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Tired of looking for the best free VPN for MTV in Germany? Do not worry. We have taken your back. Our cybersecurity team tried and tested more than 40 free VPNs in the market for their efficacy for MTV streaming in Germany. After 4 months of continuous testing, we have finally shortlisted 3 free VPNs for MTV in Germany that are quite efficacious on this platform.

MTV is a popular 24-hour American cable TV channel. It streams many popular shows, movies, and dramas, including MTV originals. However, this service is not available in Germany. A VPN can provide you with a US IP address in Germany and help you access it in Germany. The best part is that a free VPN can also do a great job. However, not all the free VPNs for MTV have equal efficacy.

In this article, we will give you a detailed analysis of premium VPNs for MTV streaming and how you can use the VPN to get the best out of it.

Quick Overview: Best Completely Free VPN for MTV in Germany [Updated 2023]

Here is a quick feature overview of these 3 free VPNs for MTV in Germany:

  • ExpressVPN The Best VPN for MTV with Free Trial in Germany. ExpressVPN has 3000 free VPN servers in 94 countries globally, including the US. It provides you with high-speed, contemporary security, and privacy features to stream MTV in Germany.
  • Windscribe Recommended Free VPN for MTV Streaming with 10 GB of Free Data in Germany. Windscribe is a VPN that offers fast MTV streaming speed and amicable security over its 500+ global and 35+ US servers.
  • Proton VPN Completely Free VPN for MTV with Unlimited Bandwidth in Germany. Proton VPN provides you with unlimited data for hassle-free streaming on MTV. Also, the contemporary security and privacy features keep you secure as your stream your favorite shows.

How we choose these free VPNs | FAQs

Why Do You Need a Free VPN for MTV in Germany?

You need a free VPN to bypass geo-restriction on MTV in Germany. Whenever you try to access MTV in Germany, an error message pops up saying:

“Sorry, this video is not available from your location.”


Every country has its own specific media streaming rules and regulations. All the platforms streaming in that region need to have legal authorization from that government. Since MTV is only authorized to stream in the US, you cannot access its streaming outside this region.

A free VPN spoofs your IP address and provides you with a new one from the US. Now, MTV will mark your location as the US and allow you to stream all its content without restriction.

3 Free VPN for MTV in Germany – In-depth Analysis 2023

We have evaluated the top free VPNs for accessing MTV content. Let’s go into a detailed analysis of all our three best free VPNs for MTV in Germany:

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN for MTV with Free Trial in Germany


Key Features:

  1. 3000 VPN servers in 94 countries including 1121 servers in 29 different locations in the US.
  2. A free trial is provided to its users.
  3. The average speed of 89.42 is being provided on a 100 Mbps connection.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth for seamless streaming.
  5. MediaStreamer is offered to support quick streaming.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for MTV in Germany. It has 3000 +servers in 94 countries worldwide. This vast server diversity allows you to have an uninterrupted streaming experience without the fear of server congestion. Also, the unlimited bandwidth, Mediastreamer feature, and Lightway protocol are there to give you a streaming experience like never before.

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN, we checked its capability to bypass the ban on MTV in Germany. So, we connected to its US server in New York from the app’s home page. It took around 5 to 7 seconds to connect to the server. However, soon after that, all the titles on MTV were available for streaming.


To check the streaming speed, we conducted the ExpressVPN speed test in Germany on the US-New York server. Over a 100 Mbps connection, the upload speed goes around 84.64 Mbps, and the download speed went about 89.42 Mbps. It supports 5 simultaneous connections at one time.


ExpressVPN speed results were outstanding while streaming MTV shows.

Not only MTV, but ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix in Germany, Hulu, Disney Plus in Germany, MTV Live, Twitch TV, Media Turner, Amazon Prime Videos, Peacock TV, BBC iPlayers, Sling TV, and most of the popular banned streaming platforms in Germany. Also, ExpressVPN is great for torrenting in Germany, which makes it an ideal choice for everyday use.

ExpressVPN is compatible with most of your digital devices. It has user-friendly iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android apps. Also, ExpressVPN works with Firestick in Germany, Kodi, Roku, Chromecast, web browsers, Smart TV, and gaming consoles. You may also set up ExpressVPN on a Wifi router in Germany in case your device is incompatible with the VPN program.

ExpressVPN spoofs your IP address and a DNS leak protection. This feature not only helps you with connection stability but also prevents ISP from throttling your internet connection. Moreover, advanced 256 Bits AES encryption ensures complete data security when you connect to the VPN.

Even if there is an accidental connection drop, ExpressVPN Kill Switch Germany instantly disconnects you from the Internet. Moreover, ExpressVPN has an open no-logs privacy policy to ensure no data tracking as you connect to the VPN.

Alongside these top-notch features, the icing on the cake is the popular ExpressVPN Free Trial, You can use its free trial as a Free vpn for Netflix Documentary in Germany, ARD Mediathek, Amazon Music Deutschland in Germany and many more. ExpressVPN offers you a 7-day free trial on your mobile app. Also, on the paid version, you can enjoy a full month of free VPN usage with their 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, you may check ExpressVPN’s cost Germany for its yearly plan, which costs around EUR 6.27/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan) per month. In case your ExpressVPN not working in Germany, you may take help from 24/7 customer support via live chat to solve the problem instantaneously.

For more information, read our ExpressVPN review Germany.

  • A wide US server diversity.
  • Excellent efficacy for unblocking MTV in Germany.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • No logs privacy policy.
  • 7 days of a free trial on the mobile app.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • You can use a free VPN only for a short duration.
  • Premium VPN is not very economical.

2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN for MTV Streaming with 10 GB of Free Data in Germany


Key Features:

  1. 500+ servers in 60+ countries, including 35 server locations in the US.
  2. A free trial is provided to the users.
  3. An average speed of 84.8 Mbps is provided on a 100Mbps connection.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth is offered.
  5. 256-bit military-grade encryption.

Windscribe is a VPN with 10 GB of free data for MTV streaming in Germany. It has more than 500 servers, including 35 only in the US. Windscribe is popular among streamers for providing fast speed with unlimited bandwidth and premium security features.

We checked its capability to unblock MTV in Germany. For this purpose, we connected to its US server in Atlanta. It took 8 to 10 seconds to develop the server connection. Soon after that, all the contents on MTV were readily available for streaming.


The speed test of Windscribe also favored its high efficacy for MTV. Over a 100 Mbps connection, we had an upload speed of 88.27 Mbps and a download speed of 84.8 Mbps. The fast streaming speed of Windscribe makes it one of the best choices for torrenting and streaming. Windscribe supports unlimited simultaneous connections.


Windscribe-free US servers speed was quite good on a 100 Mbps connection.

Windscribe can unblock Netflix in Germany, apart from other multiple popular streaming platforms in Germany. It includes Media Turner, HBO Max, Crackle, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Videos, and more. This VPN also known as the best recommended free VPN for Kanopy in Germany. We can also unblock Hulu with this reliable and secure free VPN for Hulu in Germany.

While exploring ways to unblock popular US streaming services like Crunchyroll and Free VPN NBA League Pass in Germany, we found that Windscribe excels in this regard. It proves to be the best free VPN for Youtube TV in Germany, providing seamless access to its content. Additionally, Windscribe also stands out as the best Free VPN for Youtube Premium in Germany.

Moreover, with Windscribe’s “Windflix” feature unblocking Crunchyroll was easy as cherry on top. Therefore, you can count Windscribe as a top free VPN for Crunchyroll in Germany.

Windscribe is compatible with various media streaming devices and has dedicated apps for most of these. Therefore, it is good to use Windscribe with Firestick in Germany, Kodi, laptops, desktops, Chromecast, smartphones, and smart TVs. Also, we could configure Windscribe on Roku in Germany and other media devices like gaming consoles.

Windscribe offers state-of-the-art security and privacy features to protect its users’ data from any privacy issues. It comes with 256-Bits military-grade encryption, ensuring that your data is always secure from malicious third-party intrusion.

Windscribe also has an Internet kill switch and a double-hop feature to add an extra layer of protection to your virtual presence. Also, the no-logs privacy policy protects you from any data tracking. Also, DNS leak protection provides connection stability and protects you from ISP throttling your internet connection.

The free trial of Windscribe in Germany has data and server several limitations. So, if you want unlimited data for streaming, you need to upgrade to a premium plan which costs around $5.75 per month. In case you are not happy with the feature, you may get a full refund according to the Windscribe refund policy in Germany. You may contact 24/7 customer support on live chat for quick assistance.

Windscribe is the best free VPN for MTV streaming – For more information, you can read Windscribe Review Germany.

  • 10 GB of free data.
  • Unblocks MTV in Germany.
  • Compatible with multiple streaming devices.
  • No-logs privacy policy
  • Internet Kill Switch.

  • Limited data on its free version.

3. Proton VPN – Completely Free VPN for MTV with Unlimited Bandwidth in Germany


Key Features:

  1. 1900+ servers in 67 different regions, including 495 servers in the US.
  2. Provides free trial to the users to evaluate service.
  3. An average speed of 75.59 is provided on a 100 Mbps connection.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth is provided for streaming.
  5. 256 Bits encryption.

Proton VPN is an unlimited bandwidth VPN for MTV streaming in Germany. Not only unlimited bandwidth, but it also offers unlimited data on three of its servers for an ultra HD streaming experience on MTV. It is a safe free VPN in Germany that comes with 1900+ global servers and 490+ in the US.

We checked Proton VPN’s capability to bypass geo-restrictions on MTV by connecting to its US server in Denver. So, we connected to the US-Denver server of Proton VPN on its app’s homepage. It took us not more than 5 seconds to successfully connect to the server. Moreover, ProtonVPN offers a reliable and secure solution as a Free VPN for Sling TV in Germany. Soon after that, all MTV streaming was available in the US. This makes Proton VPN a great choice for torrenting in Germany and streaming.


We conducted a Proton VPN speed test in Germany on its US server to know the streaming speed. Over a 100 Mbps connection, we had an upload speed of 75.59 Mbps and a download speed of 89.59 Mbps. ProtonVPN supports unlimited simultaneous connections.


ProtonVPN Free US servers speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

Proton VPN unblocks Netflix in Germany. This includes Hulu, HBO Max, CBS, Twitch TV, Sling TV in Germany, Free Form, BBC iPlayer, Food Network etc. We also found Proton VPN, as a game changer to stream A&E TV in Germany with its free US servers. But Proton VPN is known to be the best free VPN for AXS TV in Germany. We tried using this Free VPN For VRV in Germany and it did not bother us at all.

In our pursuit to unblock various US streaming services such as Animal Planet, Oxygent TV, and Vudu in Germany, we successfully bypassed their restrictions. Considering this, Windscribe emerges as the top choice, being the best free VPN for HGTV and free VPN for Funimation in Germany. With Windscribe, you can enjoy unrestricted access to these platforms and enhance your streaming experience.

Also, it is compatible with multiple popular media streaming devices, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, computers, and Smart TVs. Also, you can install Roku with ProtonVPN in Germany and use it with other streaming devices as well like Chromecast, Firestick, Kodi, and even gaming consoles.

Moreover if you are looking to enjoy more Korean dramas? You can get unrestricted access to Kocowa’s exclusive content with this Free VPN for Kocowa in Germany. Stream your favorite shows and movies without limitations, wherever you are in the world. Don’t miss out on the entertainment you love! Proton VPN has introduced multiple contemporary security and privacy features to let its users stream their favorite content without the fear of compromising their system security. ProtonVPN offers one of the best and hack-proof 256 Bits encryption.

The Secure Core servers are there to ensure virtually no data leaks whatsoever. Moreover, foolproof DNS leak protection, Internet Kill Switch, and obfuscation feature are there to ensure no privacy breaches when you connect to the VPN. Proton VPN comes with an open no logs privacy policy which ensures none of your is traced when you are trying to stream using a VPN.

However, the free trial version of Proton VPN in Germany offers multiple feature limitations. So, for unrestricted VPN usage, we recommend you subscribe to a Plus plan that comes for €4.99 monthly along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you dont like the service you can cancel it and get your full refund according to their refund policy. Proton VPN also offers 24/7 customer support to help you with any type of VPN-related problem.

Proton is the best free VPN for MTV in Germany – For more information, you can read our ProtonVPN review Germany.

  • Unblocks MTV in Germany.
  • Provides unlimited data for MTV streaming.
  • Internet Kill Switch.
  • Multihop feature.
  • Obfuscation feature.
  • No logs privacy policy.

  • Feature limitations on the free version.

How Do We Choose the Best Free VPN for Streaming MTV in Germany?

In our best free VPN for MTV in Germany, we wanted to have a service that offers a reliable internet connection, MTV unblocking capability, server diversity, MediaStreamer feature, strong security, fast connection speed, and affordability.

So, we devised a comprehensive testing methodology to find the best free VPN for MTV in Germany. To meet this purpose, we included the following testing parameters in our review process:


Our priority was to select a VPN that offers premium user data security to avoid any third-party intrusions. Therefore, we only considered VPNs that provided 256-Bits encryption. Additional security features such as a double VPN, Secure Core server, and multihop connection received extra points.

Server Diversity

We looked for a VPN service that offered a wide range of servers, with at least 20 US servers and more than 500 global servers. Having wide server diversity allows you to avoid server congestion, even if you are streaming popular TV shows and having thousands of streamers accessing the server at the same time.

MTV Unblocking Capability

We tested each VPN’s ability to bypass geo-restrictions on MTV in Germany. Also, to reach a versatile VPN, we checked a VPN’s ability to unblock other popular streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix, MotorTrends, Sling, CBC Gem, HITN, Crackle, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Peacock TV. For those looking for a free VPN for Tubi TV in Germany, it’s essential to consider these broader streaming capabilities when making a choice

Connection Speed

We ran a speed test on each VPN’s US server to ensure a buffering-free streaming experience. We aimed only for those VPNs that offer an upload and download speed of more than 60 Mbps over a 100 Mbps connection.


Since most VPNs offer restricted features in their free plan, we considered the pricing plans of each VPN for those who want to upgrade to a premium plan. Thus, we shortlisted only those that offer good value for money and are pocket-friendly.

MediaStreamer Feature

We tested the MediaStreamer feature in each VPN to find the one that allows easy access to MTV in Germany. Having the MediaStreamer feature added extra points to the VPN as it enhances user ease.

Free VPNs to Avoid for MTV

You need to be very cautious when using a free VPN for your MTV streaming. Free VPNs may seem like an easy way to bypass geo-restrictions and ISP throttling, but not all of them offer adequate security and privacy. So, when you are using a free VPN for MTV, not only select the best free VPN for MTV but also avoid these three VPNs at any cost:


Despite its recent popularity, we revealed serious concerns regarding user privacy in our review of HolaVPN Germany. HolaVPN is notorious for logging user data and search history without their permission. It then sells this information to third-party marketing firms, thus jeopardizing your security by giving away your sensitive information. Therefore, we strongly advise against using HolaVPN to access MTV content.


HoxxVPN claims to offer unrestricted access to all major media streaming sites, but its user security and privacy features are not dependable. In our HoxxVPN review Germany, we discovered it working like a botnet, which means that your personal data is readily available to anyone who attempts to hack into your system as soon as you connect to any of its servers. Therefore, we advise against using HoxxVPN for accessing MTV content securely.

HideMyAss (HMA) VPN

While HMA VPN promises high performance, our review of the service revealed several concerns. Hide my ass VPN review Germany offers poor streaming speed and connection stability, as well as poor bandwidth, multiple internet glitches, and connection drops. Furthermore, the service does not prioritize user security, which means that using it could put your privacy at risk. So, using HMA for your MTV streaming is the worst possible idea.

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Here are some of the best and most popular content to view on MTV

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  • The Love Experiment

    FAQ: Free VPN for MTV in Germany

    Yes, you can use a free VPN to stream MTV in Germany. However, we recommend being careful in your selection and selecting only the best free VPN for your MTV streaming in Germany. ExpressVPN is a top free VPN for accessing MTV content, as it provides adequate streaming speed, security, and unblocking features.

    Following are the best alternatives of free VPNs for MTV USA:

    1. ExpressVPN – the overall best VPN for MTV USA.
    2. Surfshark – the budget-friendly VPN for MTV USA.
    3. NordVPN – the largest server diversity VPN for hassle-free MTV streaming.

    For ExpressVPN free trial for MTV USA:

    1. Subscribe to any ExpressVPN payment plan.
    2. Download the app and log in to your account.
    3. Now, connect to the US server and stream MTV.
    4. After 30 days, contact customer support and request a complete refund!


    Free VPNs for MTV in Germany are also effective. But it is always a risk to use just any free VPN besides the ones we have mentioned in detail. We must caution our readers to avoid all such free VPNs for MTV that compromise your security and anonymity.

    Therefore, we recommend using ExpressVPN, Proton VPN, and Windscribe as they are the best free VPNs for MTV and offer adequate speed, security, and site-unblocking features. ExpressVPN above all else provides a service that is incomparable to other VPNs, due to its superior speed and security features.

    We hope this article helped you get to your best free VPN for MTV in Germany. In case you have any more questions, you may ask us in the comments. We would be happy to help.