’ll be logged out of your BBC account.

Wrap Up!

After reading this guide, you would have got an idea about how to delete BBC iPlayer account by using the easy steps and a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN as it is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer. You require a VPN to delete the BBC iPlayer account because it is a UK-based platform and is available in the United Kingdom only.

In this guide, you learned about deleting the BBC iPlayer account on various devices, and even you can delete it if you don’t remember your password. BBC iPlayer is a platform that has a huge variety of content, so it won’t be easy to delete it without any valid reason.

Remember that once you cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription, there is no way to reset BBC iPlayer account settings. Decide hence after careful consideration.