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Although most people know Windscribe because of its free version in Germany, what most people don’t know is that it also offers a paid version. But are you going to get faster speeds if you pay for it? Well, to find out,  I conducted an in-depth Windscribe speed test with my 100 Mbps internet connection. You can also discover the fastest VPN services in Germany that we compiled on the basis of our tests.

In order to give an idea of what Windscribe in Germany is capable of, I tested Windscribe’s speeds using nine (9) of its server located all over the world for a full in-depth analysis.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to stick around throughout the entire article, here’s a brief table with all the speed test results compiled for your convenience.

Server location Download speed Upload speed Pings
Canada 52.67 Mbps 61.47 Mbps 228 ms
France 67.34 Mbps 56.07 Mbps 147 ms
Israel 40.74 Mbps 71.6 Mbps 220 ms
Netherlands 25.4 Mbps 75.54 Mbps 159 ms
Singapore 6.6 Mbps 61.94 Mbps 375 ms
South Africa 14.74 Mbps 47.2 Mbps 332 ms
Switzerland 85.29 Mbps 80 Mbps 157 ms
United Kingdom 28.7 Mbps 87.15 Mbps 151 ms
United States 84.8 Mbps 88.27 Mbps 223 ms
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Windscribe’s in-depth speed test for 2023

In order to figure out how good or bad Windscribe would perform in my speed test in Germany, I tested its performance using nine (9) different servers with my 100 Mbps internet connection. Here’s how that went.

1. Canada


First off, I started with the Canadian server. Once I ran the test, I managed to get a download speed of 52.67 Mbps and an upload speed of 61.47 Mbps with 228 ms ping.

2. France


Next, I connected to the French server. After running the test, I managed to get a download speed of 67.34 Mbps and an upload speed of 56.07 Mbps with only 147 ms ping. So far so good.

3. Israel


Next, I wanted to see how Windscribe would perform on a Middle Eastern server. Once I got connected to the Israeli server and ran the test, Windscribe managed to output a download speed of 40.74 Mbps and an upload speed of 71.6 Mbps with 220 ms ping.

4. Netherlands


Once I got connected to the Netherlands server, my download speed suffered from a major drop. With my 100 Mbps connection, I only managed to get a download speed of 25.4 Mbps. But on the plus side, I managed to get an upload speed of 75.54 Mbps with 159 ms ping.

5. Singapore


With the Singapore server, my download speed dropped insanely low. When I ran the test, Windscribe only managed to output a download speed of 6.6 Mbps. As for upload speed, I noted it down at 61.94 Mbps with 375 ms ping.

6. South Africa


Even the South African server did not perform too well in my test. When I ran the test, I only managed to get a download speed of 14.74 Mbps and an upload speed of 47.2 Mbps with 332 ms ping.

7. Switzerland


When I switched to the Swiss server, things improved massively. After I ran the test, Windscribe managed to output a download speed of 85.29 Mbps and an upload speed of 80 Mbps with 157 ms ping.

8. United Kingdom


Once I switched to the UK server, my download speed again dropped way below any acceptable limit. After running the test, I managed to get a download speed of 2.87 Mbps and an upload speed of 87.15 Mbps with 151 ms ping.

9. United States


Last but not least, I also ran a speed test while connected to the US server of Windscribe. This time I managed to get a download speed of 84.8 Mbps and an upload speed of 88.27 Mbps with 223 ms ping.

A bit about Windscribe in Germany

Windscribe is hugely popular in the VPN industry mainly because of is free. You can download Windscribe free trial in Germany and use it extensively without paying anything. However, its paid version is quite good too. For starters, it gives you access to plenty of servers in over 60 countries.

These servers do support Netflix and can you also download torrents anonymously with Windscribe in Germany. Speaking of Netflix, we have a separate blog covering which libraries can Windscribe unblock in Germany.

As for features, Windscribe comes with AES-256 encryption, Split tunneling, port forwarding, double hop, ad blocker, and much more. It also offers excellent app compatibility. You can not only use it with desktop and mobile devices but you can also set up Windscribe on FireStick in Germany and Kodi in Germany too. And, if you have a compatible router, then you can even use Windscribe with Roku devices in Germany.

On the negative side, it doesn’t offer live chat support, however, you can still get basic help through their automated bot, Garry. Speaking of help, if you run into any connectivity issues, you can always check out our Windscribe not working guide in Germany for easy troubleshooting techniques. But that is not all, there are other features as well which you can check out in our detailed Windscribe review in Germany.

That being said, if you end up not liking Windscribe for any reason, then you can always cancel your Windscribe subscription in Germany and get refunded.

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More Speed Test Results Other than Windscribe in Germany

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Wrapping up!

After compiling all the results from the Windscribe speed test, I believe that Windscribe is not something you can call fast in Germany. If you go back and check out the table that I covered earlier in this blog post, you’ll see that Windscribe only performed well on a handful of servers.

The UK server location offered terribly low download speed and so did the Singapore and South African server. Even though some servers were fast, there was no consistency. Based on that, I don’t think that even the paid version of Windscribe is not necessarily fast in Germany.

If we talk about real-world usability experience, I would say that I did face issues downloading files on some server locations due to extremely low speeds. As for the rest, I managed to stream, play online games, and download torrents without any issues in Germany.

In case you don’t want to try Windscribe in Germany, feel free to check out our list of other recommended best VPNs in Germany in 2023.

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